PROPCAFE™ Review: Atwater @ Petaling Jaya Section 13 by Paramount Property

As mentioned earlier in PROPCAFETM post : PROPCAFE™ Review: Petaling Jaya Section 13 @ Selangor the city of Petaling Jaya was developed during British Malaya due to overpopulation in Kuala Lumpur in 1950s and since then Petaling Jaya didn’t looking back. Due to the long history, the township is pretty much developed and mature with few pocket of lands available for development. Occasionally there will sporadic launches in this land scarcity township. From Propcafe’s vague memory the last launch was Biji Living at Petaling Jaya Section 17 which was launched in mid of 2015. Selling over RM428K for the smallest 550sqft, the project is currently over 97% sold, a respectable sales figure given that most developers were reporting a slow sales during the period 2015~17.

More than 90% of the purchasers are Chinese and this is expected where locality the demographic wise, Chinese forms the majority of the population in this part of Petaling Jaya.

Aside the demographic, Daerah Petaling is one the most affluent district in Malaysia and being the centre of daerah Petaling, this part of Petaling Jaya is one of the most affluent area. Old is really a gold here.


The combination of the demographic and higher disposable income of general population in this part of Petaling Jaya always pique the interest of PJLang whenever there are new launches, which is a scarce event anyway. This bring PROPCAFETM to the new launch by Paramount Property, Atwater @ Petaling Jaya Section 13 with GDV of RM780million.

Where is Atwater?

For a hardcore PJLang, the location need not need further introduction. Sandwiched in between Sin Chew Jit Poh and EX-DKSH building and fronting the landmark Lisa De Inn, the location is distinguished and immediately recognizable.

Landmarks within Atwater vicinity

The main artery for Atwater is Jalan Universiti where it will link you to all the major highways in Klang Valley. If you are coming from SPRINT highway, you can exit through Jalan Abu Bakar@Section 16 and short a driving distance make the right turn to Jalan Universiti. Similarly if you are coming from Federal Highway, you can either use the route Jalan Barat => Jalan Kemajuan => Jalan University. Key in Paramount Property Gallery in WAZE to guide you to the sales gallery if you are still lost.

Accessibility is never an issue here however the main grouses for residents are the heavy traffic congestion leading to the Bulatan Rothmans (now is EX) during evening peak hour but the traffic now is much smoother since the implementation of traffic system replacing the roundabout

Distance to the nearest highway

LDP – 1.8km NKVE – 5.6km
SPRINT – 1.7km NPE – 6.3km
Federal Highway – 2.6km

Public Transport

Taman Bahagia LRT Station – 2.3km Taman Jaya LRT Station – 2.7km
Taman Paramount LRT Station – 1.8km Phileo Damansara MRT Station – 1.7km
Asia Jaya LRT Station – 1.6km

Education Institution

KDU College – 4.3km University Malaya – 3km
International Islamic University Malaysia – 1km INCEIF – 2.3km
MAHSA University College – 2.5km TOC Automotive College – 600m


Columbia Asia Hospital – 600m KPJ Damansara – 4.5km
UM Medical Centre – 3.4km Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital – 2.6km


Jaya One – 750m Atria Damansara – 3.2km
Jaya 33 – 1.3km Tropicana City Mall – 2.4km
Jaya Shopping Centre – 1.7km


Crystal Crown Hotel – 2.2km Lisa De Inn – 350m
Best Western Hotel – 1.7km


SRJK (C) Puay Chai – 1.6km SRK Seri Petaling – 2.8km
SMK Sultan Abdul Samad – 1.8km SMK Taman Sea – 2.2km
SMK (L) Bukit Bintang – 2.7km SMK (P) Sri Aman – 2.8km

In short the location of Atwater @ Petaling Jaya Section 13 is as prime as it can get and with 5.2 acres of land, it is quite a sizable piece of development.

Concept & Masterplan

Atwater is integrated mix development built on a 5.2 acre of leasehold land. Being part of the urban renewal of Petaling Jaya Section 13, the development is well connected with neighbourhood development to create a seamless and safe linkages for pedestrians.

The integrated development is to encourage work and live within the same compounds where residents simply walk from the residential to commercial & retail components via the elevated link bridge.

Some readers may curious what is Atwater all about? The name is taking inspiration from ponds and cascade water feature through the retail and commercial components. The multiple water ripple effect caused by cascading water has soothing effect as well as symbol of integration between residential and commercial components.

The residents can access the commercial component via the elevated linked bridge from the residential carpark to the podium level. Subsequently the residents can access to the next door development through the link bridge where under Petaling Jaya Section 13 Renewal plan all development will be linked by the elevated link bridge.

