PROPCAFE™ Review: Housing for Klang’s Millennials: Part 1 Maple Residences Canary Garden By KSL Holdings

Housing for Klang’s Millennials Part 1 Maple Residences Canary Garden


High rise projects in Klang

A quick trivia challenge here, name one notable high rise project in Klang in 5 secconds!

Ok it is too challenging, 30 seconds…40s, 50s…we reckon most of us can’t really name one, as there is a lack of it, lack of high rise projects in Klang!

What about high end, good quality highrise in Klang? Nope. There is none.

How about 3-5 years down the road? Firm Yes. Read on to know more.


Constant urbanization

Klang today is a mature township.

However for good number of years ago, Klang is too ‘ulu’, too far, too ‘kampong’ for many.

With constant township urbanization, we saw the growth of commercial hubs and commercial centers, government service centers in Klang, then we saw the invasion of malls and eateries with the likes of Tesco, AEON, Jusco, Giant and various fast food joints.

Couple with existing multi generations of families’ roots expansion in Klang it is natural that today we are probably running out of strategic land for development in Klang.This is a lengthy way to explain that why land price increase overtime, some argued that we still need to travel a good >40KM to Kuala Lumpur City Centre. There are empty lands everywhere if you happen to drive around in Klang.

We say a piece of land deep into the land of unknown, without proper infrastructures and amenities will yield much lesser premium versus the one sat 1-2km within main highway exits, near a mall, commercial hubs, light rail transit, park and recreational spots and popular makan places.

High rise development only makes sense if it is at right location when lot of amenities within acceptable ranges on the offer. Right now, we expect there will be more high rise development in Klang and we thought high rise and compact homes will be the most wanted homes in future, read on we will tell you why.


The millennials! Demographic and Changes of land price


Millennials coming of age

First who are the millennials?

We found this descriptions fit pretty nicely. Born 1980 – 2000, in a different world, with different worldview, millennials have grown up in a time of rapid change, giving them a set of priorities and expectations sharply different from previously generations.

When one emphasizes are wellness versus excesses, when one emphasizes access is primary but not ownership. Then we come to know sharing economy is the way to go. Serving the millennial well equates many things ‘doing well’, like it or not, the millennials are the in masses now.

Change of demographic and population growth

From 1970’s to 2010’s population of Klang grew exponentially from a meagre 230k to present close approximately 1 million, where majority are Malays >45%, Chinese 25%, Indian 18% and other made up the balance 12%. Our country with median age in Malaysia is 29 years, it is safe to say, we are surrounded by young and youthful people, yes the age of millennials.

One of the largest generations in history is about to move into its prime spending years. Millennials are poised to reshape the economy; their unique experiences will change the ways we buy and sell, forcing companies to examine how they do business for decades to come. If you live in Klang and you happen to be a millennial, this article is dedicated to you!

The choice of living, for younger crowds with limited funds or financial leverage, affordable and compact size condos and apartments are the way to go. As it is easy to own due to smaller price quantum, with smaller property foot print are easier to manage which also translate to lower monthly maintenance fees.

Focus area


A short introduction of Klang. Klang sat on the western part of Selangor, known for its illustrious history as royal capital of Selangor and regional transshipment port in West Malaysia. Klang as one of the matured town in Selangor that arguably has all amenities you need under the sky. From full suites of government agencies, shopping malls, sight-seeings, fast food joints, seafood galores, fishing, maritime port, pasar, pasar malam, makan, warung apa-apa pun ada!

However, Klang is the located further end of Klang Valley with approximately 45KM from KLCC. Typical peak hour drive to town will probably take 1 hour to 1.5 hour. But to Klanglites, Klang is home! Distance is relative to Klang people.

They say millennials are willing to snug in the nest, as in living with parents, while waiting to fly, as in move on to home ownership.  Mature township like Klang is an ideal place to for millennials ‘placement or migration’ from their parents’ nest. But to attract millennials, the choices of home ought to be really attractive.

We have narrowed in some projects for Klang millennials consideration, part 1 reivew with some key criteria such lifestyle housing product, pocket friendly budget of RM500,000.

