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Almost after a year since the first phase’s launch, SP Setia is now launching another phase of its Setia Eco Glades project in Cyberjaya. Previous launch of its island’s units called Charms of Nusantara was fully sold out due to its limited units. This round, SP Setia introduces another island called Sanctuary of Western & Eastern Heritage.

The island is basically split into two parcels. The Western Heritage features a total of 51 unit of Linked Villa whilst Eastern Heritage contains of 8 Bungalows and 24 SMD units.Iin total, only 83 units for sale this time.However, based on my casual talks to SP Setia sale person, only 5 bungalows will be available for sale which is similar to the previous phase. It was snapped up with no time during previous ballot session.


3 clubhouse

Previous theme was Balinese. What about this round?

Sanctuary of Western Heritage – Concept


Façade & Layout

“Oh my god!”. That’s the first impression when everyone sees the scaled model and architectural design. Seriously, in the first glance, I am sure majority of local will not appreciate it, including me. However, if you look thoroughly and combines with its concept and theme, it is in fact not hard to accept it. Most importantly, there is a CHARACTER there! Since there are not many units in the island, it will not be as horrible as people’s first thought. The concept above may also works well with its park and fountain’s concept. I think Malaysian still prefer modern, glassy, and boxy type of façade which I think 9 out 10 launches offer the same things nowadays. At least, SP Setia is daring enough to test the market and I guess it will be well accepted especially due to its island concept. Having said that, I leave it to individual and surely everyone has his or her own taste. This facade is surely very controversial! Ha.

Layout…. Emmm. Seems like SP Setia didn’t really hear the feedback from the first phase owners. The ownstayer wants a guest room at the ground floor! It is still missing from the layout. There are two different types and layouts. First one is Heeran (only 12 units), the dinning and living is located the back to fully appreciate the waterway view (I won’t say it is lake view as there is simply no wide lake view). Second type is called Stafford (39 units). This layout splits the living and dinning which is front and back respectively. So it is really depends on your own preference. Both types comes with courtyard (opps not many local appreciate it again!) and likely with a very dark entrance due to the covered car porch design. One of the things that improved in this phase is the layout of the back of the units which comes with side and back sliding doors rather than like a normal linked houses. Also, this round, SP Setia provides an additional study room at the top. Good to see all rooms are en-suite but I won’t say it is 2.5 storey linked villa, it is more like 2.25 storey. Land size is similar to Charms of Nusantara which comes with 26×85 ft with the built up of more than 3000sf.

7 link facade

8 link layout

8 link layout2

8 link layout3

9 link facade 2

9 link layou2t

9 link layou3

9 link layout

10 spec

Master Layout and Site Plan


6 site plan

One can clearly see that most of the units are either west or east facing. It means the limited south-west facing units will be having an edge than others. These better units also are having a much wider view of waterway. Most of the units will be coming with waterway view at the back of the house except the row that located in the middle of the island. However, this row of house are giving extra fountain and garden view which is called Secret Garden.

Pricing? During the preview, I was told it will be priced at sub RM1.39mil up (junction facing unit from rm1.37mil). Perhaps those who attended the launch can update us here. This price is about RM200k more than the previous launch – Charms of Nusantara.

Sanctuary of Eastern Heritage – Concept




Façade and Layout

15 smd facade 2

15 smd facade

15 smd layout

15 smd layout2

16 smd facade

16 smd layout

17 spec

Again, what is in SP Setia’s mind to offer this sort of Eastern Heritage façade? Ha……This one is hard to swallow but due to its limited units, I guess it will be sold. It is very localized design and some even said it is like haunted house in 80s. Lol. However, the rustic look of SMD Bastion looks more character than Bel Retiro. I am again have to stress that there are only 24 units of SMD and 8 bungalows, so these offering of “character” should be “OKAY KUA”(feedback from one of my mates!). I am sure the talking point of this launch of SEG will be more on façade than any other things. Lol.

Pretty standard SMD and Bungalow layout. Nothing much to talk about.

Master Layout and Site Plan

14 master

14 site

Most of the units are west or east facing again, but the four bungalows that come with south orientation will be the first to snap up especially it comes with a much wider view of lake.

Pricing? SMD starts from RM2mil and Bungalow likely RM3 to 4mil up (not for sales. Likely taken internally).

What’s next?

Personally, I am more interested to see the Isle of Kamales and Jewels of Grasmere which likely to be the well accepted by Malaysian. Isle of fantasia will be too much to “imagine” and oppositely, Isle of Botanic will be too predictable (Botanic Lo ha). The other island called Glades of Westlake will be very CHINA which may not be the best choice for my generation (but I surely my dad will love it).

SP Setia has been slow to launch its Setia Eco Glades products and progress on the previous mainland linked villa, SMD and Charms of Nusantara is pretty slow due to the massive ground work. Certain works are in progress which can be seen below (photo obtained from developer’s website). There is still long way to go!





Sales Update as of 9 Dec 2013

Thanks to Tower’s update!

Updated as at 19 Jan 14



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  1. Avatar Milo dinosaur says: Reply

    Great review from propcafe as always! Aiya how come the western heritage green colour. I expected white

  2. the facades of the landed launches really “stand out from the crowds”…..

  3. Oh gosh… colonial design again?

  4. Great review as always.. I think this design is really nice as english / western designs are not frequently seen in malaysia.. Cyberjaya has many expat, can easily cater the expat’s taste (if owner wants to rent it out).. Combination of western design with the garden concepts can really stands out. May be next islands’ unit will be more than 1.3M..

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