PROPCAFE™ Review: South Brooks @ Desa Parkcity By Perdana Parkcity

Desa Parkcity is always regarded as the most successful story in township development in Klang Valley, opps, should have said Malaysia. Not just its fantastic concept that started 15 years ago, it created enormous capital appreciation for the early birds who believed in developer’s delivery on this so called “Cina Man Land – Kepong”. There are not many would imagine this piece of land could now become one of the most classy and expensive places in Klang Valley where rich and famous paid millions to own the terrace or linked houses here.

What so great about Desa ParkCity? Outsiders or keyboard hero may claim it is due to successful branding. However, for those who have been Desa Parkcity, they would agree that it is about the entire living lifestyle and it is the “One” for family. Some even said that it is like living oversea! The secured environment (gated and guarded in each individual parcel, auxiliary police at the entrance and station in other parts of public facilities), beautiful landscape, well maintained parks (Central Park, West Park, Dog Park) & Central Lake, walkable environment (residents and visitors comfortably walk/cycle around the township), jogging and cycling  paths/lanes, dog friendly facilities, vibrant commercial element at Waterfront (and its new and beautiful European conceptual retail space at Arcadia) and much civilised society make it perfect for families. Sometimes, whether it is the best livable environment is not about the house itself but the demographic of the residents!

True enough, you just cannot find any other township in Malaysia in similar standard, especially if one try to consider the location factor. PROPCAFE can surely tell you that, based on all the factors above and our experiences on visiting so many developments in Malaysia, NONE, there is No Second Desa Parkcity in West Malaysia! Don’t listen to other developer’s sales talk :P.

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No matter what, location is still the key!

There are many other reputable developers, like Eco World or SP Setia, which are capable enough to deliver similar township. However, why is Desa ParkCity still “unbeatable”?

Location x 3! Desa ParkCity is located toward the end of Kepong (or Manjalara) which is now called Kuala Lumpur West. It is bordering with famous Petaling Jaya and Sungai Buloh which easily links to all major highways:

  • Penchala Link (7.5 km, 10 mins distance) – Connect you with Taman Tun, Mont Kiara, D’sara Height, Bangsar, Duta and KL City.
  • New Duke 2 (3 km, 7mins distance) – Bring you to Jalan Tun Razak, Ampang and KL City.
  • NKVE (7km 17 mins) – Link you with Petaling Jaya North, Shah Alam, Setia Alam, Klang.
  • LDP (3.6km, 5 mins) – Get you through Petaling Jaya, D’Sara Perdana, Bandar Utama, Kota Damansara, SS2, Kelana Jaya, Bandar Sunway and all the way to Puchong. Within 10km, you have so many choices of mall to hang around – Ikano Ikea, Curve, One Utama, Giza, Paradigm, Starling, Glo, Tropicana City, and etc.

Distance to – KLCC = 15km (30mins); – IKEA – 5km (11mins) – One Utama = 7km (13mins); – Sri Hartamas – 10km (13mins); TTDI Market – 8km (9mins).

Not convinced? Alternatively, if you still want to reconfirm your gut feel on the location, you may simply do a google map search. Based on the normal laptop screen size, you can easily see your neighbor townships. Map won’t lie! Just look at the map and circle out every one that you are familiar. Why? It means you know the places and at the same time make sure you like most of circles! See the map below! Do I like it? Yes, I do! It covers most the areas that I like to hang out and it is surrounding by all established places from mid to high end posh places. Over the last 10 years, you can see the younger generation group and expatriates moved over to Desa Parkcity from the expat enclaves like Mont Kiara, Petaling Jaya, Bangsar, Sri Hartamas, D’sara Height, Kota Damansara, Bandar Utama and etc for them to enjoy the greenery and safer environment. If not because of its location, Desa Parkcity would not prosper in such a short time. Now you would know the reason why Desa Parkcity always so well received other than just its well maintained landscape and parks.

Let’s talk about this South Brooks . It is  located in the 473 acre Desa ParkCity township. To many Gen Y and Millennials, it is  the most sought address in Kuala Lumpur – “Desa ParkCity – The Best Place To Live In Kuala Lumpur, Indisputable”. To them, D’sara Hright, Hartamas, TTDI etc are just so old and out  as it no longer can fulfill their lifestyle requirements.

