PROPCAFE Buyer Diary : Top 10 Reasons To Buy Hampton Damansara @ Country Height Damansara

PROPCAFE Buyer Diary is the new column for whoever interested to share experience or reasons on the property that they just booked or bought! So, put in at least 10 reasons and submit it to us now!

Hampton Damansara Show Unit

There were so many messages flowed into our mailbox after the news on Hampton Damansara published in PROPCAFE Facebook last weekend. Let’s us summarise the reasons why Buyers BBB this project. Well, although it is from buyers’ perspective which likely to be biased, it is no harm to listen and understand more on their views! You can share your concerns too in the comment for healthy discussion. Bear in mind, no project is perfect and everyone makes their decision with their different reasons and requirements. 🙂

1. What’s make me starts to look at this project?

Location x 3. Freehold Petaling Jaya with limited new launches! Opps it is KL address! Where else to find?

2. What is so good about this location?

Forest as my neighbour and exclusive address at Country Height Damansara! Only highrise here. Sick of the areas surrounded with many buildings. It is near to all amenities in Petaling jaya (Ikea, One Utama, Curve, Paradigm Mall, Best Eateries etc) yet it is secluded with green and UBER Rich community.

Hampton site

3. What are the other unique selling points of this project (product itself)?

Very, very!

Very generous 70,000sf facilities. You have indoor golf and Aqua Gym! What else? Very grand lobby and lifts etc which are Mayland’s DNA.

Very efficient layout especially the 924sf unit with 2+1 bedrooms. Two large rooms with an extra room that can fit queen bed! What else you want for less than 1ksf? Check this out in the show unit!

Hampton Damansara Show Unit Room

4. What do you like the most in the show units?

Big luxury bathroom with island bathtub to match this luxury address! High ceiling (10.5ft) and good quality material (e.g. Grohe bathroom faucet and accessories, bathtub, branded electronics items etc) and tiles/flooring.

Hampton Damansara MBR Toilet

5. What can you expect when you receive the key?

You will absolutely love it. The unit comes with  airconds, water heater/boiler, fridge, washer cum dryer, full height kitchen cabinet with hob and hood, built-in oven, plaster ceiling, wardrobe for master bedroom, shower screens etc. Please get a list from sales personnel!

6. What is the potential of this project?

Potential on the ROI. If Empire City mall can be completed, this part of Petaling Jaya will fly. Also, if the developer really make another block as Service Suites managed by hospitality company, it will reduce the supplies and improve the values of this property. Those like hotel services (room services and cleaning etc), bingo!

7. Who are the competitors? What about the price?

Highrise in Mutiara Damansara, Desa Parkcity, TTDI. But if you look at the price like Reflection or Mutiara Damansara or TTDI’s Segaris, Ascencia etc, it has moved above RM800psf. For Desa ParkCity, other than the inferior location (like its Westside series), the rest of the highrise like Breezeway, Northshore, and One Central Park all have moved above RM800psf, not to say majority are bigger size units. In 3-4 years time, many of the condos could be aged and pricing may move to next level. No one has the crystal ball but the pricing of Phase 1 Hampton Damansara from nett RM7xxpsf (sub RM700k) is clearly below its competitors now. Someone asked me about Damansara Perdana properties like Metropolitan Squares, well, it is not in the same level of playing fields with Hampton Damansara or competitors mentioned above. It is in different segment.

8. How about the reputation of Mayland?

I personally bought Mayland’s product before. Yes, it wasn’t a great experience when it was VPed but I have no problem on making money from it. Good news is, this Hampton Damansara will be the first project under Mayland to follow Singapore Conquas standard. Also, Hampton Damansara project is managed by the new management team from ex-Sunrise, from marketing, sales to general manager. There is hope to see the change in Mayland’s product delivery.

9. What else can you look forward in this part of Petaling Jaya?

Infrastructure upgrade in term of access to Empire City and the new Damansara Specialist Hospital besides it. MRT and DASH highway will bring more traffic and make this area to be the main focal point in Petaling Jaya. NEW PETALING JAYA in the making!

10. PROPCAFE does not cover every project in town! So our interest to know more about this project should make you pay attention to it! Lol 😬😝

Other than the 10 good reasons above, I noticed there are some “imperfection” in this project. 😉

a. It is right besides LDP toll plaza, the non-forest facing units i.e. LDP facing may need to consider the noise issue. However, developer will put in double glaze windows/sliding doors to mitigate it. Well, to compare with other developments beside major highway, this should be better as it is right beside the toll plaza and you cannot speed there!

b. Current access is not perfect but it can only be better with the on-going upgrading works on infrastructure there. Unfortunately, there is no MRT station besides the development. Hey! With Uber or short distance drive to MRT near the Curve there, it is not the end of world!

c. Only One carpark for 924 sf unit, not great but developer has put in the plan of shuttle service to MRT/Malls/Schools nearby. With Uber/Grab, you just need few minutes wait! If not, rent it!

Great location and nice & luxury product without premium price tag (as of now! Phase1 released units). No perfect property, only decision. And mine is, to put it into my portfolio as I always like Country Height Damansara address.

—   The End of MY Buy Buy Buy Diary  —

16 Replies to “PROPCAFE Buyer Diary : Top 10 Reasons To Buy Hampton Damansara @ Country Height Damansara”

  1. I give you ten likes for this post! After reading this, I also like this project. Is there any more good unit under propcafe still available? Can you share the toilet picture and layout? I really love the idea of big bathroom because usually only luxury class home carries this like St. MARY and St. Regis. Looking forward for your review! Thanks propcafe.
    p/s yes I am your follower and bought 28boulevard and revo also

  2. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Mybenz..go to 8trium sales office n remember to quote PROPCAFE code PropHampton! U ll be surprise when you book your unit! Big surprise! Ask the sales person Alex there.

