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PROPCAFE loves to hear and learn from all property enthusiats and always believe that the best way for each of us to do it is to share the views (good or bad) on each of property that we are interested, be it for investment or ownstay. Surely, there is a story behind each property. PROPCAFE really appreciates KG, one of our PROPCAFE buddies, who is kind enough to share his opinion on the recently launched Rimba Villa in Setia Alam by SP Setia and PROPCAFE hope many of you will do the same in future! Please write to us and share your experience with others!

Rimba Villa – Forest’s Gentle Embrace

I still remember vividly when I was a child I went back to my dad’s “Kampung” at least once a year during Chinese New Year. My dad’s “kampung” was very near to the forest and the air at the “kampung” was so different from the city. It was very fresh and cooling at night, to the extent that we turned off the fan in the middle of the night because it was too cold !! And I remembered every morning when I woke up, I was always greeted with sounds of birds tweeting and of course being in “Kampung”, the sound of the rooster crowing… Now, with developments at every corner of the city and greater klang valley, it is hard to even find a spot with forest next to our backyard, not to even mention the sounds of birds chirping and rooster crowing … but well… I said hard, it is not impossible.. ☺

Located next to Setia Alam forest is a latest development called Rimba Villa by SP Setia. Many people will not regard Setia Alam as “kampong” now after seeing the rapid rise of this SP Setia flagship township over the past 10 years. However, SP Setia “secretly” kept this 73 acres plot of land at its backyard for more than 10 years, and now it is time to unleash it ☺ Last weekend (Sept 30 & Oct 1), SP Setia soft-launched Phase 1 of Rimba Villa (~120 units) to the public. Here is the summary:

Land size: 73 acres

No of units : 430 units

Density: ~6 units per acre

Property Type: 2 storey 32×75 linked Semi-D

Development Details: Gate and Guarded, Strata Title, comes with private clubhouse within the parcel, smart intercom system and perimeter fencing with CCTV

First the location. It is located at the northern part of Setia Alam. Location here (from google map):

East of Rimba Villa is the forest. If you google “setia alam community forest”, you will see that there is a forest trail where many hikers and nature lovers like to explore this untouched nature during weekends. According to Setia Alam Community Forest (Setia Alam Trail) facebook:, it says:

This group is dedicated to the conservation of Shah Alam Community Forest (SACF) located between Setia Alam (Sect U13), Alam Budiman (Sect U10) and NusaRhu (Sect U10) in Shah Alam, Selangor.

SACF is an approx. 430 acres of selectively logged lowland rainforest. SACF forms a critical ecological corridor that connects the two remaining patches of Bukit Cerakah forest reserve: Subang Dam water catchment forest and Taman Botani Shah Alam, both which are believed to still home the endangered Malayan Tapir, among other threatened species.

SACF is currently owned by the State Govt (130 acres) and PKNS (300 acres) and is highly at risk of commercial development. SACF Society was officially formed in March 2016 to attempt to save and gazzette this precious forest. 

South of Rimba Villa is the existing Setia Ecopark.

West of Rimba Villa is the existing Setia Taipan 2 and apartments developed by SP Setia and Sun Suria (eg: Sri Baiduri, Suria Rafflessia)

North of Rimba Villa is an empty land planned for Sekolah.

The approximate distance to from Rimba Villa to few spots within Setia Alam are:

  • Setia Taipan commercial shops: 500m
  • Tenby Private and International School : 4km
  • Setia Alam Wetland park: 2km
  • Peninsula International School: 3.7km
  • Pin Hwa SRJK © : 4km
  • BMW/Toyota/Honda Service Centre: 4.5km
  • Setia City Mall : 3km
  • Tesco Setia Alam: 6.5km
  • Eramas commercial shops : 6km
  • Setia Alam Central Park: 5km
  • Setia Alam NKVE toll : 5km

In summary, location wise, I would say it is pretty good. Within 5-6km radius, there is no shortage of amenities such as shops, schools, access to NKVE, hypermarkets, shopping mall etc

Next is the details of what SP Setia got to offer within this G&G enclave. The list is pretty comprehensive actually:

  • An exclusive resident clubhouse with adult swimming pool, kids wading pool, gym, reading room, surau, resident lounge, BBQ pit
  • A sanctuary pond with jogging tracks
  • A 88 ft wide linear park
  • Children playground
  • Canopy Treehouse
  • Raindrop garden
  • Grove Gym
  • Mini Orchard
  • Bird Watching Deck
  • Rimba Trail

The location and artist impression for some of the “attractions” above are shown in pictures below (Extract from SP Setia Brochure and YouTube video):

One of the highlight is the clubhouse. The location of the clubhouse is at the highest point in the entire Rimba Villa, which offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Setia Alam and the forest. The clubhouse elevation is about 70m above sea-level according to Mr. Google Earth. Hence, you can expect view like this from the swimming pool or the gym at the clubhouse when it completes 3 years from now:

The rest of the terrain within Rimba Villa is pretty high. Phase 1 terrain ranges from about 39m to 50m above sea-level, according to Mr. Google Earth as well ☺

Another highlight is the linear garden in the middle of Rimba Villa Phase 1. It will be a landscaped garden (with 88ft wide and ~750ft in length). For example at the center of the linear garden, you will see this nice pavilion.

Now, let’s zoom into the actual product offered, the 2 storey 32×75 linked Semi-D. Phase 1 Rimba Villa consists of 168 units of 2 storey 32×75 linked Semi-D. Of the 168 units, only 120 units were soft-launched last weekend by SP Setia. All the 168 units are split into 2 types, type B and type C. The floorplans are shown here:

Type B and C (ground floor)

Type B (1st floor)

Type C (1st floor)

Type B and C are different only in the 1st floor, where the roof garden for Type B is almost twice the size of Type C’s roof garden. This is due to Type C bedroom 2 is annexed at the rear to the adjacent unit at the back. Type B built up area is 2653sf and Type C built up area is 2680sf.

Façade wise, there are two types, type 1 and 2. Type 1 is always the unit on the left if you look at the house from the front. Type 2 is always the unit on the right if you look at the house from the front.

In summary, for the actual product itself, I find it very practical and “safe” which should gel well with most of the buyers out there. One more information, the ceiling height is 11.5ft at the ground floor, and 10.5ft at the first floor. It is pretty generous in my view.

Lastly, probably the most anticipated question, how much ? ☺

Here are the details:

Price wise: starting from RM1.43m. Current rebates offered by SP Setia are 5% + up to 3.1% loyal customer rebate (LCR) for repeated buyers. LCR is calculated based on the value of SP Setia houses you bought previously, and it is tiered. What if you are the 1st time buyer? Don’t worry, if you are the 1st time SP Setia buyer and if you nominate an introducer, your introducer will get 2% rebate. Legal fees for SPA and Loan are borne by SP Setia as well (except the MOT stamp duty)

For more information, please contact:

Setia Alam Welcome Centre

No.2, Jalan Setia Indah AD U13/AD, Setia Alam Seksyen U13, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Phone: 03-33432255


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