PROPCAFE Review : Cyberjaya @ Love It or Hate It!

Cyberjaya featutres

Cyberjaya (as an investment location) is always a controversial topic among property investors. One can easily search from property forums to observe two distinct views on investing properties (especially residential) in this location. It often ended up with “You are either love it or hate it”. You can’t blame the pessimists if you understand the previous history of Cyberjaya, oppositely, the optimists are exciting about the potential value of Cyberjaya in near future because of the current dynamic and future prospect in this Eco-System based township. This blog will try to explain its history, review recent activities and project the future state of Cyberjaya. And hopefully, this blog can give you everything you want to know about Cyberjaya properties.

East: Putrajaya
South: Dengkil
West / Northwest: Puchong
North East: Sri Kembangan

What is the baggage of Cyberjaya?
It’s History! Cyberjaya is the pet project of former Prime Minister Tun Dr. M. It was a strategic alliance project between government, local and foreign private institution which proposed by famous global strategic consultancy firm McKinsey. It was a great vision from government to build an ICT multimedia super corridor like U.S. Sillicon Valley. However, the outcome proved that it was just a bit too over ambitious given the execution capability and resources in Malaysia. The project was also seems to be too big for the assigned master developer. Because of all these, the focus in few early phases was all on the ICT hub development with only minimum planning on the commercial and residential property development. This set the first flaw of Cyberjaya project.

Even with the mistake of the initial planning, everything went well in term of infrastructure and IT feasibility development with the help of government. It had attracted few hundreds MNCs to start its IT/ICT related operation in Cyberjaya. However, the cracks came in during Asian Crisis in 1997 when government and its partners suffered substantially. It led to the halt of this development which forced the change of Cyberjaya development’s structure and strategies especially on the project’s master developer and land ownership. Government technically bailed out this project and enforced different initiatives and ownership exercise on master developer and land owners. Unfortunately, the development in Cyberjaya was still at snail pace after the restructuring. Many residential investors (landed property) failed to enjoy the capital appreciation over 10-years period since 1997. For those who invested in condo or apartment, the pain was less as the investors still make decent positive cash-flow which contributed by the student rental market. The failure of proper planning and to build whole township by a single master developer (which caused the slow delivery) had destroyed investors’ confident in Cyberjaya. Today, many Today, many still confused on the direction and masterplan of Cyberjaya.

The changed of execution plan and consequences of crisis had provided a lifeline to Cyberjaya. The master developer/land owner started to sell and opened up the lands for other developers to join force and develop Cyberjaya. It allowed developers to build different type of properties, at the same time, stimulate new ideas and living concepts in Cyberjaya instead of restricted just ICT hub concept. This certainly helped and benefited Cyberjaya township as a whole as it also means Cyberjaya will deliver different types of development in a much faster pace compares to previous plan. The pace was intensified in last few years as many big or small developers stepped in this golden miles especially due to the limited lands available and surged of land prices in Klang Valley. The readied infrastructure and potential own-stayers (30k+ population of knowledge workers) in Cyberjaya have also attracted the interest of developers. Out of sudden, Cyberjaya land (yes previously deemed to be too expensive) becomes reasonable and buildable from developer’s point of view but it doesn’t mean it is cheap. The land sold to developers were still at the high side, therefore, it is not surprise that the launches in recent years were skewed to high-end or higher dense development in order to generate high GDV.

The problem starts here, investors feel that Cyberjaya prices are way too high given the insufficient amenities. The private developers have no choice but price it relatively high and offer higher end products due to land and material costs. However, it has all infrastructures readied together with a new masterplan being re-designed by Setia Haruman (which can be seen in Setia Haruman Office). If one goes through the masterplan, it is in fact a much better plan than many other townships in Klang Valley. Now, it is just a matter of execution. That’s what the vested or hopeful Cyberjaya investors are betting on. Then, many investors claimed that the township is not vibrant enough (yes, Ghost Town has been used by some forumers) since only limited commercial elements available at the moment. However, these group of investors need to realize that more mixed developments with commercials and residential enclaves are on the way. Almost all key developers are started to offer different products to fill the previous gap of this township particularly by building more lifestyle affordable properties to lure the existing 34k IT related knowledge workers to stay in Cyberjaya. At the same time, it is offering high-end landed residential for management level’s executives and non-Cyberjaya bound families to move in this green and unpolluted city. We will discuss it in great details later.

