PROPCAFE™ Review : Aster Residence @ Cheras Hartamas – Accommodation ◦ Transformation ◦ Connectivity

Aster Residence Cheras by Amber Homes is the latest addition of transit-oriented development (TODe) at Cheras connected to MRT Taman Connaught (SBK26) . If you don’t know or never heard of this developer and if you want to know more about their latest project you can refer to our review here and our latest sneak peek of Casa Green Bukit Jalil here.

Since our latest entry of EkoCheras, there have been lot of developments going on around Cheras area. It is easily more than 8,000 units in the pipeline along Jalan Cheras. All this while, we have kept our eyes on the ongoing transformation of Cheras related to property. PROPCAFE has quite a high stake at this area. We guess you might be curious why Aster Residence Cheras this time? What so special about this development?

And we are here to tell you a story… so go get yourself a coffee and a cozy corner to start with. The reading time is about 15 – 20 minutes.


It is because Aster Residence is the  Railway + Property” Development (R+P) where a development is integrated and directly connected to the MRT station. Unlike other development – the access, integration and connection point of R+P development actually starts from within the boundary of the development itself and ends at the station building or platform.

There are not many similar R+P developments model like this along the MRT SBK line especially those MRT stations at Cheras although many claim there are “connected” or within “walking distance” but for us the R+P development is just different.

Location of Aster Residence

Aster Residence Cheras Location

Aster Residence Location
Aster Residence Location

Aster Residence is sitting on a rather small plot of 2.82 acres leasehold land at Taman Cheras Hartamas, Cheras.

Cheras where again? Oh my God. Cheras! It is far and very heavily congested. Why Cheras? These are the common reactions or perceptions when one ever brought up the word of Cheras in their conversation.

The exact location as per Google Maps

GPS Coordinate 3°4’49″N 101°44’44″E Google Maps

Do you know…

Cheras is divided into two parts i.e Cheras Kuala Lumpur and Cheras Selangor? The distance from KLCC to one of the nearest border of Cheras is just merely 4.4km away ( or ~ 10 mins by car).

Aster Residence Cheras Location

myth No.1 – Cheras = Far?


For many years, the context of “far” to describe the notion of Cheras about its location was true to some extent especially during the 80s and 90s where the infrastructure and connectivity was limited and still at the infant stage.

Cheras where once was coined as “ulu” or rural area has gone through rapid transformation although not the entire Cheras. Today, for those who are still witnessing the growth of Klang Valley or Kuala Lumpur since then more likely will concur with us that the boundary of Klang Valley has evolved tremendously to Greater Kuala Lumpur redefining the new boundaries of Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur.

Greater KL
Economic Transformation Programmed (ETP) Boundary of Greater KL [Source : SPAD Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat]

The expansion of boundary unconsciously redefines our psychology barrier of “far” under duress from economic pressure (property price) slowly but surely it will over a long time.  We can understand your frustration in keeping up or accepting this fundamental of never-ending expansion due to scarcity of prime land…

Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur

But it is entirely up to your choice to decide if you want to stay living in denial or accept this as new paradigm by embracing this inevitable phenomenon.  Today at this rate of expansion, we won’t be so presumptuous to associate the word “far” with Cheras; at least not for Cheras Kuala Lumpur before asking which part of Cheras?

The boundary is actually expanding at a faster rate now especially with the introduction of MRT lines from the Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley Region Master Plan. Maybe you don’t realise it.

Do you know….

Definition of Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley Region.

“One element of the Key Entry Point Projects (EPP) is the Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley Connect which is about land public transport within the urban city”. [SPAD]

Source : SPAD

fact No.2 – Cheras = Jam! [Traffic Congestion Area]

EkCheras Traffic at Jalan Cheras
EkCheras Traffic at Jalan Cheras

We are not trying to change the perception nor bend the facts that Jalan Cheras is one of the highly congested roads during the peak hours. It is a well-known fact that Cheras is heavily congested especially during peak hours due to it is a heavy populated area with more than 100 over “taman-taman perumahan” (residential enclaves).

