PROPCAFE™ Review: Astrea @ Mont Kiara by UEM Sunrise

This illustration depicts that there is only 1 building condo in Jalan Kiara 5 and the rest are good old trees and jungles.

Astrea Mont Kiara Review

Jalan Kiara 5 has been bustling lately. First we have Sunway Property’s Sunway Mont that was launched not too long ago where we had covered extensively earlier on here.

In 2018, there are 2 new kids on the blocks at Jalan Kiara 5 at Mont Kiara that is Astrea Mont Kiara by UEM Sunrise and Pentamount by Trinity Group. In this review we will cover Astrea Mont Kiara, meanwhile Pentamount is very niche project with huge built- up and big big price tag with lesser appeal to the masses. But if there many of you who wants us to review the project you can simply comment here or at our Astrea review Facebook post. We will definitely do it if there many of you shout for it.

Now we present you the review of Astrea Mont Kiara. Enjoy!

Let’s start with what is Astrea?

Astrea is where lights guide you home and light shines brightest.

The development of Concept of Astrea, the star of Mont Kiara.

Residensi Astrea is elevated beyond the cityscape and all its cares, she is Illuminated by the night sky of a million stars. Here you gaze upon an endless horizon of dreams and imagination.

Bedazzling comforts shape an immaculate lifestyle you call home.

A brilliance that all will look up to, but few seize hold of. Lift your eyes and let your imagination soar to a lifestyle above and beyond.

Residensi Astrea Mont Kiara the project essentials

Residensi Astrea Mont Kiara is a, 37 floor, 240 units condominium located sat on a freehold 2.4 acre land at Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.

The typical built-up sizes range from 1,364 sq ft to 1,859 sq ft with a starting price of RM1.16mil with average RM800psf. Each condo unit comes 2 car parks or 3 car parks.

This project is developed by Milik Harta Sdn Bhd a subsidiary of UEM Sunrise Berhad. To some UEM Sunrise is Mont Kiara, why so, we shall explain as we go deeper in this review.

Going forward we shall define the grade of the project we review, based on Resideni Astrea price point is a premium middle class condo in our books.

Apartments & Condos Project Grade

Type Cost
6 Star Luxury >RM2000psf
Luxury >RM1500psf
High Class >RM1000psf
Premium Middle Class >RM800psf
Middle Class >RM500psf
Base Class <RM400psf

The Location of Astrea Mont Kiara

Let’s check out the site shall we.

This is the entrance into Jalan Kiara 5.

Astrea Mont Kiara is located at Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara. It is right next to Sunway Mont Residences, it is located slightly deeper into Jalan Kiara 5. As you can see, at the time of this review the site is not accessible, still a jungle out there.

Accessibility and amenities

The main access to Mont Kiara is via Jalan Duta, NKVE, Penchala Link, Sprint, Duke and Jalan Kuching.

Astrea is within walking distance to Verve Suites Mont Kiara, where there is a notable grocers and several F&B joints as well as convenience stores.

As Mont Kiara is an expat enclave, there are several international schools nearby, grocers neighborhood malls with no short of amenities, in all Mont Kiara is pretty convenient place to live by.

If one needs more option, Jalan Kiara 5 is short drive away to Sri Hartamas commercial square, as well as popular places like Publika and Solaris Mont Kiara.

Façade of Astrea Mont Kiara

One of the highlights of the project is the entrance statement, on the base of the building, a feature geometrical wall with lights studded on the diamond shape façade.

“Lined by lush greenery, the little touch of nature perfectly complements the impressive statement of contemporary design.”

This is definitely a pretty new and refreshing concept among the condos in Mont Kiara.

Look at the glittering stars on the entrance statement geometrical design wall!
Astrea drop off area

However the façade on the condominium tower is nothing special, back dated facade, low to mid cost apartment and condominium can look like this these days.

Not sure because the lighting effect, the facade looks ordinary.

Windows are smallish, there is no information available on the size of the windows, so bear in mind it can be smaller or bigger, but in most cases in KL condos, they tend to be smaller upon vacant possession. Smaller windows feel cheap. White façade is just bad for upmarket condo. At RM800psf, we kind of expect more. What about floor to ceiling height or full glass façade, we suggest the developer to move ahead with time and offer purchaser a condo with modern façade.

Site Plan and block orientation

Astrea Mont Kiara tower orientation is pretty similar to Casa Kiara 2 and Sunway Mont. Astrea tower is basically in parallel with Sunway Mont.

To maximize condo unit yield as well as construction cost consideration there is only 1 tower at Astrea Mont Kiara. There a total of 9 units per floor, floor density is comparable to low to mid cost apartment. There is also no basement carpark, not quite acceptable for project at this grade. There are 7 storey of carpark, from level 1 to level 7. Main access to carpark is at level 1&2.

Aren’t there better solutions? What about 3 basement carpark, 1 ground 3 level above gorund, wouldn’t that be better? That is possible with higher construction costs, now driving up daily to 7th floor carpark will be the future cost to residents of Astrea.