Summary of the past issues:
1. Masterplan execution too focused on ICT hub

2. No proper residential enclave for ICT workers

3. Only limited guarded high-end enclaves of landed residential for management executives/ expatriates i.e. lacking of full gng with clubhouse facilities.

4. The above items caused limited night population and biz opportunities

5. Less focus on the abovemetioned (due to limited capacity of master developer) made the development of residential properties in Cyberjaya to be more like student driven than family living. It is doesn’t help to keep the workers to stay in Cyberjaya.

6. Spiral effect happened. No big mall(s) or lifestyle entertainment/eatery will be available until night time populations are sufficient to sustain the biz there. Chicken first or egg first story comes into the picture.

Cyberjaya – Key Facts
Cyberjaya has a total land of 7,000 acres. It has developed 3,000 acres and left with another 1,000 acres of land to develop. The rest of the 3,000 acres are allocated for utilities. Master developer will be investing RM20 billions over next 5years (2012-2017) in Cyberjaya to bring this township to another level. RM2 billions have been spent so far. Many claimed that master land-owner was selling the land way too expensive which induced higher price of Cyberjaya properties but one should also know that the master developers and land-owner are to re-invest substantial amount into Cyberjaya to enhance the future infrastructure. The re-investment amount will be discussed later.

The current total population of Cyberjaya is about 52,000 (18k –Student; 34k Knowledge Workers) but it is estimated that night population is only about 15,000.

How about future population? The student population is expected to increase as three more universities/colleges (International University of Computing, Royal Islamic University of Malaysia, and Segi College) are coming to open their campuses in next 3 years. On the bright side, Cyberjaya already has an advantage to get population compares to new township as the MNCs already houses 30k+ over knowledge workers here, the effort to lure the new blood to stay here is lesser compare to other new township. Many still very skeptical on this but I have to say that no one would like to travel far away and stuck in the jam especially we talking about daily routine here. I am pretty sure if the township lively, many of them will choose to call it as their home. The catalyst will be the success of the execution of commercial developments in Cyberjaya. The estimation from developers show that by 2016 and 2020, the population will reach 100,000 and 210,000 respectively.

Cyberjaya City Wide Surveillance System
Cyberjaya is the first city in Malaysia to have integrated citywide closed circuit television camera (CCTV) that is links to the Malaysia Emergency Response Service (MERS) 999 system. The Command Centre is stationed at Cyberjaya police station. (Quoted from Cyberview website). It was completed in May 2009 with 30 CCTV camera installed throughout Cyberjaya Flagship zone.

Lake Garden and Community Club
Cyberjaya Lake Garden community club was completed in 2006 at the 15.6 acres site. Amongst the facilities available to the community are:
Function Hall; VIP Holding Room; Coffee House; Golf Driving Range; Squash Court; Futsal Courts; Basketball Courts; Badminton Courts; Swimming Pool; Gymnasium; Playground; Tennis Courts; Pool Room; Paintball; Beach Volleyball Court; Go kart circuit

Cycberjaya Cummunity Club at Lake Garden
Lake garden
lake garden 2

The Putrajaya lake which is near to the Cyberjaya border offers the family natural outdoor activities and the scenic view there is absolutely fantastic. Most Importantly, Cyberjaya is a clean and eco-system based city that has no industry pollution at all! Those sick of old and dirty township that comes with pollution will be delighted to move to Cyberjaya. The young IT entreprenuers can also start their office here (plenty of soho units available in future) as it comes with great IT infrastructure and transport (link to KL from its KLIA ERL station at Cyberjaya station). Again to attract more night population, the above requirements must be met and further improved.

