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This article is best to be read with our Jade Hills Township Review here.

Mrs Tan is a working mother, a resident of Hana Gardens Homes

6.30am: The alarm clock of the kids don’t seem to work again, time to wake up the kids and get ready breakfast and school.

7.00am: Tucked in breakfast, went out the porch to pick the newspaper, and wonder how come the newspaper always landed on the same spot, underneath the car!

7.30am:  Hopped on the car. Need to send the kids to school, luckily the school is just nearby the house, if not the kids were going to be late again!!

7.40am: Dropped the kids to Eaton International School and headed to work.

8.00am: While driving half way, did the kids lock the door properly? Never mind if there is someone lurking, normally, Mr Sim senior, our neighbor’s parent is pretty sharp, he will call us if there is something weird going on.

Meanwhile, Mrs Lim a retiree, a resident of The Hills at Jade Hills.

6.30am: This is yet another great day to start the day with some light exercise, by strolling down to the Lakes and the Gardens precinct.

7.30am: Feeling fresh, got a cuppa coffee to re-hydrate. Then the plants would need some ‘water’ attention.

8.30am: Today is pasar day, will tag along Mrs Chew to Sg Chua pasar and buy some fresh foods to cook for lunch.

Mrs Chew, a home maker, a resident of The Garden at Jade Hills.

7.00am: Taichi session at the Garden was great this morning.

8.00am: Recall that today is pasar day, will pick up Mrs Lim and get some makan at pasar.

Just an ordinary day, ordinary people and these ladies are living a carefree life.

What about the men, never mind the men, they are not so important! A wise man once said, a happy missus at home, a peaceful family ever after.


Does this make sense? We can feel some family men out there reading this are quietly nodding their heads.

And that’s how it is living in a security proven gated and guarded township. The last time you need to worry is your home and your family, while you are free to do whatever that is needed to be done for the hour, day, week, months and years. This is the lifestyle Jade Hills homes can offer you.

Hana Gardens at Jade Hills

So you have read about our Jade Hills Township review. We mentioned that the GEM of Jade Hills lies within landed homes.

The word GEM carries a lot of weight.

We feel that the latest landed property launch at Hana Gardens at Jade Hills is indeed ‘overweight’ relative to stock market terms. This time around we will unveil the mystery of Jade Hills land homes the PROPCAFE way.

The Mystery of Jade Hills Gated and Guarded Landed Home

Show of hand how many have you heard of Jade Hills? Ok some said heard of it, some said he or she heard of his/her relative talked about it.

Have you really been inside Jade Hills? Don’t just talk about it, experience it.

We feel like stressing this again, you have to ‘buggy in’ into to know about Jade Hills. A perfect time to do so will be say 10am when the sales gallery just open its door. The Jade Hills sales representative will be more than happy to take you for a tour.

Like most gated and guarded home, it is not easy to gain access to Jade Hills due to tight security measures, and with little than 800 landed homes in Jade Hills, unless you have a friend or relative who stay in here, very likely you will not have chance frequent to a gated and guarded home freely.

But since we are given exclusive access to Jade Hills we will share with you more.

Showcase of Jade Hills township unique precincts

People say a picture tells a thousand words, we in turn present you some mesmerizing pictures of these signatures homes of Jade Hills.

Let us walk you through….

The crème de la crème of Jade Hills home

The Lakes. The most premium precinct with lake fronting residential link bungalow and bungalows units. These are the titans of Jade Hills, you will see Hong Kong, Korea drama like mansions in this precinct.

The sheer size of these bungalows are kind of unreal.

Then ever green, The Gardens. Residential bungalow, semi-d and terrace featuring sculptured landscape and theme gardens

What we like about this precinct is that, they are ever so lush.

Last but not least the summit of Jade Hills, The Hills consists of residential semi-d, linked semi-d and terrace sat around the apex of Jade Hills, as well as near the homes of Hana Gardens.

Hana Gardens is the new kids on the block at Jade Hills.  Hana Gardens being the latest product offering by Gamuda Land is the focus of this review. Interested to know how it fares compare to its sibling in Jade Hills, or other nearby township, read down further as we have done some research to share with you.

Where is Hana Gardens?

Hana Gardens is located in Jade Hills township, Kajang. And where is Jade Hills Kajang you may ask and it’s here.

Hana Gardens

So what is Hana Gardens? The word originated from Japanese, flower はな – 花 .

