PROPCAFE™ Peek: The Riyang @ Happy Garden By Suntrack

Happy Garden, Happy Days

Happy Garden always comes close to my heart due to my crazy nine months stay at Pearl Point condominium at Old Klang Road as a student more than 20 years ago. Strolling around OUG, Happy Gardens, and Kuchai Lama from afternoon till late night were my usual activities. It was unproductive but it definitely goes into my once in a life time fond memories. Well, after so many years, Old Klang Road has been massively upgraded where residential and commercial buildings were mushroomed everywhere in this part of Kuala Lumpur, and of course it includes Happy Garden. PROPCAFE here to review one of the latest launches – The Riyang by Suntrack.

Instead of building more affordable and high density small pad for Gen Y and millennials, The Riyang is designed for family orientated owners who appreciate space and practical home. After Gembira Residen’s success here, The Riyang provides a fresher and newer property as a choice for Happy Garden fans and residents to own or upgrade.

While PROPCAFE searching for the information regarding The Riyang online, we bumped into The Riyang thread in Lowyat property forum and realised that we do not need to do much works as the answers by the developer in the forum are so detail that it has more or less covered all the important information. It is great to see the engagement of developer with potential customers or property enthusiast in the forum. PROPCAFE, therefore, decided to put up this PROPCAFE Peek to include all the valuable inputs from the forum so that interested parties do not need to keep scrolling up and down the thread. Instead, everyone can just get a quick glance here with a clean-up version. This is the first time PROPCAFE doing this because we cannot help but want to “preserve” these good information from developer which is very helpful to all property enthusiast. PROPCAFE founders have contributed a lot in the old property forum like myrealestate, unfortunately all information were gone by now after it closed down, so we will make sure it won’t happen again for The Riyang. Of course, being PROPCAFE, we won’t be stingy to share our view too on this project.

Note: Quote-Unquote “ “ with Italic = Developer’s responses in forum

Developer – Who and Track Record?

Suntrack has proven that they are responsible boutique developer over years. The management team is very hands-on in their projects and always communicate with potential buyers. In many occasions, they even amended their plan to fix the valid concerns raised by potential buyers. The down to earth young boss showed so much energy to discuss and address issues raised from customers also proved that they certainly value customers a lot which unfortunately rare nowadays. PROPCAFE visited countless properties and sales offices and many times, we saw the bosses came with bodyguards or escorted by the management personnel to tour the sales office with journalists. The buyers just like the spectators there to watch the government VIP show. We thought, aren’t they supposed to greet the customers? Opps, sorry, I couldn’t help but thought about my previous experiences. Back to developer profile, previous project by Suntrack like Summer Glades, Cyberjaya and the Hub, Bangi were well executed on time with with QLASSIC (CIDB construction built quality certification) accreditation scoring more that 70 marks. “Suntrack’s Head of Project Management department is also a qualified QLASSIC assessor herself and she has been driving our ISO9001 and 5S with much passion”. Their responses to its defects were very commendable too according to the few buyers that we know of. Hopefully, PROPCAFE would have a chance to visit their soon-to-be VPed project called Kanvas in Cyberjaya in near future so that we can share it with our followers again. Five words: Friendly, reliable, and responsible developer!

Concept of The Riyang

PROPCAFE: Family Home, Space, Comfort, Big Balcony, Convenience, Two Generation Home in Matured Township. It is a freehold 35 storey property that comes with 212 family friendly units with only 8 unit per floor. Yes, 212 units. Sound rare in the market nowadays.

Two years ago, all property enthusiast and own-stayers screamed about the unaffordable price of properties. However, with government initiatives and pending demand from market, developers have taken up the responsibilities to offer many development with RM300k to RM400k range of properties last two years. However, there is no perfect world as it also means that projects are now tends to be high density together with some cost saving features e.g. less lifts, less common area, less carpark lots, less landscape and etc. Less x 3. Do not get us wrong, PROPCAFE loves affordable properties which allow more Malaysian own their HOME, but PROPCAFE certainly not encourage the speculation or heavy investment in this segment. Many times, we saw investors rushed to BBB these projects. It is not difficult to understand it by just think about the problem of Millennium Bridge in London when it first built. When there are too many people having the same steps and directions, then you will see the issue. The Riyang, somehow, provides some fresh air to the market by offering the rare product for buyers especially own-stayers. Let’s admit it, it is not investable for short to medium term basis as the rental yield and absolute price may not work in favour for Riyang based on the affordability of rental and income level in current cycle, however, it is certainly a property that you will consider for ownstay if you like this matured location. It is not just merely offering big space to owners but The Riyang has put many elements into this project to live up their slogan “Luxurious spaces, BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS” for happy families.

