PROPCAFE Peek : Amandarii @ Saujana Impian Kajang By Guocoland

Waking up late to a lazy Sunday, 10am now, zzzz….all because of the late run up of yesterday’s running man!

Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Suk Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Ha Ha, Lee Kwang Su, Gary, and Song Ji Hyo, they are really good! 5 of them recently came to KL too, too bad can’t catch them live, what was the ticket price again…hmm aint cheap!

Flip open the newspaper while sipping my 3 in 1 coffee, (pardon me for not selfie-ing myself and the coffee, it’s the trend nowadays most lifestyle bloggers do this trick!)

Nothing interesting, except……

Photo 26-10-14 10 03 00 am

Look again, Completed bungalow with CCC.  Amandarii Saujana Impian BOUTIQUE BUNGALOWS BY THE GREENS by Guocoland Malaysia, the same people behind Emerald West Rawang.

Told myself why not at look at this project since it was advertised ‘big big’ in the newspaper.  Normally this type of launch should have some makan makan  one right. Arghhh, I spit out the lousy coffee, grab my car keys in hope that there are some foods left over for my brunch.

Saujana Impian Kajang is huge!!!! Just now I drove passed by Tesco, drive up abit, Yeahhh finally reached the destination, greeted by big sign board, hmm looks similar with the newpaper I saw just now. Please tell me there are foods for me!

Photo 26-10-14 10 46 07 am

Access road to the development, one lane each way!

Photo 26-10-14 10 46 21 am Photo 26-10-14 10 46 26 am

The entrance statement

Photo 26-10-14 11 20 27 am

Yes!! Got food makan first, show room later, talk later!

Photo 26-10-14 10 48 29 am

Nice bungalows all over this development, there are 33 of them and hey nice façade too!

Photo 26-10-14 10 47 47 am Photo 26-10-14 10 47 50 am Photo 26-10-14 10 48 05 am

Nice IDed unit, Nice Living room

Photo 26-10-14 10 49 26 am

Nice desk

Photo 26-10-14 10 49 30 am

Nice bathroom.

Photo 26-10-14 10 49 37 am

Nice outdoor.

Photo 26-10-14 10 50 26 am

Nice dining place.

Photo 26-10-14 10 50 35 am

Nice bedroom.

Photo 26-10-14 10 51 42 am

Nice walk-in wardbrobe

Photo 26-10-14 10 53 33 am

Nice view bathtub

Photo 26-10-14 10 52 55 am

Nice bedroom, wait was this the same picture earlier on, nope…ok nice white and clean bedsheets.

Photo 26-10-14 10 54 01 am

Nice view from the balcony, wait a minutes what are those nets for?

Photo 26-10-14 10 54 14 am

Double volume living, nice.

Photo 26-10-14 11 00 16 am

Nice landscape.

Photo 26-10-14 11 12 05 am Photo 26-10-14 11 12 15 am Photo 26-10-14 11 12 19 am Photo 26-10-14 11 12 23 am

Drive one round first before leaving this Amandarii, wauu…a lot of empty bungalow.

Photo 26-10-14 11 17 19 am Photo 26-10-14 11 17 26 am Photo 26-10-14 11 18 58 am


Nice Green box, means this place is unifi ready….good for owner, some self proclaim high end development in Klang valley don’t even have this ready when VP.

Photo 26-10-14 11 18 41 am

Nice guard house and good bye Amandarii Saujana Impian.

Photo 26-10-14 11 13 02 am Photo 26-10-14 11 20 38 am



This post is intentionally written like a ‘lifestyle’ blog minus the selfies. To show our readers that we can do diverse style of posts and really we are quite flexible, try us!

The price starts from RM2.1million, land size starts from 5600+sqft ranges from 50+ft x 100+ft

Freehold, Individual title

For more information you can visit Amandarii webpage.

2 Replies to “PROPCAFE Peek : Amandarii @ Saujana Impian Kajang By Guocoland”

  1. Can share some of your view about why it is still quite “empty” after VP?

  2. Dear KC

    Yes, this development has just VPed not so long ago, receiving very little attention, mainly due its ’boutique development’ tucked in secluded Saujana Impian.

    Normally for sizeable landed property development, semi-d, bungalow, they will take some fairly longer amount of time to fill up, ie renovation, especially approaching year end, houses these big will take months to complete due to its sheer size at >4000sqft.

    What more this project was not sold out when it was launch N year ago.

    But now with BTS and an spiced up show unit, we reckon the units will eventually move.

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