All this while, many buyers who intended to purchase here was stopped by either its high price or inferior layout. The combination above also the killer sometimes, for example, when one thought that they can afford it, his affordable price of a million may only get him a 1+1 or 2 bedrooms apartment at Desa Parkcity. For those who tried their hunt at Desa ParkCity before surely would understand what I meant. The good news is, when the economy is running at the slower pace, good deal would come! There is always opportunity to get a good deal and Desa ParkCity is no exception. Parkcity Perdana has re-configured its usual layout to make it slightly smaller for its 2 bedrooms and 3 bedrooms apartments compares to its previous projects and turns it to be more affordable and yet more rooms!

South Brooks will host two 40-storey towers with total of 920 units under 7.16 acres land. Each floor will be served by 3+1 lifts. Each unit will come with at least two carpark bays (most of it will be tandem carpark lots) and the biggest unit type is entitled with additional carpark.  Unfortunately, like other condominiums in Desa Parkcity, the carpark podium is still detach from the residential block due to its nature of quarry land here (too costly to build basement carpark and take ages to complete it).

South Brooks is designed by South Korean architect – Samoo Architect & Engineer which you can see the other “add-on” factors from previous projects. For example, the lobby is more private& not externally exposed (not direcly facing the project entrance) and extensive facilities available at both above carpark podium & ground floor will help to diverse the potential crowds. It is worth to mention the unconventional facilities like open Jacuzzi, sunken lounge, and grape vine trellies are there for families to treasure their times at South Brooks.

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The pool design may not be everyone’s cup of tea but let’s see how the developer and architect come out the magic on the Copenhagen/Toarmina shapes pool design. In fact, compare to common rectagle shape, the cost for odd shape pool design especially for such large pool size would be more expensive to build. Anyway, it could be a real surprise in the end (or else developer won’t keep using the pool design to feature in its billboard everywhere!) and one thing you do not need to worry is their delivery of landscape and its facilities. Always, it will be impressive.

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South Brooks will be the first condominium in Desa Parkcity to have sky garden at the top for each tower to inspire the panoramic view of the spectacular landscape in Desa Parkcity.

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Scaled Model

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Don’t get too excited on South Brooks, let’s PROPCAFE highlights few facts you need to accept before you put your money down to this property.

Well, no place is perfect when comes to project specific especially you want a relatively cheaper priced property in luxury market! South Brooks is no exception! It is give and take. The key is, is the “discount (relatively cheaper than other DPC properties)” acceptable given the negative facts here?

High Density. This is the fact for South Brooks. 920 units from two towers at 7.16 acres land. This translates to 128 units per acres. Let’s do a relative value analysis here with other existing condominiums in Desa Parkcity.

Parcel (Landed) Land Size (Acre) Total Unit Unit/Acre Price*
Safa 13.73 171 12 ~955psf
South Lake 23.6 291 12 ~807-1108psf
Nadia 16.96 165+246(Condo) 24 ~653-728psf(c)/ ~738-924psf
Adiva 10.9 160 15 ~834-962psf
Adora 5.6 92 16 ~824-918psf
Zenia 14.3 200 14 ~650-978psf
Ridgewood 3.83 30 8 ~846psf
Davina 8.99 47 5
Amelia 14.14 136 16 ~909-994psf
Casaman 21.2 147 6.9 ~713-985psf
Breezeway 7.3 76+129 (condo) 29 ~789-868psf (c)/ ~825-1031psf
Mansion 19.6 127 6.5

The above table is for your information only as it is clearly unfair to compare with landed properties in Desa Parkcity. Let’s look into highrises in Desa Parkcity. South Brooks is the highest density project in Desa Parkcity, It ranges from 15% to 40% higher than other existing condos. Well, having said that,  it is not too far away from the last launched of Westside Three project. Even compare to the newly vacant possessed luxury project – One Central Park, it fares not too badly and bear in mind that One Central Park units are transacted at least or near to RM1kpsf recently.