Transportation System
Cyberjaya has one of the most complete transportation systems in entire Malaysia. It is extremely convenient for frequent traveller as it is 20 mins to reach KLIA or LCCT and KL City Center. The illustration below covers all the transportation systems available for Cyberian

By car – Highway
Cyberjaya has a direct link to major townships in Klang Valley via
– MEX highway (Maju Expressway) to KL City – Kg. Pandan less than 20 mins – off-peak. Well, peak period you
have to try yourself as it is irregular. The toll rate is about RM8 returns.
– ELITE Highway (North South Express Centre Link)
– NKVE (North Klang Valley Expressway)
– SKVE (South Klang Valley Expressway)
– NSE (North South Expressway)
– DPE (Damansara-Puchong Expressway/LDP)
Based on the linkages above, what else can you complain about?

By Bus
Bus/shuttle service called Dedicated Transportation System (DTS) is available to ferry knowledge workers from the Klang Valley, Seremban, Klang, Gombak and Kepong to Cyberjaya. The bus movement/location and issues are tracked by GPS and GPRS which the schedule will be updated in the website. The DTS serves 7 routes 24/7 and it charges RM213 per customer per month. See the route coverage and the example of the scheduling below.
Cyberjaya DTS-route
Eg of Schudule
Eg of BU schedule

By Rail
KLIA Express Rail Link (ERL) – This is the fastest way to reach Kuala Lumpur CBD (KL Sentral) from KLIA. This premium high speed train service (160km/h, only 3 stops) has a stop in Cyberjaya which operates with 15 to 20mins interval. If you are current LRT/KTM commuters, this train service will be a heaven to you (in term of space, speed, efficient etc). The monthly pass to KL Sentral is only at RM285. There is also Feeder Bus to bring passengers from KLIA Transit Cyberjaya station to various points of Cyberjaya. The routine daily of KL workers can be a joy after moving to Cyberjaya.

Future Enhancement of Transportation System
How about future transportation? There are many to look forward.

1. MRT – Under the proposal of 3rd MRT line, Putrajaya line is included in the plan which see 58km line from Selayang to Putrajaya. It links Bandar Baru Selayang to Putrajaya which ends ironically at Cyberjaya/Putrajaya ERL station.

2. MEX highway will be linked up with Sri Kembangan in near future. Opps. More traffic is expected on the MEX highway.

3. New Transport Terminal. This terminal will be built at the southern part of Cyberjaya which will be connected to future Putrajaya Monorail extension. (see below)

New transportation terminal
New transportation terminal2

4. The alternative route to Puchong (instead of paying toll to Puchong) is already accessible besides Setia EcoGlades development (but it takes one’s courage to go through the existing mudding road). See below

New access to puchong
Also Chinese school is within a short drive via this new toll free access to Puchong.
New access to SRJKC puchong
See Pic below which can bring you to the non-halal foods restaurant easily (for those can’t live without it).
Chinese restaurant along the new access 2
Chinese restaurant along the new access
By the way, recently I visited a non-halal restaurant at Cyberjaya (just to confirm it is available in Cyberjaya since many still think Cyberjaya is a halal restricted place), the photo below speaks it all. Another non-halal restaurant is on the way too according to my Cyberjaya folks.
New non-halal restaurant

Lazy to read? You may watch the quick summary of Cyberjaya video though it doesn’t cover all development.

Highrise Property Development

Recent trend shows Cyberjaya’s developers are crazily launching all high-rise developments to capture the current BBB (buy buy buy) sentiment particularly the pigeon hole size developments as it is more affordable. The investors need to aware on the supply issues in this segment as many still do not pay attention on the expected supplies in next 3 to 5 years.

Once you read the information below, you will understand why I want to stress that the rental yield in Cyberjaya will come down in near future. It is due to the competition and spoilt of choices for tenants since most of these developments are concentrated on the pigeon size studio/1 bedder or SOHO type.

