PROPCAFE™ Review : Aster Residence Cheras By Amber Homes – Home has a Heartbeat [Part 2]

A Sequel

As promised, we will continue to write a sequel to Aster Residence @ Cheras Hartamas – Accommodation, Transformation and Connectivity.  In our previous article, we were mainly concentrating on the overall picture of Aster Residence Cheras to give a better understanding of the R+P development in term of its location, accessibility and connectivity. The former article was more on the introduction of Aster Residence Cheras.

For those who had missed it, you click here if you decided to read it now.

PROPCAFE™ Review : Aster Residence @ Cheras Hartamas – Accomodation ◦ Transformation ◦ Connectivity

PROPCAFE™ Review : Aster Residence @ Cheras Hartamas – Accommodation ◦ Transformation ◦ Connectivity

This review will mainly discuss on the finer details of Aster Residence for readers who recognize that the devil is in the detail when it comes to their property investment or living experience. Sometimes we don’t recognize the difference the details make until they are presented to us, and very often there are details that we don’t notice at all until they are taken away.

These are the details that contribute to the function, comfort and everyday usability of a high-rise residential property, and they can be very subtle – right down to the width of corridor, depth of staircase, entrance and exit design, guard house, drop-off area, ceiling height, lobby design, car park design, common facilities, layout design, landscape, material and method used to craft all the components of the development to ensure the comfort and safety remains intact after many years.

After all, home is supposed to be our sanctuary – a place to heal when you feel weak, place to regain your strength, place to feel safe sand secure physically and emotionally. A place you feel at peace, a place where accept your love and comfort unconditionally.

A place where you can feel the heartbeat.

The Master Plan

Just a quick recap on the latest overall development master plan; Aster Residence Cheras is the R+P development (TODe) sitting on an approximate 2.82 acres of leasehold land along Jalan Cheras Hartamas with a gross development value (GDV) of RM445 million.

Quick facts

  • Developer : Amber Homes Cheras Sdn Bhd
  • GDV : RM445 million
  • Location : Jalan Cheras Hartamas @ Cheras Hartamas next to MRT Station Taman Connaught
  • Property Type : Residential High-Rise Serviced Apartment
  • Land Title : Commercial (under HDA)
  • Tenure : Leasehold (expiring in 2111)
  • Land Size : 2.82 acres
  • Target completion date :  2nd Quarter of 2022 (48months)
  • Number of block : 1 (divided into 3 zones)
  • Number of floor : 38
    • Level G-P7 : Carparks
    • Level 1 : Duplex and Facilities
    • Level 2 : Facilities
    • Level 3 – 38 : Residential Units
  • Total units : 960
  • Total density : 341 unit/acre
  • Total number of lift : 11 (87 unit/lift)
  • Architect : CL&O Architects Sdn. Bhd
  • Landscape Architect: MLA Landscape Architect
  • Civil and Structural Consultant: PKLL Perunding KL Lau
  • Mechanical and Electrical: JKM M&E Engineering
  • Bumi Discount : 5%
  • Security System : Access card control at Guard House, Lift Lobby & MRT Link bridge Door

The Architect

A contemporary approach to the digital age is the underlying design intent, where the use of bold forms and distinct angles create a harmonious blend in design composition. From the main entrance approach right until the entry into the efficiently-designed units, the residence exudes a seamless integrated experience, and is reflective of the definitive modern lifestyle.

CL+O Architects

Do  you know…

CL&O Architects is the same architect for Sunway Rymba Hills by Sunway Property – FIABCI Malaysia Property Awards (Residential Low-Rise Category) – Winner (2014) and Sunway Property’s latest project in Mont Kiara – Sunway Mont Kiara Residence.

Their noticeable portfolio includes

Hana Garden Jade Hills By Gamuda Land
  1. Hana Gardens @ Jade Hills by Gamuda Land
  2. Sunway South Quay by Sunway Property
  3. The Challis @ Sunway Damansara by Sunway Property
  4. Palazzio @ Sri Hartamas by Sunway Property
  5. FIABCI International Property Award World Silver Winner (2014)
  6. FIABCI Malaysia Property Award Winner Residential Highrise (2013)
  7. Opal Damansara @ Sunway Damansara by Sunway Property
  8. Eaton International School @ Jade Hills
  9. Ridgefield & Parkfield @ Tropicana Heights Kajang by Tropicana
  10. 3 Harmoni @ Sunway SPK Damansara by Sunway Property

Facade & Concept

Aster Residence Cheras is actually a one block building development in ‘L’ shape. If one would to view the building from outside, the design might give you the illusion optic of 3 separated buildings sitting on the site.

