PROPCAFE™ Review: The Amber Residence @ twentyfive.7, Kota Kemuning by Gamuda Land

This article is to continue the coverage of our recent visit and write-up on twentyfive.7 in Kota Kemuning. This time round, PROPCAFE focuses on twentyfive.7 latest development – The Amber Residence.

In order not to duplicate the information, PROPCAFE strongly recommends property enthusiast here to read this article together with the earlier PROPCAFE publication of twentyfive.7 and Kota Kemuning township!

The Amber Residence @ twentyfive.7

The Amber Residence is a commercial title property that consists of two residential towers and a total of 596 units (Tower A – 275 units and Tower B – 321 units). Each tower comes with 31 floors above the 6-storey carpark podium. Sitting at a 4.8 acres land of a well-planned twentyfive.7 township, this leasehold project, which under Schedule H, comprises of 34 retail lots to provide basic needs and convenience to  The Amber residents. The density ratio of 124 units per acre is considered reasonable in today’s plot ratio requirement. However, the 3 lifts (include service lift) to be shared by 14 units per floor (Tower A – 12 units; Tower B – 14 units)  with the ratio of 91 and 107 per lift in Tower A and Tower B are slightly above average figure compares to market standard. Having said that, given the offerings are majority small units, this impact could be negligible due to lower human traffic within the building.

Why is it called Amber?

Gamuda Land sees Amber as the symbol of sun colour in the concept of light which reflects in its Corten structures like the “folding ribbon and origami” at main entrance and other landscape design in twentyfive.7. It is the main element of the façade of The Amber Residence. By looking at the master plan and The Amber Residence details, PROPCAFE can immediately sense the aura of “Amber”, as a warm yellowish-orange colour that brings “Excitement & Vitality (yellow) + Creative & Playful (orange)” into this part of Kota Kemuning.

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Theme and Conceptual Design

The conceptual architecture behind The Amber Residence derived from the controlled façade approach by Gamuda Land to create a clean and yet iconic façade with some simple modules that can set the uniform outlook across the township of twentyfive.7. This project is architecturally designed by SA Architect together with a landscape architect UDG Associates which previously landscaped The Village @ Bangsar South.

The Facility Deck of Amber Residences

Double Volume Height Lobby and Security Features

The developer has allocated a size of 321 sqft for its double volume height lobby to welcome the guests and residents, next to its drop-off area. In term of security, it comes with a 3-tier security (car park entrance, lift lobby, security camera in the lift) and an additional control of card access at facility deck.

PROPCAFE™ Review : twentyfive.7 @ Kota Kemuning by Gamuda Land

Family and Neighbourhood Facilities

Instead of just throwing in standard facilities, Gamuda Land emphasizes on family and neighbourhood community driven facilities. You can expect greenery spread across a 68k sqft large facility deck (see below).



The Amenities Deck of Amber Residence
  • Rooftop Outdoor Cinema

After reviewing the feedback from customers, Gamuda Land is considering a refreshing rooftop outdoor cinema for families, neighbour and friends to enjoy the time together. The viewing deck at the rooftop garden offers a spectacular quayside view on twentyfive.7. According to the developer, this great facility may also integrated with portable wireless bluetooth headphones to enable an ultimate home theatre experience for residents!

PROPCAFE™ Review : twentyfive.7 @ Kota Kemuning by Gamuda Land
  • Urban Farm

Gamuda Land provides another interesting facility to include a designated area (size of 505m2) for the use of Urban Farm at each tower. Staying high up from the land no longer restrict your interest of gardening! It is a brilliant idea for neighbours to come together to work on their very own herbs garden, vegetables and other plants as a community activities for young and elderly.

  • Artistic Multi-Court

This multi-purpose court allows residents to enjoy some sports and outdoor activities at the sky e.g. basketball, dodgeball and etc. It reminds me of my old time of playing basketball with neighbours at my “Taman’s” community hall. Throw a ball there, you will see how easy the court becomes a good place to mingle with all neighbours.

  • Social Corner, Yoga Deck, BBQ & Party Area and Hammock Garden

Neighbourhood is important as they are the one “closest” to you who can offer help and act as your eyes and ears for any emergency cases. Gamuda Land clearly sees it as we noticed the facility deck is carefully crafted for this objective with two areas of social corner, BBQ & party area, yoga deck, multipurpose hall and playground to use as the space for neighbours to foster their relationship.

  • Other facilities

There are separate pools for adult and children (size of 224.5m2) with a modern sunken lounge connected with the wooden lounge deck for families to spend their precious times together. There is no short of facility for the healthy and active residents at the Amber Residence’s facility deck. The outdoor gym with fantastic view of twentyfive.7 and indoor pool view gymnasium are there for residents to put on some workouts after a long day.

