PROPCAFE™ Review: Canary Garden @ Klang By KSL

Canary Garden Township Review

It’s all about family!

Canary Garden

You heard this all over Fast and Furious franchise. We will mention ‘family’ a lot more in this review like FAST and FURIOUS series but we are pretty sure what we say will be more relatable.

Those who stay in Central or Northen Klang Valley, Klang is a galaxy far, far away.  While for those staying in Klang. Klang is home, make no mistake, Klang is Family.

Canary Garden Bandar Bestari will be a 448 acre township located in Klang that developed by KSL Holdings Berhad. Within the core of the Canary Garden Klang Township is the natural Blackwater River with 52 acres of French-inspired Garden. Does this sound appealing to you? Fancy living in a township where >10% of the total township development are earmarked as green zones and comes with modern riverside living in Klang?

Some of you may not have even heard of this. Well, read on and PROPCAFE shall lift the veil as we dig further into this this unique township development in Klang.

KSL Holdings Berhad

To carry out a well-planned 500 acre township development is not an easy feat. Such development required a company that has astound track records, financial muscle and capabilities to do so.

Who are crafters of Canary Garden Klang?

Canary Garden Black River

KSL Holdings Berhad is a household name in the southern Malaysia, Johor. Its notable township development in the Johor includes Taman Bestari Indah, a 715-acre mixed development township of over 15,000 units of residential and commercial building located 20km from the Johor Bahru City Centre (JBCC). Taman Kempas Indah, a 237-acre development township featuring bungalows, cluster houses and service apartments. KSL Residences @ Daya, a 5.39-acre integrated development consisting of a hotel and three blocks of service apartments in Taman Daya Johor. Avery Park @ Rinting, Avery Park is a 35-storey service suites development offers hip urban living and amenities. Those who are based in Johor would have heard of KSL City mall, it is one of KSL’s flagship commercial, retail, hospitality development in Johor.

Canary Garden Klang is KSL’s maiden township development in Klang Valley. It has been in the property development industry for more than 30 years, Canary Garden Klang will be the testimonial of KSL’s cumulative property development experience thus far.

This time around, PROPCAFE literally deep dive into the heart of the 448 acres township and took some quite remarkable footage that to show you what is up the sleeve in this Canary Garden Klang township development.

PROPCAFE has again collaborated with our favorite drone partner Afiz Dozo to let readers have ‘thorough look’ into Canary Garden, Klang.

Financial capabilities?

Meanwhile as to whether KSL is able to execute the planned township with sufficient financial backing? KSL is a public listed company Bursa Malaysia Main Board. KSL has good earnings records, based on past 5 financial years earnings, KSL recorded a cumulative pretax profit of >1.6 billion. Basically, KSL has all the financial strength to deliver the products to its customers.

Location of Canary Garden

Waze map

Let’s us talk more about, Klang, (巴生) Kelang. Klong, Kilang, Kelang – Klang’s name is as diverse and contentious as its history rife with tin mines, civil wars and a complex web of cultural heritage

Klang is Selangor Royal Town and was the former capital of Selangor. Now the state capital has moved to Shah Alam, then again, if you are in Klang, you would will be probably in Shah Alam. That’s how close these 2 areas are.

Some say Klang is an old town. PROPCAFE doesn’t really object to that, to us it is a matured town that has all amenities you need under the sky. Full suites of government agencies, shopping malls, sightseeings, seafood galores, fishing, maritime, pasar, pasar malam, makan, warung apa-apa pun ada.

Klang, is known for its illustrious history and venturing into the Klang town, there are so much things to do in Klang, don’t just listen to us, but see it here.

Seriously! From checking out the pre-war building, to have a banana leaf rice at a kopitiam, to hop to a Klang mini bus, to catch a sunset in Tanjung Harapan, to sip a cup of hibiscus coffee, to explore Jalan Sena and Lorong Sena on foot, to take a ferry trip to Pulau Ketam and to load up some ‘toddy’ at Telok Gong, seriously so much things to do!


