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Hana Gardens 3-Storey Link Villa Show Unit Review

Hana Gardens by Gamuda Land

Hana Gardens 3-Storey Link Villa Show Unit by Gamuda Land are open for viewing recently. Being PROPCAFE, this is an event not to be missed, PROPCAFE has to cover this!

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If you notice, there are plenty of show units for viewing especially for apartments, condos, serviced apartments related development available for viewing. However landed ones are like gem and harder to come by. As we have to acknowledge landed homes development are rare these days. If you are our followers, you would probably aware that we did cover most of the landed homes show units, if we have missed out, do give drop us a comment, we shall see if we can ‘catch it up’.

Landed homes show units are usually on site of the actual development, while condo show mostly are mocked up within a show gallery.

Therefore, landed homes show units are most of the time identical if not the actual product itself.

Condo, Serviced Apartments Show Units Vs Landed Homes Show Units.

While the condo, serviced apartment show units, half the time are very close to artist illustration. Where developers tend to get away with altered ceiling high, thinner wall, larger window, or more generous built-up in the show unit. One more thing, the views of out of the unit from the balcony, from the room windows, are imaginary at best! Much more surprises be it good ones or bad ones at VP.

On the other hands landed homes show units are ‘closer to home’ or easier to be authenticated.

Hana Gardens 3-Storey Link Villa Show Unit are built on site. That means the show unit is one of the actual unit of the development. In short what you see is what you get.

Kudos to Gamuda Land for its gumption to build the landed homes show unit. It is sincere display of product commitment to potential customers. It also helps the potential home owners to expect what to get at the end of the day.

Let the show begin

Enough of stories, let the show begin, let our site pictures do the talking…

Welcome to Hana Gardens by Gamuda Land!

Home coming to Hana Gardens Jade Hills is absolutely inviting, as the main access to Hana Gardens will be greeted by the signature Twilight Garden Pavilion, definitely worth slowing down and admire the beauty, the drive back home!

Showcasing Type C1 3-Storey Link Villa

The HV618 is a corner 3 storey Link Villa bare unit on the right.

The HV619 is an intermediate3 storey Link Villa fitted unit on the right which is the focus of this review.

Façade view

As you are already aware, there is no perimeter fencing at Jade Hills. The perimeter of land is separated via a lowly rise-up concrete block.

This is the front view of the house. The land size of the house is 24x80ft.

The roof of the 3 storey link villa is a good 16ft, we believe it’s good cover up a Toyota Alphard!

Immediately before entering the show unit, you will guided that you are viewing the the intermediate 3 Storey Link Villa, land size 24’ x 80’ with standard built up of 3,031 sqft. This is a furnished show unit.

This is the prelude of excitement! Like a kid going to a toy store, hold your breathe…

The main entrance door is a gigantic door with measurement of 48’x93’, it is heavy, with glossy paint finish and secured by quality lock set. We notice big main entrance door are features in modern home, for landed homes it is a must!

There are provison of space at the entrance foyer of the house, ideal for entrance statement, statement piece of furniture or placement of altar.

A closer look at the flooring tiles they are the homogenous 2’x2′ tiles. Light brownish, dirt resistent color.

Open plan layot living room

What we like about of this 3 Storey is the open plan concept with living room ceiling height is 10ft6’.

Entering from the entrance foyer to the living room.

The first impression, spacious! Thanks for the open plan layout.

Dining table is between the living and the dry kitchen and very well spaced out.

Proper provision of dry kitchen and wet kitchen

A very good size peninsular here a display. The dry kitchen will lead you to the wet kitchen.

This is where ‘heavy cooking’’ take place.

Now let’s explore the pantry area and maid’s room shall we.

This is the maid’s room.

The brand used for maid’s room toilet fittings.


We almost miss this out.

This is a very good sized room, can well fit queen size bed, while the toilet is shared.

Let’s venture to the 1st floor shall we. (1st floor ceiling heigh is 10ft6’.)

Leading up to the 1st you will greeted by the 1st floor family hall.

The highlights of 1st floor will be non other than master bedroom.

A walk in wardrobe and it leads to this luxurious toilet.

Let’s check out the common room next. Both the common bedrooms are very well sized and can easily fit in queen size bed.

The color scheme of the common bath is somehow not as luxurious as compared to the master bath. Perhaps it is architect’s intention for differentiation.

Let’s go up to the 2nd floor (top floor)

The space is good for a mini theather, kareoke, study area or work studio. (2nd floor ceiling heigh is 10ft3’.) Overall we like the high ceiling feature of type C1, 3 storey link villa. As you are ware, the benefits of high ceiling >10ft, it improves air-flow and sense of wide spacious living.

Going to the balcony of 2nd floor and you will be awarded with an unblocked view.

Breathtaking view right!

Lastly, lets check out the back of the house shall we.

It took us some time to cover all this but the most rewarding moments that is us able to catch a glimpse of this, the dawn at Hana Gardens.

Like what you see so far?

Do you like this type of review that has lot of pics lesser analysis? Or prefer a youtube video review, comment below, your wish may be our command!

We have just covered 1 show unit, and there are more to see in Hana Gardens landed home show village!

Head down to Jade Hills Gamuda Land Sales Gallery to check out the other show units at:

Persiaran Jade Hills Utama,

Jade Hills, 43000 Kajang,


Tel: +603 8741 9890

GPS Coordinates: N 2° 59’ 34.836” E101° 45’ 24.408”

(Credits to original owner of the images perused on this review)

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