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You cannot connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future!

Steve Job

Since PROPCAFE started the journey 7 years ago, we never stopped to learn every single part of PROPERTY. PROPCAFE commenced this platform because of the passion and until today it never changed a bit. This has driven us to continue and think about what PROPCAFE can contribute more to  property industry, players and enthusiats.


Two days ago, on 16 January 2019, a significant milestone has been achieved. Yes, PROPCAFE community is now officially expended to have more than 10,000 property “kakis”   (10,000 FB Likes, & 10,381 Followers). It is amazing to see so many of you who share the same “hunger” and “desire” to know and learn more about property market. Without you all with us over last 7 years,  PROPCAFE will never reach this meaningful day.


It never easy to run on this pretty lonely path. PROPCAFE struggled along the way with slow recognition but we insisted not to pay for marketing or FB sponsor to boost the subscription and gain exponential followers. We believe our works will reach many of you not because of Facebook’s powerful paid sponsor tool, but words of mouth and recommendation from followers, which needs quality works to win the heart and gain the respects from the readers. Thankfully, with a steady organic growth, PROPCAFE has managed to at least get it here at 10k mark. Rest assured that it is just an another start for us, not to worry a single bit that we will regress or stop listening to all the suggestions and criticism. PROPCAFE is a Property Community, we are in the same Property Family!

Looking back the dots, PROPCAFE is happy to say that we have published more than 230 articles (246 to be exact) todate which attracted 3.1mil page view (1.7mil unique page view) from more than 1mil visitors over the world. Many thanks to the 1,600 comments in the articles, PROPCAFE is ever motivated to produce better quality and detail property review/video.

PROPCAFE does think BIG but we will move in a right momentum to ensure there is no deviation from the initial goal set by us during our humble start back then.  We apologise that PROPCAFE cannot fulfill many of your requests about disclosing the identity of PROPCAFE founders and providing additional advisory service, in fact we are no body and just a bunch of property crazy! Therefore, there is no distance between us and we will always learn from each others in this wonderful property platform.

Last but not least, no matter how we end or what we do in future, PROPCAFE will never forget the support from you all! Let’s inject more positivity into property market and have a good year ahead! Malaysia Property, We Believe!


2 Replies to “PROPCAFE – A Day to Remember”

  1. Well done! I have been your follower since the early day. Thank you for your time and effort to do this. Keep it up.

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Thanks a lot! We may not be perfect but will try our very best to keep PROPCAFE afloat and continue to provide property info for all followers.

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