Maple Residences Canary Garden Klang

Maple Residences Canary Garden is located in the heart of KSL’s Canary Garden Klang. We did an extensive on Canary Garden Klang township review earlier, do read it more here.



The external appeals

 Riverside theme highrise living Concept

Those appeal to lifestyle, wellness and green lush living. There aren’t many township developments in Klang valley can offer riverside theme with French themed inspired garden living. Located just a stone throw away from the one and only natural black river, Maple Residences can be a viable own stay option for Klang millennials.  Maple Residences can offer the potential home owner free access of public park and black river. A plus for those who like physical outdoor activities, such as jogging, walking and light outdoor body weight exercise.


The internal appeals


Low density development packed with lifestyle facilities

Klang is exclusive to Klanglites and Klang millennials

We certainly don’t expect residents from other parts of Klang Valley move in bulk to Maple Residences Canary Garden. Maple Residences in our opinion is meant for the Klang millennials. Young family who just left their parents nest. Those who already feel so comfortable living in Klang neighborhood and those who intend to plant their roots firmly in Klang. Those who have been in generation staying in Klang, and their off-springs who intend to stay close to the Klang family!


 Location of Maple Residences

Maple Residences is located in Klang, a mere 3KM drive to Kesas Highway Bukit Tinggi Klang exit. Maple Maple Residences is the high rise development of Canary Garden developed by KSL. Canary Garden Klang is KSL’s maiden township development in Klang Valley. Waze you way to Maple Residences by keying in Khoo Soon Lee and waze willl get you there.


Canary Garden Master Plan



A Detail Overview of Maple Residences

The Maple Residences is made up 3 towers, 22 storey with a total 597 units of services apartments. Each service apartment comes with two (2) carparks. Maple Residences is also equipped with 68,366 sqft recreational floor, 10,000 sqft clubhouse, 3,000 sqft gymnasium, a multi-purpose hall. There are also thirty (30) units shop office/retails within Maple Residences to complement the residence’s future commercial needs. Maple Residences offers various built-up from 860sf to 1200sf with a millennial friendly price tag from RM500,000.


Scale model review

Site Plan


Facilities overview

Maple Residences Canary Garden is equipped with both wellness and recreational facilities that fit well with our modern lifestyle. In the security front, the apartment has features a 4-tier 24-hour security system, that covers first the main access is secured with guardhouse, second restricted access at lobby, third, CCTV monitoring system within and around development, forth, secured lift access to individual apartment and each apartment unit’s main door will be secured by Samsung Digital Smart Door Lock. Gone are those days where we go panic if we have misplaced our house keys, the agony when, we left the keys in the car when we are right in front of the door after we have parked our car, lock the door without to bring our keys out. All these can be solved with just a tap of smart card or enter of door access key pin.

We suggest the developer to upgrade the spec digital lock with biometric thumb print access, cool kan?


Facilities Deck

Maple Residences’s 68,366 sqft facilities deck comes with most modern condominiums ‘would haves’. First club house that features a 3,000sqft gym facilities, multi-functional/purpose hall and sauna facilities. The fringes of the facilities are surrounded with Bonsai and Rock Garden strip. There are 2 pools here, a 50m lap pool, wading pool for the young ones and jacuzzi with pavilion for those feel like just having a quick dip.

A barbecues area for those who enjoy smoked and grilled savories with family and friends. A couple of meeting pods for residents to mingle round and chit chat. Children playgrounds for the kids as well as ample stretches of refectory paths within the facilities. It is suffice to say the facilities in Maple Residences are more than enough to fulfill the residents recreational and wellness needs.

In overall in terms of facilities, it is modest and not too fanciful. This is important, while future JMB able to maintain these facilities at reasonable costs to mitigate future maintenance fees hike.


Density, façade, specifications and other key considerations

Maple Residences sat on 4.8 acres freehold land in Canary Garden Klang township, with total development of 597 units, which translate to a density of approximately 120 units per acre. We would not say it is low dense as it exceed 100 units per acre, at 120 units per acre density level can be benchmarked against most mid-range mass market condo and apartment in the market.

The low density point of we mentioned earlier for this project would be that the development is literally next to the gem of Canary Garden Klang and overlook the exclusive landed development of Canary Garden Klang that consists of cluster, semi-d landed homes.