Here is how I interpret it (but it could be subjective, so take it easy), we know that the current 3600+ units of condominiums are serving 18,000+ students and 34,000+ workers in Cyberjaya. Bear in mind that not all of them are staying in Cyberjaya. We need to cautiously analyse the situation and let’s assume that the current 12k students out of 18k students and 3k workers out of 35k workers are currently staying at the existing 3.6k residential units, mainly apartment or condo. It translates to about 4 persons per unit which look reasonable (given that limited number of studios available at the moment). It means, the future 15k+ units (which majority are small units) with the assumption of average 3 persons to share a unit require additional 45k population (students plus workers) on top of existing population to absorb this new supply. Well, with additional 3 universities/ colleges that planned to open their door in Cyberjaya, you may get around 15 to 20k students in next 3 to 5years but how about the another 25k tenants? Can the existing and future workers fill in this number? It is a big question mark. Not saying it is impossible, but to get more than half of existing workers to stay at Cyberjaya and to get non-Cyberjaya bound population to shift in here in such a short time is very challenging. For the landed properties, one can be more optimistics as we can understand that many families may want to have a healthy living environment, and bigger/nicer house to stay (given that the price of Klang Valley landed properties with reasonable already shoot over the roof!). But to move into high-rise from non-Cyberjaya area, Cyberjaya need to offer much better lifestyle than currently offering. Again, commercial development is the key to materialize it.

The list of highrise Offering in next 3 to 5 years (to be updated in the blog frequently, so do revisit us more!)
cyber condo stat
As at today (updated on 19 June 2013): Completed (3,988 units); Work In Progress & Future (estimated 20,844 units).
We are happy to have reader to save the information here for own use or post it to another forum. However, we would be very grateful if the reader could put the backlink there (i.e. quoting our With this, we will be more motivated to bring more good info to reader in future.

Oversupply of HighRise Property?
No matter how you look at it, oversupply is likely to happen in Cyberjaya’s condominium/apartment segment. The above analysis shows more than 15k units to be available in next couple of years. Of course, if you believe that half of the 35k professional working here will choose to stay in Cyberjaya, then the supply issue will be manageable. However, I would expect only about additional 20 to 30% of the young professional (8k to 9k) may choose to stay in Cyberjaya over next 3 to 5 years (means Cyberjaya requires about another 10,000 young professional to move over Cyberjaya according to analysis mentioned above to fill the rest of the supply. I think it is a very challenging number to achieve unless those young investors have no choice (or happy with Cyberjaya environment in 3 to 5 years time) and move into their own purchased units. Personal view is “High Risk” to invest in Cyberjaya highrise especially those pigeon holes size apartment. It is too competitive and rental yield will not be as good as now (significant supplies will kill the yield!). So, if you are the die-hard studio king, then picks the unit and development wisely to mitigate this risk.

Landed Property Development

Currently, Cyberjaya landed property is skewed to high-end property and there are around 500 units existing landed properties in Cyberjaya including the recently completed Summer Glades and Garden Residence (early phase). Although the number is acceptable, there are estimated of 2,000 units to be available over next 3 to 5 years based on the eights properties that are launched recently or going to launch soon, mainly contributed by Garden Residence, Setia EcoGlades and Symphony Hills project. All of these projects come with full G&G and facilities.

Cyberjaya Landed stat
Note: Updated on 19 June 2013 – Estimated around 2576 units
We are happy to have reader to save the information here for own use or post it to another forum. However, we would be very grateful if the reader could put the backlink there (i.e. quoting our address). With this, we will be more motivated to bring more good info to reader in future.