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Cultural and Heritage

There are not many Malaysian know the rich history of Klang and its cultural heritage. The recent Klang City Rejuvenation initiative of Heritage Walk to showcase the places of worship, kota bridge, pre-war shops, fort and other historical colonial buildings has provided a new perspective of Klang to visitors and certainly brought many fond memories to Klangite. It is not surprise to see developer’s statistics that shows the earlier phases of Canary Garden Klang were mostly bought by local upgraders and same family members. It reflects from the heritage of Klang buildings and properties, there are always something that cannot be replaced – Memory and Family.

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Canary Garden Township General Overview

Canary Garden is located in Klang and bearing the poscode of 41200 Klang, Selangor with most amenities and conveniences that are just 5km away. So, what’s more on the offer at Canary Garden Klang? After carefully studying the master plan of Canary Garden, we can say there are plenty of ‘value add items’ to come. Let’s dissect the township into details.

The 448 acre Canary Garden Klang township is  made up of residential landed homes, 2 storey clustered semi-d, 2 storey semi-d, 3 storey semi-d, service residences, strata properties and a 90-acre commercial business center and the crown jewel KSL City Mall @ Klang.

Development phases, development ratios and composition

Launch Type Model Type Land Size Unit Built Up


1 (2013) Residential Bluet Cluster SMD 32×80 108 2848 From RM807K
2 (2013) Residential Fraise Cluster SMD 32×80 116 2847 From RM807K
3 (2013) Residential Alisier 2S SMD 40×80 26 3467 From RM1.1m
3 (2013) Residential Tulipe 2S SMD 40×80 26 3447 From RM1.1m
4 (2013) Residential Pervench 3S SMD 40×80 27 4739 From RM1.5m
5 (2013) Residential Argentine 3S SMD 40×80 27 5013 From RM1.8m
6 (2015) Residential Ridgewood 2S SMD 34×70






From RM1m

From RM1.32m

7 (2016) Residential Clermont 2S,3S SMD 40×80/100  54 From 3450 From RM1.5m
8 (2016) Residential Maple Service Residence 4.8 acres

3 blocks

576 863-1264 From RM500K
9 (2016) Commercial Comcity 3S Shop Office 22×70 294 4621 From RM1.7m

Landed Properties at Canary Garden

Earlier phases of Canary Garden landed properties are gated and guarded where access are limited to residents, curious about how the earlier phases look like and wonder how’s the execution abilities of the developer? Check out the gallery.

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PROPCAFE observed that many property enthusiasts always have their own biasness and preferred property location due to the individual’s perception and knowledge domain, which is not uncommon. PROPCAFE is no difference from others but PROPCAFE loves to validate it and takes a step more to visit the site and explore the “missing” knowledge in certain locations. No exception to our review “subject” here – Canary Garden, a township development that sits at the end of famous Jalan Langat toward Banting.

Banting? Many may freak out on the location especially for those who never been there. Well, with the help of Waze nowadays, checking the destination and knowing more on the location of the property becomes so much easier. While Klang residents know all the access routes to and from all destinations, the non-Klang folks may find the information here helpful. The first correction to my perception is the connection between Klang and Subang Jaya. Surprisingly, Kesas Highway (Bukit Tinggi exit) is just merely 3km away from Canary Garden which can bring you easily to Bukit Rimau Interchange, Kota kemuning Interchange, and Subang Jaya. The link to Elite or NPE highway from Kesas highway can also lead you to other part of KL city centre. No wonder the Waze kept pointing me to use this route when I was driving from Petaling Jaya toward NKVE. My biasness took over which resulted my pain journey to Canary Garden.  Being located at and fronting this less busy part of Jalan Langat, Canary Garden has the advantage to reach KESAS and other destinations above with shorter time spend compares to the direction from other parts of Klang. Alternatively, one can drives further from Jalan Langat to connect Federal Highway and reach Shah Alam, Glemarie, then Subang Jaya before heading to Petaling Jaya via LDP. The SKVE highway at the right of Canary Garden (Jalan Klang Banting) is 10 km (15mins) away which can bring the frequent travelers to KLIA with approximate 40mins. If you want to visit the site of Canary Garden, PROPCAFE strongly recommends you to explore the routes that recommended by Waze, you may get a different perspective of the journey to this part of Klang and don’t repeat my same mistake!