“Ria + Sayang = Riyang”

The Riyang, other tower includes an affordable housing called Selesa Apartment. Selesa Apartment, 91 units, is a Rumawip Scheme for first time house buyers which will be built concurrently with The Riyang. By looking at the scaled model, it does look good and neat. Definitely one of the nicest affordable RUMAWIP that we have seen. See photo below. It attached with the Riyang’s car park and has a different entrance (straight ground level of car park area) which indicated below.

Location – Convenience vs. Congestion

Matured – You just need to look at the map below. How many more empty lands available? Would you buy a property that give you a desert view? Long term play, maybe J. For ownstay purpose in few year time, No Way Jose! Ok, it could be just me and I believe there are more factors and views from other property owners to call it as Home at “Sib Beh Far” place. So, no offend, ya.

“As for congestion, let me start by saying that Happy Garden is within the 10km radius from KLCC. A city does not reduce congestion by reducing development. A city should embrace congestion and improve public transport to welcome development.”

“Happy Garden, in general, is still very low in density when considering the many landed houses and low density apartment (like the 8 storey Gembira Park). I don’t deny the congestion in the internal roads. However, immediately after the traffic light under the bridge, we are connected to NPE, MEX, BESRAYA, SMART and Seremban Highway. Construction is now underway to build a direct flyover to ease traffic at the same bridge junction. Under the local plan, Jalan Gembira is earmarked to connect across the MEX into Sungai Besi town.”

“The entire Kuala Lumpur did not have proper town planning at the beginning. As the city grow, plans were then put in place. So we now have highways and MRT etc. A new MRT station will be build besides Ajinomoto site which will be one stop away from Bandar Malaysia and the high speed rail stop.”

In short, to reduce the pain, take a ride of MRT. The station mentioned above is  just about 1.2km away which scheduled to be ready in two years after the completion of The Riyang. Walk or drive, your call!

Surrounding of The Riyang

“The Riyang is situated in a very old and mature part of Happy Garden. The apartments beside are old but they are quite well kept. Their residents are mostly local folks who have stayed there for generations. As for the temporary shed like the used car, it is a matter of time for the land to be developed and moved away. The car wash right beside The Riyang will be asked to move to make way for road widening.”

“That area highlighted (red circle) belongs to another old time developer and to our current knowledge, they have no plan to sell or develop that land. When this subject land is developed, Jalan Gembira (Double Carriageway) will continue straight into the subject land and cross over to the road reserve in Taman Salak Selatan (please note a stretch of green belt there), in accordance to the DBKL master plan. A bridge will be required to cross over but we have no current information on how that bridge will link with the MEX highway (as the Master Plan did not show that information).

The current traffic congestion in Kuchai Lama is largely caused by the upgrading construction works for flyover from Besraya Highway (Jalan Kuchai Lama) into NPE. Once that is completed, the traffic should be better.”

Site Photo


You don’t need to be Map Guru to endorse this part of KL City. Old Klang Road, OUG, Happy Gardens, and Kuchai Lama as it comes with all amenities and accessible by many highways and exit roads (see below):

It sandwiched by existing shops, buildings and residential properties. “Yes, the project is surrounded by existing matured neighbourhood. Advantage is the convenient amenities around the corner like dentist, supermarket, food, tuition centre, and etc.”

Sometimes, we have too much information on amenities. As a family person and property enthusiast, I basically looks at only few when comes to own use property: (1) Right school for my kids, short and long term; (2) Eateries and good size mall (both community mall and regional mall) for leisure. (3) Lake and Park; (4) Easy accessible to major highways; (5) MRT and LRT (sorry I am not KTM person and the experience was rather bad!). I would say, other than (3), The Riyang ticks all. So now we can go deeper to find out more before we see whether it is a Yes for ownstay.

Orientation and View – View Obstruction?