Cyberjaya’s land is expensive, I don’t foresee cheap or mid-cost landed properties (<800k) to be available especially G&G development. It means more high-end enclaves to be created in Cyberjaya. Is it good or bad? No one can answer it. As the price is high, one can notice that the developers are putting a lot of effort to sell it by offering more lifestyle concept living. Almost all landed property projects come with nice G&G, landscape and green concept to lure more own-stayers to choose Cyberjaya as their homes. Many Cyberjaya pessimist complained to me that why there are so many nice developments in Cyberjaya but not in the other part of Klang Valley! My answer to them is, move to Cyberjaya if you treasure more on modern, green, space, clean, and peace environment. Of course, you need to forgo many current lifestyle especially eateries you have in old township. As the non-forbes list rakyat, we can’t have the best of both worlds. Again, let’s talk about the supply of landed property. If one looks at the current demography of night population, it is clear that residential properties are oversupplied. Before you go down to understand the reason of why the night population is low, we can study the current situation of landed property residential profile in Cyberjaya. Majority of the landed projects are Bungalow and SMD except the recently completed Summer Glades and Garden Residence. The sign of moving in these developments is slow as the amenities in Cyberjaya are all in progress. Therefore, timing is absolute important to buy a property in Cyberjaya especially if it meant to target for non-Cyberjaya bound professional/Bizman. Can this situation change? Again, it depends on the execution of the commercial elements of Cyberjaya (oh, how many times I have been saying this). From the existing 34k workers, let’s assume that management level executives consist of only 10% of this 34k population. Out of this 3.4k management executives, I am conservatively taking 30% of this number as the executives who intend to stay in Cyberjaya or capable to buy the landed property here (considering household income –Dual Income). It derives about 1,000 professionals. So, again, it needs another 1500 families to fill the remaining 1,500+ units. This has to be further contributed by non-Cyberjaya related owner to move into Cyberjaya. Tough! Desa Parkcity takes 5 to 7 years to achieve this number and I seriously advise those investors to be cautious on investing property in Cyberjaya especially those who has no holding power or no intention to move into Cyberjaya under worst case scenario. Is that mean Cyberjaya landed property definitely No No for investment? Not necessary, investors can still buy the landed properties (not many landed property launches anyway in KV) but one should know how to pick the right development and units. In order to differentiate yourself from the rest, your development should have more unique selling points, e.g. Concept, Design, Layout, View, Size, Pricing etc. With right target subsales buyer group in mind, exit plan must be properly thought through and lastly holding power is the key for the city like Cyberjaya. Lovers can continue to buy good value properties in Cyberjaya and hates continue to sit on the fence to watch the situation in Cyberjaya. One thing which no one can deny is the change is definitely will happen but how long it will take is the million dollar question. Would Cyberjaya population grow exponentially? First, we need to understand the reason of people not choosing Cyberjaya at the moment. Why no night time population?
I talked to few Cyberjaya (and ex) executives to verify the reasons. Simple. “No Life”. But the
meaning of life is different from individual and the priority of individual is different too.
Without ranking it, these are the reasons:

– Lack of foods or variety of eateries. Need more non halal foods
– Foods are expensive
– No lifestyle i.e. No shopping mall to hang around with stylish cafe/cinema/drinking place etc.
– Not vibrant enough. Hardly see human traffic. So feel like ghost town
– No markets – Pasar malam or pagi to get daily basis needs
– Need more type of school e.g. Srjkc or Srjkt like other townships
– Current residential offering are mainly student type accommodation. Limited choice for more family type residential property. The current non-student type residential properties are limited and way too expensive for the knowledge workers in Cyberjaya.

Affordable Homes to help night time population?
One positive move from government is to set up the affordable homes zone in Cyberjaya. 2,500 homes are going to deliver under the master developer’s initiative. See the location and detail below. This will be a boost to night time population.
Affordable housing dev 2
Affordable housing dev
Affordable housing dev 0

We talk can about the night population till the cows come home (and still not having any conclusion). Many of the arguments are always go back to chicken and egg situation. There is no doubt that the completion of mixed commercial development in Cyberjaya will help to build up the night population in next few years. While many workers and students there are very excited on these developments (see the list below), i feel that it could be too many of them in such a short period. Funny huh, from zero commercial to grow at this speed. Before Cyberjaya becomes the township with 100,000 population, the risks are there as some could become fail commercials without large enough human traffic. That’s the continuation of debat. Zero – No Good, Many – No Good. Cyberjaya fans will scream to pessimist – What do you want? No matter what, the future commercial developments will reduce the concerns on foods and lifestyle in Cyberjaya significant.