Scale Mode showing The Link Bridge between Commercial & Residential Component

Interestingly looking from aerial view the master plan, the water seems to cascading from the residential lap pool to the commercial’s main water feature, creating a seamless free flow!

Artist Impression of overall development plan

Traffic Management

Traffic management is one of the utmost important keys in integrated development. Visitors who are not familiar always worry the confusion signage and for residents they fear the congestion associated with commercial activities. Therefore proper signage and dedicated ingress/egress and carparks for residents, visitors to both residential and commercial must be concise to avoid confusion which contribute to traffic congestion within the development.

In the case of Atwater, all the carparks for commercial component are located at the basement, where visitors will use the dedicated ramp leading to the basement parking B1 & B2. For residents they will head to the 2 guardhouses located on both end of resident towers’ elevated carpark building.

Scale model below showing the internal traffic management

Ingress/Egress of Atwater residential and commercial

Residential component

There are two towers in the RM385million GDV residential component, the 23 storeys Family tower and 26 storeys Lifestyle tower. The naming of the towers is in line with the concept of the serviced apartment where Paramount Property is promoting multi generation living within the same compound. PROPCAFETM will touch more on this point shortly. All the units located from 8th floor onward with facilities deck on level 6a & 7. To soak in the Petaling Jaya skyline view, viewing deck and facilities such as BBQ, Sky Play, Chess Corner etc are located on rooftop of both residential towers.

Atwater Scale Model Residential Component Facing South

Atwater Scale Model Residential Component Facing North

Lifestyle Tower

Type Built Up, sqft Total Unit Configuration Carpark
A/A1 670 77 2 bedroom 1 carpark – Level 8-13*

2 carparks – Level 14 – 33

C/C1 703 233 2 bedroom
Total 310 units

*All units in Lifestyle Tower at level 11-13 with office facing direction will get 2 carparks


Family Tower

Type Built Up, sqft Total Unit Configuration Carpark
E1~4 850 92 2 bedrooms 2 carparks
F 1050 45 2+1 bedrooms 2 carparks (Level 14 & above will get 3 carparks)
G 1204 23 3+1 bedrooms 3 carparks
H 1422 23 3+1 bedrooms
Total 183

In total there are 493 units on 2.18 acre where the density worked to be 226units/acre which is a quite pretty low density development given that nowadays most development exceeding 300units/acre and some high density even exceeding 500units/acre!!

Each block will have 4 lifts comfortably serve 78units/lifts in Lifestyle tower and even lower 46units/ lift in Family Tower.

For privacy purpose the residential component is tucked at the rear of the development behind the commercial component.

Lifestyle Tower: Unit & Floor Layout

Atwater Type A lifestyle
Atwater Type A lifestyle

Update with latest floor layout

There are 12 units in every floor and interestingly… half of the units are corner unit with additional window on the kitchen to allow more natural sun permeate through the house. All units are having either North or South direction which promotes better ventilation and lesser exposure to east & west sun.

Despite the compact size, the layout is spacious and practical and Paramount Property has managed to fit two bedrooms in it. Despite the primary target market of Lifestyle Tower is single or DINKs (Double Income No Kids), it is suitable for a family with small kid as well. The 2nd bedroom can be used as kid’s or guest’s room.

Atwater Type A living 01
Atwater Type A living 01

With dual entries to bathroom your guests do not need pass through the master bedroom to access the bathroom. The yard is located after the bathroom which according to the salesperson designed as such to maintain privacy as it is tucked away from guests. Furthermore after the bath you can immediately put the laundry in washing machine. However the yard is only sufficient to install the washing machine & dryer without any much space left especially if you plan to install hangers to dry the clothes.

Atwater Type A Dining
Atwater Type A Dining

Upon casual chat with salesperson, it was found that on highest 5 levels in Lifestyle Tower, rather than the standard 10ft ceiling height, these units come with high ceiling with a whopping 16ft ceiling height! What this means to the owners of these double volume units? Given that size of standard unit in Lifestyle Tower is rather compact either 670sqft or 703sqft, the additional “air space” is huge bonus for owners. Essentially by building mezzanine deck owner can increase the usable floor space! Such high ceiling allows the owners to expand the space for additional storage, living or sleeping area. Alternatively the high ceiling allow display of the art work, ceiling work, lighting etc. It is up to the creativity of the owners for renovation and interior decoration.

The double volume Units in Lifestyle Tower

Owner can build shelves through the wall to display personal collections, decors, photos etc. Alternatively, owner can erect book shelves to keep all the books and magazines that been kept in the boxes due to lack of space in the apartment. The double volume height book shelves surely look fabulous and impressive.

To increase the usable floor space, the most practical way is to build a mezzanine deck or an attic. The mezzanine deck can be converted to working space or additional bedroom.