Hana Gardens is a home where life blossoms. This phase touches straight to your heart, where your home is, imagine a flowery and blossoming family. It is a place that defines the concept of luxury by infusing everyday living with a tranquil Zen. Where life is about sharing nature’s beauty and creating cherished moment with loved one.

And nature’s beauty in Hana Gardens is none other than this unique feature at Hana Gardens…..

Twilight Garden Pavilion

The star attraction of Hana Gardens is this Twilight Garden Pavilion, accessible to all Jade Hills residents but with exclusive proximity to Hana Gardens residents. This unique architecture that looks like a starry night sky and pink hued blossoms that bring in the colors of spring.

Spring is at your door step, at Twilight Garden Pavilion at Hana Gardens’ central park.

If the artist illustration can be fully materialized, the romantic meter reading will +100%, would not be surprised it’s going to be a hot spot for wedding picture taking or an ideal outdoor wedding venue, seriously. The purple, the pink and the blue sky, love is in the air!

OK enough of lovey dovey drama. Let’s talk about geography and history.

Apex of Jade Hills

Hana Gardens is situated on hilly part of Jade Hills or the apex of Jade Hills.  It means it is on high ground. Hana Gardens site sat on the ground that is at least >80m from sea level.

So even apartment like Jadite Suite is not that imposingly, given the ground height Hana Gardens itself is equivalent to a mid-rise condo.

Pretty unique we would say.

One, exclusivity, second, take this, hilly domain, big land with mansion like homes, that where does it resemble? What is your guess? Bangsar, Damansara Heights?

Hana Gardens Product Mix

Hana Gardens is a freehold individual title gated and guarded landed property that consists of 2 parts.

Hana Gardens Part 1

If we were to divide Hana Gardens in to 2, east and west, part 1 is located on the eastern side that consists of 32 units of 24’x80’ and 24’x84’ storey terrace, they were priced from RM1,043,000 to RM1,480,000. Part 1 was launched in December 2016 and was sold out. Hence the focus of this review will be on Part 2.

Hana Gardens Part 2

Park facilities of Hana Gardens

Entering the Hana Gardens you will be greeted by Gardens of Lights and Relaxation Circle.

The Gardens at Hana Gardens comes with few interesting facilities. The core of the Gardens is the Twilight Garden Pavilion, it is complemented with Relaxation Circle, Flower Garden and children playground, these facilities are nearer to Part 2 of Hana Gardens.

While Outdoor Fitness Station and Reflexology Path are located closer to Part 1 of Hana Gardens.

These new facilities augur well with existing residents of Jade Hills, while it is definitely better for Hana Gardens residents as is literally gardens at your door step.

We believe garden facing units at Hana Garden will sell hot cakes. Well, these units may be priced with premium but if Hana Gardens will be your home say for next 5-10 years, it could be well worth it….

Part 2 of Hana Gardens consists of the following:

Type No. of unit Land size from Price from (RM’M) Built-up from
2 storey quad homes (link semi-d) 44 35’x80’ 1.3 2,847sqft
3 storey quad homes (link semi-d) 16 35’x80’ 1.4 3,316sqft
3 storey terrace 21 24’x84’ 1.2 3,031sqft

All the units of Hana Gardens Part 2 are North and South orientated. Apart from being feng shui compliant and lesser exposure to west sun, the other benefit of north or south facing unit is that it is very much sought after at new launch as well as subsales.

Hana Gardens Façade and Layout Review and Architect

Before we comment about façade of Hana Gardens, we learn that the architect of Hana Garderns is CL+O Architects. A quick look at their portfolios, among their notable projects include, Eaton International School, Ridgefield and Parkfield at Tropicana Heights, Sunway Eastwood, The Challis Sunway Damansara, Sunway Southquay, Sunway Rimba Hills and 3 Harmoni.

Hana Gardens Type A 2 storey cluster homes (link semi-d)

Overall comment on Hana Gardens façade is, it resembles design style of the architect, and coincidentally Hana Gardens also resemble the existing phases in Jade Hills. The facades are boxy, ‘square-ish’ and conventional. Perhaps it is meant to fit the overall theme in Jade Hills. It gave us the feeling that hmm we have seen this before. Somewhere, ok, yup they look like phase 7 quad-villas and twin-villas!

We thought the design can be bolder.

Then again design can be subjective, as beauty lies in the eye of beholder, right?

Hana Gardens façade review

Façade of type A

Grey roof line with grey vertical mesh grills covering the front air conditional ledge and master toilet window. The extended porch roof may well cover 2 mid size sedan from year long rain and shine. Bigger cars owners may need to consider to further extend the car porch roof.