So, it left with the schools and pasar pagi/malam issues. The latter shouldn’t be an issue as higher population will make markets available. The school issue is the one that even developer can’t do much. The developer Mah Sing has already earmarked a plot of land for srjkc but it all depends on government to say yes. Last heard was the proposal is to move dengkil srjkc to Cyberjaya instead and we shall see whether it will be materialised. Those intend to send kids to private school has no issue as there are already available in Cyberjaya (ELC, Kirby, Nexus) and many other choices within short driving distance (Tanarata, AliceSmith, etc). For time being, if SRJK(c) is compulsory for you, your choice will be limited to only Dengkil or Puchong school. (Latest Update – 3/4/13 – Ground Breaking Ceremony was conduct for the relocation of Union SRJK(C) from Perak. This chinese primary will be at the site of LakeFront Residence @ Cyberjaya and expected to open its doer in the end of 2014 or early 2015).

Landed property available now or launched recently are mainly higher-end G&G type property with the price tag above a million ringgit. Although developers mentioned there were many management level buyers from MNCs in recent launches, Cyberjaya still need middle class families to balance the demographic. I don’t expect RM600k to RM700k landed properties in Cyberjaya to be available so this group of buyers are currently only being offered high-rise choices, e.g. the family type of condo like Mirage by the Lake or Verdi. I believe this group of ownstayers is still prefer landed properties. If there is any landed property below 700k price tag in Cyberjaya, I can guarantee you that it will be sold out within a day. I see there is big gap to fill here (though I know it is unlikely to happen due to land cost in Cyberjaya). Developer please listens.

How long would it takes to change in Cyberjaya?
Those who are vested or interested to invest or ownstay surely want to know the answer because like what I said earlier, timing is absolutely important to invest in Cyberjaya. If you missed the timing, investors may not be able to come back again as they may not be able to afford anymore (be it ownstay or investment) after the township starts to take shape. The best example is Desa Parkcity.

Some think that 3yrs are sufficient but i don’t think so. The commercial (launched recently) needs time to establish and to attract people to stay in cyberjaya also needs time. The good thing is, it doesn’t need tremendous effort like Setia Alam or other totally new township to attract new blood/migrants to this place because the infrastructures are ready and it already has a big working population here. You just need to lure them stay here. Then the rest potential residents will come naturally from nearby townships (kajang, puchong, putrajaya, sri kembangan etc). My personal view is, it needs 5 yrs minimum from now to see a lively Cyberjaya and 7yrs to be a vibrant township(2020). Of course, one should not expect it to be as vibrant as TTDI, SS2, Kota Damansara, or Puchong. What i am saying here is it may become a self sustainable matured township which has everything that the residents need.

Commercial Development

As what we have discussed, many choose to stay away from Cyberjaya nowadays because it deemed to be a boring township with only MNC buildings everywhere. There is no doubt that Cyberjaya is lacking a proper commercial mall at the moment but how about in future? There many developments are in progress which will change Cyberjaya commercial landscape and fullfll the needs of Cyberian – Eateries and dining choices, cinema, entertainment, lifestyle river promenade etc.

Below is the list of commercials (most of it are mixed development with offices, hotel etc) that recently launched or going to launch in near future. Again, I feel that it will be oversupplied! (From zero to too many!).

