PROPCAFE™ 360 Degree View : The Fennels @ Sentul East

Recently PROCAFE went to check out “special promotion units in The Fennels by Sentul Raya (Now a full subsidiary of YTL Land). Just to recap as reported in TheEdge 23.July.2013, The first phase consists of two blocks of 38 storeys with 458 units and four penthouses and priced from RM658,000 to RM1.06 million are fully sold out at first day of public preview on. (Click the link here). It was even reported in social media that some of these early buyers started to queue in Starhill the night before. Some even leave behind bags, slippers to “chop” the queue.

Due to the overwhelming demand, subsequently 4 months later the 3rd block was launched (click the link here). With the frenzying queue and hype, the Fennels managed a healthy take up of 80% status. Nevertheless within property observer circle, questions starts to circle around as YTL always have ability to fully sold their projects such as Midfields, Reed and Dale in Sungai Besi and The Capers at Sentul East.

With the launch of The Fennels final block on July.2017, the outlook was pretty clear, the property market frenzy was truly over. Even YTL Land was losing its midas touch. PROPCAFE received SMS about this final launch where 20% rebate offered to the 10 dual keys. The PSF for these dual keys are much cheaper than first 3 blocks.

Recently PROPCAFE mailbox again was bombarded with SMS from agent where high floor 3 bedrooms, 2 carparks and free first two years maintenance fee was offered from RM7XXK nett price. Apparently agents are assisting YTL Land to clear the leftovers unit since the VP.

Out of curiosity, PROPCAFE went to check out the development. Read on to know our thoughts on the real product.


Zig Zag Glassy Facade cladded with Fin
The Fennels Facade
Fennels with horizontal and vertical fin
Close up of the fin

The façade is quite similar with The Capers @ Sentul East VP-ed earlier. However after the refreshing The Capers decorating the KL Skyline, the facade of The Fennels seems “duplicating” The Capers.

Entrance Statement

Similar to The Capers, The Fennels is utilising rustic and rusted effect for the entrance statement


The Fennels Guardhouse
The Guardhouse with infinity swimming pool as background

Well thought from the developer is the visitor carparks infront of the guardhouse which act as holding bays. In case of congestion during visitor’s registration which may overflow to main road, the guard will direct the visitors to park the cars at the holding bays.

Ground Garden and Pick Up And Drop Off Area

The beautifully landscaped 0.5acre garden next to visitor carpark
Drop Off and pick up Area with “Aquarium” lift bring visitor to facilities deck
Water Feature next to the Drop Off and Pick Up Area

What PROPCAFE like is the dedicated lift to facilities deck. The visitors do not need to use the resident lift which enhance the security particularly when a resident is having party on the facilities deck.

Car Park

Bright and all signs and arrow are clear

Lobby Lifts

The lift lobby wall cladded with wood panel
The lift

Sky Deck

A tree planted at sky deck
Bedrooms overlooking sky deck
Multi purpose Hall 
Communal space at sky deck

Given the amount of space on the sky deck, PROPCAFE couldn’t help but notice the sky deck is quite bare. Other than “communal space”, the developer could fill the space with amenities, soft furniture, water feature or even a children playground.

Facilities Deck

Lounge and Chilling Area
Open space overlooking The Capers
Infinity Pool Overlooking Sentul

The Changing Room
The Lounge overlooking Water Feature
Management Office
The Garden At Facilities Deck. Great for go together
Children Playground surrounded by the Garden
Minimalism Landscape
Another Infinity Pool
Another angle of the lounge

In PROPCAFE’s opinion the the facilities deck is the most impressive of The Fennels. Two olympic length infinity pools, 5 star management office,   chilling lounge, decent gym size for 900 plus units and pockets of space for residents.


Titiwangsa Range View from Sky Deck
Some Units on last block will have KLCC View

One of the blocks will have one side facing KL city skyline. However there is no wow factor as the view is partially blocked by The Capers.

Foyer, Foyer and Foyers!

Longish Foyer
Dual Keys Foyer
Another angle of Dual Keys Foyer. Imagine how much built ups going to the space!
Nice size Foyer

Unit Selection is very important as it will determine how much monies spent on the unproductive space such as large foyer. For example for dual keys despite the built up is >1500sqft, the foyer is easily 200-300sqft taking up the valuable space (and money as well).

The Unit!

PROPCAFE visited the 3 bedrooms, 1186sqft type layout.

Living, Dining, Dry Kitchen Area
Balcony Across The Unit
The wet kitchen is dark and crampy
The Living with Full Height and Width Balcony
Open concept bathroom. For those who cannot accept such design (or may frequently forgot to close the bedroom will need to install a blind or cover it with sticker. 
On the left side you will notice the wall is not full to the edge. It is covered with glass, similarly to The Capers due to ZigZag facade.
Corridor leading to bedrooms
The master bedroom with full glass bathroom
Modern and well appointed master bathroom sink
Grohe brand water tap
Grohe bran shower 
Grohe Brand 
Bedrooms will have access to balcony
Well thought design. The sliding door when slided open it is flushed with the frame.
From wall to wall and floor to height sliding door

This unit comes with decent 3 bedrooms and each bedroom is ensuite. However the main concern is the living, dining and pantry area which is quite small.

Not all are rosy….

the dusty and rusty railing along the corridor
The lift button already got rusted
This is the access door leading to facilities deck. Looks like a loading bay area
The wall in uneven. Developer has smartly using darker color to cover the uneven wall
Uneven wall


The Fennels is the 5th residential by YTL Land in Sentul East/West (Prior launches were Tamarind, Maple, Saffron, The Capers). YTL Land also developed LakeFields and Midfields at Sungai Besi and LakeEdge at Puchong. Despite YTL background as  contractor, they are not pretty well known in providing great workmanship and finishes.

PROPCAFE always hear the owners complaint and “mumbling” about the workmanship. Probably owners have been making money purchasing YTL’s projects and most of them just close one eye on the workmanship. However this is no longer the case especially with The Fennels where the leftover units are even cheaper than during the launching.

PROPCAFE applauses YTL effort to gentrify and rebrand Sentul however iconic façade is not the only factor to pull in new residents. The unit layout, price point are equally important as well.

Just for example the longish balcony, humongous foyer, cramped wet kitchen, glassy bathroom probably not most of the residents are looking to.

Tell us what you think of  The Fennels in the comments box below!

Till then, Happy Hunting from PROPCAFE!

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  1. Love your reviews but it’s called The Fennel @ Sentul East without the “s” and one of your photos is wrongly tagged. The photo does show the loading Bay entrance. Facilities entrance is on level 5 and shows block alphabets(A,B,C,D). Hence it doesn’t make sense when your photo of the supposed facilities deck entrance, shows G level.

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