PROPCAFE™ Review : KL Gateway Suites@ Bangsar South by Suez Capital

Introduction Property development is probably one of the most easy entry businesses with high profit margin in Malaysia where if you are market watchers (just like Propcafe) you will notice that developers are coming from every background that you can imagine. From plastic manufacturer (Mahsing), garment manufacturer (WingTai and YongTai), electrical appliance manufacturer (I-Berhad), carpark […]

PROPCAFE™ Review: The Amber Residence @ twentyfive.7, Kota Kemuning by Gamuda Land

This article is to continue the coverage of our recent visit and write-up on twentyfive.7 in Kota Kemuning. This time round, PROPCAFE focuses on twentyfive.7 latest development – The Amber Residence. In order not to duplicate the information, PROPCAFE strongly recommends property enthusiast here to read this article together with the earlier PROPCAFE publication of twentyfive.7 and […]

PROPCAFE™ Review: Ayden @ Warisan Puteri by IOI Properties

PROPCAFE™ Review: Ayden @ Warisan Puteri by IOI Properties

Ayden @ Warisan Puteri: Introduction PROPCAFE’s passion in property review is pretty much known among our ardent readers and YES our enthusiasm is pretty much reflected in our in-depth review. PROPCAFE will review a project that piques our interest and it doesn’t stop there. Occasionally upon VP, PROPCAFE are invited by friendly owner or developer […]

PROPCAFE™ Guide : Townhouse Living Concept

Townhouse: Introduction Malaysia is generally blessed with choices and variety of housing depends on budget, lifestyle, location, size of family etc. The choice of housing loosely can be divided to strata and individual title. For strata title, you own your own parcel however the facilities, lift, common area and services such as security and cleaning […]