PROPCAFE Peek : Amanja @ Sri Damansara By Engtex

There were too many launches recently so if there was nothing to tickle me, likely that I will not review it as we are in the midst to prepare our PropCafe’s product which soon to be launched. What’s catch me here was the “SMD Suites”. Ok, it was not what I first thought.

So where is it? Answer is Sri Damansara. Happily, I drove toward Ativo at Sri Damansara only I realised my WAZE brought me to another side of Sri Damansara. Yup, totally opposite side of Sri Damansara (see the map below provided in brochure).


Well the connection to other highway can be seen above. Pretty easy to reach there unless you were like me, drove to the wrong side of Sri Damansara. For me, this place doesn’t follow the Sri Damansara name. Having said that, with DUKE 2 is under construction, it will make you to reach KL city centre in shorter period.

The photos below is Persiaran Cemara (see Map above). Many said a lot of potholes there. I better let you to experience without mention about it here. Maybe it is fixed? Lol


Here you go, I was reaching Shell (see photo below) which opposite will be the site. Ipoh Yong Tau Foo is right opposite too.


Then I made a right turn to the shops here. Plenty of eateries and amenities. You won’t complain about the food choices here.








Finally I managed to get to the sales gallery (see below). I whatsapp my PropCafe fellow the picture of sales gallery below.


“Wow, that’s nice bungalow ..sales gallery” saw the reply from the whatsapp. “Harlo, it is shoplot ok?” That’s my answer. The developer took the corner of the shoplot and modified it with additional floor to cater for its duplex show unit. I would say it is well done, at least exteriorly, the sales gallery. Inside the sales gallery, it equipped with 791sf, 1000sf and duplex 1600sf type of show units.

My first question to the sales personnel is, Why is it called SMD suite? From the façade, I hardly could understand it. I was told it has windows for all rooms, emmm……pardon me. Gave up, I better look at the floor plan myself to get my puzzle solved. Ok, now I know it. See the floor plan below. Each floor comes with 8 units (served by 3 lifts) and two units are paired up to be SMD in the sky. 🙂 Its separate the two units from another by the hanging garden (see below). Total of 224 units (2 Towers).


What else do they have? They have Triplex unit with 3 floors. They have 2+1 rooms (1329sf, 1211sf, 791sf, 780sf), 3+1 rooms (1172sf, 1731sf, 2173, 1000sf, 989sf, 1386sf, 2348sf, 2419sf, 2348sf), and 4+1 rooms (1706sf). Some are penthouses and some are duplexes/triplexes. All layouts are available in its website. The mixtures of layout make me confused. But clearly, if i am here to invest, i will get 791sf (2+1) or 1000sf (3+1) type which comes with maximum rooms compare to others. I did not zoom into the analysis of layout as certain things do not push me to do so which I will cover in last section, or else you may just stop reading from here. Lol.

The facilities spread across 3 floors which pretty extensive (see below) though the photo of the scaled model below looks very plain and normal.


Engtex should get another firm to do the scaled model in future as it looks absolutely horrible which totally different from its GLASSY façade from the brochure and video screening at the sales gallery. Well, whether it will come out like brochure or scaled model, we only will know in 3 years time. From the façade, you see there are two units of retail lots there. OMG, what can you do about these two lots? It won’t survive if only opens for residents and it may waste a lot of effort to manage the security if it opens up for public. Also, developer is not firm on whether it is for lease or for sale.








What do they provide? Kichen cabinet, fully fitted bathroom, aircond, and master bedroom wardrobe are given. Of course, appliance like hood and hob (emmm.. Rubine brand in the show unit). If you look at the layouts, all units’ bedrooms are parked one side in the unit. Simple as that. Duplex show unit photos are attached. The rest are pretty standard. I have to say, rooms are a bit small but hey you need to squeeze in many bedrooms in the small size unit, cannot be too demanding on it.

Ceiling height is about 10ft and duplex will be doubled of it. Overall, the quality of the show units are quite decent.













1 carpark is given and free 1 year maintenance fee. If I still remembered correctly the maintenance fee is estimated around 28cent psf.

Now we go to the most important part, Pricing! Hoooo…freehold but not cheap. 791st comes with rm576k (before 5% rebate) up which translate near to rm730psf (rm690psf after rebate). The 1000sf type that I was looking at is priced at rm718k up and duplex of 1600sf is at rm1.1 million. Ok, I stopped checking further the other types. Maybe for local upgraders, it could be still acceptable as it will be the nicest apartment in this area for sure.

We didn’t wait for the lion dance as it seems like it is meant for the VIP because the lions only followed the VIPS to walk around the show units and none of the public can go in and enjoy the lion dance. Well, the event manager may need to think more about it for their next launch.

One thing I like about this developer is their honesty. They built the sales gallery nearby the site, ok, facing the direction of the site and it comes with High Tension Cable view. Even in its brochure if you see below it drew the transmission tower (see below) there in the brochure and not hiding it from customers. To verify it, of course site visit is a must. Yes, it is clear. Besides it with a distance. So, choosing the right facing is absolutely important if anyone interested on it. Alright, not everyone cannot accept it though.





Overall, it is a nice service apartment and definitely the best so far in this stretch of Sri Damanasra. Of course, one need to accept the pricing and the issues that highlighted. See……the sales chart looks not bad at all which was taken before the official launch at 10am last Saturday. It should be more stickers now.


see its website:


8 Replies to “PROPCAFE Peek : Amanja @ Sri Damansara By Engtex”

  1. Agreed. The scale model really a letdown. Looks like a Architecture student assignment works. Looks kinda plain as compared the AI photos.
    Was first attracted with AI photo n glass facades.

  2. Avatar Jessica Ng- GM of Marketing says: Reply

    Hi, thank you for reviewing our Amanja Semi-D Suite project and your comments on our projects are well noted. We are pleased to update that our first block preview to our early registrants have received a very positive response, and perhaps if you would drop by our Amanja Gallery again,we can spend more time going through our project design intention for your better understanding.

    1. Have the same question as “jitseng” and ” kuan”.kindly reply . Thanks!

      1. according to developer , this is ” 4 tier ‘ security right? which 4 tier actually?

        in the future if the retail shop become a restaurant or open to public… the entrance security such as ” nominal”.because criminal offender can go in by using excuses ” buy things”… have a dinner inside restaurant…just go in and get a pass card that easy… am i right ?

    2. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Hi Jessica, thanks to visit our blog. Any chance to get the video of Amanja from youtube. Seems like it is not posted yet. Do let us know when it is up then we can attach it into our propcafe review here. Congrats on your good sales result!

    3. You are most welcome for visiting our blog!
      Feel free to contact us if you have any latest updates to share with our readers.

  3. That is a very good question as mentioned. let‘s talk about the 2 units of retail lot, once it’s is open for ” PUBLIC “.. just imagine that,.. where is the security awareness??…. once it is open for public… it”s means .. everybody can go into your staying area… even register or get a pass card…. felling like not safety…

  4. Besides .. there is a hardware store and humble neighbourhood , will the developer beautify the surrounding area ?

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