Sunken Pool

A greenery environment and jogging path is a must for elderly nowadays to start their day. By living at The Amber Residence, you would enjoy the secured environment and  do not need to step out the building anymore in the morning. And lastly, the reading room, it brought me down to memory lane as it was my favourite place to avoid any disturbance during college’s examination period and “rush hours” of project work. As a cycling friendly environment, the developer will make the bicycle tracks available at The Amber Residence which is well connected to the central park for residents’ biking leisure and experience.

Pool Fronting Gym
  • Innovative Lifestyle Mobile Application for Residents

The Amber Residence’s mobile friendly app will not only allow residents to pre-book facilities, it has the function to pre-register guests before their arrival to enable efficient registration and enhance the security for residents. The residents can also lodge complaint on defect and feedbacks to the building management without a need to step in the management office. Most importantly, the panic button available within the app will come in very handy during emergency cases. It is definitely a good initiative from Gamuda Land to ride on the technology trend to provide truly modern home living for the residents.

Amber Residences – Retail Shops


The Amber Residence has two distinct views based on its orientation – (a) North West View (NW- red in picture below) towards Quayside and lake; and (b) South East (SE) View towards future IJM project.

The lower density Tower A – Unit 1 to 6 have the best quayside view (NW) whilst the rest of the units with SE view are facing internal facility deck. As for Tower B, although there is no direct Quayside view, some of the units (8 to 13A) may still have the side lake view towards the small lakes (blue in picture below) even though these units are having direct facing on facility deck. Tower B Unit 1-7 are all facing direct South East view.


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Practical Layout

The Amber Residence offers five types of layout as an option for buyers to choose according to their needs. It can tell the intend from the developer to design a relatively small  and yet practical layout to ensure the affordability. No unit’s built up area is larger than 1,000 sqft.  Smaller size doesn’t mean it is not functional. This is what Gamuda Land trying to prove here.

It is worth to note that there are designated void areas in the floor plan (see above) to bring in natural sunlight and improve ventilation along the corridor for the residents. The six feet width of corridor will also create more space between units and enable better movement on furnitures or human traffic.

Type C – 657 sqft (Length 32.5ft; Width 23.4ft)


This is the smallest unit available for sale now which fits a reasonable size bedroom and additional study room. If one is creative enough, the study room can be easily  customised to be a small single bedroom.

Balcony (checked); Yard (checked); Natural Sunlight: Window in All Rooms & Bathroom (checked). The living room is still able to allow the width of 9.5feet and also the kitchen is well located to optimise the space.

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For such a small unit to have all these items “checked” is pretty impressive. Kudos to developer. The only downside is there is only one bathroom. However, for such 1+1 room layout, it may not be critical as the unit is designed for single, couple or small family with young children. Most importantly, bathroom has two doors to allow guest to access it directly without the need to go through the bedroom. In short, with the size limit, you just cannot have everything.

Type B – 861 sqft (Length 32.2ft; Width 30.4ft)

This is a 2+1 rooms unit with 2 proper size bedrooms and bathrooms. It comes with two bright bedrooms that are equipped with multiple panels of window. The study room is convertible to a small single bedroom. Again, kitchen is located at the right space to optimise the layout.

Balcony (checked); Yard (checked); Natural Sunlight: Window in All Rooms & Bathroom (checked).

Type A2 – 947 sqft (Length 35ft; Width 32.6ft)

This is the second largest layout at The Amber Residence. This layout is exactly the same layout like type B except that it has a slightly wider living, dining hall, bedroom 1. Please note that this is the limited unit which only has one in each floor.

Balcony (checked); Yard (checked); Natural Sunlight: Window in All Rooms & Bathroom (checked).

A very efficient proper three bedrooms layout with a size of less than 1k sqft. Nothing to complain about.

Type A1 – 1000 sqft (Length 37.1ft; Width 30.7ft) – A Dual Key Unit

This dual key layout at Tower A allows the buyer to split the unit into a standalone studio and two bedrooms apartment. The area opposites the bathroom in the studio is designed to accommodate a small pantry. According to the developer, an additional kitchenette will be given in the studio unit. The split two bedroom unit is spacious enough for a small family living with the only downside of one bathroom. The rest all “checked”.

Balcony (checked); Yard (checked); Natural Sunlight: Window in All Rooms & Bathroom (checked).

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If solely look at the rental yield enhance perspective, this could be the choice for investors. With the change of living behaviour, this layout may suit the family who prefer to enjoy some privacy between the family members or friends.

Pricing, Furnishing and Car Park

The indicative price is currently from RM420,000 to RM650,000 nett. One should consider the cost of furnishing and electrical items given by developer to work out the proper per square feet pricing for each unit if one to compare with other projects. The price increment per floor up is expected to be around RM2000.