Cheras is one of the Top 5 in term of number of registered voters (78,819) in Federal Territories based on the latest statistic obtained during our General Election 14 which happened not so long ago.

Federal Territory
Federal Territory Wilayah Persekutuan

We are using the number of registered voters as the data reference here because legal age to obtain a car driving licence is 17 years old and the minimum voting age is from 21 years old. This will help to correlate the possible number of actual legal drivers from Cheras.

Assuming conservatively that all registered voters in Cheras have a car driving license and if 50% of them own a car; that would be 39,410 cars on the road. Can you see why the traffic at Cheras is horribly congested during the peak hour?

Aster Residence MRT_Taman_Mutiara

As this number likely will keep on increasing, the road congestion issue will only become worse and more unpredictable.  No doubt that MRT is one of the solution to relieve the burden of the traffic on the road but it won’t break the deadlock.

Nevertheless we shall not underestimate the potential value of MRT would bring those development which connected to MRT in the near future.

For now, let’s focus back on the location.

Taman Cheras Hartamas

Aster Residence Location

Taman Cheras Hartamas is one of the late coming smallish township at Cheras Kuala Lumpur sitting at the border of Selangor-Federal Territory. This part of Cheras bearing the postcode of Kuala Lumpur means that the development falls under the jurisdiction of Kuala Lumpur City Council – DBKL.

Aster Residence Taman Cheras Hartamas

Taman Cheras Hartamas is smacked at the centre of triangle formed by its matured cousin townships – Taman Segar, Taman Connaught and Taman Cuepacs.  Looking at these matured and established townships nearby, it carries the meaning of its establishment in term of basic amenities within an arm length reach. Now the only thing which matters most here is the accessibility which will lead us on the next question asked – the accessibility and connectivity.

Aster Residence is sitting along Jalan Cheras Hartamas which serves as the daily main access road for its residents. The development land is in between of Taman Cheras Hartamas and MRT Taman Connaught (SBK26). The photo below will explain better than words.

Aster Resicence Cheras Site Location

Despite the land is not flat and comes with gradient slope towards the MRT station, it does not deters developer from building a 56.7m direct link bridge to connect to the elevated MRT Taman Connaught station.

Aster Residence – Looks near yet so far. Without the link bridge, it is impossible for the resident to access the MRT station due to the slope gradient of the land area in between.
The 56.7m Direct Link Bridge to MRT Taman Connaught From Aster Residence
The 56.7m Direct Link Bridge to MRT Taman Connaught From Aster Residence

The design of the link bridge is kind of futuristic and look more like a floating tunnel than just a normal bridge.

360 degree of Site Location

The site location is rather hidden from the view of Jalan Cheras. Probably you won’t really notice because it is partly blocked by the MRT Taman Connaught station. The site terrain and landscape is rather challenging for a high rise development.

It never cross our mind that this piece of land is possible to be developed into a high-rise development connected to the MRT station and for sure it requires an unusual amount of effort and the right skill but Amber Homes makes it possible.

Aster Residence Site View from Jalan Cheras Hartamas
Aster Residence Cheras Site Actual

Probably from the video, you will able to notice there is a HTC (High Tension Cable) near the site. We will come into more details on this later because probably this is one of the concern point to some of the readers. Please bear with us for the meantime.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Accessibility & Connectivity of Aster Residence

Road Network

  • Jalan Cheras Hartamas

Jalan Cheras Hartamas in front of the guardhouse
Jalan Cheras Hartamas in front of the guardhouse

The access to Aster Residence is very straight forward which is one of the good point of this development.

Jalan Cheras Hartamas will be your daily in and out road before connecting to the real world.

Aster Residence Main Access Road - Jalan Cheras Hartamas
Aster Residence Main Access Road – Jalan Cheras Hartamas

This stretch of road in front of Aster Residence looks like haven’t been maintained for a period of time with uneven surface with patches here and there.