  3. Yes went to sales opis recently.

    Only 140 units at selected floors at 740-760psf ‘partially furnished’ with conquest.

    Base on current market sentiment…the price is good…if u can accept the accesses, FH status, hda status, Mayland reputation, EC possible delay or abandon, lack of amenities within walking distance nearby and literally just next to the ever busy ldp toll….and not to mention the high end flora damansara right outside your windows for some units.

    Next releases after 140units will be priced much higher, rumoured to be above 800psf.

    Seriously if u take out the foc fitted ins….it could be at least further 50psf cheaper.

    1. Beancounter, how do you fair this one for ownstay? Compared to Desa ParkCity?
      I mean which type is the most favorable you reckon? I am looking it for ownstay purpose 🙂
      What do you don’t like the most?
      For me I reckon the kitchen is abit small from the layout for a 900sf. Correct me if I am wrong but i heard the layout of the kitchen is not as per shown, according to my source the kitchen is L shape instead of just a straight line as per current layout. Can you confirm it?

      Other than that, what other freebies that developer is throwing that you think it is atleast cost 50psf.


  4. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Beancounter…u like the surprise given by PROPCAFE in sales office? 😉

  5. Forgot to mention also. It booked under prophampton codeword…you will also receive a rm500.00 IKEA shopping brochure. Its just a bit of icing in the cake…

  6. Only when u sign SPA…..haha

  7. Hi, I am quite impressed with your reasoning to buy Hampton, and I am
    one that is well aware of the reputation of Country Heights and
    Mayland bosses. With this knowledge, I am a bit skeptical they will
    keep their promise of being the only high-rise in CHD. Even the
    salesperson admitted that. However, my main concern before proceeding
    is apparently there is a problem with the sales and transfer of
    Regalia, rumours that prompted my lawyer’s friend to advise against
    buying Regalia. What is the problem there besides the leaking
    problem.And only ONE car park without the comforting thought of
    sufficient visitors car park for rent in the future. Thanks for the

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      I understand your concern on the previous reputation of Mayland. But they are cash rich (e.g. plaza damas Hermitage, they built with cash and almost completed), so historically they might be always late to deliver VP but they won’t abandon it. With LAD follow schedule H, at least buyers will get back something (regalia buyer was offered a free cp as part of LAD). Regalia issue was on the CF, it was completed without CF but only with temporary CF (even YTL has same issue on its early phase of lakefield sg besi project) because Mayland supposed to build a bridge to Tiong Nam side at Jalan Raja Laut which is part of the condition to obtain CF. They didnt fulfill it due various reasons (rumous due to land, residents, dbkl etc but all need to confirm again with developer). That draged the CF issuance for few years after completion of Regalia which made only two banks willing to provide loan to subsales buyers that time. CF was issued eventually. No problem on sales and transfer as i sold it years ago without hiccups.

      Being a buyer of previous proj of Mayland, vp experience was so so, but they fix all my defects except the design fault on the toilet piping issue that contain some smell which partially also due to bad ventilation with no window in the toilet. The material they used for the unit was quite good with the price i paid. The finishing works are reasonable but leaking always the issues to Mayland. it was fixed eventually (well, i also facing leaking issue in sp setia project, so we shall say contractor quality in Msia is not up to the std which i believe many investors and home owners will agree). Mayland normally very generous on its facilities and lobby etc. Thats the plus point.

      I will take the additional sales talk as info and bonus rather than set it as expectation. Yes, Mayland has another small land besides Hampton site. They planned it for townhouse dev. They may change plan but for such a small land it ll be hard to build another highrise (but we never know). Other than this, no more lands at CHD for condo as inside CHD, all are bungalow lots.

      My other concern? All are mentioned in the article. But those are not deal breaker. As an investor here, it is more on whether it is investable based on key factors (location, price, layout etc which u may refer to our usual review). Ownstay, then it is totally different story.

      I hope i have answered your questions.

      Disclaimals: This reply is under my own capacity as the buyer of Hampton and not PROPCAFE’s view.

  8. Developer has increased price by nearly 10%, is it the sign of Empire City project being revived?

  9. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Yup. Developer is going to scrap the x% of rebate and up the price at the same time in coming week.

    Congrats to all propcafe followers who secured the price with good premium units!!! Those still interested can talk to sales person peggy n quote PropHampton to get super good units and surprise. Or just let them know you are Propcafe’s friend, u will then know how good to be our followers. Lol.

  10. You really need to improve your grammar.

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Thanks Bad for your comment. We will look into it. But, we are freelance blogger and we are not paid to write like media or in magazine. Also, our followers love our details analysis rather than beautiful english with excellent literature standard. Some followers even like our manglish or whatever english that near to their day to day conversations. Maybe it would be easier for them to understand. Perfect grammar doesnt seem the key for them to continue following us. It is always back to detail n insight that we provide for our readers. That is probably the difference between blog and media. Again, we appreciate your comment and will proof read more….if we have time :). Lol.

  11. […] PROPCAFE Buyer Diary : Top 10 Reasons To Buy Hampton Damansara @ Country Height Damansara  […]

  12. Do your homework about Mayland first
    before deciding to buy anything from Mayland
    Search for Dorsett subang,Dorsett Sri Hartamas,Hermitage & Regalia
    You will be surprise on the findings

    1. Fair comment on Mayland’s history on its delivery. With the new management taken over two/three years back, would it be any changes on its delivery? Let’s see. We will surely report it back and update in PROPCAFE platform here later.

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