Each block consists of 199 units that serve by 3 lifts, each lift serves 66 units, decent ratio we would say, when compare to certain development that is having 100 units to 1 lift.


Mix feeling felt on façade of Maple Residence, we like the huge windows and big sliding door, as it allows lot of natural light to the unit a plus point. The huge windows and glass will actually elevate the class of the apartment. The frameless glass balcony is a good touch of class.

Case point, the more glass being utilized as facade, the bigger the windows, the bigger the sliding actually help to increase the aesthetical aspect of the condo and apartment.

While the other end, condos and apartment with small window, with small sliding door, resemble low cost flat kan?

Drive around KLCC and you will know what we are talking about.

However, we are concerned about the white color façade and haphazard grey shades, dark grey color edge coloring combo, where white color often fades easily. The overall color of combination looks ad hoc ‘ish’.

We thought the façade design can be better. While the carpark areas are cladded with greens, not bad, not bad.

Coincidently, we do come across a lot of condos and apartments that look really ordinary with white color façade. First, with white color façade it somehow shrinks the windows from small to look extra small. Then the overall color scheme, often time lots of white with sharp contrasting around the edge of the façade is just very ordinary, sometimes just don’t gel well, magnifying low cost feel. Let’s us show you what we meant. Some apartments look like beehives than apartment.

Some low cost apartment facade 





Block structure overview

Each tower at Maple Residences is made up of 23 storey high and breaks down to 2 storey shop office, 4 storey car park, 1 storey facilities deck/podium and 17 storey service apartments, from 6 floor to 22 floor.


View analysis:

Now let’s talk about distance between block A & block C, we understand they are with a good 30 meters apart. South facing units of block C will be looking at north facing block A units. However, these units will be also enjoying internal landscape.

We love block B the north facing units will get to enjoy unblocked black water river view, the French-themed garden and parks as well as overlooking the landed properties. This will be our preferred view!

While Block B south facing units will get to enjoy pool view and internal landscape, we always prefer mid low floor with pool view.

Our least preferred view will be block A south facing, as it is, it is basically unblocked. But in future when the adjacent empty lands are developed. It will be potentially facing future construction sites that could expose the residents to constructions debris and noise pollution.

Maple Residences PROPCAFE signature 360 degree site review

Yup we have done it, check out the view! The higher the better!


Unit floor plan analysis

Overall floor plan review

In overall, the blocks placements are nicely done, as they are spaced out ‘properly’ and neatly. As almost all units in all 3 blocks are in north and south orientation. These are traditional preferred orientations for most people

Typically, there are 12 units (4 corner units of type B and 8 intermediate units of type A) in each floor.

Typical type B unit ranges from 1250 sqft with 3 bedrooms a storeroom and 2 bathroom, while type A is approximately 870 sqft with 2 bedroom plus a utility room and 2 bathrooms.

In general, both type A and type B layouts are good as they are rectangular in shape which are good for space utilization and furniture placements.

Type A

Great space allocation for type A.  We like the fact that at 850 sqft, it basically fits very well to a growing family.  There are very good sized bedrooms. We like that the utility room has windows, as it can be easily converted to a baby room, or maid’s room. Both bathrooms have windows for natural ventilation.

Despite with a smaller kitchen to operation, there is provision of wet kitchen, which is ideal to ventilate oriental stir and fry.


Some space wastage on the longish dining area to living area though. While bedroom 2 and utility room could be dark especially the windows are facing the internal void area.

Type B

This is product for those who want a bit more luxury of space. This is a good sized apartment, with >1250 sqft built up, each of the 3 bedrooms are able to fit a queen bed and it comes with much bigger kitchen space and a store room.

As type B is a corner unit, it only shares the kitchen wall with another type B unit.

Type B corner unit will able to enjoy plenty of bright natural light from all bedrooms.

However, some may not like the idea of having the main door entrance to look into the kitchen, and we thought the storeroom placement was odd. Some space wastage on the longish and deep dining area to living area.


Lift placement 

Each tower is serviced by 3 lifts, however we notice the lifts placement are tucked into one end. Good for units near to it, for units that are located away from the ‘lifts end’, residents may need to stroll further for lift access.