The architect did very well in giving such a deep thought on it by introducing three different facades design in line with their 3 zones development concept – Zone A (366 units), Zone B (370 units) and C (Zone C 224 units). We would say this is rather refreshing for a development in Cheras.

3-In-1 Facade and Zoning Concept

It might look like 3 different separated blocks but in actual it is connected to each other via the lift lobby area. Although it is connected but you can’t roam freely from one zone to another unless during emergency.

The beauty of the design lies within the three different facades instead of adopting a single homogeneous facade across the building in order to ‘break’ the feeling of high density.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although it is just from psychology point of view (illusion), one has to give some credit for the effort (which cost more) putting in rather than not doing anything at all.

Zoning Heart Rate Living

Aster Residence Cheras 3- Zone

The effort does not stop here on just the facade itself. The ideology behind the 3-Zone concept goes beyond than that – Privacy Focus; where each zone is not only uniquely represented by different facade but it also exhibits different identity, lifestyle or energy level by definition.

How is it so? First of all, each zone has their own lift lobby but the ultimatum to achieve maximum privacy is where the developer and architect meticulously allocated certain type of layout in each zone to define its own lifestyle and identity itself.

Aster Residence Cheras 3 Zone Concept

If PROPCAFE would to define each zone, we will adapt the heart rate zoning analogy – Red (Zone A), Yellow (Zone B) and Blue (Zone C).

Photo Credit to

You will start to realize the zoning concept of Aster Residence Cheras is based on the synergy between product segmentation with design; and how the product layout design co-relates to the zoning concept.

Developer knowing the fact of Aster Residence Cheras is a transit-oriented development, the possibility of units being used as an investment instrument in the near future is likely to happen.

At the same time, Aster Residence Cheras being strategically located at such a ‘traditional’ location of Cheras will attract different pool of buyers who are seriously looking for own stay.

As most of us can’t avoid the possibility of nuisance involving privacy and safety arises from, but we always can do something about it from the beginning to minimize the impact or make it more manageable in order to create a more sustainable balance living among the home owners in long run.

It is all started from the planning and conceptual stage.

Understanding the Three Zones

The Red Zone A – Young & Energetic Oriented (Single or Young Couple)

Photo Credit to

Zone A consist mainly of Unit Layout Type A (360 units) of 650 sq.ft with 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms. 10 units on each floor served by 4 lifts (90 units/lift). It is obvious that this Zone A is targeted for those single or young couple profile market segment.

As type A has the lowest absolute entry price of from RM379,650 (RM584psf) making it the most affordable for young professional and also investors, Zone A likely will become the hot zone (so we call it the Red Zone) area with highest energy level due to its crowd profile.

It is anticipated to be the most vibrant zone as compared to Zone B and C with home stay activity regardless short term or long term.

Type A Layout

Type A 650 sq.ft

Type A layout of 650 sq.ft comes with 2 bedrooms with en suite bathroom. The bedroom is well spaced with capable to accommodate a double bed and wardrobe without much hassle.

The floor space utilisation is distributed equally (half to half) between room area and non-room area which is almost symmetry. Most of the thing with symmetry design is a nice, at least it doesn’t look awkward.  Since the bathroom is all en suite, visitor has to walk through the bedroom in order to access bathroom.

It seems like not so guest-friendly with this layout design but then again it this your main priority? How often you receive guest? Do you buy a home because of your guest? It is really a no-no if your visitor who want to use your bathroom has to walk thought the bedroom? You tell me.


The Yellow Zone B – Balance & Contemporary (Newly Wed or Small Family)

Zone B mainly consists of the Unit Layout Type B (252 units) of 810 sq.ft with 3 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms. Same as Zone A with 10 units on each level served by 4 lifts (90 units/lift) with a mixture combination of 3 units of Type A (29%) and 7 units of Type B (68%) per floor.