As of now Jalan Kiara 5 is still pretty quiet, as we have mention, Tritnity’s Pentamount will be coming up soon, so as to other upcoming development in Jalan Kiara 5. This will eventually make Jalan Kiara 5 to look like Jalan Kiara, or Jalan Kiara 3, simply it how the land is sub-divided, Mont Kiara is destined to be condo jungles. Nothing wrong really, Jalan Kiara condos still stood firm, very much well sought after, one key here is connectivity.

Layout Plan

The typical storey plan

Unit 02-03 is facing forest, will be unblocked view, but is also facing west and near to high tension

Unit 3A-07 will be south facing or direct view to Sunway Mont

Unit 06-07 will be east facing, and fronting Jalan Kiara 5

Unit 01, 08 & 09 will be north facing and will be a view to future development

Our favorite unit will be type B. First it is a very good size 3 bedder.

All type B bedroom comes with en-suite bathroom, including dry kitchen, wet kitchen and yard, right size and spacious living room compare to type A. While comparing it to bigger size >1,800sqft units, there is no significant unique selling point as type B & C at the end of the day is still a 3 bedder, perhaps latter with slightly bigger bedroom. So why spend more to buy something similar and potentially a full 4-5 years construction site in future.


Residensi Astrea Mont Kiara is partially furnished with kitchen cabinet and air-cond units at all bedrooms meanwhile maintenance is expected to be RM0.35psf.

Sales Gallery and Show Unit visit

We were at the UEM Sunrise sales gallery at Jalan Kiara.

We shall lead you to a quick tour to check out the sales gallery, the scale model as well as glimpse to the show unit.

Commentary of the show unit.

The show unit is the type B unit 1656sqft unit. Stepped into the unit, first take, the ambiance of the show unit is good. Well lit up, modern ID, quality built-up and it looks identical to the brochure and very inviting. It is no wonder that all type B and B1 are fully taken up! Note to buyers: VP unit may vary a whole lot.

Condo Facilities Stella Deck (8th Floor) and Astrea Deck (36th Floor)

The other main selling points of Astrea Mont Kiara would these 2 facilities decks. Stella Deck location in 8th floor, comes with >18 facilities from swimming pools, Jacuzzi, picnic lawn, BBQ pavilion, reflective pool, lounge,  splash playground, basket court/tennis court (personally like this one, dual-purpose use, would be best if it can also do futsal, lol).

Nice looking BBQ area

The Astrea deck is a rooftop deck at 36th floor. The feature facilities includes the sky lounge, sky gym, yogo deck, landscape deck, sunken seating pod and landscape terrace. Well this rooftop sky deck meets the expectation of a modern condo, an icing to the cake would be a rooftop infinity pool!

Astrea Mont Kiara Price

Unit 15-01 (1,828sqft) RM1,598,800

Unit 15-02 (1,364sqft) RM1,184,800

Unit 15-03A (1,859sqft) RM1,169,800

Unit 15-08 (1,859sqft) RM1,578,800

Booking: RM20,000

The freebies: Free legal fees, 8% rebate + UEM Sunrise Tresor tier rebate + 2% SPA signing rebate.



1. The brand.

UEM Sunrise is Mont Kiara, make no mistake, of among all the condos, the better ones, in terms of maintenance, built quality and price support, are under UEM Sunrise brand. Reason being the support system of ‘looking after’ a condo is there and still there.

2. Expat enclave and its ecosystem

First with its close proximity to KL. The expat community has been sustaining well here at Mont Kiara. The international schools, the people from diverse community, the lifestyle elements that are supporting and sustaining the expat ‘ecosystem’.  Mont Kiara is an expat enclave today and will likely still be many years down the road.


1. Same ole, same old

Another run of the mill condo by UEM Sunrise. Astrea is a Sefina a Jalan Kiara 5. The product lacks differentiation from other recent UEM Sunrise condo. Well you could have mistaken Astrea as Sunway Mont perhaps, say driving home late late at night?

2. Compelling reason to buy

For both investment and own stay from the price point of >RM1.1m or 800psf at this point of time, well seriously lack of it!

Pricey x 3.

There are many other better options out there.

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  1. Hi. Thanks for the excellent review of Astrea.

    Do you mind doing a comprehensive review on MET 1 by NAZATTDI, located in the vicinity of Dutamas?


  2. Interesting project at a good location but without MRT. This place still very much like government office vicinity with court, mitt, govt offices etc. Will put it into the list but we cannot promise at this moment. Thanks for your suggestion.

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  4. Hi, great review! Do you mind to share your review about Pentamont and Arte @ MK?
    Thank you!

    1. Dear Pat, thanks for the compliment. Pentamont by Trinity, we do have some info. We will share in our FB, if the response are good we will definitely write a review.

  5. What is your review on Trinity Pentamont?

    1. Dear Susan,

      Glad that you like our review, sure we will certainly look into it.

  6. Thanks for the excellent review!
    May I know what is your point of view on Trinity Pentamont for investment (renting) purpose?

    1. Dear Tang

      Thanks! Seriously we have more than enough of information and thought to write a full review on Pentamount@JK5.

      We have to get more feedback and requests to motivate our editor to cover this project in detail.

      1. Please do a review on pentamont, Avara and Tria.

  7. Appreciate if you can do a review of Pentamont please?

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