It would be nice if the developer can consider to uplift the road condition with new tarmac and simple landscaping just like how the developer had done for their few past project developments.

Aster Residence Main Access Road - Jalan Cheras Hartamas
Aster Residence Main Access Road – Jalan Cheras Hartamas

Nevertheless, the access road in front of Aster Residence is a dual carriageway and is quiet with less traffic for now. It seems like a good spot for those visitors who are lazy to registered to park inside at visitor parking area. :mrgreen:

The question is will it be enough visitor car parking space? 🙄

According to developer, the total number of visitor car parking space is 96 💡 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  • Jalan Cheras ↔ Kuala Lumpur City Centre

→ To Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Aster Residence – From Kuala Lumpur City Centre via Jalan Cheras
Aster Residence – From Kuala Lumpur City Centre via Jalan Cheras

If you turn left from the entrance, you will be able to access to Jalan Cheras bounds to Kuala Lumpur City Centre (before MRT Station Taman Mutiara) via elevated flyover from Persiaran Lemak – Jalan Manis.

The distance from Aster Residence to Jalan Cheras is about a 1.3km drive (3-5 mins). Please take note that bottle-neck at the T-Junction of Persiaran Lemak – Jalan Manis during peak hour.

← From Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Aster Residence – From Kuala Lumpur City Centre via Jalan Cheras
Aster Residence – From Kuala Lumpur City Centre via Jalan Cheras

There is this “special” lane to Jalan Hartamas Cheras (to Aster Residence) if you are coming from Jalan Cheras. It is “special” because this lane is isolated from the main lane of  Lebuhraya Cheras – Kajang.

This lane will separate you from those other drivers who are heading towards Kajang diretion. It gives you an exclusive access to Jalan Cheras Hartamas and MRT Taman Connaught (as well as to Alam Damai, Taman Len Sen, Cheras Sentral and Taman Connaught).

Interchange for special lane which is isolated from main lane of Lebuhraya Cheras – Kajang from Jalan Cheras to Aster Residence.

The advantage of this “special lane” is able to separate those who are heading to Aster Residence from other vehicles who are going towards Kajang town’s direction. You will be able to escape the heavy traffic of this stretch of Lebuhraya Cheras – Kajang during the peak hour. However, it is quite tricky and confusing to access this “special” lane because it can be easily missed.

Entry Point to Jalan Cheras Hartaman from Lebuhraya Cheras-Selangor

This journey of this ‘special’ road to Jalan Cheras Hartamas (Aster Residence) is about 1km or 2 mins drive. It might sound a short distance to you but please do not underestimate the significance of this 1km on your journey to Aster Residence.

Probably we are looking at additional of +18 to 20 mins if you ever have had missed it during the peak hours.  Personally, we had missed this interchange few times but we guess practice will make perfect.

It just a matter of whether getting used to it. Or upgrade the traffic sign board by adding “Aster Residence” below the wording of “Taman Cheras Hartamas” might help?

  • Lebuhraya Cheras-Kajang ↔ Kajang or Cheras Selangor

→ To Kajang or Cheras Selangor

The moment you are off from guard house/entrance, turn right will give you a direct access to Lebuhraya Cheras-Kajang bound to Kajang or Cheras Selangor within 300m without any traffic light.

Exit Point to Lebuhraya Cheras – Kajang towards Kajang from Jalan Cheras Hartamas

←  From Kajang or Cheras Selangor

For those who are returning to Aster Residence from Kajang / Cheras Selangor direction via Lebuhraya Cheras-Kajang, there is a dedicated U-turn flyover at Jalan Cheras before the Station MRT Taman Mutiara (Leisure Mall). The journey from this U-Turn flyover to Aster Residence is about 2.2km away (3 to 5 mins) via Jalan Cheras Hartamas

  • Lebuhraya Hubungan Timur – Barat / East-West Link via Jalan Cheras

  • Sungai Besi-Ulu Kelang Elevated Expressway (SUKE)

