PROPCAFE Peek: Sunway Velocity Mall Pre-Opening Tour!

Sunway Velocity Mall Pre-Opening Tour 

(updated 11 Nov 2016, we add in more mall tour pictures, can Sunway Velocity Mall ready for opening on 8 December 2016, let’s find out soon!)

Sunway Velocity Mall will be officially open its doors on 8 December 2016. In our PROPCAFE Peek Series we present you, Sunway Velocity Mall Pre Opening Tour!


What what, what another shopping mall in KL? Yes, this time in Cheras, not PJ, not along LDP!

Malls and more malls to come

Yes we Malaysian just love malls, everyone loves a good ole shopping malls where we can jalan-jalan, makan, watch movie, grocery shopping, sip some kopi, enjoy air cond.

So what is in store for Sunway Velocity Mall? Sunway Velocity Mall, which will have a net lettable area of one million sq ft, we are told it has reached an occupancy rate of 90 per cent.

The key anchor tenants include the big names such as Parkson, AEON Max Value Prime, TGV Cinemas with IMAX, Harvey Norman, Popular and Toys “R” Us, Starbucks, Adidas, Bata, H&M, Uniqlo, Padini Concepts Stores, CHi-X Fitness , JD Sports, Grand Imperial and etc.


PROPCAFE recently has the opportunity to participate in the exclusive pre-opening tour of the ‘inside of Sunway Velocity Mall before its grand opening to public on 8 December 2016.

People say sharing is caring and we couldn’t agree more,  follow us on a tour to Sunway Velocity Mall and it related components of Sunway Velocity Integrated Development.

Here we are gather at at the Sunway Velocity Sales Gallery before the tour.


Sunway Velocity Sales Gallery

The tour was conducted in batches, visitors will first gather in sales gallery before the mall tour commence.
sunway-velocity-show-gallery7 sunway-velocity-show-gallery6 sunway-velocity-show-gallery5 sunway-velocity-show-gallery4 sunway-velocity-show-gallery3 sunway-velocity-show-gallery2 sunway-velocity-show-gallery1

Makan-makan at Sales Gallery

Before we hit the mall, gotta fill in the fuel….jom makan first, otherwise where got energy to walk la…….

Ice cream also have……Haagen Das ..nice..

Eat too full later, susah nak jalan also…..

sunway-velocity-makan3 sunway-velocity-makan4


Sunway Velocity Tour Commence Now!!

sunway-velocity-mall2 sunway-velocity-mall

Let’s check out the mall facade shall we.

sunway-velocity-mall-facade sunway-velocity-mall-facade-2sunway-velocity-mall-facade-3

We then arrive to the mall entrance, we see errr.. Starbucks and Doutor.sunway-velocity-doutor sunway-velocity-starbucks

The color scheme of Sunway Velocity Mall is red, orange….is orange a color or a fruit? Nevermind keep calm and read on.


Here is photo taking pits stop no.1.sunway-velocity-mall-entrance

Starbuck and H&M are spotted in Sunway Velocity Mall, ground floor, near entrance prime lot, prime lot.sunway-velocity-mall-entrance2 sunway-velocity-mall-entrance3

The mall tour officially begins.

sunway-velocity-mall-tour-2 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-1 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-3 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-4 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-5 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-6 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-7 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-8 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-10 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-12 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-13 sunway-velocity-mall-tour-14


In the sky….we see stars…..the mall tours of
sunway-velocity-mall-entrance4 sunway-velocity-mall-entrance5More stars….
sunway-velocity-mall-entrance6We were then led to the real deal. The story goes like, imagine within vibrant Sunway Velocity Mall, a short stroll you are able to set foot to your office, reach your home? sunway-velocity-mall3

Sunway Velocity Signature Office

sunway-velocity-signature2 sunway-velocity-signature sunway-velocity-signature3 sunway-velocity-signature4

We were led to the Vped Sunway Signature office.

The lift lobby is modern and clean!


Going towards Signature office roof top deck.sunway-velocity-signature-deck

Before we go further thirsty la, coffee break first….
sunway-velocity-signature-deck-2 sunway-velocity-signature-deck-3

Check out the facilities floor at the roof top of Sunway Velocity Signature office.

sunway-velocity-signature-pool sunway-velocity-signature-pool-2We see the twin jagung from the pool too..sunway-velocity-signature-pool-3 sunway-velocity-signature-pool-4

The signature office has a gym too.

Let’s rekky around the Sunway Velocity Integrated Development and check out the surrounding shall we.


Here is photo taking pits stop no.2!sunway-velocity-signature-deck-4

The pictures below are lowrise Sunway Velocity Signature Office 2, facing it is the the V Residence Suite 2.

sunway-velocity-signature-2-undercon-2 sunway-velocity-signature-2-undercon sunway-velocity-signature-2

This is the V Residence Suite 2, which is under construction expected to be VPed end 2017 or early 2018.

This is the facilities floor of Sunway Velocity V Residence Suite 2

sunway-velocity-v-resi2-pool2 sunway-velocity-v-resi2-pool sunway-velocity-v-resi2

V Residence 1 has since Vped some time ago is just right opposite V Residence Suite 2. It has been a long wait for the mall to come, and it will be finally here in December 2016.


Let’s look around Sunway Velocity, we have an up and coming KV MRT Line 1 Cochrane Station that is to be integrated into Sunway Velocity Mall and the development as a whole.

sunway-velocity-cochrane-mrt sunway-velocity-cochrane-mrt-2

Can you see the jagung ahead…? Is it worth paying some premium to see it every day people?sunway-velocity-klcc

We have come to the end of the Sunway Velocity pre opening tour, how’d you like it thus far?

About Sunway Velocity

Sunway Velocity is an integrated development with commercial, mall, rail, retail concept located in Jalan Peel/Jalan Cheras/Cochrane, we have previously covered this project extensively here.

We understand there are still some handful units available for Sunway Velocity V Residence Suite 2 and Signature Office 2, integrated development in this part of town can jalan or not? We will find out very soon, stay tune and subscribe to PROPCAFE blog and we shall bring you more when the Sunway Velocity Mall unveil on 8 December 2016.

sunway-velocity-mall-banner-2 sunway-velocity-master-plan

3 Replies to “PROPCAFE Peek: Sunway Velocity Mall Pre-Opening Tour!”

  1. Sunway’s obsession with bright orange color on their shopping malls is a bit chim (feng shui?), its easily outdated and doesn’t oozes class (subjective i know). but the interior looks good and spacious, hopefully it will do better than Putra Mall.


    1. Thanks for commenting BolaBesar

      On the ‘red-orange’ color scheme, that looks like Sunway’s signature brand color.

      Stay tune for more as we will probably bring you some ‘live’ coverage when the Sunway Velocity Mall officially opens in December!

  2. Avatar says: Reply

    The facilities and views look really nice!

    But I wonder what do you think about the property value in this particular area? Will it rise or would it remain the same as some expert predicted for Malaysian property market (Example:

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