PROPCAFE Peek : O’Hako @ Puchong Jaya By Marimo Land


Who says there are no cheap launches anymore (definition to be discussed below)? With all launches going in the region of RM800psf to RM1000psf ++, a launch in Puchong of RM500psf seems to be unheard of. Yes in Puchong, just 2km away from the Golden Mile of Puchong (not Taman Tasik Puchong nor Bukit Puchong Netherlands).

This is the first premier launch by Marimo Land Sdn Bhd – O’hako  (which means Box of surprise).


Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.


Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.


This is the premier launch of the Marimo  group from Japan – …

Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.


Located in Puchong Jaya , at the end of the notorious Jalan Pipit.

Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.






This FREEHOLD project is estimated to be launched in Q1 2015, and comes in 3 sizes, 815sf, 955sf and 1002 sf. All units come with 2 car parks.

815sf comes with 2 bed room, 2 bath; 955sf comes with 3bedroon, 2 baths, and 1002sf is the exact same layout as 955sf but with additional balcony.

Ohako Type X 815sf 2 bedroom
Ohako Type X 815sf 2 bedroom
Ohako Type Y 955sf (w/o balcony) & Type Z 1002sf (with balcony) 3 bedroom
Ohako Type Y 955sf (w/o balcony) & Type Z 1002sf (with balcony) 3 bedroom

As of this juncture, the company has not revealed any promotional details, nor package – the units are estimated to cost in the region of RM500psf – 600psf.

For rebate and package details please contact sales directly. I heard there are some very attractive packaged 🙂

Booking is RM5K in cash or credit card of cheque

So the rough price of the small unit could come up to the low RM420k’s.


Ohako Summary
Ohako Summary

*Price is indicative and subjects to change

  1. Land size : 4.4 acres
  2. Land title : Freehold
  3. 2 Tower 31 storeys
  4. Total units : 718 units (12 units/floor and 4 lifts/floor)
  5. Size:
    1. 815sf – 2 Bedroom
    2. 955sf, 1002sf (Balcony) – 3 Bedroom
  6. Car Park : 2
  7. Maintenance : RM0.28/sf
  8. Booking 5K (cash, credit card, cheque)
  9. Sales package refer to sales directly

Which is basically slightly more than what you’d get with a studio in Cyberjaya – Pangea(or as some calls, sibehfar land).

Cheap launches ? In absolute value terms one can hardy find anything south of RM500k these days, what more a livable unit with 2 bed rooms and 2 car parks (you will appreciate the 2 car parks once you have driven through Jln Pipit).  IOI’s Parc’ville next door are large sized units with selling prices above RM 600k (looking at repayment of + RM2.5k owe month if based on LTV90%)

All units will come with a short kitchen cabinet, sink, hob and hood; as well as shower glass, shower, and toilet cabinet for the master bedroom toilet.

According to the SA, the toilet in the master bedroom comes in an open concept.

i.e. no doors/wall between the toilet and the master bed … Errrrr … we don’t think this is such a good idea .. not so much for lack of privacy – but rather for the humidity and vapour generated by the hot water shower – which has no where to flow to except the room. So the room could get too heaty or humid.

Kitchen 1
Kitchen 1 Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.
Kitchen 2
Kitchen 2 Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.
Living Hall
Living Hall Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.

The views for the 2 blocks are :

Tower 1

  • forest reserve view (facing outside)
  • pool view (facing internal)

Tower 2

  • Sunway / river view (facing outside)
  • Pool view (facing internal)


The development comes with amenities such as :

  • swimming pool

-floating gym

-pavilion garden

-riverview garden

Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.


Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.


Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.


Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.
Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.


Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.


Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.


The location is all the way to the end of Jalan Pipit in Bandar Puchong Jaya.

By passing new developments such as Atmosfera, Zefer and Koi Kinrara – as well as existing apartment such as Villamas apartments and Sri Bayu…..

According to the developer, they are in plans to build a road linking the rear, to a bridge to be built across the Klang River, which will allow traffic to flow through to Bandar Sunway side … and at the same time punching all the way through to Kesas. It remains to be seen how realistic this project will be and the actual time line for the completion of this access.



Buyers/investors are strongly urged to take a drive to the locality – to have a good understanding of Jalan Pipit.



There are currently at least 6 completed/under-con projects going on in this narrow road (road size seen below – similar to the road in Palm Springs @ Kota Damansara).