Parcel – Condo Land Size (Acre) Total Unit Unit/Acre vs. South Brooks Price*
North Shore 3 274 91 vs. 0.71x ~773-1092psf
Westside One 4.23 338 80 vs. 0.625x ~719-866psf
Westside Two 4.27 338 79 vs. 0.62x ~693-828psf
One Centre Park 4.1 359 88 vs. 0.69x ~862-954psf
Westside Three 4.27 469 110 vs. 0.86x ~Avg 720psf**
South Brooks 7.16 920 128

*Prices are obtained from and other public portals. ** Launching price.

What else can the table above helps us? Well, if you want to directly link density to compensate the pricing, then should South Brooks priced, for instance, around 29% cheaper than North Shore? Or 14% cheaper than Westside Three? If it does, would it make you better? 🙂 Of course, there is always other different factors to consider and the math is not that direct in real life. However, it would help you at least to put some “fair discount” in your head when you pick the unit.

Having said that, with the trend of smaller unit offering in the market, is the unit per acre calculation still make sense for comparison purpose? Let’s say a project has 200 units and all are 3 bedrooms unit compares to a project has 400 units studios in the same 2 acres land. Would it be fair to say the project with 400 studios (20 units per acre) are higher density than 200 units of 3 bedrooms apartment (10 units per acre)? We can confirm that the population of the 3 bedrooms dominated condominium has higher traffic and residents compares to the studio type apartment. With the assumption of 1-2 person per room. Should we then use the total number of rooms per acre as the indicator for density going forward? By doing so, isn’t it fairer to the project with studio/one/two bedrooms when come to density comparison? That should be another point that we should consider when come to density comparison in this evolving property market in future.

Next is the location of South Brooks in Desa Parkcity. It is probably one of the least ideal location in Desa Parkcity. South Brooks is right besides NKVE highway, one of the busiest highway (day and night) in Malaysia and it has the shortest distance from highway compare to all existing projects in Desa Parkcity. The good thing is, the level of highway is much higher than South Brooks. With noise always traveling up, those  low floor units that facing carpark podium or low floor should have lesser impact to noise pollution. There is a hill shading some part of Tower 2 (see below) which give more “shield” to certain units.

The project also sits almost at the borderline and outer zone of Desa Parkcity which will be neighboring with another high density PPA1M project – Sofiya. The project is set to build and sell for civil servants (updated: observed from the ballot day and also video from developer, the crowds are majority chinese. Friend of mine who is the teacher informed us that many of her “teacher” friends were  there. So, it is good sign and many should be relief on their concern. The responses were apparently not good to Muslim civil servant due to the extremely dog friendly environment in DPC). Latest information – 561 units @ 850sf  for 3 bedroom from the 51-storey building that come with 10 years moratorium. It is for the civil servant who earns RM10k and below and the developer claimed that the highrise is not designed for low cost but will be built with RM500k worth quality houses there though it will be sold at RM300k. The facade from the notice board at the site verified that. It doesn’t look bad at all. Also another good news is, South Brooks residents do not need to drive pass PPA1M project as Sofiya will be tucked in the end of Desa Parkcity, bordering with Sunway SPK residential enclave (see location map earlier).

While having church besides may not be an issue for some buyers, some may have some reservation on the land gazetted for future surau which is right in front South Brooks (besides Zenia). Together with highway, the “noise” pollution might be a concern here in future. With big mosques already exist in Bandar Manjalara and Sri Damansara, surau is unlikely to be built in Desa Parkcity in near future, especially with the consideration of demographic here. Perhaps it will be the last one to develop after all projects in Desa Parkcity? Having said that, if you let me choose permanent noise either from main road/highway etc vs. surau/mosque, i will pick the later. There are many luxury projects e.g. those near Damansara Heights or Kampung Baru, and so far there is little impact on its property values. Sometimes, it is just the psychological barrier to get through. However, if the demand of this part of DPC is low, then the excuse based on this factor could be quite damaging as owner has little bargain on this. Well, would South Brooks face this issue? At least, not for now, especially with its lowest absolute price in Desa ParkCity.

Orientation and Layout! What is the best value buy?

To invest in South Brooks, it is not about getting the best price but the best value. Price often is not equal to value. So, is cheapest price unit the best invest-able unit? For ownstay, what sort of orientations should you avoid?

South Brooks has quite a few bad facings which buyers need to know. However, everyone has different tolerance level and this section should help many buyers to decide as it will show all the positive (+) and negative (-) of the views and concerns together with the pricing premium for each layout. With this, buyer would know how to do their own intrinsic valuation to evaluate the best value unit. No right or wrong though.