Type B is only available in Zone B. The absolute entry price of Type B is from RM461,550 (RM570psf) making it very attractive to those who has a small family or just married couple with budget constraint.

Zone B is more to matured crowd with contemporary and balance lifestyle with lower energy level as compared to Zone A.

Type B Layout

Type B 810 sq.ft

Type B layout is quite interesting. If you notice that the master bedroom is located at the entrance of the foyer instead of beside the living hall where most conventional layout would have done so.

The perk of this arrangement is making Type B to be more versatile and one can be easily converted to dual key concept home.  Of all the unit layout, only Type B where has to share bathroom for Bedroom 2 and Bedroom 3.

While this unit enjoy the layout of 3 full sized bedroom despite the small built up of 810 sq.ft, once has to compromise on narrower kitchen area. You just cannot to have it all with this price tag, can you?

The Blue Zone C – Light & Easy (Family Oriented)

Zone C has the lowest number of units per floor with only 6 units per floor served by 3 lifts (72 units/lift) only consists of 144 units of layout Type C (953 sq.ft) and 72 units of Type C1 (957 sq.ft) .

Type C or C1 is the largest unit layout (excluding the duplex unit) of Aster Residence and the only layout with balcony. In addition, all unit in Zone C is arranged in “Semi-D” concept where only one side wall adjoined to your neighbor.

Need not to say, Zone C is very much focus on the family-oriented lifestyle come with a large family and suitable for 2 generation home looking at the number of units and layout design.

Zone C is to cater for those for those who are seriously looking for own stay with comfort and privacy as their utmost priority.

Type C Layout

Type C and C1 layout comes with 3 bedroom + 3 bathrooms with balcony and each room has their own en suite bathroom for better privacy. The layout is squarish with diagonal room layout arrangement.

It is one of Amber Homes DNA layout arrangement from their previous project like Casa Green Bukit Jalil. Living area is located in between of the master bedroom and bedroom 2.

This arrange layout allow maximum light penetration into the layout and at the same time enjoyment of Cheras scenery no longer limited only to the living hall area and master bedroom but extended to bedroom 2 as well.

Aster Residence Cheras Type A Show Unit

The developer really put so much thought on the layout design that deserve our praise for their effort to make practical and flexible.

Type C and C1 can be converted to dual key concept easily especially for Type C1. Type C is possible to be converted to dual key concept except it just requires more work as compared to Type C1.

Type C1 is our favourite layout of all after the Duplex unit. All type C units are allocated with 2 car parks. Just to refresh you again the size of Type C and C1 is 953 sq.ft and 957 sq.ft respectively and the price starts from RM531,750 (RM555.6psf).

We think Type C will be the most popular choice.

Aster Residence Cheras Type A Show Unit

Do you know….

  • All bedroom comes with window and the ceiling height is approximately 2985mm (9.8ft)
  • The Main door dimension is 1200mm (W) x 2400mm (H) [3.9ft x 7.9ft]
  • Air conditioner units are pre-installed and provided for all units. (3 units for Type A and 4 units for the rest of other type). This will free up some of your time and hassle to get it installed when you receive the key.
  • The lift serving the building is using high-speed lift with approximate speed of 4m/s
  • The pump room is located at Level UG and Level 2
  • The clear width of the common corridor is approximately 1750mm (5.75ft)

The Yard – a Necessity or a Luxury

Most of you will notice that the yard is missing. There is no mistake that the developer omitted the yard on purpose. If you would have to ask us what are the room for improvement in term of the layout – The yard.

Nevertheless, we believe for every downside there will be the upside and vice versa. The omission of the yard in all layout of Aster Residence Cheras is a fact but we would like to further discuss on this matter for academic purpose.

We should not be turned off so fast or totally shrug off the idea of pursuing a new home just because of there is no yard area in the layout. The main reason behind the omission of yard area – need not to say further – mainly for cost saving to maintain the price point at an affordable range especially at this market climate.

If you notice, most development prior 2009 – 2010 if not all came with balcony and yard, that is before when the property price was generally much lower compared to now.