The units are partially furnished which include air conditioners for all bedrooms and living hall, water heater for all bathrooms, fully fitted kitchen with hood, hob, sink, tap, refrigerator, washer cum dryer and wardrobe for master bedroom.

Residents will enjoy a minimum of two carpark bays per unit, however, the two carpark lots could be either in tandem or side by side depends on the chosen units. The visitor and commercial car park zone are available at 2nd floor.

Unique Layout?

Yes, there are cabana units located at level 8 in Tower A with extra gardens which the size varies from 75sqft to 194 sqft. Garden lovers, you may follow up with developer. Unfortunately, no pricing information available when PROPCAFE approached the developer.

Location and Connectivity

The Amber Residence is the first high-rise residential property in twentyfive.7, Kota Kemuning. Kota Kemuning is one of the successful residential townships in Klang Valley which is well known for its greenery, parks and golf courses. Due to its strategic location, this township has fast becoming a highly sought address and attracted many “new migrants” from its neighbouring townships like  Subang Jaya, Puchong and Shah Alam.

No location can become vibrant without a good connectivity. Kota Kemuning is well connected with Kesas, Elite, and SKVE highway which can easily commute to Subang Jaya, Puchong, Klang, Cyberjaya/KLIA, and Kuala Lumpur together with the other link road like Lekas, and the upcoming West Coast Expressway. The recently opened up of the access to Elite via Bandar Saujana Putra has further reduced the reliance of Kesas Highway and provide more options for residents in this part of Kota Kemuning to reach other part of Klang Valley with a much shorter distance.

Note: To know more about location and connectivity, check out PROPCAFE Kota Kemuning article.

What else do you need to know?

The Amber Residence has an advantage of being near to the Quayside Mall, it is merely 250 meter walkable distance to this commercial and entertainment hub in Kota Kemuning and 140 meter away from the other two lakes in twentyfive.7. The Amber residents can expect a better and more dynamic lifestyle with “extra hours” saving with such conveniences. The best part is, The Amber Residence is scheduled to deliver its vacant possession in Q2 2021 which is after the mall completion! The right timing above means all amenities and entertainment will be ready for The Amber residents to enjoy. Its small unit layout with RM0.35 psf maintenance fee means the service charge will be affordable especially with the consideration of substantial facilities given. It is the lowest entry level in the entire twentyfive.7, therefore, one could say that the downside is limited given a good masterplan of twentyfive.7.


Prospect of The Amber Residence

The Amber Residence may fit the bill for (a) young couple & family who seek for lifestyle elements; (b) elderly who looks for downsize the space; (c) investors who believe on twentyfive.7 masterplan as a whole. The success of The Amber Residence may rely on two main catalysts.

First, the vibrancy of Quayside Mall that can change total lifestyle in Kota Kemuning and its surrounding vicinity. The currently missing “centralise” leisure activities will transform the perception of current and prospect families, thus, increase the demand and property value here after the realisation of its offerings, conveniences and family friendly environment. To new and young generation residents, the lakeside commercial mall is set to fulfil their active lifestyle i.e. gathering with nice ambience, gym at any hours, cycling & jogging in safe environment with lovely landscape, and shop & dining for their celebration of life. If Gamuda Land can make the common areas and the mall to be elderly and handicap living friendly, it would also easily bring in more golden age residents, as Kota Kemuning is already well-equipped with medical care facility. In short, this quayside mall will complete the “eco-system” of Kota Kemuning.

Secondly, the total “facelift” of this part of Kota Kemuning by the “Four Kingdoms” will shift the central gravity of Kota Kemuning and make this area “the one” to look for and talk about in next 10 years. The up-market projects, landscape, and purposeful designed environment will spur the property prices further and form an upward deviation of prices from the average “old” Kota Kemuning. The Amber Residence can certainly take advantage on the above as it is the lowest entry level in twentyfive.7. If you only have a budget of RM400k-450k on property, love what you see in twentyfive.7 masterplan, and believe on the potential growth of this part of “new” Kota Kemuning, this could be the ONE for you.

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    The floor plan for the largest size i.e. 1000sqf seem to be missing. The 947sqf floor plan was repeated.
    Otherwise nice write up but there was little mentioned on the commercial shoplots below.
    Will these be sold or managed by Gamuda.
    And what’s the logic of having these shops when there is a huge commercial area just 250 meters away.

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Thanks for highlighted it. We have changed the right dual key layout. The shops below will be sold. So, interested party may approach developer. Not many though. All the best!

  2. I think Hillcrest Height Puchong is a better choice. At least in term of location..

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