View – South Brooks comes with Central Park, West Park, KL City and Country Height D’sara (NKVE) view. There is a catch, due to the similar “peace” logo design of the building, it has more than just four directions to analyse. Needless to say, the worst has to be the “highway” view. Although Central Park view look good as of now, it could be partial blocked by opposite future development at the current Waterfront’s car park area and another condo parcel infront of South Lake. So basically there are many uncertainties to this park view and it may only leave you “little” park and “pond” view in future. KL City view (for Tower 2 especially) if your unit is high enough, based on existing view, it may see two small “Jagung” but this also comes with NKVE view and noise as well. West Park view is probably the safest and the best for South Brooks. Although the park is meant for future government school, you  may notice there is another plot of land besides Breezeway also slated for future government school development. So, would the government eventually or forcefully take away such beautiful park? No one know, but I would bet the school to be built at the other site first. With the fronting view of Zenia and Adora, you have less tall buildings infront of you too. Life is not so simple though, in property, the bad and good are not for you to say No sometimes  but to know how much “discount” and “premium” works. West Park view should be a BBB If the premium or discount make sense.

Now we come to an interesting part, kindly refer to the “artificial neural network (ANN)” analysis when you continue to read this section. Of course it is not the maths model – ANN! Just for the fun of it and hope you don’t confuse after seeing it. 🙂

Central Park Aerial View

Country Damansara Height/ NKVE Aerial View

West Park View

KL City/ NKVE View

With the above aerial views and all positives/negatives in your mind, it will be easier for you to absorb the pricing differential below. 🙂

Type A1

A1-h & A1 Type (2Bedrooms 2Bathroom)

– A1-h & A1 are the cheapest units in South Brooks project.

– With the size of 876sf, you really have to say the layout is well optimized. Definitely better than other existing condos in Desa Parkcity which 9xxsf can only give you 1 or 1+1 apartment units, and most of the times the layout for 2 bedrooms is only available for the size of around 1200sf up. But, this is the only type that doesn’t come with yard.

Low floor – below Level 8 – Face Carpark Podium (Developer sell the idea of vertical garden to mitigate the issue. See below photo of existing DPC condo carpark podium). Tower 1 unit also will expose to open visitor carpark scene. Tower 2 units will “kena” the high traffic for both drop-off area and access to the entrance of Carpark podium.

The mid/high floor – Face NKVE highway and High Tension Cable (Ok, HTC is quite far though). Bear in mind, noise pollution is always travel up. High doesn’t mean you can avoid the noise and could be totally opposite.

Yes, it is relatively cheap in Desa Parkcity. While PROPCAFE would agree that it has not much downside for low floor units, in term of pricing, the capital appreciate is yet to be proven as such podium view may or may not be acceptable for expatriate tenants in Desa Parkcity. For ownstay, the positive part is that it is the easiest entry point for you to stay at this address and enjoy the quality of product delivered by this famous developer. Forget about the view, stay at home and put down the curtain. 🙂 Those who “die die” want to buy podium facing units, Tower 2 units has wider road compares to Tower 1’s and drop-off round about and landscape nearby surely better than the bare open visitor parking bay. Not just Tower 2 has pocket of green in-front the podium and it is cheaper than Tower 1 (need to bear the traffic/noise though, that’s why it is cheaper).

Type A2

Central Park View A2-a Type (2Bedrooms 2Bathroom)- Tower 1; A2a-h Type West Park View-Tower 2

West Park View A2 Type (2Bedrooms 2 Bathroom) – Tower 1; A2-h KL City View Tower 2

Type A2, it is slightly bigger (1001sf) with the same 2B2B configuration. What you get more is the yard, bigger balcony and kitchen space, walk-in wardrobe area for master bedroom.

In term of facing, Tower 1’s A2 type will either face West Park or Central Park (for Tower 2 – Central Park/KL View). To be precise, A2 type will be facing the building Westside Three. Just be aware, no direct West Park view for you and also you will get some west sun in the evening.