SUKE Route [Source :]

The RM4.63 billion SUKE project from Sri Petaling (where KESAS ends) to Alam Damai, Cheras Hartamas, Bukit Teratai, Taman Kosas, Pekan Ampang, Taman Hillview and ends at Bukit Antarabangsa will be linked to the MRR2, DUKE, AKLEH, KL-Seremban Highway, Cheras–Kajang Highway (Grand Saga), Besraya and Kesas highways. For further reading please click here

Aster Residence Cheras Hartamas SUKE Interchange

Cheras Hartamas interchange to SUKE is not far away from Aster Residence and would be ready by 2020 if no delay.

The Integrated “Railway + Property” Development (R+P)

There are not many property developments (the R+P development) which connected to any of these 31 MRT stations on the 51km MRT SBK line. Those self-proclaimed that they are near to the MRT station or within walking distance; most of them just want to share the glam of MRT but make no mistake. Those are not the R+P development.

The starting point of the 56.7m link bridge from Aster Residence to MRT Taman Connaught

The R+P development or transit-oriented development is when the development is integrated and connected to a railway hub (such as MRT Station). The access and connection starts from within the boundary of the development itself with a proper covered pedestrian walkway which conducive to walk,  safe from  traffic hazard and protected from our country’s weather conditions.

and Aster Residence  by Amber Homes is a R+P development connected to MRT Taman Connaught.

*Additional enhanced features like disabled-friendly (OKU), security surveillance or CCTV, air-conditioned, free WIFI will be a bonus point if being provided! :mrgreen:

MRT Taman Connaught

MRT Taman Connaught (SBK26) – MRT Sungai Buloh – Kajang Line

Aster Residence is 6 stations away from the new MRT SSP Line Interchange at MRT Tun Razak Exchange with about 18 mins traveling time from station to station.

Aster Residence MRT Taman Connaught

Shoppers can hop in and hop out at MRT Bukit Bintang which is 7 stops away or about 21 mins of travel time (station to station) from Aster Residence.

Frequent flyers can opt for the ERL KLIA Express service at MRT Muzium Negara which is 10 stops away or 30 mins of traveling time from station to station.

Do you know…

Aster Residence is one and only high-rise residential development  connected to MRT Taman Connaught (SBK26) which is also the last MRT Station located within Cheras Kuala Lumpur at the border of Federal Territory and Selangor.

Below is the summary of estimated travel time from Aster Residence via MRT Taman Connaught to other stations.


The “Down Under” of SBK Line – South Zone

We will focus only on “southern” zone of SBK Line since Cheras is part of it instead of focusing on the entire line of SBK where the scope will be too wide and we reckon it will make things more complicated. Maybe we will save this one for the “coffee session” with PROPCAFE in near future.

There are 16 MRT stations [South Zone] in total from MRT Bukit Bintang (SBK18A) to MRT Kajang (SBK35) with the assumption that MRT Bukit Bintang station (SBK18A) is the middle point of SBK line.

Aster Residence MRT Taman Connaught
Aster Residence MRT Taman Connaught

You might want to start to count now and ask how many property developments are R+P development which is truly connected to these 16 MRT stations? Actually not many especially within Cheras area.

The R+P development usually is rare and often come with a premium price tag because the number of MRT station and the land surrounding MRT station is always limited.

Moreover bear in mind that not all project development will be granted direct access or connection to the MRT station.

This is the exact platform area of the MRT Station Taman Connaught where the link bridge will be connected from Aster Residence

Nevertheless, with the limited supply of the R+P developments on the “Down Under” of SBK Line already making Aster Residence such a unique and valuable development.

The next question you might want to ask at this point of reading is “how much?”. The price of Aster Residence starts from RM368,620 or RM541psf nett after rebate.

Time to guess…

Do you know what is the price of other R+P developments on the south zone of SBK Line – TRX Lifestyle Quarter, Sunway Velocity, EkoCheras, Saville Cheras and Metro Cheras?

