PROPCAFE Peek : Shamelin Star By Landmark Zone – Sales Gallery Visit (Part 3)



Recently PropCafe.Net paid a surprise “uninvited” visit to Shamelin Star Sales Gallery to look see look see….

Quite a decent Sales Gallery considering to be done within such a short period of time.

Enjoy the picture…

The Sales Gallery

IMAG5743 IMAG5744 IMAG5745

Lobby and Floor Walkway


Scale Model

On the scale model, please take note in actual there will be shops surrounding Shamelin Star. Someone might overlook or miss out this important point,

Shamelin Star
Shamelin Star
Facility Floor
2nd Entrance – Rear
Main Entrance

IMAG5788 IMAG5787 IMAG5774 IMAG5776 IMAG5781 IMAG5782 IMAG5783 IMAG5784 IMAG5785 IMAG5786


Facilities Floor

IMAG5771 IMAG5770 IMAG5772 IMAG5773


Site and Floor Plan

IMAG5767 IMAG5768 IMAG5769 IMAG5795


Show unit (Type D @ 774sf)

Kitchen Cabinet – Type 1
Unit come with 2 choices of Kitchen Cabinet Design
Kitchen Cabinet – Type 2
Living Hall
Main Door
Dining Area
Living Area
Bedroom 1
Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom – Open Concept

IMAG5766 IMAG5757 IMAG5754 IMAG5763 IMAG5760 IMAG5759

As for final finishing, it is better refer to your final SPA. You definitely won’t get exactly what shown in the show unit. I heard SA informed that room comes with laminated floor and the wallpaper does not come with it. The toilet wall tiles is quite decent but not sure whether it will be included or not.

-The End-

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9 Replies to “PROPCAFE Peek : Shamelin Star By Landmark Zone – Sales Gallery Visit (Part 3)”

  1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Show unit looks ok. But buyers always need to imagine the bare bare unit n condition especially it is the first higher end property from this relatively new developer.

    Apparently the developer didnt do anything to sell or highlight the commercial retail lots downstair.

    1. Show unit ok meh?
      Mirror mirror everywhere, to hide the small BU obviosly.
      Also no fridge for the show units?

      1. Avatar SoyCappuccino says: Reply

        LOL .. I said the sales gallery is decent not the show unit. The ID for my standard..average 🙂

    2. Avatar SoyCappuccino says: Reply

      Sharp cafecorretto!.. developer never push their commercial in their sales gallery.. could be that it not their USP… or they maybe they just shy away from questions???

  2. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    SMEG Fridge? Ha… …

    1. Avatar SoyCappuccino says: Reply

      No space to put the fridge? Washing machine? dryer?

  3. when launch in public???

  4. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    I m sure walk in n pay a cheque n they ll giv u a unit. 🙂

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