What else to look forward? It’s the LRT Line 3!

It is confirmed that it would be a total of 10 LRT stations in Klang from the latest proposed 37km LRT line 3. The nearest station to Canary Garden is located just 2km away (Station 26 – near to the KFC at Johan Setia).

The completion of LRT 3 will substantially change the landscape of public transport and logistics conveniences to Klangite. It will bring residents much nearer to Shah Alam and Petaling Jaya (end at Bandar Utama) and connect every part of Klang Valley with the soon-to-be ready MRT lines. This LRT line is scheduled to complete in August 2020. Not to disappoint anyone, PROPCAFE is optimistically set a cautious expectation that it will be ready by another 5 years from now based on the track record of the execution of previous LRT lines by Prasarana. One thing for sure, the completion of such important infrastructure would help to lower the young generation outflow rate of urban city migration from this historical rich town. Why stick with your loneliness and stay or rent a small pad in KL city when can you have your family with or near to you?

First, the one of its kind riverside living, the Black Water River

Some of you may not heard of this river, we feel that this beauty ought to have some publicity. We’ve been there, seen it, seriously, she is a beauty.

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Again to please you, our fellow followers, PROPCAFE has done some footage to enable you to have a feel of the Riverside Living along the Black Water River.

Next up, new amenities in the township

Enough said on the routes to other townships, residents at Canary Garden which mainly occupied by local upgraders are familiar the convenience of getting to Klang town, via Jalan Langat. This long stretch of road has all the key amenities for residents in Klang (see below):

GM Klang Wholesale City 5km
Aeon Mall Bukit Tinggi 5.2km
Tesco Extra Bukit Tinggi 6.8km
Giant Hypermarket 8.5km
Columbia Asia Hospital 17km
KPJ Klang Specialist 14km
Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah 8.5km

As one of the oldest and most matured townships in Malaysia, there is no lack of other basic amenities in town like clinics, banks, schools (all type of schools), local eateries or western cuisines, cinema, worship places, and entertainment outlets which few km away from Canary Garden and spread surrounding the key township, Bandar Parkland, Bukit Tinggi, Bandar Puteri, Bandar Botanic and Laman Greenview.

KSL knows the needs to bring in more trendy amenities with lifestyle component to this part of Klang. Everyone know that old township would fulfil all their basic needs. However, the better living concept now has shifted to have a right space and environment to bring family together. The crowded old town could hardly transform the ambience and aesthetic of environment when comes to family living lifestyle. This is what property with integrated commercial activities can offer. The developer set to deliver the biggest mall in Klang called KSL City Mall @ Klang within Canary Garden Klang. Is mall good enough? Certainly no. Everyone has limited time in a day, family living lifestyle is about spend more time with family by cut down all unnecessary travelling time and non-productive activities. Canary Garden’s Commercial City will complement it with proposed medical centre, Business Park and international & government school (including Chinese primary school). A new hospital is also in the plan, a 90 acres of commercial development is also in the card.

The construction of phase 1 of commercial centre has been completed. A total of 345 units of commercial shop offices will be built eventually on the 10 acres land of Commercial City project. The good news to Klangite in this part of Jalan Langat during our visit to the site also see the confirmed site of McDonald there! PROPCAFE saw the pilling work of the mall which developer has indicated to complete the phase 1 of mall in the end of 2019. It will come with 2.2 million square feet of space, approximately 650,000sf (2nd Phase 200ksf) of net lettable areas and approximately 2000 carpark bays. The 4 levels of retail space will house approximately 250 tenants. Not just that, the master plan also features the riverside boulevard retail shops, the centre of F&B, street performances and flea market to serve the fast growing catchment of approximate 720,000 population within 10km radius from Canary Garden  who earn an average household income more than 7,000 per month. The master plan and target segment seems align with statistics from the research data which showed 70% of them would be 40 years old & below with the subset of 42% in the age group between 20-39 years old.