Those low floor units that facing Central Park has the extra South Brook’s meadow park view which could be quite a nice view. With near to RM60k premium more than west park, one need to know whether it is justified. Well, it can very individual though. Go with your budget and don’t hope to get much premium from your tenant or subsales buyers in future as high floor’s view to Central Park could be well below your expectation inreality due to the future developments that will be blocked the so called lake view (see photo above). For the units with KL City view, bear in mind the partial highway view!

Type B1

Central Park View B1-h Type (2Bedrooms 2Bathroom +1Study)- Tower 1; B1-h Type West Park View-Tower 1

West Park View B1 Type (2Bedrooms 2 Bathroom) – Tower 2; B1-h KL City View Tower 2

Type B1 comes with 1093sf built-up and it is  the largest 2 bedrooms unit in South Brooks. Well, it attached with additional small study area but it certainly doesn’t hold the competitive advantage to other two bedrooms type when comes to rental and subsales market. However, if it is meant to be ownstay for small family, it will be a much comfortable two bedrooms apartments to stay.

For high floor, again, would an approximately RM50-60k premium worth to pay for central park view? Your call. Low floor Tower 1 would enjoy the quiet green pocket in front whilst central park view unit will surely treasure the big meadow park scene there.

Type B2

B2 – Tower 2 – NKVE View – 3 Bedrooms and 2 Bathroom; B2-H

The only type B that comes with 3 bedrooms. The pricing looks tremendously attractive. Oh, come on, how could you get 3 bedrooms for this price in Desa Parkcity? But, there is a catch that you need to know. The cheap B2-h is the nearest point to highway and has the small hill at the side (for those low unit).

Low floor is facing again the carpark podium and expose to the noise of traffic from drop-off area and entrance of carpark podium. B2-h type, those above carpark podium will expose NKVE noise in both balcony and master bedroom. Nearest to highway in the entire project.

Best value unit in this type would be those low floor shielded by carpark podium i.e. B2 which is still much better than B2-h (not sure why it is priced higher). The rest, be prepared the F1 circuit’s noise, day and night. NKVE is no joke.

So B2-h is probably the worst unit in South Brooks. But x 3, those who really need a 3 bedrooms with affordable pricing, this is a gem to them. Just tint your windows/ sliding doors and again put the curtain down and on your aircond! :).

Type C

Tower 1 – C1-h (Central Park View); C1 (West Park View); C1a (NKVE view); C1a-h (NKVE View)

Tower 2 – C2 (West Park View); C2-h (KL View + NKVE view

We now focus on the second smallest three bedrooms type C1 unit (other than the type B2). For those who are not Formula One fans,  this slightly bigger size of 1283sf is offering an additional bedroom, extra balcony in master bedroom, and bigger kitchen space for island to be included (compare to A2 and B1 types). You may choose either West Park/Central Park view/KL City cum NKVE view).

The best value West Park facing unit would ve those low floor units. The lower floor has the quiet green pocket and good thay the noise from NKVE (very far though) will be blocked by the PPA1M project. High floor units will enjoy the unobstructed view of West Park.

Central Park view with additional premium of about RM70k vs West Park is probably overpriced. However, this premium will help you to avoid the west evening sun in your two bedrooms and “temporary” enjoy the park and lake view. If you don’t mind the noise of NKVE, there is also C1a type in tower 2 which comes with lower price but it faces the podium or NKVE/facilities and it is one of the nearest units to NKVE highway.

Type D

Tower 1 – D1a  (West Park View); D1 (Cenral Park View).

Tower 2 – D1h (West a Park View); D1a-h (Central Park View)

Lastly, we come to the most luxury and biggest unit – Type D (1537sf) in South Brook, this 3 bedrooms unit offers additional study area and much larger space of living hall with powder. If space is what you want and you have a million buck budget, it is the perfect unit for you. Hardly you see the big unit sold out so easily and it reflects the buyer demographic here is so strong that they appreciate space and view. Other than type D1a and D1-h which will get the evening west sun, no much comment on the view of type D as it is the best unit in entire South Brooks.


Final Verdict

This time round, Perdana Parkcity has improved significantly on its layout design compares to previous projects. The size is optimised, practical and airy with natural light. Nothing much you can criticize given its size. If you really want to pick on it, then it will be no wet kitchen. So, thumbs up to South Brooks!