Aster Residence Cheras
Aster Residence Cheras – R+P Development

The “56.7 meter” R+P development – Aster Residence

The size of covered pedestrian link bridge is 56.7 meter in length and 3 meter in width making Aster Residence as one of the nearest development connected with MRT Stations in Cheras.

It is only exclusive for the residents of Aster Residence via a security card access door on the car park level G.

Section View of Link Bridge connecting MRT Taman Connaught to Aster Residence

The cost of the bridge is funded by the developer and managed by JMB at a later stage.

What it is so good about being living near to the MRT station? If you are those who commute MRT daily, the walking distance to the MRT Station most likely is one of the most important criteria.

When walking is a daily ordeal

Aster Residence Link Bridge to MRT Station 56.7m cross section view With HTC Cable Height

Why such a big deal with the 56.7 meter linked bridge? It won’t be such a big deal if you don’t need it daily. If your frequency of commuting via MRT is very high then shorter distance means shorter walking time. It is all about “time-saving” and for better safety reason.

When we are comparing between walking 50m and 500m, we think that 500m walking distance is still acceptable provided if you do that once awhile but if it is on daily basis (5 days per week) then the former one likely will be the preferred choice.. we think.


Although it is usually the ideal case but it is not always the best scenario to live as near as possible to the MRT Station for some reasons like the incremental of the noise level. You just have to strike a well-balanced between noise and walking distance (assuming price is not an issue).

The perks of being the R+P development

Emotional Health

Flat battery or tire, car maintenance, car accident, car park issue, price fluctuation of petrol, road bully and unpredictable traffic condition due to heavy downpour, road closure, car break down in the middle of the road, flash flood or car accident – does all these sounds familiar to you?

If commute via MRT directly from your home able to help you to solve the equation and give you a peace of mind, would you want to consider this alternative option?

However, other than cost and environmental effects, we think one of the best thing about MRT is it gives you a higher stability, certainty and “in-control” in your life in term of time management – giving you a peace of mind, lesser anxiety and stress level which in directly improving your emotional health.

The Missing Link to Connectivity

The Missing Link

One of the main issue about this MRT thingy is the connectivity to the station itself. We might have feeder bus service, e-hailing service, cab, and even multiple storey carparks being built but there is nothing really as convenient as the R+P development when you compare it with those typical development which is just “near” to the MRT station. Then again, whether it is gem or not, still much depending on the price and location.

Surrounding amenities

Walk, Ride or Drive?


Aster Residence is a standalone high-rise residential development. There won’t be any commercial elements or shop lots incorporated within the development itself.

Cheras Sentral
Cheras Sentral

Your best bet for the nearest commercial area within walking distance from Aster Residence is Cheras Sentral Mall. We just hope that Cheras Sentral Mall will be able to sustain until when Aster Residence is completed.

Ride And Drive

However, that does not mean Aster Residence is at no man land. Aster Residence is blessed with abundance of ready amenities and established commercial area which can be easily accessible either by MRT railway or road transport.

EkoCheras Mall, Leisure Mall Cheras, Taman Segar and Taman Connaught commercial area where you can get all your daily fix in few minutes of drive or just one train stop away. From our test ride, the time from MRT Taman Mutiara (Leisure Mall) to MRT Taman Connaught (Aster Residence) is about 1min 35s.

Video Clip of MRT’s journey from  MRT Taman Mutiara (Leisure Mall / EkoCheras) to MRT Taman Connaught (Aster Residence)

We won’t go into details on the surrounding amenities since we had discussed it in great length from our previous write up of EkoCheras. The surrounding amenities of Aster Residence will be more or less the same as EkoCheras. You can read it here.

to be continued…

That’s all for now – Aster Residence @ Cheras Hartamas – Accomodation ◦ Transformation ◦ Connectivity

The review is split into 2 parts because we think it would be too long to post in one article. We notice that some of you already started to yawn.  We will give you some time to digest today’s posting.