For example, at RM200psf -300psf, an extra yard of size approximate of 32 sq.ft will cost you less than RM10,000 but if you would want to compare with Aster Residence where the price selling price is from RM555.6psf , this will easily translate to the additional RM17,000 to RM20,000 to the selling price.

Whether this amount is justifiable or not, it is much depends on the absolute selling price of the property itself.

Thus, for developed or developing prime area, we foresee the omission of balcony and yard will be one of the next popular upcoming trends among developers, be it you like it or not. The “yesterday” used-to-come-with balcony and yard will become a luxury in the future.

Coming back to Aster Residence, we personally think it worth a try if developer would consider to provide the yard area at least for layout Type C and C1 if not for Type A and B considering the demographic of Cheras.

As for Type A and Type B, a complimentary dryer as good gesture could have done some sugar coating here, maybe.   

We think we should stop here for now. Let’s take a coffee break and enjoy the video, shall we?

If you enjoy reading until here and still with me, please continue to scroll down. It will take approximate of 5 – 8 mins of reading time. If not we suggest you return in another time.

Common Area & Facilities

Aster Residence Cheras will be a new milestone of Amber Homes – their first flagship “premium” high-rise residential transit oriented development compared to their previous developments where are more to conventional and mass market oriented with minimum offering in term of aesthetic value and facilities.

Main Lobby Area

Although Amber Homes has a long history in property development business but they are considerable new in this category as we have yet seen any of their previous track record in this product segment. Thus, we are just as curious as you how this will turn out in the end and for that we have to revisit and see the actual product in 2022.

Nonetheless, everything looks good at least on paper with its refreshing concept, designer chic lobby, artsy water feature and full-fledged facilities.

Ground Floor – Drop-Off & The Lobby

Guard House Entrance and Lobby Area

Despite the small plot 2.82acre of land size, it does not hinder Amber Homes from putting effort to make Aster Residence as stylish and elegant as possible – starting off with their (approximate 16.4ft height) designer chic lobby and (approximately 21.3ft height) drop-off area design

Main Lobby Area

Lift Lobby

Level 1 & 2 – Sport Facilities, Swimming Pool and Podium

One of the highlights of the Aster Residence Cheras facilities are the indoor half basketball court, futsal and the badminton court located on Level 1.

Aster Residence Futsal, Badmin and Basket Ball Court
Futsal, Badmin and Basket Ball Court

It is rather rare for development to offer such a generous wide range of facility especially the indoor futsal court and badminton court with its ceiling height of approximately 37.7ft ( for those who cannot imagine, it is almost equivalent to a 4x ceiling height of typical high-rise unit)

Half Basketball Court

Other common facilities where normally offered in any development like swimming pool, gymnasium, function room and multipurpose hall is located on level 2.

Aster Residence Swimming Pool
Olympic Size Swimming Pool

The developer has to split the facilities into 2 level due to its small land size but the thing is developer didn’t try to cut any corner in term of facilities offering.

Aster Residence Pool Frontage Gymnasium
Pool Frontage Gymnasium

As far as we know, Aster Residence Cherass could be one of its kind in term for facilities in Cheras by just looking at the futsal court and badminton court where we don’t see often nowadays.

Wading Pool

Don’t get so much excited yet. The more you have, the more you need to maintain. We want everything in the world but when asked to pay, not everyone is willing to pay. Sometime there is an advantage to have higher number of units in a development when come to maintenance fees.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The estimated maintenance fees for now is RM0.35 psf.

Car Park

Car Park

Sitting beneath the facilities floor will be the 7th storey car park podium (G, P1, P2 … P7). Firstly, please take note that each car park level height is approximately 3300mm (10.8ft).

The height is unusual higher than the standard car park height clearance (min 2.1m).

Why would the developer want to spend additional cost for it?

Bear in mind that cost of construction of building the multi-storeys car park is an upfront cost of *development for developer.

Perhaps the developer has a good foresight seeing the design of car will be higher in the future. Maybe. Please continue to scroll down if you want to know the reason.

By the way, the car park facade on the scale model is a bit of let down. Developer perhaps should consider some nice cladding for the cover up so that it does not look too “dry” considering this is an “upscale” development.

