PROPCAFE™ 360 Degree View: Anggun Residences @ KL City Centre

It has been awhile since PROPCAFE last posted 360 Degree View article. Just to recap, 360 degree view series is one of the most important information for property buyers as the property condition when it vacant possessed will reflect the delivery of the developer. It should help everyone to know the standard and quality of works of a particular developer. As we mentioned many times,  developer can provide fancy brochure, first class services in sales gallery, professional sales person to explain the details to buyers, dream alike video illustration, and 100 promises. But, in the end of the day it is more important to view their recently completed property in order to assure the reliability and trust of a developer.

PROPCAFE covered Anggun Residences few years ago (see here) and now is the time to revisit the completed site to check out developer promises and validate our previous review. Instead of extensive illustrations, 360 degree view works better with pictures – A picture paints a thousand words! Let’s enjoy!


Definitely better looking than it brochures and video illustration! “Glassy” and Beautiful Cladding. Dark color is also helpful for “Anti-Aging”.

Anggun Residences Facade (Side)
Anggun Residence Facade – Facing The Heritage Row
Anggun Residences Facade (Front)
Anggun Residences Facade (Side)

Entrance Statement

Simple and nice enough. One at the  guardhouse and another is facing Jalan Doraisammy.

Night Scene of the Entrance Statement


Nothing to shout about! But it is well equipped.

Anggun Residences – Entrance Guardhouse

Sustainable Perimeter Fencing

The random stones perimeter makes the fencing looks more lively and definitely more sustainable. Simple and cool.

Perimeter with Random Stones Design
Behind Guardhouse


The road is wide, however, the open carpark bays there will make it narrower 😅.

Main access Road to Anggun Residences

Infrastructure Upgrade

There is new access to this site which coming from Jalan Sultan Ismail. Residents are no longer rely on Jalan Doraisamy. It helps to avoid the traffic and hassle of narrow road there. Unfortunately, the current new walkaway to Monorail Station infront is not fully covered. Umbrella is needed 😬. This newly opened access will also support the future development ar the current vacant land that owned by UDA. It is planned for commercial office towers (information please read our previous Anggun Residences Review). The drivers from Jalan Sultan Ismail can come in this access via the sale gallery right besides Sheraton hotel. Alternatively, one can drive through Jalan Doraisamy till Anggun Residences and turn to the back lane of the building before you join back the new access below.

The new access at the left will bring you to monorail station which located infront.

Also noticed that the pathway from the site to Dang Wangi Petrol station has been beautified with some landscape works. Approximate 5mins walk to Dang Wangi LRT Station.

Direct Pathway to Dang Wangi

Developer has built a taxi stand there for residents/public use. The only proper taxi waiting area at the whole stretch of Jalan Doraisamy.

Anggun Residences Taxi Stand

Dropoff/Lobby Area

Fountains, designer lightings, decorative wall arts, and two waiting lounges. Overall, wide and class though a bit blank. Exactly the same like what was promised in the video clip showed during the launched of the project.

Anggun Residences Entrance Lobby/ Dropoff Area
One of the Two Waiting Lounges
Anggun Residences – Water Features & Waiting lounge
Anggun Residences Lounge Area – Night
Anggun Residences Lounge Area at night

Ground Floor – Garden

Not many people notice that there is a small garden for residents to hang out at ground floor right, besides the carpark ramp. Instead of waiting lounge, this could be a nicer and peaceful place for you to kill time while waiting for your Grab or friends to come, with the water features and few customised swing to have your own ME TIME.

Garden – Ground Floor
Ground Floor Garden – Resting Area
Ground Floor – Garden Swing

Lobby Lifts

There is a total of three different lift lobby areas located at the left, right and the centre of the building. Full marble flooring and wall are there to impress your visitors. Access card is required for residents to enter these three designated lift lobbies. The lobby is wide and spacious. Thanks to the high ceiling together with the dimmed decorative ceiling lighting, the lift waiting area shows an upmarket feel in Anggun Residences. Well done!

Anggun Residences Lift Lobby
Anggun Residences High Ceilling Lift Waiting Area
Anggun Residences – Spacious Lift Lobby

The Elevator

Anggun Residences is using Dover brand elevators. Well, hardly heard of it. A quick search shows that Dover lift system is USA based and it is listed as the top 10 best elevators in the world. So, no worries. The lifts are quality and the lightings in the car cage looks good too. Dual entrance sometimes can be a bit confusion to know which side to get out! 😬. With the help of access card, it will open the right door for you. These lifts are all using touch screen features and comes with additional set of lower handicap friendly buttons to ease the use for this group of residents. Thumbs up!

Anggun Residences Quality Dover Lift
Anggun Residence Elevator with good width and length
Anggun Residences – Elevator with wooden panel and warm lighting to make it cozy
Anggun Residences – Quality handle and design within the car cage
Lighting at the Elevator

Lift Lobby at each Residential Floor

Rustic and concrete design wall at each level of lift lobby area. Not too bad. At least better than those standard blank painted wall in most of the condominiums, yes we are talking about rm1000psf above kind of properties 🤭🤫. You know who you are. Lol.