A – Sri Bayu apartments

B – Parc’ville condo by IOI

C – Atmosfera condo

D – Zefer Hills

E – Villamas apartments

F – Koi Kinrara

G – expected site of O’hako

Y (in red) – open sewage

X (in green) – currently a badminton hall – potential for future development







Key for this area will be the direct connectivity of Jalan Pipit into Kesas , via the back – Taylor’s College etc. But as buyers of Atmosfera / Zefer can testify, it has been an idea being tossed by various developers for ages. If the access is completed, not only will it allow the residents direct access to Kesas, whilst clearing the pressure on Jalan Pipit, but it will also open up a new rental target market of Taylors’ students.

Besides that access, you currently will have to go through Puchong Jaya’s inner roads (which can link to both LDP or Jalan Puchong directly).

Price range for other developments around the area, are going for …. Villamas Apartments (rental RM 1,200 subsale RM 420psf) , Sri Bayu (RM 1,500) and Atmosfera (RM 1,500 to RM 2,000 RM420psf)

Interested? Can go check out the showroom on block C of IOI Boulevard – they are taking registrations already. Launching is tentatively for Q1 2015. Final packages/discounts/rebates/layout only to be made known officially on this Friday 23rd Jan. So stay tuned.

For those who are interested, can start to register for their exclusive preview :

Date : 23rd Jan 2015

Venue : O’Hako Sales Gallery @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

Time : 10am

Please contact :

Land Sdn Bhd (1002481-V)

C-G-49 & C-G-50, Ground Floor, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5, 47170 Puchong, Selangor.

T. 03-8070 3800          F. 03-8074 9795

For those who successfully registered will received a registration card with indicating your “lucky” registration no.

Ohako Registration Card

Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.
Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.
Picture Credit to Marimo Land Sdn. Bhd.


Update :

23rd Jan 2015 Opening Ceremony With Lion Dance


Ohako Opening Ceremony 23 Jan 2015 Propcafe
Ohako Opening Ceremony 23 Jan 2015 Propcafe

23rd Jan 2015 Sales Chart :

Ohako Sales Chart PropCafe 23 Jan 2015
Ohako Sales Chart PropCafe 23 Jan 2015

25th Jan 2015 :

Ohako Sales Chart PropCafe 25 Jan 2015

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  1. at the far deep end and also potential ‘smell’ from nearby.
    traffic will be a great concern but still for lack of better buys out there ….

  2. Comparing this with YGS Twins property.. Not sure which better buy.. But Twins 800+ sqft got 3 bedrooms…

  3. Nice and informative. Twinz claimed to be between Koi and Ohaku, seems to fall in the lot 1284 and 1285 ? or is Ohaku site closer to the river bank ? what is the current and future development on the land between ohaku and the river bank ? Looks like there are some activities with two access road there…

    Am considering seriously, hope for more information. thank you.

  4. Hi, Is this a Japanese Project ? Lobby looks impressive.

    If the condo come with hot spring ? or at least hot cold spa like Trees ? I think the snooker and sky pool are nice, but spa is essential ! Will be nice if the bathroom is equipped bathtub and room with solid wooden flooring.

  5. Hi, may I know until what time the Exclusive Preview?

  6. Propcafe according to SA, Twinz in between Koi and Ohako and Ohako is after twins not Koi.

  7. Condo facilities seems to be minimum, only pool, shared with floating gym. Not even sauna ?

    Sky pool, snooker room, reflexology walkway, gymnasium, laundry, squash court, playroom, library all also don’t have ?

  8. I hear there be a event at ohako office tomorrow, anyone knew about tis?

  9. Got big big massive cemetery opposite the river!!! OMG

  10. massive cemetery ???

    1. hell yes! 15 acres!!!

  11. More info on 15 acres Muslim Cemetery can be found here :-

    Stay away!!!

  12. contact me for more information about ohako official launching date

  13. Do not be conned! This Japanese company does not even operate like a Japanese company at all.

    They do not let the purchasers who placed RM 5K booking know about this massive 15 acre cemetery!!!

    For those of you who are pantang about cemetery, please stay away and don’t throw your hard earned money down the Klang River.

  14. Hi anyone know that the RM5000 is refundable or not ?

    1. Only RM 4800 will be refunded.

      Contact your Sales Person or call the Sales Gallery 8070 3800

    2. If Loan Reject Will Refunded RM4500 , But You Can Test Loan. If You Interested Please Call Me 012-9895049 Justin

      1. Avatar marimo land sdn. bhd. says: Reply

        Please read the lowyat forum thread before making a decision to purchase.