For example shown on photos below :

Example of cladding design on car park. This is not the best but at least something done.
Example of cladding design on car park. This is not the best but at least something done.

Sometime is this kind of small little details which does not cost much can do magic to uplift the building image to be more approachable.

Merry-Go-Round Car Park

Photo Credit to

Most if not all buyers tend to neglect the importance of multiple level car park design – the number of levels of the car park.

The next question you might want to ask yourself is where is your car park will be located – lowest or highest floor?

Although Aster Residence Cheras is directly connected to the MRT Station, however we can’t deny that driving is still one of the commonly used mode of transport, at least for now.

Car Park

Now, imagine that your car park is located on the level P7, please help us to do a simple calculation on how many “merry-go-rounds” turning needed, additional time and gasoline consumed for you to get in-and-out on daily basis.

Amber Homes realizing that this might be one of the potential concern for the owners. Thus, they came out with a solution – Multi-storeys Tandem Linked-Ramp.

The car park ramps are aligned in tandem orientation from UG to P3 and from P3 to P6 to shortened the distance traveled on ascending or descending the car park building.

Visual & Sound Effect

There is undeniable fact on the existence of High Tension Cable (HTC) in the proximity of the land where Aster Residence Cheras is sitting on. Amber Homes has had anticipated this will be one of the major question  from  buyers.

No home owners would be happy if their unobstructed view is being distorted by any sort of un-scenic structures such pillars, buildings or pylons. Not to mention it is considered as bad thing for those who believing in Feng Shui.

In order to overcome this, developer had spent the additional cost on elevating the height of each car park’s level to 3300mm or 10.8ft (where normally from 2.3m to 2.8m) so that the height of the podium (Level 2) from the ground level will be approximately 45.2m (148 ft) which is more or less same height as the HTC. If including the perimeter wall height, the total height will be around 49.5m (162ft); and higher than HTC.

Furthermore, the height of the lowest floor residential units on level 3 will be approximately 51.2m (168 ft) measuring from the ground level as a result of increasing the height of the car park on each level.

Thus the primary concern of unpleasant sight of the ugly HTC in front of your unit is being taken care of in away.

Actual View (Cheras Hartamas)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Actual View (Alam Damai)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Actual View (KL)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Actual View (Kajang)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you are still not convinced, you might want to consider want to consider those units facing Jalan Cheras/Alam Damai. However, the sales chart indicates differently where the take up rate of units facing Jalan Cheras/Alam Damai is slower compared to units facing swimming pool/ Cheras Hartamas notwithstanding that the HTC line is running along on the side of facilities/Cheras Hartamas.
Video Credit to Horizone Pictures

We suspect probably buyers are more concern about the noise from the the MRT line as well as Jalan Cheras. We had done an actual site visit during the day time to gauge the noise level ( this is solely based on our feeling and experience since we don’t have sound level meter to measure the dB level) and we think it is still within our tolerance level while the benefit of MRT connectivity and accessibility is taken into consideration deeply.

An upgrade of good quality double glazed windows might do a great wonder here. We think the buyers should be worry more on the noise from their neighbours instead.

The approximate distance from MRT Taman Connaught to Zone A , B and C is 120m, 98m and 65m respectively.

Timing & Decision

Timing? It is never the right time until it is the right home or property. When it is the right property, you don’t think about things like “timing”.

You only think about how you can reorient your life to this property which you think is right for you where require your long-term commitment, because nothing has seemed to matter more.

But how do you know whether this is the right property for you? You can seek the answer from as many people as you wish but only you have the answer because only you know yourself the best.

First of all, you have to drop the idea or your fantasy of perfect home – Prime location but not leasehold, good accessibility but free from toll, connected to railway but not too noisy or rowdy, good range of facilities but low maintenance fees, convenience but not too congested, cheap but good quality and the list can go on and on.

Perfect home simply does not exist.

You have to sort out your priorities based on the right value proposition of the property – The Location, Price and the Product according to what you need and not what you want.

Once you had identified your priorities based on what you want, amplifying its value by learning on how to appreciate the strengths and embrace the weaknesses of the property.

We recommend you to read this if you want to know more on the 10 most common mistakes that the 1st time home buyer makes.