South View

North View (See the photo in section above – Surrounding of The Riyang)

“On the western facing facade of The Riyang condominium, level 5 and 6 are same level with the level 8 and roof of neighbour Gembira Park Apartment. Based on the roof level, Gembira Park is 9-storey. Ground floor to Selesa is 2-storey below the ground floor of Gembira Park. So at 12 storey, The Riyang is one floor above the roof of Gembira Park. The northern facing units are also blocked by Sri Desa Condo at level 5,6 and 7. However, it has a nice swimming pool view.”

Based on our site visit, the neighbour Gembira Park apartments look acceptable unlike many rundown apartments in Klang Valley (See below).

The units with Good View? How about KLCC North View?

“The Sri Desa block directly beside our northern boundary is 12 storey tall (including the roof). You can count the building height from our aerial image. The floor level of our LG2 is 1 floor below the ground floor of Sri Desa. For us to match the roof top of Sri Desa, it will be approximately 13 storey of equivalent height for Riyang. That will be LG2, LG1, G,,M, 1, 2, 3, 4 (level 4 podium deck is double volume two storey tall) 5, 6, 7, 8. Level 8 and below will be obstructed by Sri Desa for the view BUT they get to enjoy the beautiful swimming pool view. In any case, Level 9 and below has been priced with a deep discount due to the less panoramic views.

Level 12 is not obstructed. One of the advantage of our mature neighbourhood is that our neighbours are “short”.  Alternatively, you can visually count the height of sri desa at the physical site and then compare that against our scale model and our approved building plan.

We cannot guarantee you a clear view of the city skyline from any floors of The Riyang. There are other buildings within the 7km between The Riyang and the City. (Just to add on. The current Housing Development Act prohibits us from promising any panoramic views from our project to avoid misrepresentation)

In short, at the riyang, only units at level 5 and 6 at north and west view are obstructed by neighbouring buildings. The rest of the units have very nice view. Our northern and eastern units (on higher floors) has view towards to city. “

Key features

“To start off, The building of Riyang is 200 feet away from the road boundary. This “200 feet” is our “signature home coming experience”. We believe that one cannot be simply “dropped off” by the road to go home. Welcome to Riyang, where you will be welcome by a mini forest (heavily planted and comes with tree house), guard house and our green lawn drop off with one sculpture. After the 200 feet, we have an additional 70 feet deep double volume marble lobby with fish pond to further welcome you. All 270 feet to simply tell you, WELCOME HOME!” See below

“Residents used to living in Terrace House will find that our provision of 5 lifts per floor (8 units) will dramatically cut down waiting time. Hence, one can consider to “move up” from terrace house to The Riyang Condo and enjoy security and facilities.”

“The wavy and non-uniform balconies give us a unique wavy facade to our Riyang Building that is so beautiful (at least to us! ).”

“Our architect, landscape architect and interior designers, they are all reputable and have delivered award winning projects.”

8 units per floor to share 5 lifts!


“Some customers with young children are so excited to know that we have a shaded playground. Children can play during rain, hot sun and any time of the day. Burn their energy after dinner then go up stair to sleep!  We also have a play room where parents can donate their old toys. Over time, the play room will have mountains of toys and children from our “village” will meet there for so much play time and interaction! That will certainly keep children away from the iPad and computers. For some part of my life, I grew up in a condominium. When i was 8 years old, i was part of a kids club in the condo where we visit each other to play in all the spaces around our condo. Under watchful eyes of the security guard and CCTV, children can play and roam free in a safe environment. The Riyang @ Happy Garden is designed and built for happy families!”

Sky Lounge (below)

Layout Design and Consideration

Four bedrooms – Why?

“There was a lot of contemplation in our design team when we allocated 25% of our units to have 4 bedrooms (plus another one maid room). Some of us felt that families were getting smaller and some felt it may become too large. However, the rest of us felt that the 4th bedroom comes in very handy for extra bedroom, or guest room, or home office / study, game room etc. In fact, one celebrity who bought from us will turn the 4th bedroom into a walk in closet.”

“We made sure that our condo is suitable for family living. That’s why we insisted on maid room with their own toilet (to give everyone their space and privacy). Our dry kitchen and wet kitchen combined is the same, if not larger than average size of terrace house combined kitchen and yard.”

Why window besides the WC but not shower area in master bedroom?

“The position of the windows have many factors. In this case, it was determined by the position of the bathroom door and layout of the WC and basin. The experience in the toilet should remain the same so long we have natural light and air into the bathroom. Our architect also has the opinion that some people take a long time on the WC. Some of them read. So having natural light beside the WC is good for reading. (Sorry for getting so visual ).”