The double volume space will spare room to hang the dreamt grand chandelier which will not be possible in normal ceiling height condominium.


The 16ft ceiling height will give luxury of space for intricate ceiling work with spare room for a mezzanine deck.

If you arty person, 16ft high of wall will give space to you freedom to express yourself.

Source: random photos from Google image

Some example of what you can do with double volume unit. Only question is how deep in your pocket?

Even if you are not doing anything fancy, the 16ft ceiling height will create impact in the space.

The biggest surprise of all, it seems that Paramount Property didn’t put huge price premium on these limited double volume units. Do check it out with the friendly SA.

There are only 60 units are available in Atwater for sale.

See the Show Unit Type A 670sq ft Photos Gallery Here!

Update (8.April.2018)

Paramount property has obtained Atwater APDL early of last month and buyers who booked the unit were invited for SPA signing for past few weeks. For some of types, the buyers received pleasant surprise.. For example for type A1/B1 (670sqft) and C1/D1 (703sqft) in lifestyle tower, enhancement has been made on the layout.  to allow alternate access to the yard especially IN CASE the bathroom is being used, the yard is accessible via 1st bathroom the window is upgraded to door!

Most readers know PROPCAFETM is big fan of loft and were quite disappointed when was told these limited edition double volume units didn’t come with any mezzanine deck.   However PROPCAFETM was proud to announce that Paramount Property has decided to build the mezzanine deck for these loft units! Not only that, these mezzanine deck also comes with their own bathroom. What does this means to the house owner? The mezzanine deck not only can be used as family or study area, it can be converted to a bedroom as well. This mezzanine deck is about 230sqft, adding to 670sqft (type A1/B1) and 703sqft (type C1/D1), making the total built up is 900sqft and 933sqft! Not only that, with mezzanine deck, the loft has flexibility to be a small size family home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms configuration. The headroom is quite reasonable with kitchen is having 8′ 10″ headroom and mezzanine deck with 6′ 10″ headroom, sufficient for standing adult.

Even with the mezzanine deck above the kitchen, you still can have loft space on both bedrooms and living. which means if you need additional living space or storage, the space can be converted for such purpose.

Artist Impression of the loft unit

With the loft design and mezzanine deck, the buyers only need to pay additional RM70K compared to the standard unit! It is screaming steal and no wonder these limited units already fully booked and at the time of writing, none of the units are available. For more details, dropby to the Atwater sales gallery for more information.

Family Tower: Unit & Floor Layout

Atwater type F Living & dining 02
Atwater type F Living & dining 02

There are even lesser units in Family tower else only 8units/floor with unit size ranging from 850 – 1422sqft. Most of the units are with Semi-D concept where only one wall is sharing with neighbour. Some of the unit even didn’t share a wall with neighbour. There are 4 units/floor for type E and 2 units/floor for type F and one unit each for type G & H.

Atwater type F dining & kitchen
Atwater type F dining & kitchen

Paramount Property recognizes that with aging population especially the Petaling Jaya where some of the folks are growing old and their lifestyle may also change after retirement. With their children already grow up, they no longer need the space and also no longer feasible for them to maintain the current abode. Condo lifestyle is perfect for them because it offers not only security feature but condo living is at single level therefore more gentle on knee as they do not need to climb staircase. The facilities are appealing to them as they can exercise and socializing among them at facilities deck.

Atwater type F master bedroom
Atwater type F master bedroom

What is assistive living then? The unit with assistive living is designed with elders with mobility restriction in the mind. It is additional effort by Paramount Property to ensure these elders require minimal supervision for their day to day living. Assistive living feature such as switches at lower level (4ft from floor level), wider bathroom, bedroom & main door and no step or gentle slope provided to at main entrance & bathroom as well as ledge in master bathroom for seated showering and toilet support rails for master bathroom.

Atwater type F master bath
Atwater type F master bath

It is a small gesture from caring developer to ensure that the elders still can live with dignity and independently.

For type E, half are normal unit and another half are assistive living units. All type F are Assistive Living units.

Similar to Lifestyle tower, all units are with either North or South direction.

For family tower, the smallest unit will comes with 2 bedrooms to the biggest unit is coming in 3+1 bedrooms configuration. Type F, G & H have an expansive living and dining layout to enjoy the view and natural sunlight. In PROPCAFETM’s opinion, the layouts are general safe, Semi-D concept, no bedrooms looking into each other, reasonable sizes without any space wastage.

Unit Layout Type E3

Unit Layout Type F & G

Nice touch on the master bedroom window design where you can put bench and storage along the window.

For type H, PROPCAFETM feels that the layout can be improvised with a wet kitchen introduced in lieu of study area. The study area can be shifted to next to bedroom 3. For Asian Family, a wet kitchen usually is a must for home cooking especially taichow style or cooking rendang or curry.