The whole house are featured with huge windows that enables natural light to light up the house during the day. While they look classy from the outside. The drawback, there owner may have to spend some good money to install window blinds or curtain, if one prefers more privacy.

Dark, light grey and white combination are alright, but we have seen modern facades with wooden feature cladded on the façade as above.

Layout of Type A1 & A2

In terms of façade both type A1 & A2 are the same. The difference between these 2 are the layout design, the built up of type A1 and A2 is from 2,847sqft.

Ground floor analysis

Area Type A1 Type A2
Guest room Yes good sized guest room No
Living room Normal Extended length
Kitchen size Small but good natural light Good size but less natural light
Kitchen placement Better as kitchen comes with door Could be better, too near toilet
Bathroom 4 placement No natural air ventilation Well placement with natural air ventilation

We prefer the A1 layout. The key difference, is the lack of guest room in A2, although one would be able to easily do up a partition and allocate space for the guest room. We thought guest room should be given in default.?

Ground floor guest room are good for elderly family members who are not so good in climbing up stairs. Again for A2 type the provision of space with windows for a guestroom is already there, you just need to erect 2 partition wall and a door, there you have it, a guest room.

However there is no en-suite bathroom for guestroom, but it is not really a deal breaker.

1st floor analysis floor analysis

Area Type A1 Type A2
Master bedroom Good size Good size
Family room Good size Good size
Bedroom 2 Good size Extended size
Bedroom 3 Good size Smaller
Bath 3 Lack of natural ventilation Good natural ventilation

Both 1st floor layout of Type A1 & A2 are almost identical except the size of bedroom 2 & 3. We like that all bedrooms come with en-suite bathroom. So if you prefer a bigger bedroom 2, go for type A2. A little note is that, we would type A1 bath 3 that to have window. Again this is not a deal breaker, as modern built-in air ventilation machine can address this efficiently.

Hana Gardens Type B 3 storey cluster homes (link semi-d) 16 units

Façade of type B

Type B is a 3 storey link semi-d that boasts a massive built up from 3,316 sqft.  From external view, it is easy to notice that façade of type B look identical to Type A. First, this baby is 3 storey high, externally, the master bedroom bathroom window is visible, while the dark grey vertical louvre is covering the aircond ledge. We feel like a same suite of design with Type A, boxy, square-ish with flat roof. Façade color combinations are in harmony, dark grey, light grey and white combination. Boring colors, you may say. But then this color scheme will be to stay relevant in time.

Ground floor and first floor analysis

The layout of ground floor and 1st floor of Type B is identical to Type A2 of the 2 storey link semi-d. Type B is a vertical extension version of Type A2.

Second floor analysis

The 2nd floor or Type B features a multipurpose room that comes with en-suite bathroom and a roof terrace (balcony). This semi-d villa has 4 bedrooms (with studio as bedroom), 6 bathrooms, and it can easily add another guest room on the ground floor, making it a 5 bedders, with 1 services room (maid’s room). In all, the layout for both type A & B are good. But we just thought that the roof terrace can be bigger for a 3 storey link semi-d.

Hana Gardens Type C 3 link villa

The Hana Gardens Type C 3 storey link villas are placed discreetly in the northern edge of Jade Hills township. The Type C 3 storey link villa built up are from 3,031 to 3,049 sqft with land size varies from 24’x84’ and 40’-55’x84’. The key differences between Type C (link villa) to Type A & B (link semi-d) is that typical link villa are 2 adjoining side wall. While the link semi-d 1 side wall is and back wall are joined together. Typical link terrace has land at the back of the unit. While link semi-d has approximately 10ft land at the side, while no land at the back of the unit.

Type C layout analysis

We love the link terrace layout the most! Best among the Hana series. Here’s why:

Ground and first floor

Ground floor of C1 comes with front sliding door, while C2 & C3 which are corner units the sliding doors are fitted on the garden side to maximise air ventilation and to exude the garden appeal. While all the rooms are well sized. All type C ground floor has a guest room, with a shared or semi en-suite bathroom. There is also a maid’s room, the placement of wet and dry kitchen are logical, natural light into the kitchen can be easily directed to the kitchen as the back of the 3 storey link villa is an open air.

2nd floor

While the second floor is a studio with en-suite bathroom, or can be easily converted to a junior master bedroom or gym, entertainment room and etc.