“The shower screen in the shower area is not full height up to ceiling. Moisture from the shower will naturally follow air flow to the window for ventilation, so it won’t affect the bedroom. Our toilets are not excessively large so the window is not that far away from the shower.”

Other layouts please refer to

Huge Balcony and Small Bedroom Size. Why?

“For our type C 1477 sqft unit (3 bedroom plus 1 maid room), our balcony size is 120sqft which is about 8% of the total build up area. Our architect and us felt that is a reasonable proportion to our condo unit, otherwise the balcony will be very small. A very narrow balcony over the height of the building is uncomfortable.

Secondly, the balcony serves another important design rationale, which is to let our entire dining and living room area have an “uninterrupted space” via the full height sliding door. One must imagine the sliding door being replaced with wall and window, the experience of the space will be somewhat constrained and becomes different. The “uninterrupted space”, in architectural terms, allow us to “borrow the air space” outside the sliding door into the space we spend most of our time. Our customers borrow even more space when they fully open their sliding doors to enjoy the breeze.

Thirdly, we are blessed by our short neighbours (5 to 10 storey) so we have great unobstructed views all round us especially the KLCC city view for our north and east facing units. So the balcony with glass railings and our sliding doors offers us a great panorama from within our unit.

Fourthly, the deep balconies serves as sun shading to our units to provide the much needed shade from the sun. In our gallery, for your interest, we can show you hourly sun shading simulation against the sun from sunrise to sunset. At 2pm, the balcony provide near complete shading over all our windows. At 3pm, half the windows are shaded. Sun after 4pm becomes less hot for our condo. All this go a long way for us to achieve our green building certification.”
“For customers who enjoy balconies (for seating and planting), they will enjoy our larger balconies range. It is a beautiful sight to enjoy planting and green just outside your living, dining room and master bedroom (just like landed houses).”

“Lastly, the units with large balconies are priced cheaper per soft compared to units with small balconies. The price difference between the units with small and large balconies average about RM40k. It could be a reasonable good deal to double the size of your balcony.”

How about units for small balcony lovers?

“The type A (south facing) and B (north facing units), we have generally 6 types of balcony size ranging from various size (their internal layout remain the same). Half our balconies are 109sqft to 162sqft and the other half is 241 sqft to 269 sqft.”

“For customers like yourselves who prefer smaller balconies, we hope you find our smaller range of balconies (109 to 162) suitable to your requirement. It is a suitable proportion to our houses that ranged from 1604 to 1884 sqft. Do note that our smallest balcony (109sqft) will be too narrow to place 2 chairs and a coffee table. Nothing beats having a cup of coffee in the morning in full view of the city.”

Bedroom Space

“Our room size is proportionate in size for a 3 bedroom plus maid room condo unit. Please bear in mind that our wet kitchen is very functional in size for washing and cooking. We have a maid room with maid toilet (to allow privacy for everyone). Our second bedroom has ensuite bathroom for elder or female occupant.”

“In comparison to layout in other projects, they may have given a lot of space to the bedroom but made the kitchen, living and dining way too small to be functional. (Functional to us means dining room must fit round table. Comfortable space to fit 3 + 2 + 1 sofa set and perhaps shelfs or piano on one wall. Functional wet kitchen to us must fit space for double bowl basin with drainer, full size cooking hob, washing machine and place for drying.). All in all, if anything made our room size smaller, it would be the large living and dining room.”

“Our philosophy is that we have designed our condo with families and children in mind. For families with children, a lot of time is spent in the living and dining room. Less time in the bedroom. Having said that, our master bedroom can fit wardrobes, king size bed, 2 bed side table and dressing table/writing table/TV shelf. Additional empty space will be good for baby cot beside the bed. We have come across super large master bedroom in other projects whereby they fit 2 sofa chairs and coffee table, we don’t find sofa chairs and coffee table a necessary luxury in a master bedroom (they may be suitable for much larger condo units above 2500sqft).”

“In any case, in view of the precious feedbacks we have received from yourself and some customers, we have recently made adjustment to our 3+1 bedroom layout for type A. We have made that master bedroom larger and took space away from the living room. Please visit our gallery to see the revised layout to Type A.”

Aircond Ledge – Where?

“The aircond compressors are installed just outside bedroom 3. It is set in from the facade line so it is not visible from most angle (from the ground). Please ask our sales person in the gallery if you dont understand what i mean.