Next week we will look at some other details and go deeper on Aster Residence – Overall Masterplan, Layout, Pricing and Concern Points. We promise this one will be shorter but something worth to wait for.

Mean while #keepcalm and #goneriding

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  1. Very detail and sharing of knowledge.
    One of the best review I ever read for real estate.
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    1. Hi Jolene,
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  2. Yup. I agree with PROPCAFE. There are too many projects that say link or walking distance but not many like Aster Residence . Direct connected from point to point and only exclusive to residents. You don’t walk with public who is going in/out of the station. I feel so much safer in this sense. Safety during my walking joourney is my utmost priority because i am female and take mrt to velocity everyday. This is the biggest difference to other so called linked projects at Balakong and Taman Pertama. Thank you PROPCAFE for pointing that out! Kudos to the team

    1. Hi Hazel, Thanks for your message and sharing your personal views with PROPCAFE’s community. Feel free to share more in the future. Your comment could be something small to you but it means so much to us! Thank you and hope you will continue to support us.Cheers 🙂

  3. Hi PROPCAFE, thank you so much for sharing your detail review. Recently my wife and I book a unit Type A. facing pool side. We are worry about the effect on the HTC to our investment. What is your view on the HTC and when will part 2 be released. Hopefully we can read your part 2 before SPA signing so it can help us to decide. Thank you and looking forward for your next write up

    1. Dear KC,

      Thanks for your message and support. We will try our best to come out on part 2. Good stuff usually need to wait and we hope you can understand of the tremendous amount of time spent by us voluntarily on writing an article for the public. Nevertheless we hope you you already subscribed to our blog or follow us on our fb so you will be first to be notified when part 2 is out fresh from the oven in these few days. Stay tuned.

  4. Best property Blogger in Town!

    1. Hi Mlc! Thanks for your kind words and appreciation of our work. You just made my day! Thank you very much.

  5. Good review of Aster…..have booked a unit which is overlooking the MRT station.
    Since with the private connectivity to the station of 56 metres or so only, I do hope you will address the noise
    pollution issue in Part 2 of your write up….

    1. Dear KH,

      Thanks for your kind word. I hope I could address the noise issue , unfortunately I am not from developer but just a humble property blogger. I am afraid it is something beyond what we can do on addressing the noise pollution. Nevertheless we will share what’s our view on it on patt 2 and it should not be long from now. Thank you again for joining PROPCAFE community.

      1. Hi.. many thanks for your response…..the other critical issue which I believe most buyers of this project will be concerned is that since this project is deemed service apartments, commercial rates
        for utility charges will be incurred. I read somewhere that if more than 60% already sold, developer
        could apply to the relevant authorities to charge based on residential rates, is this correct?

        If so, would this developer be doing this for the benefit of the purchasers?

        1. We heard from the developer that they will apply with TNB to convert the rate from commercial to residential. Please confirm directly with the developer again and share with here with out readers here if our understanding still correct . Thanks

  6. Would anyone be so kind to think which of this would be a better buy or 28 blvd for own stay- Age 47?

    Aster cheras ( 650++ sq ft): Major Pro- near MRT.
    Pro: Residential title. So cheaper utility bills

    Major cons: Near HTC

    28 BLVD(450sq ft soho): major pro: Beverly hill groups.Spore management- Maple tree
    Major cons: Land title: Conmercial = expensive utility
    and nowhere near transportation. Shuttle service provided to nearest stAtion questionable and limited.

    1. actually, both are commercial title, have a check yourself at [search “Amber Homes” and you’ll find the approval details which specify it’s commercial/service apartments, for 28 BLVD, use “Best Boulevard” ]. But didnt stop me from considering Aster compared to 28 BLVD.
      Note, the partnership with Mapletree is more on the financing as Beverly is already a known Singapore & Malaysia based developer (but there is still some credibility in having the name there…. but it doesnt change the fact it is in Pandan Perdana).
      My advise go drive around 28 BLVD, see the shops,houses, apartments around the areas, walk around the nearest shops. Then drive over to Aster Cheras, walk through the MRT to Cheras Sentral, drive round the roads linking back to Leisure Mall and Cheras Hartamas. Have a feel of the area, coz it’s own stay, the numbers are about the same, ultimately “feeling/senses” etc matter.