South Brooks is priced at the lowest in current projects in Desa Parkcity! You will never buy Desa Parkcity product if you still use Sentul (eg. recent RM550-650psf in YTL’s Fennels) or other places to compare with Desa Parkcity without recognising the premium attached to Desa Parkcity. This round, it is like Prada selling at Coach’s price. It is no way to get the two or three bedrooms apartment at this price in current subsales market in Desa Parkcity. You just need to look at the search results on the Desa Parkcity Highrise units in the market (RM800-900k for two bedrooms and 1.3-1.4mil for 3 bedrooms with bigger unit) and transacted price (refer the table earlier).

Certainly, South Brooks will be the one to beat in rental market in future. The expatriate pool is expected to grow given more choices of affordable 3 bedrooms. The current rental pricing or market value of 3 bedrooms type is way out of affordable range. The safest, for sure, is the Type A1, it will be the most affordable and easiest entry point to Desa Parkcity. However, two bedrooms the most is for young and small family living and also unlike mass market, Desa Parkcity tenants or subsales market buyers could be rather fussy (at least based on current demographic). So, it is not about whether to buy or not, it is more on which unit to buy, ya the right one! Anyway, no one has the crystal ball. So, let’s wait for another 4 years! No matter what, South Brooks provides the best opportunity for many, who loves Desa Parkcity’s address and environment, to call it Home. It is definitely a buy call here. Yes, it is Now or Never!

Happy Hunting! Let’s revisit Desa Parkcity in the next launch!

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  1. when reading the first paragraph, the units is sold out..

  2. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Still have some pretty decent units, last checked. Not SA, so cannot help you much. Head to sales office, haha we can only help this much here with whatever know and have for it proj. 🙂

  3. Hi any comment on C2 unit?

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Missed out C2. Nothing bad to comment on C2. All good. 🙂 It is the premium unit with good facing toward west park/OCP and low floor with nice SB’s meadow park. Just matter of pricing. If you can afford, good unit for ownstay. Investment wise, the premium is at the high side. Type C is the most efficient and comfort family size with proper three rooms to stay compare to Type A n B.

  4. It is a good sharing. Very informative write up especially the awesome analysis on the pricing and value part. Show that you are truly master of Desa Parkcity. Best part is you share with public friends and free. Really appreciate your time and effort. Respect PROPCAFE! Thank you very much and keep it up.

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Thank you so much for your support. Propcafe is passionate about property and always love to share it, yes FOC! 🙂 However, sometimes just hard to please everyone. Some readers can very demanding nowadays hahaha eg. on language – aiyo we are not journalist, we are blogger and can use even manglish Lol as long as it is fun. Some claimed that our standard is going down – Well, we have limited resources and we do what we can with limited time. 🙂 So sometimes, it could be a little rush. But, we will take the criticism positively and work on it. Striking thr best we can to fulfill the needs from readers. Hopefully we would be still exist in property area in malaysia for yeara to come as it is sad to see many property online reviews portal is closing down one by one 🙂 Pls continue to follow and support us!

  5. Thank you Propcafe for the review. Big fan here. Really like the write up, not only on SB but other projects as well! Keep it up! Managed to grab a very low C1a unit at T1 (almost near lobby). Besides the visitor car park and the car park view…Do you think there will be any other challenges?


    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Really appreciate your support. We love property and really feel that there are lack of detail information either online or print. Forum just too much white noises and very hard to see full picture. C1a has good layout, other then negative points you mentioned, you are safe. Almost 50k cheaper than west park unit and 100k lower than central park unit! You can use it as you competitive advantage in subsales or rental market. If own use, then as long as you can accept the view (vertical garden view is not too bad!), you are in a good hand! In property, we always believe that all units have it own value, most importantly identify the issues (not avoid and in denial) then work out the value and “execute” it. 🙂 All the best!

  6. Miss out A2a floor plan?

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Thanks to highlight it! Accidentally deleted it. A2a is the best A2 unit (with premium attached). Congrats if you managed to get it especially low floor units 🙂

  7. Can you comment on how many level of lower unit of B2-h will be beneficial from the “Shield” ? Thanks. By the way, I like the way you review this project.

    1. As long as below facility level 🙂

  8. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Enlarged most of the pictures, hope you all can view it clearly. 🙂

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