Together with the 2km black river and beautiful French theme inspired garden, the Commercial City will offer a total new leisure experience for Klang residents! Leisure activities are no longer need to confine within brick and mortar environment. The space from commercially integrated greenery and riverside for your family activities (opps! your dog too) no longer just the rights to Petaling Jaya or Kuala Lumpur folks! Gen Y and millennials in Klang will surely jump with joys upon the completion of Canary Garden.

Avid followers of PROPCAFE would probably familiar with this. PROPCAFE said this many times before, more upcoming launches translate to price push opportunities. Especially when the township matures in time, the reward will be even sweeter. It is all about mid to long term investment strategy on township play.

At present in 2017, there are still plenty of launches ahead, so does it mean sure make? PROPCAFE does not have crystal ball. However, with the coming of KSL City Mall @ Klang and the commercial belt of Canary Garden, and with more residents occupying, when planned amenities and infrastructures are ready, when landscape and park have ‘grown’, and when more people are aware of Canary Garden, why not?

Maple Residences

The latest launch is the highrise development called Maple Residences. It sits at a 4.8 acres land within the Canary Garden township. It comprises 597 units of service apartment in total of three blocks. Maple Residence offers four tier securities, a long list of facilities & huge 68k sf recreation floor, and minimum two car park bays for each unit. The 22-storey towers offers various built-up from 860sf to 1200sf with 3.2m ceiling height and the price tag from RM500k. Each floor has four lifts to serve 12 units and there are many units attach with superb garden/river view. The layout is very efficient which designed to have minimum 2 bedroom plus a useful utility room. It comes with balcony and wet kitchen that are being compromised in many projects nowadays to make it affordable. Nothing is perfect, PROPCAFE observed the flaw on the small unit that the access to second bathroom requires to go through the dry kitchen area. The window of the second bedroom having an internal facing of the building “air-well” which could be noisy some times. Having said that, this “air well” serves great ventilation of air flow and natural lights for the utility room and bathroom to avoid moisture and cumulated odour issues faced by many owners nowadays. Often, this has been ignored by many developers due to the unpractical layouts.

Even without price-in the Commercial City’s wow factor, the current RM550psf is very competitive compares to the other similar high rise offering like Trio by SP Setia and Lead Residences by WCT which probably reflected in an encouraging take up rate showed in the chart below. There must be reasons why Maple Residences is well received given that landed properties always perceived as a preferred choice to Klangite. This prompted us to find out more by sourcing the answers from both developers and surveying with some of our friends who staying or stayed at Klang (majority below 35 years old). Here are the responses:

  1. Near to parent and family who are staying Klang for many years.
  2. A well-executed township
  3. Security with gated and guarded environment
  4. Property with reasonable size and minimum maintenance efforts
  5. Integrated lifestyle concept with commercial, entertainment, park and lake which is lacking in other part of Klang.
  6. Being part of Commercial city, residents can enjoy all the conveniences at their doorsteps with commercial activities and services that not available from mall like 24 hours convenient stores, tuition & learning centre, agencies, launderette, legal services etc.
  7. Peaceful garden to walk their dogs and hang around with kids.
  8. Full facilities for them to enjoy and reduce travel time in town
  9. Easier access to major highway especially to Subang and Shah Alam.
  10. More affordable
  11. Future LRT as an alternative transport to other of Klang Valley.

Are the reasons above valid? PROPCAFE always believe that when it comes to ownstay, the reasons would be very individual, be it location, facing, high/low floor, orientation, ambience and facilities.