Where did we find space to put 5 compressors there? Here comes the technology part. We are using inverter multi split compressors. So 2 compressor can power up 5-6 aircond blowers. The multi split is more expensive for us, but we did it so that we dont have compressors in the air well.

We have not finalized our aircond brand selection yet. However, our current approved brands are Daikin, Panasonic, Acson and Mitsubishi.”

How about the Feng Shui?

“Technically according to Feng Shui, Feng Shui is very personal and it dependent on every individual. Feng shui has a lot of do with the location, direction and flow of the mountain and the chi. We have seen feng shui master making claim that certain location has better feng shui than others.

To us, feng shui has a lot of do with being sensible too. Essentially, the space must be bright and well ventilated. A good example is our lift lobby with sun light from both east and west sun, and cross ventilation from both direction. Our condo units have big windows, tall ceiling, squarish space and sensible layout. Our grand entrance with fish pond, mini forest and lawn sets the tone of calmness to welcome you home everyday.

Our older neighbouring buildings are all shorter than us, so we have great vista and views from almost all our units. That wavy facade on our building must be great too in receiving and revolving the unobstructed chi energy and wind around our building and into our condo units.”

Refuse Room Design

Note: Refer the floor plan above.

“We have 2 layers of door. To enter the refuse room from the condo unit, you pass the first door to enter the service lobby and then the second door to enter the refuse room. In any case, the refuse room has exhaust air by suction to remove foul smell. It will be have bins for general waste and recycled waste.

Maintenance worker will pull the bin from the refuse room to the service lift in the service lobby. The residents on their normal day to day coming home will not see the worker in the service lobby. Maintenance worker will also lock the lift for their exclusive use and clean up when they are done. Therefore, residents will never see the rubbish bin in the lift.”

Detail and Practicality

“With customer feedback, we modified our cold water routing through the yard and made provision for easy installation of a water filter there to make our condo much more liveable and functional for a long time to come.”

“We have put in so much thoughts into our designs. We have imagined ourselves as a child running around the condo so that we can highlight any spots that may be dangerous for a child. We have imagined ourselves as the maintenance man trying to repair the ceiling of the double volume ceiling in our podium, for that we have put in place concrete slab for working platform. We have imagined ourselves as the rubbish man pulling the wheel bin down the service lift down to LG2 and crossing the driveway to our rubbish compactor, for that we re-orientated the service door and ramp to keep the path as short as possible.”

“All this small details go a long way in keeping maintenance cost down so that residents can put the service charge collected to better use, like residents party in our sky lounge and activities for our children and elderly resident.”

“We have been careful to place our air conditioner compressors facing outwards (yet nicely tucked in and partially hidden). That way, we have no air conditioner compressors in our air well that will send hot air to our kitchens and let other compressor recycle hot air and fail in cooling. A small detail that most other condos did not address.”

“Our swimming pool is raised by 450mm as a child safety measure, so that young toddler do not simply fall in. Our raised deck and our elevated gym is accessible for wheel chair ramps.”

“The carpark design comes with

  • 4m wide carpark ramp instead of conventional 3m.
  • One straight ramp from floor to floor instead of half ramps for every half floor of carpark.
  • Short circular loop instead of long end-to-end loop.
  • Natural light and air for comfort to our carpark.
  • High ceiling with minimum and tidy beam layout.
  • Extra wide carparks for those obstructed by large columns beside.
  • Zone lighting to save electricity
  • 5 lifts for short waiting time
  • Rain water tap for occasional carpark cleaning
  • Vent block facade for minimum maintenance
  • OKU carpark near the lift lobby
  • Ramps to lift lobby for disabled and baby stroller, carefully tucked in fire escape door for pedestrian safety, pedestrian walking lane.
  • Thoughtful placement of M&E trunking to avoid driveway
  • Common toilet beside refuse compactor chamber for maintenance workers

Three Phase electricity is a necessity for air conditioners equipped building. This is to future proof the house so that our residents can enjoy The Riyang condo for much longer. Just like how we provide CAT 6 data point to our TV point, to future proof the future 4k TVs. And our double feed Astro for PVR recording. All these feature are very hard to upgrade by the resident themselves because it depends on the main trunking and infra provided by the developer.”


The price ranges from RM550/sqft. Too complex to illustrate here. Sub 500psf also available if one do not mind the view and low floor. Check out with the developer. Too many variable to explain here.

