PROPCAFE Peek : Sierra 6 @ 16 Sierra Puchong By IOI Properties

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Sierra 6  @ 16 Sierra Puchong

After the introduction of Lyden, 2 and 3-storey terrace houses, Akira 3-storey Semi-D landed hourse, La-Thea Residences condominium, IOI Properties is unveiling its latest 3-storey superlink, Sierra 6.










The development

Sierra 6 consists of 113 units of 3-storey superlink terrace, with land size from 27’x73’ and from gross built up area from 3,526 sqft.

Sierra 6 offers a dream lifestyle with exquisite living spaces, with 2 in 1 formulae, ‘hyrid’ landed property looks like a Semi-D but in substance, a link house.

Every superlink is designed as a ‘corner unit’ with 2 outdoor private garden (Tic-Tac-Toe Gardens) and lush streetscape with sculpture walk.


















Importance of Actual Show Unit

Buying a property is a major financial commitment; it is assuring and comforting to be able to have a feel of what you are buying.

Due to recent property boom in Klang Valley, many developers got away selling out projects without a show flat. Buyers are only able to visualize their new homes based on artist illustrated brochure. Very often, a lot of information related to the house is omitted.

Example, type of material selection, finishing, chosen sanitary & toiletry fittings, actual feel of space utilization, window size, gate, ceiling heights, and location of pillars, so on and so forth.

This writer applauds developer that build show flat, as it is an undertaking of a commitment to customers.

IOI Properties typically did more than building a mock up show flat, IOI builds actual units of the development as show unit!

This writer welcomes such initiatives to build an actual show unit by developer; this also gives us an opportunity to review the product in great detail.


Site plan

Sierra 6 is near to the central park.
Sierra 6 is near to the central park.











Sierra 6 is flanked by Sierra 2 and Sierra 8, and directly next to central park. It is one of the best plots of land in 16 Sierra.


The focus of this review will be on the intermediate units. We would say, the external feature of 3-storey Sierra 6 superlink is above average. It does impose a semi-d look, a closer look, it is actually a link house.










The Specs

27×73 with built up of 3,526sqf with 5 bedrooms, 1 family area, 1 study area, and maid’s room.

typeA01_large floor plan s52












The Theme
The themed garden for Sierra 6 is –Tic-Tac-Toe Garden.

No surprise if you are familiar with our review with Lyden.













Full fledge gated and guarded community.

Sierra 6 is a 99-year leasehold strata-title project. A ‘real’ gated and guarded development. This is a rare breed in Klang Valley property scene, especially, for landed house.

Living in a strate-titled landed house, would mean that everyone pays maintenance fees, and no-one is allowed to change the façade, color scheme of the houses in the G&G community without management consent.

Maintenance fees

Maintenance will be charged based on land size at RM0.12 per sqft, so a typical intermediate unit’s monthly maintenance will be approximately RM237.

Units orientation

All Sierra 6 superlinks are north and south orientated, therefore, most intermediate units are not exposed to west sun.










We like that car porch is column free, very car-park friendly feature and save the hassle of demolition of column and car porch upgrade in future.

We also like that the car porch roof is sufficiently extended to shield the rain and sunshine.













Internal ceiling heights

Sierra 6 3-storey superlinks come with 11ft ground floor, 10ft 1st floor, 10ft 2nd floor ceiling, fairly good height clearance.

This writer stresses the importance of ceiling height for landed house, and it is almost impossible to alter ceiling height for terrace house after purchase.

s33 s48 s26


















The kitchen

The size of the wet kitchen is too small to our liking.












semi-d ‘feel’

The set back of having sierra 6 to look like a semi-d is’ 6ft sacrifice’ as void area.

Effective width for living room this ‘semi-d’ is actually less than 21 ft, well not so spacious for a superlinks ‘standard’ house.

Internal road is was told to be 40’, and it comes with bicycle lanes.

s54 s23

Using clay brick, at the time of review, 20-35% completed, this project may be delivered within 2 years time.
Using sand brick, at the time of review, 20-35% completed, this project may be delivered within 2 years time.











40ft internal roads
40ft internal roads




















hotel ‘feel’ bathroom set up

While it is refreshing to hear it at first time, basically this is what you get.


s7 s5





















Overall layout & finishing

The layout is practical, rooms are spacious, with large windows, and it is interesting that, the back of this unit is actually adjoining. So is this a cluster or a link? Or Hybrid, or Cluslink, wait a minute, this sounds wrong!


Interestingly the back alley actually is partially 'covered' walkway.
Interestingly the back alley actually is partially ‘covered’ walkway.























We observe that the finishing quality, general fittings given by developer are good, with strata title property, purchaser can save the hassle of external extension, and focus on internal improvements.

s22 s17 s16 s18 s29 s3 s4 s21













































Price, very pricy

The indicative price is expected to start from 1.5m for an intermediate unit, at an average psf > 400, it is targeted to well to do families migrated from Puchong, Dengkil, Seri Kembangan, Kajang Putrajaya or even Cyberjaya.

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