See detail information of Maple Residences here

Riverside theme Highrise living Concept Preview

How does it feel living say, 50m, 100m, even 150m above Canary Garden Klang? PROPCAFE can tell you how. Check out the video below, it is breathtaking!!!! We love the unblocked river review!

PROPCAFE has also checked out the show unit, we would say we like the ID a lot. Let’s see the picture gallery below

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Maple Residences Scale Model

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What are the deals on the table? (MAPLE Residences)

 10:90 Scheme

 Those who are interested in Maple Residences, good news as the developer is offering 10:90 scheme. This means that purchase will just require to pay down 10% and balance 90% is only payable upon VP*.

*terms and conditions apply, for details please contact developer sales team below.

10: 90 scheme is similar to Build Then Sell scheme, so you just put down 10% down payment, keep your SPA, put it under your pillow, sleep over it and wake up when you take VP of your property. Buyers are not required to serve interest during construction, as there will be no drawdown from housing loan facilities.

While this in compliance with BNM regulation, it is display of confidence of developer’s financial strength, to be able deliver the project with its own working capital!

10:90 scheme is beneficial to young families, able to save up for renovations, and future housing loan repayment commitment during the ‘honeymoon period’ (construction period).

KSL Canary Garden Klang’s propositions

A well planned gated & guarded riverside and French theme garden living environment for locals and upgraders

Seriously, PROPCAFE doesn’t expect residents from other parts of Klang Valley, be it central, north, to move in bulk to Canary Garden. This township in our opinion is very much meant for the Klang Families, those who have planted their roots firmly in Klang. Those who have been in generation staying in Klang, and their off-springs who intend to stay close to the Klang family!

The French Inspired Garden
The design of the 52-acre French – inspired garden is based on the French Garden theme with a unique combination of both modern and classical French concept. In essence, a French garden is a geometric plan using the most recent discoveries of perspective and optics.Canary Garden opens up a world adorned by exceptional landscape and at the French-inspired garden there is perfect balance and harmony between emerald greenery, water bodies and the garden residences.
Canary Garden French Inspired Garden
Canary Garden Landscape Park (Proposed)

Mid to Long Term Prospect

PROPCAFE would say the journey has just begun! KSL’s Canary Garden Klang is a new township today, we see plenty of potential in this township, however one has to be patient in township investment as time is often needed to have these planned, commercial, education, medical, and other amenities and infrastructures to materialize.

Other empirical factors to ensure Canary Garden Klang is a successful township would also dependent on capabilities and commitment of the developer to deliver what it has promised to its customers. So far based on what we have observed, the answer is yes. However, we also hear grouses that there also some areas that have yet to materialize such as a proposed club houses! Maybe you can check out more with the developer.

Final Verdict:

We have to weight pros and cons before everytime we commit ourselves into buying a property. Are they more deal makers vs deal breakers in Canary Garden Klang? What say you?

For Klangites who are so comfortable with the Klang neighborhood, they probably ain’t gonna move anywhere and don’t expect their family to do the same as well. For others, the LRT factor may play a crucial roles to bring in new “migrants” from nearby township like Banting or areas that do not have the convenient of public transport to the Kuala Lumpur city.

How many of you know such a beautiful Black River and Park is open for public? One of our PROPCAFE founders is born and raised in Klang, he is absolutely delighted! In fact, PROPCAFE loves to cover this sort of development that developer not just builds and sells but also contributes and enhances the lifestyle for the community, in this case for Klang folks. Wonderful place to hang around! Kudos to the developer.

Well, if you find thought make perfect sense, in that case, Canary Garden Klang would probably be one of the better option for you and your family property ownership consideration.


Canary Garden Sales Gallery

Sales Gallery

Bandar Bestari Sales Office

No 2, Jalan Langat KS9, Bandar Bestari,

41200, Klang, Selangor

Google map link (

Monday – Friday : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday / Sunday : 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

T: +603-3122 2999

Website :

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