1. D’ Pulze Mercato Shopping Mall
370,000 sf with TGV Cinemas (eight screens), Jaya Grocer, Yamaha Music School ,U Bowl Centre, Song Box, and a fitness chain.
dpulze mall
Dpulze Mercato_Shopping_Mall_

2. Centrus Shopping Mall
Centrus mall 3
Centrus Mall
Centrus mall 2

3. Skypark Mall
Skypark mall entrance
Skypark river promenade

4. Pangaea Shopping Mall called Gallery
Pangaea shopping-mall

5. Setia EcoGlades – Commercial Mall (Future)
Setia Ecoglades commercial
Setia Ecoglades commercial2

6. Gem’In Mall – Mutiara Ville
Mutiara Ville Gem In Mall

7. Shopping Mall and Street Mall By Eminent Ace
Street Mall and Shopping Mall
Gateway (Unknown) commercial

Other than these shopping mall, there are many development comes with retails and commercial components:

8. The place
Place commercial entrance
Place commercial

9. Shaftsbury retails – Completed
Shaftsbury square

10. Vita Courtyard Plaza Cyberjaya

11. Star Central – 6 Storey Hypermarket
Star central commercial

12. CyberSquare Retails
Cybersquare Commercial

13. Garden Plaza Retails
Garden Plaza

14. Glomac Cyberjaya
Glomac cyberjaya
glomac cyberjaya 2

What other commercial components are coming in Cyberjaya?
– According to my personal source, premium outlet will be established in one of the commercials above to bring in tourists crowds. The location of Cyberjaya looks ideal as it is half way between KL city centre and airport.

– Hotel. Tune and Ascott (D’Pulze), Pangaea, Skypark, Star Central Phase 4, Glomac Cyberjaya, Vita Phase 3, Project by Eminent Ace

Cyberjaya City CentralIt is located opposite the site of The Place development which is not too far from LKW University. Cyberjaya City Centre is aspired to be an iconic development of international standard in Cyberjaya. The 10 year masterplan is yet to be finalized.
city centre cyberjaya location
city centre cyberjaya

– There are many commercial shoplots and offices developments are on-going (and more to come) in Cyberjaya.

IOI City Mall – Although it is not in Cyberjaya, it is only few km away (toll free) to reach. I am not going to put too much non-Cyberjaya information here, one thing I need to highlight is, the retails area are bigger than Mid-Valley!
IOI City Mall
IOI City mall 1
IOI City mall 2

Putrajaya Lakeside Promenade. Again, not located in Cyberjaya but it is another commercial area that can attract more potential Cyberjaya residents. It also complements the existing Alamanda Shopping Mall (in my mind already has a very good mixed of variety for Putrajaya and Cyberjaya shoppers).
Promenande 8 Putra2
Promenande 8 Putra

From the momentum shown in Cyberjaya, I strongly believe the landscape of Cyberjaya will be totally different in 3 to 5 years time after the completion of commercial developments. To Buy or Not To Buy is an individual choice. This blog is trying to give more depth about the information of Cyberjaya development so that investors or ownstayers can make an informed decision. The next blog about Cyberjaya will be the chinese version and also SP Setia’s Setia EcoGlades Project, stay tuned!

To see the potential change of Cyberjaya, I list down all the current and future development photo/video for you to refer and enjoy.

Note: Majority of the videos and photos are obtained from the developers’ website. So, credit must go to the original source providers. I am only compiling the information here to ease the investors/ home buyers hassle so that everyone can use this blog as a one stop shop to go through all the development in Cyberjaya.

Cyberjaya New Development
(updated as at March 2013, it will be updated frequent, do visit us more frequently!):