Unit Layout Type H and PROPCAFETM proposal


See the Show Unit Type F 1052sq ft Photos Gallery Here!


Multi generation living

Both towers are designed by Paramount Property with theme Family and Lifestyle with multi generation living concept in mind where older generation feel it is time to downgrade from landed to condo. The children already grow up and would like to have privacy and yet… still want the convenient of having their parents around…. For example having home cooked meal and soup! Wouldn’t it be convenient if you are living NEXT and NOT together with your parents? 🙂

Of course when parents need a help for example some handyworks or repair around the house, they can give a call to the children who just live next door.

Facilities Deck

The facilities for the residential component are located on the level 6a & 7 and rooftop of each tower. There are few type of pools to cater for different group of residents. At Atwater, there is lap pool for serious swimming, infinity & family pool to soak and chill and wading pool for children. For active outdoor lifestyle there are facilities such as

  • half basketball court
  • indoor badminton court
  • Floating gym overlooking Lap pool
  • Outdoor X-cercise station
  • Playground

Not forgetting the elders, Paramount Property has designed reflexology path and Aqua gym in the Atwater’s facilities deck as well.

Children Playground

Of course not forgetting social activities, BBQ facility, Jacuzzi, SPA and landscaped gardens/ lounge/ pavilions are scattered around.

Jacuzzi at Night

To soak in the unobstructed Petaling Jaya view, Paramount Property has put viewing deck and some facilities on the rooftop for both blocks for residents to enjoy. With multi generation living theme, Paramount Property is putting social & chess corner, BBQ area, reading pod and multipurpose deck at the rooftop. And not forgetting children, some equipment are installed in Sky Play to keep the children occupied.

Artist Impression of facilities deck on 7th

Scale model of facilities deck at 7th floor

View and orientation

All units in Family and Lifestyle towers are positioned with North-South orientation to promote better ventilation as well as minimize the west-east sun exposure. It is smart move from Paramount Property because East direction will be facing the neighbour future development. Of course west facing is always not desirable given Malaysia climate.

The high floors overlooking the office towers will be afforded good view overlooking Petaling Jaya Section 17 as well some greeneries of Kiara Park.

Atwater North View

The low floors with North direction even though the view is blocked by the office towers, they will enjoy the view of the facilities deck where the lap pool spans almost the length of the facilities deck. Where else for units in Lifestyle Tower at level 11-13 with office facing direction, to compensate the lack of view they will get 2 carparks.

Scale model showing facility deck view

The south direction will be overlooking the Petaling Jaya Section 13 industry area where Local Council is committed for the urban renewal.

Atwater South View

Despite facing the future development, Atwater will have minimal impact as all units will have north-south orientation. However unit type F will be slight affected as the Balcony is overlooking it. However PROPCAFETM found out that in the neighbour development there will be 2.2acres of facilities deck where this type F will be overlooking at.

Atwater East View

Atwater West View

Commercial component

Built on 3.02acre, the commercial component consist of two office towers, 2 storeys of retails as well as the Park fronting Jalan Universiti for the enjoyment of public and Atwater residents.

The Atwater Park fronting Jalan Universiti

With integrated development, Paramount Property is promoting harmony and dynamic living where residential and commercial are co-exist.

Both commercial towers & office space is not open for sale currently however in PROPCAFETM‘s visit we were told that Paramount Property is negotiating with some parties for enfloor deal. It will be interesting to know who are the parties nevertheless if this materialized it will be coup for Atwater. Stay tune with PROPCAFETM for more update on this…

Retail space will be retained by Paramount Property to ensure full control of the retail mix of F&B and services. PROPCAFETM will keep readers posted when Paramount Property secure tenants for Atwater retail space. Stay tune…

Pricing & Maintenance Fee

A the time of writing, no firm pricing was advised however the indicative PSF guidance is RM820psf which seems to be in line with Petaling Jaya Section 13 recent launches. The maintenance and sinking fund is yet to be fixed.


PROPCAFETM is a big fan of Petaling Jaya due to the location, accessibilities, and amenities and most important due to mature township there are limited land available for development and hence limited new property supplies. With the demand from older generation to switch to condo lifestyle as well young generation, the condo demand is always healthy judging from the good occupancy from the completed development.

However the sentiment property market is not favourable may make buyers hesitate and therefore it is not surprising that some developers are holding back their launches. However there always two side of a coins and for buyers who are hunting of bargain, this may the best time!

Registration :

Atwater Sales Gallery Location Google Map :

Lot 94, Jalan Universiti, Section 13

46200 Petaling Jaya Selangor

Telephone 03-79318091 Fax 03-7931 2669


For the virtual tour for our sales gallery, click

Till then Happy Hunting!

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