 Other Concerns

The Riyang is linked together with RUMAWIP Selesa Apartment – Land and Title Concern?

“Both Riyang Condominium and Selesa Apartment will form separate sub-management corporation on the same master title (as provided for in the strata title act). Sub-MC for different phases of development is becoming more common for mixed development consisting of shopping malls, hotel, office with residence. In this case, both Riyang and Selesa are residential development, which should have much less problems.”

Is the entrance of The Riyang located at the existing night market?

“Yes, the entrance is where the monday night pasar malam is. DBKL has informed us that they are in the process of shifting them to another site. The current site is causing too much congestion.”

As the land is shared between The Riyang and Selesa, any issue if the enbloc sales (like Kudalari Condo in KLCC) happen in future? Would be it disadvantage to The Riyang. Question raised by a concerned forummer.

“One must understand the principal behind unit share calculation and weightage of unit share depending on property type (in accordance to the latest Strata Title Act). Under the first schedule of the act, all residential and office are given the weightage for 1 time for the share unit.

The weightage makes no regards to the following:
1. Whether a particular unit has been renovated or improved.
2. Whether the said unit is on high floors with great view OR low floors with no views.
3. Value of the property when purchased or current value (for different phase of the development)

In my opinion, the formula itself is not perfect for all situation. For example, weightage formula for retail is straightforward 2.0 times against 1.0 times for residential. The mall owners must be quite sore too considering that mall value is so much higher than residential value.

To answer your question based on the book, technically the owners of Riyang Condo and owners of Selesa Apartments (rumawip) will be compensated on the same value per unit share. (Unit share is determined based on the area of unit parcel and accessory parcel). Considering that Riyang owners pay more per sqft of their property, the compensation formula is certainly unfair.

However, not all is lost. For an en-bloc sale to take effect under the current law, 100% of the owners must agree to the sale. Surely, the owners of Riyang will not agree to the same compensation per unit share as the selesa apartment owners. Therefore, value of the Riyang condo and Selesa apartment must be adjusted accordingly to reflect market value in order for the en bloc sale to go through.”

Would the land sub-divide between The Riyang and Selesa?

“No, the land will not be subdivided. It will be formed as 2 separate sub-MC sharing on the same land. But, both given separate access, carpark, facilities and sub-MC.”

Share entrance of Selesa Apartment?

“The Entrance to Selesa Apartment from Jalan Riang (there is a public road between the 5 storey Happy Garden Apartment). Selesa apartment has their own entrance with their own guardhouse, own carpark, separate facilities. Yes, selesa apartment is closer to Jalan selesa (next to Sri Desa condominium).”

Car park bays for Selesa residents are allocated at the ground floor carpark podium which cannot access to other floors.

Old Apartments as neighbours

“There are advantages though with the old apartment beside us. Firstly, there will be no new construction beside us. Secondly, they are 5 and 8 storey tall so nothing new will be blocking our view. Sometimes, better to see the existing apartment than to be surprised by a new 30 storey tower right beside you.”

Environment Improvement

“1. Other than the Pasar malam to be moved away to other location,  we are moving away the carwash next to Gembira Park block C. We will be hacking away the illegal concrete slab. Then we will put in place guard rail barriers and landscape the road reserve with trees and grass. We will repair the drains too.

2. We have proposed to Gembira Park Block C chairman to let us repair his damaged fence facing jalan gembira. We even offered to remove one fallen tree in his playground.

3. We are gathering objection letter from our resident and condos to request DBKL to evict illegal car workshops (the space is designated as green belt which beside Gembira Park Block C). Once evicted, we will offer to DBKL to landscape the designated green area.

4. We will be widening the road bend around Jalan Gembira (next to the used car) to improve traffic. 5. We have removed a lot of loan stickers around our neighbourhood and still removing them when they come back.

5. We have cleaned up some fallen tree beside the 5 storey Happy Garden Apartment.

6.  For our last move, we will propose to DBKL for approval to let us construct a bus stop (in front of our entrance) for all to use .”


There are many questions on the comparison with nearby competitor – Le Yuen. Hope the information extracted below help.

1.Price – Le Yuan pricing around RM480-500psf. “We also have units at RM500psf at the lowest floor. With the package and freebies discounted, they are around RM480psft too.”