Anggun Residences Lift Lobby Wall
Anggun Residences – Dark Rustic Wall at Lift Lobby

Facilities Floor – 8th and 9th Floor

Dual level facility floor with nice resort ambience.

Anggun Residences – One of the Multiple Pool Decks at the facility floor
Anggun Residences – One of the Multiple Pool Decks at the facility floor

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Anggun Residences – One of the lounges at Facility Floor
Nice Place to Chill
Two Lounges located at the Facility Floor – Chillax!


Anggun Residences – Nice Sun Deck/Lounge
Anggun Residences – Separate Jacuzzi corner for you to chill
Anggun Residences – Double Volume Facility Area

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Anggun Residences Private Dining Room At Facility Floor
Anggun Residences – Private Dining Hall 1 and 2 with fold-able partition.
Private BBQ Area

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Facility Floor Future Sundry Shop
Anggun Residences – Designated and Fully Furnished Meeting Room

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Anggun Residences View toward KL Tower, YTL Stripe and M101 Dang Wangi

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Phone and Smart Device at Common Area. Yes, Samsung again 🙂

Rooftop Garden and Private Dining/Function Halls

Anggun Residences Root Top Garden View to KL Tower
Anggun Residences Roof Top Garden
Anggun Residences Roof Top Garden
Anggun Residences – Sky Dinning Room Toward Garden
Anggun Residences Sky Dinning Room at Roof Top
Anggun Residences – Sky Dinning Room KLCC View
Anggun Residences Roof Top Common Area

How about the nice scene at roof top garden? Basically there are two gardens at roof garden. You will notice one is wider than another. See below

Roof Top Garden with KLCC View
KL Tower – Place to Slow Down Your Day
Private Garden at the Top
Modern and Simple Seater (Yup, Design and Made in Spain) at Roof Top Garden
Place to Enjoy KL City Scene
Two Gardens at Each Wing
Nice Ambience
Quiet Corner
Chill and Chat….
Private Dinning areas – Both KLCC and KL Tower View at ONE GO. 🙂
Root Top Garden BBQ Area
Roof Top Playground with City View.

KL City Centre Scene – 360 Degree View at Roof Top Garden

Enjoy the slides below.

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Carpark Area

The carpark area with good ventilation. The ramps are wide and safe! No issue for big car! 🙂

Carpark Privacy and Ventilation
Wide! MPV driver, you are safe!

Delivery – The Unit!

Thanks to PROPCAFE buddies, we managed to view few studio units. We are showing here with one of the studios at Anggun Residences. The unit comes with surprisingly smart technology. Smart panel, CCTV to shot at the entrance door, quality kitchen cabinet with Teka Hood & Hod and Microwave, Samsung Fridge, Samsung dryer washer, Daxia Bathroom/Toilet Accessory (faucets etc), plaster ceilling and lightings with smart features.

Marble flooring at entrance and kitchen area and timber flooring for living and bed area. The horizontal full glass window across the unit makes this studio looks more spacious!

View from Living to Main Door and Kitchen
Fully Equipped Kitchen
Cabinet with Full Glass
Cabinet besides the open kitchen. Washer cum dryer is hiding behind the cabinet
Built In Iron Board
Marble Flooring Workmanship and Quality
Small Wardrobe with Open Area Toward Toilet and Bathroom
Wardrobe with Mirror
Wardrobe with Mirror
Living Area – View from Kitchen

Full Glass – Wide and Clear.
Basin and Faucet with Damixa. Danish Brand and Design!
Again, Damixa. Danish Brand and Design!

Samsung Digital Lock. Yup, no cheap at all. Card, Password, and Thumbdrive access 🙂
Samsung, Samsung, Samsung

Overall, the main contractor Crest Builder has done a pretty decent jobs within the delivery time frame. Other than some of the facilities like reading, game rooms etc are still empty, the rest of the finishing of common and facilities area are commendable. After few visits in different unit, the quality of works are there to see. No sign of UDA cuts corner in its specification and the branded fittings are given according to its promises. It is rather surprise to be honest on what we have seen. Not that it is superb but we are sure not many believe UDA can delivery such decent properties :). Yes, many are quite negatively biased on UDA, we guess it could be due to the fact that they are not the developer that pushes hard in the market. Okay, some of you may not even know them 🙂 . Massive facilities, everything is  double……BBQ, Gardens, Decks, Lounges, Private Dinning Room, and etc. You will always find your quiet area to redeem or chill.

In short, the location speaks for itself, thanks to newly completed YTL’s Stripes and also M101 Dangi Wangi (running as hotel now). You will notice the crowds there not just to queue for Yut Kee but many nice restaurants and cafes are mushrooming opposite the Stripes. To walk over monorail station and dang wangi LRT station are just few minutes. Plenty of eateries, cafes and pubs together with the popular heritage row there, not to say Quill City Mall (ok, a bit dead there nowadays), SOGO, Pertama Complex and Jakel Mall everything are there.

360 Degree View – The developer has delivered its promises and let’s see the responses from the market in next 6 to 12 months. Signoff here and happy property hunting!

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