The Closing

Having say so, Aster Residence Cheras likewise won’t be indifferent as it has its own strengths and weaknesses.  Aster Residence Cheras might not be for everyone but it could be suitable for those who has been looking for a home which is connected to MRT station exclusively with a reasonable price tag from a trustworthy developer and yet located not so deep inside of Cheras.

All in all, Aster Residence might not be the most fantastic but is undeniably one that has just the right balance in term of location, pricing and product itself for a directly connected MRT development in Cheras – for now.

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  1. Great write up! The way you write is hilarious in some way… And the photos in between are really nice and relatable. Are you a photographer? Never really feel bored reading your article the way you describe property. Really appreciate the time and effort. Keep it up. Always your supporter.

  2. Hi there! An excellent review!practically answered all my questions. 😁 I will be getting the 810 sqft unit facing alam damai. Level 25.
    The units facing segar has all been taken up. Thank you so much for your sharing.

  3. Love your special note! Didn’t know until I kept scrolling down and accidentally bumped into it. You guys really did a great job here. Really enjoying the way you describe about property. Didn’t realise that property can be written in such a way. Can’t find any website which can describe property this way! Thank you propcafe. Hope to read more about your article this year as I am plan to get my first home this year. 🙂

  4. Very nicely written. Although got some grammar mistakes but still can understand the message overall. Really enjoy reading this. Very neutral and factual review and I am considering to buy the Type C to upgrade my current home at Cheras. Do you have any advice which unit facing is recommended? Like you said I am kinda concern on the noise from the main road and MRT for Type C unit.

    1. Hi, I am just a potato here, but currently living in Saville @ Cheras which is connected to MRT Sri Raya (2 stations away). my unit is facing the main highway/MRT. what i can say is it is all depend on the material used by the developer. For e.g. the glass material (how thick it is) or even the rubber seal to ensure the unit is well insulated. for my unit here in Saville, facing main highway (with many racer & mat rempit – sorry if any of you are one of them) have no problem at all in term of the noise level if you close your window. only if you open your window then all the **** noise can be heard.. haha.

      My concern, those facing MRT in Aster are all facing west, with sunset. With great view come also great cons for me, which is your unit will be extra hot in the evening (due to the sunlight from afternoon till sunset). For me, i would consider unit facing east (sun rise) to ensure unit stay cool (even without aircond).

      1. Hi Hazim. Thank you very much for your time to share your valuable input about the noise. Saville Cheras is one of the closest development to MRT station and Jalan Cheras indeed. Cheers.

  5. Hi! Thanks for the comprehensive review especially the photos of the view of each facing. May I know is there Type B facing Cheras Hartamas still available?
    After read your article, my mind started to be more clear! Especially this statement had enlighten me…
    “You have to sort out your priorities based on the right value proposition of the property – The Location, Price and the Product according to what you need and not what you want”
    Initially I was contemplating and cannot decide whether Type B or Type C. But thanks to your write up! so for now what I need is Type B 🙂 for my budget.

  6. Thank you for part 2, really well written and much information in it, a question here. How do you feel about the rental price in Aster gonna be when it is completed ? As surrounding Aster, there is roughly about 3-4 projects on going

    1. The rental at Cheras is definitely not as high as other area like KLCC or Bangsar. Rental Vs Property Price’s gap at Cheras is getting wider. There are lot of projects going on at Cheras in the vicinity of Aster but each of the developments is unique and cater to different people. You know which one suits you the best when you see it all. Hence you need to see which development that gives you the best proposition for your money. As for the rental, we don’t have a crystal ball but if you check on Saville Cheras another 2 stations down, the studio rental market is asking at RM1,400 to RM1,600… I am also wondering when Aster is completed in another 4 years.. if you have RM1,500 budget to rent a studio with MRT linked… where would you put your rental deposit on?

  7. Excellent review. Thank you. thinking to buy Type A ..

    1. Hi Hazim. Thanks for your kind words. For someone who is living in MRT linked property. I guess you must one of the MRT frequent user. Many Malaysians have yet to experience the benefits of living in transit oriented development but for those who had I am sure they will be happy. There is no perfect property in this world. Just a balance and priority check. And you are happy that what matter the most. Good luck on your getting Type A.

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