2. Old – Le Yuen; New – The Riyang

3. “Many owners of Le Yuen bought for investment and probably did not consider some critical points for own stay.”

4. “For most of the units, bedroom 2 and bedroom 3 window faced inwards into an partially enclosed air well that has poor light. To make things worse, the window would look directly into the next door neighbour’s window. It is tragic to live in a high rise and not be able to enjoy the view and having to keep the curtain drawn all the time.”

5. “Le Yuen yard is too small, odd shape and difficult to fit functional space for wet kitchen cabinet. Given our asian culture of wet (messy) and dry (impressive) kitchen, that is a big turn off for families.”

6. “Le Yuen has a very nice beach pool. Ok, it is difficult for us to beat that :))”

7. “Le Yuen has 670 units to share all the space. That is a large project compared to 212 units in Riyang.”

8. “For units that face east to the highway, they are quite close to the highway. And the jungle right on the east side is future development land so a new 20 storey building can pop up right in front of the living rooms of the units.”

9. “Le yuen is ready to move in (we can’t beat that  ) our piling is completed and construction has started.”

10. “Some units in Le Yuen have no maid room. That is an important requirement for families with young children.”

11. “Roof top is exclusive to pent-house owners. (Riyang roof top open for all 😛 )”

12. “Our sky lounge (with ID renovation) is a big plus point for families to invite their friends and family over for private gathering with a roof top view. Le yuen’s multipurpose room is bare. Seringin score high on this point with a very nice ID renovation, on the first floor.”

13. “The Riyang playground space is much larger than Le Yuen!”

14. “We pay a lot of attention to design the Riyang for families with children and elderly residents.”

“The Riyang and Le Yuen has their pros and cons, and all subjective depending on your requirement and priorities.”

To be honest, PROPCAFE sees Gembira Residence is the closest competitor, not Le Yuen. Unfortunately, we could not manage to visit Gembira Residence to make a case to spar with The Riyang. 🙂 Maybe make it next time!

Conclusion from PROPCAFE

PROPCAFE loves the detail planning & design works from the developers. Matured area is always the preferred choice in term of the selection of property location. This project is clearly target for own-stayers and also people who like convenient and to be near to city. There are not many units for sales and PROPCAFE believe eventually all 212 units will be sold to the proud families. One can expect the pricing in future to be more stable compare to the rest of the investment bound properties. When there is less for sales in the market means higher chance to fetch better price. However, due to the relatively higher absolute price, it needs a push in economy/income growth to support the next pricing level, so it could take time. Since inflationary will not go away in anytime soon, it is safe for own-stay and long term holding. To be honest, life is short and if we throw away all the speculative factors, buying new home is all about to improve the family living lifestyle, which is precious. Follow your heart, buying for own-stay is not complicated at all!

Have a great week ahead!

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  1. Awesome write up. You guys never fail to amaze me! This one is really a good one. Thank you for your insights!

  2. Good write up and summary. Sum it quite well. In my opinion, Suntrack had studied the demographic and done their home work in coming product such as The Riyang. Most of the people tend to overlook the main issue about what is much needed and what is lacking at this establishment. The land here is scarce the area is very developed and crowded, if you want a landed it will burn your pocket and beyond the mean of average income earner. The proposition of Riyang is too fill the gap there by offering an alternative lower cost product as compared to landed but at the same time trying their best not to sacrificing too much on the privacy by having a less density strata titled high rise with very good and practical layout for family own stay purpose. This kind of product is what much needed at this Happy Garden area for those who looking for ownstay but cant afford landed at the same time much annoyed by very high density project. If you look around you will know, not many of same kind as Riyang around this area . PROPCAFE analysis is very in depth and this really an eyes opening after reading this article. Well done PROPCAFE and good work Suntrack. I hope Suntrack developer will come here to interact more . Thanks!

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Thanks for the feedback. PROPCAFE like to cover more projects for our followers. From investment friendly, boutique super niche market to ownstay bound properties. There are too many “investment” properties nowadays and many followers wrote in to raise concern that the properties becomes airbnb or too many funny tenants that prompted them to think of more less investment friendly project to fulfill their requirements and peaceful stay for their families. PROPCAFE take note on it and here we go the Riyang.

  3. Hi. Great write up. I came to know this project from this blog recently. I am keen to know more about this project. Is there anymore unit available? I am buying for own stay purpose. Thanks for providing such an informative website.

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