Show unit review

We have checked out the show unit, we would say we like the ID a lot. Let’s see the picture gallery below, both show type A & type B units are very well decorated with good touch of ID, one word sums it all. COZY.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We understand that the ceiling height is 3.2m, we are good with anything above 10ft.


The price tag and other related incidentals

Maple Residences starts from RM500,000, this is mass market friendly price tag. Each unit comes with 2 car park lots, and the maintenance fees is RM0.25 psf.


Millennial friendly? 


10:90 Scheme

We understand the strain/pressure of millennials. Living in an era with ever escalating living cost increase.

With lesser money to spend, some of us are also encumbered with student loan such as PTPTN, owning a home in Klang valley is not easy!

But but, there is a will there is a way….this is millennial friendly and pocket friendly investment with light upfront

The developer is offering 10:90 scheme. This means that purchasers will just require to pay down 10% and balance 90% is only payable upon VP.

10: 90 scheme is similar to Build Then Sell scheme, so you just put down 10% down payment, keep your SPA, put it under your pillow, sleep over it and wake up when you take VP of your property. Buyers are not required to serve interest during construction, as there will be no draw down from housing loan facilities.

10:90 scheme is beneficial to millennials and young families, to able to save up for renovations, taking the time to settle  PTPTN loan, then only to start serving housing loan repayment in future.

Want to know more about the above deal? Do visit the show gallery and find out more.

Sales Gallery

Bandar Bestari Sales Office

No 2, Jalan Langat KS9, Bandar Bestari,

41200, Klang, Selangor

Google map link (

Monday – Friday : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday / Sunday : 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

T: +603-3122 2999

Website :


A Compelling Township with commercials and mall 

Is Canary Garden Klang a compelling township today? Perhaps no right now, but do you know its potentials?

The developer KSL has the means to sculpture a new township with trendy amenities and lifestyle component to this part of Klang.

Older township may be able to fulfil basic needs. However, the better living concept now has shifted to have a right space and environment to bring family together. Old town could hardly transform the ambience and aesthetic of environment when comes to family living lifestyle. This is what property with integrated commercial activities at Canary Garden Klang can offer.

The developer set to deliver the biggest mall in Klang called KSL City Mall @ Klang within Canary Garden Klang, within 2km from Maple Residences. This will be a great unique selling points to Maple Residences as residents able to access to new lifestyle commercial amenities with ease. Having a mall will enhance a family’s lifestyle? A firm yes!

Imagine you will be able cut down all unnecessary travelling time and non-productive activities, and get all you need within walking distance from your home!

Maple Residences being part of Canary Garden Klang will likely reap rewards from future Canary Garden’s Commercial City development. The proposed commercial city development features proposed medical centre, Business Park and international & government school (including Chinese primary school). A new hospital is also in the plan, a 90 acres of commercial development is also in the card, and all these will directly benefit the residents of Maple Residences.

People behind Maple Residences and Canary Garden Klang

KSL Holdings Berhad is a KLSE mainboard public listed company with sound financial background, a household name in the southern Malaysia, Johor. Its notable township development in the Johor includes Taman Bestari Indah, a 715-acre mixed development township of over 15,000 units of residential and commercial building located 20km from the Johor Bahru City Centre (JBCC). Taman Kempas Indah, a 237-acre development township featuring bungalows, cluster houses and service apartments. KSL Residences @ Daya, a 5.39-acre integrated development consisting of a hotel and three blocks of service apartments in Taman Daya Johor. Avery Park @ Rinting, Avery Park is a 35-storey service suites development offers hip urban living and amenities. Those who are based in Johor would have heard of KSL City mall, it is one of KSL’s flagship commercial, retail, hospitality development in Johor.

Part 1 Conclusion

You may ask what other options other than Maple Residences? We know millennials are hard to satisfy, we want and we can do for you more.

Part 2 of this article will cover other high profile high rise projects in Klang,

Trio and The Lead, and its relevant comparisons analysis, what project will be the likely winner 5 years down the road.

Leave us your comment, show us your support we will probably publish it, Tomorrow!

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