      2. Can developers collect booking fee or deposit?

        The sale and purchase agreement (Schedule G, H, I or J) as prescribed by the Housing Development (Control and Licensing) Regulations, 1989 (the Housing Regulations) provides very clearly how the purchase price is to be paid. The first 10% is payable immediately upon the signing of the sale and purchase agreement (SPA), not before.

        No collection of any payment is allowed before the SPA is signed. Deposit, booking fee, advance payment, administration charges are just some of terms used by some devious developers in their vain attempts to circumvent or contract out of the Housing Regulations and to confuse, mislead and convince naïve house buyers especially the first-timers.

        Collection of any payment by a housing developer before the signing of the SPA is an offence. This is very clear under the Housing Regulations and it does not matter what the developer calls it.

        The Housing Regulation 11(2) stated: “No housing developer shall collect any payment by whatever name called except as prescribed by the contract of sale”. (In this context’ contract of sale means the SPA)

        Commission of such an offence under the Housing Regulations means that the developer in question can be prosecuted, fined and/or even imprisoned under Regulations 13. Even those persons who knowingly and willfully aids, abets, counsel, procures or commands the commission of such an offence shall be liable to be punished.

        Prosecution, however, is in the hands of the public prosecutor whose action or non-action the house buyers are not able to dictate. House buyers and indeed the general public are of course at liberty to lodge a complaint against any developer in breach of any housing laws. Such complaints can be lodged with the Enforcement Division of the Ministry of Housing and Local Government:

        The law as regards non-payment before the signing of the SPA is very clear and house buyers are strongly urged to understand the law and not be misled by some cunning, unscrupulous developers or their smooth talking sales representatives who either do not know the law or simply do not care about the law.

        Profit orientated developers care about nothing but profit. The more they sell the more they gain. They engage marketing commission agents and sales representatives whose only mission is to sell. In their quest to sell their products, some unprincipled commission agents (secondary markets included), who are untruthful will not hesitate to mislead, conveniently telling “white lies” and make empty promises to make a quick buck. Some are so well trained in the art of selling they can probably sell sand to the man in the desert.

        Ever wondered why the sales office told you there are only five units left but three months later there are more than 10 units still available? Did the developer’s office tell you the unit you want is already booked but called you two days later to congratulate you because the same unit has just become available? Ever gone to a developer’s office in the hope of getting the “Early Bird Discount” advertised the day before only to find that the project was launched more than a year ago?

        Filing a claim for refund

        Free gifts, rebates, and waivers of this or that are also fairly commonly seen and are often stated to be for a limited time only. House buyers hurry to meet the deadline. Three months later the same advertisement appears, again for a limited time only or perhaps extended due to popular demand. Gimmicks of “Free legal fees” offer but you must use the developer’s panel lawyers are commonly marketed.

        The list of marketing ploys used by developers and their marketing alliance goes on and unscrupulous developers and real estate agents are not likely to stop trying to exploit vulnerable house buyers any time soon. House buyers must therefore be very wary and not be easily swayed by promises made by the developer’s office.

        House buyers who are already caught in tussles with housing developers over refund of booking fee or deposit are at liberty to file their claims at the Tribunal for Homebuyer Claims (the Housing Tribunal). The Housing Tribunal was set up as an alternative forum for house buyers to save them the costs and hassle of fighting with housing developers in the civil courts.

        The filing fee is only RM10; no lawyers are required and hearings are normally fixed within a month. The Housing Tribunal is empowered to hear disputes between house buyers and licensed housing developers even though the SPA is yet to be signed but the claims must be filed within the time frames provided under section 16N of the Housing Development (Control & Licensing) Act 1966 (the HDA). Check out the link: – TTPR

  15. Just saw the information on lowyat forum.


  16. Pls pm

    1. Please Call 012-9895049 Mr.Sim

      1. Please read the lowyat forum thread before making a decision to purchase.

  17. It’s near the sewer right?

  18. I went to the site at jln pipit last week, the feeling at bukit tandang is surprisingly great and windy, not as poor as described by the others in the forum. The only thing that concerned me is the road of jln pipit is abit narrow, still able to fit two cars at wide. The Jam is peak at 700pm to 830am, where Driver need 10 to 20 mins to ride from top of hill to the traffic light at bottom. Personally, I feel Not too bad as compared heavy jam in cheras, sg besi, etc.

  19. ‘700am to 830am ‘ typing error

  20. Avatar Sakthivel Thangavelu says: Reply


    The link between Taylor’s Lakeside campus and Jalan Pipit has been build ?

    I heard the traffic over there is massive. Is that true ?

    How about the safety area over there ?

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