    2. Hi Wen, as for your question I think it would be hard because home buying is a very personal and unique to individual. You might want to ask again what are the main priorities which fit into your requirement. All development is unique and have their pros and cons.
      Solely based on the advantages and disadvantages won’t be enough but just to assist you but most of the times you will be confused.
      Both projects are located in different location and demographic and one the major difference point is the connectivity of MRT.
      You might want to ask yourself what is the deal breaker for yourself. Is the utility bill really a deal breaker for you to decide?
      As far as I know the 28 BLVD and Aster land title is leasehold commercial. Both are the same, however the electricity rate, you can apply to convert it to residential rate with TNB.
      If I were you I will look at the location, price and connectivity first then slowly narrow down the priority. For eg asking myself the question :
      1. What is my budget
      2. Will i foresee to use MRT very often in the future?
      3. what are the size of the unit which I think I can live comfortably?
      4.Is this location and demographic suitable to my lifestyle?

      Hope it helps. Thank you for following us and have a nice day.

  7. Avatar Darrell Nathan says: Reply

    Great article, good info. Cant wait for the 2nd part..! Planning to book a unit there. 🙂

    1. Dear Darrell .. Thanks for your kind words and good luck. Cheers

  8. Very interesting article, was thinking of getting a unit there for invesment. What do you guys think ?
    Btw when is part 2 coming up haha

    1. Good info for prospective buyers!👍👍👍

      1. Thank you very much for your kind words! My last record, it was all sold for non-bumi and now only available is Bumi units.
        Maybe for prospective buyers need to wait for those loan rejects.
        This article not only serve info for now buyer but for future subsales buyer as well. 🙂
        4 years later, you need to look some where to get some insight of this project when you want too buy subsales 😉

  9. Aster or M vertica project by Mah Sing is better? And the HTC will not be affecting our health?

    1. Hi Chloe.Thank you for your time to leave a comment here.
      Whether is A or M, both have their ups and downs. It is all depend on what suit you the best and what is your priority – Location, Price, Accessibility, Density, Layout, Developer, Amenities, Safety etc.
      Until today on the effect of HTC to human can be scientifically proven.
      It is more like a myth similar to or can be analogous to supernatural force like “spirit” or “ghost”. But we know the MRT station is 56m away from Aster , that is factual.
      If you believe exist then you don’t think anymore. Once you has a strong belief into something, some time I think it will be very tiring to go against your “core”, self contemplating is one of the most tiring event. If you think HTC is harmful, you might want to give a deep thought on the mobile device you are having beside you most of the time 🙂
      Stay with us and there will be many more to come in the near future. You won’t be left out if you don’t leave us 🙂
      Please join us now and be part of the PROPCAFE™ community. Have a great year ending for 2018
      Good luck and wish you find your dream home.

  10. amazingly comprehensive and thorough review on Aster, Cheras. Keep up the great job with other development too. Since, your writing doesn’t sound bias and not a paid review, your judgement holds water and weight.

    U help potential buyer/investor like me putting things into perspective! TQ

    1. Hi! Thanks for your kind words and take your time to leave a comment here. Hope you really enjoy our write up. Stay with us and there will be many more to come in the near future. You won’t be left out if you don’t leave us 🙂
      Please join us now and be part of the PROPCAFE™ community. Have a great year ending for 2018

  11. Avatar Mohd zunaidi Mohd dali says: Reply

    Great ppl of Propcafe,

    Great day.. u guys must be very busy lately hence no latest update.. nevertheless, we are still waiting for your latest comprehensive and analytical review on any property project.

    TQ guys!!!!

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