One minor disadvantage is that the ground floor staircase is blocked by a wall, could be a bit dark during daytime, nonetheless this can be mitigated by installing energy saving light with motion sensor. This home is ideal to accommodate multi-generation family members under one roof.

Hana Gardens Site Review

Hana Gardens Part 2 sat on undulating land, we noted the land located on the northeast end tends to be high and it slops down to the southeast fringe of Hana Gardens.

PROPCAFE Hana Gardens Site Walkthrough

We go for distance to value add to our reader as you can see, the left side of land is higher and it slops down to right. If you look closely the far right are 2 units Type C 3 storey link villa HV619 and HV618, while on the left are the 2 storey link semi-d Type A2 QV653 and 653a.

As we understand these 4 units will be show houses due to be unveiled in February 2018. We applaud Gamuda Land Team for building the show unit. It is definitely value add to customers and potential buyers as they are able to touch and feel the end product.

How we feel about Hana Gardens Site

We have to acknowledge this Jade Hills is low density township. Each residential phase are very well spaced out. Jade Hills landed property is a very low density development with 6 units per acre.

Hence most landed units are far away from exit, landed units do enjoy very tranquil and peaceful living environment with little or no visible traffics near home.

Let’s talk some numbers shall we

By now you would know how Hana Gardens are priced. Each landed purchase comes with a free membership to Jade Hills Resort Club. Living in gated and guarded community attracts maintenance charges for the upkeep of the township. The terrace and semi-d maintenance charges are RM368 a month, while RM442 for bungalow. So the good thing is maintenance is charged based on the unit type not the built up size or land size. At RM400 these days, it is equivalent to monthly maintenance fees for a 1,000 sqft medium cost condo, so it is quite affordable.

The Hana Gardens homes also come with 30 months defect liability period.

Hana Gardens Good for Investment?

Before we talk about as whether it makes senses to invest in Hana Garden. Let’s look at some subsales information.

Product Type Max Appreciation SPA Price RM’000 Transacted Value RM’mil Transacted Year
Commerce Village 96% 843 1.7 2014
Quad Homes (RK) 35% 998 1.4 2015
Terraces (RT) 53% 766 1.2 2015
26% 1,055 1.3 2015
Semi D (RB) 47% 1,296 1.9 2011
38% 1,342 1.9 2017
18% 1,352 1.6 2016
Bungalow Homes (RS) 21% 2,027 2.5 2013
24% 2,168 2.7 2015

The number speaks for itself. We observed that Hana Gardens are priced slightly below present subsales price, which actually reduces a lot of risk from investment point of view. Jade Hills landed property are GEMs among the landed property in Kajang. We firmly believe that the price will hold and there are rooms for future appreciation, especially the 2 storey link semi-d. Do read the Jade Hills story here, to find out more about the unique selling point and our overall analysis on Jade Hills township.

Show unit Review

As you are aware, at the time of this review, the show unit for Hana Garden is not yet ready. While we are waiting for it. Let’s take a look at something different, shall we. The Lakes Mansion, show unit.

This one right, if have money can buy, it is a showcase the pinnacle of your success. Here are some selected pictures we have taken, enjoy!

What About for Own Stay, what is in for Hana Gardens?

If Kajang is the location for you. YOU CAN’T GO WRONG with Jade Hills landed properties.

You are in for a distinctive new lifestyle.

A home in a freehold gated and guarded secured neighborhood with parks, thematic gardens, lakes and a gateless community where you mingle and share your life with, grow up and grow old in.

A bit more about the developer


Gamuda Land is an award winning developer with various high profile projects under its belt. If you looking to for a home and in a location where Gamuda Land is in we would strongly encourage you to consider Gamuda Land homes as an option.

Apart that Gamuda Land has the financial muscle to executed big scale township development, the brand equates quality.

Unlike other marketing orientated developer, the values of Gamuda Land are presented at final product, a quality product.

We have seen this time and time again.

For home buyer property ownership has a mid to long term time horizon.

At the end of the day, what is more practical?

The initial hype of a dreamy illustration at project launched or the brick and mortar of a quality product? Pretty easy decision we say!

Feeling intrigued after reading our review?

Head down to Jade Hills Gamuda Land Sales Gallery to find out more information about Hana Gardens.

Persiaran Jade Hills Utama,

Jade Hills, 43000 Kajang,


Tel: +603 8741 9890

GPS Coordinates: N 2° 59’ 34.836” E101° 45’ 24.408”

Google maps link:

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