HighRise Development

GardenView Residence
Gardenview residence

Domain IV
Domain 5

Shaftsbury Soho
Shaftsbury res

Serin Residence

The Arc

Dpulze suites 2
Dpulze suites

The Place
Place Resi
Place Resi 2

Mutiara Ville
MutiaraVille 1

Garden Plaza
Garden Plaza cambridge

Mirage By the Lake
Mirage resi2
Mirage resi1

LakeView Residency

Pangaea Solastice
Pangea solastice resi

Pangaea Paragon SOFO
Pangea Paragon SOFO

skypark resi

verdi resi1
verdi resi2

V’ Point Residence
Vpoint res

Hyve Soho
Hyve resi

Lavida Soho@ Vita
Lavida Vita resi soho1

Cybersquare Soho
Cybersquare Resid

Vega Residensi
Vega resi1
vega resi2

Star Central
Star central resi

Setia Ecoglades
Setia Ecoglades resid condo

CBD Perdana 3 -Soho
Centrus soho

Apex Residence
Apex Residence 1

Service Apartment By Eminent Ace
Gateway Eminent Resi

Lakefront Residence
Lakefront resi1
Lakefront resi2
Lakefront resi3
Lakefront resi4

Cristal Residence
Cristal residence1

Cyberjaya City Centre
Concept – Heard it was modified.

Landed Property

Summer Glades
Summerglades resi

Garden Residence
Garden residence resi

Mydiva Homes
mydiva resi

trillium resis

Symphony Hills
Symphony hills resi2
Symphony hills resi1

Mirage by the Lake
Mirage landed reis
Mirage landed 2

Setia EcoGlades
Setia Ecoglades landed1
Setia Ecoglades landed
Setia Ecoglades landed2

Sejati Residences
Sejati 1
Sejati 2

Cristal Residence

Cristal residence3


Location of each individual development can be found in the map below (last update 13 Jul 2013)
map_master PropCafe Update

We are happy to have reader to save the information here for own use or post it to another forum. However, we would be very grateful if the reader could put the backlink there (i.e. quoting our address). With this, we will be more motivated to bring more good info to reader in future.

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  2. Cyberjaya – I like but I like Propcafe more! I am getting to like you more. Very detail review! I believe till far now none have this compilation and data of Cyberjaya. Looking at this data, if I were to have had a unit , as an investor my leg will be shaking now. Without your review, did not know so many project in the pipeline!
    5 stars for you! Excellent!

  3. Avatar Fadzli Hashim says: Reply

    Nice review. Keep it up!!

    1. Excellent overview of ciber. Such details would put setia haruman into shame for sure.
      Readers need to remaided that the above statistics excluding what have been built i putrajaya, proposed building near dengkil and klia (kota warisan) and puchong south/seri kembangan.

  4. looking at the statistic and review here.. it seems like cyber is super bullishing mega city in the making… so it is either will be next ghost town or super wong city .not town!

  5. Great info on Cyberjaya. One lacking of Cyberjaya is tourists “must-go” place. If they build some kind of theme parks (like Johor Iskandar) there, sure will attract more tourists. More tourists mean more business for people and more activites will be gong on.

    1. yal..agree.. need a tourist spot … how about Yahoo or Google musuem? like premium outlet strore or cyber disneyland! … tourist shopping mall a bit challenging though.. given its location is quite a distance from the city centre

  6. great review. i think must have been the most detailed and thorough review so far on this subject and the previous ones. well done.

    have you considered doing one review for bandar kinrara? not much detailed review around or maybe i havent searched enough. but so far the infos came in pieces and a lil bit outdated.

    am interested to know more in the previous buying frenzy of Rimba Residence by Knox and the upcoming I & P condo nearby the new LRT in Bandar Kinrara.

    thanks for the great job.

  7. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Jeremy. Gd point. I m in fact thinking to put part 2 which is what do u you do in cyber. Need to do more homework 1st. Water themed park ll b in putrajaya soon, panda from ch8na is coming, many x things can do in cross border putrajaya. Stay tuned!

    1. Theme parks need land leh….and vast amount of it…..

      1. Can u do part 2 in Chinese language?

  8. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Few of readers mentioned thst lakefront mct was missed out in the blog. I left it unknow units for landed as no official number available. Also mainly are selling land not property. The highrise at lakefront is meant for pr1ma if i m not wrong so i m not including it. Hope this clarify.

  9. Well done propcafe!
    Lowyat.Net has a never ending disccusion of Cyberjaya
    Your review provide good information base.

  10. Well done! Keep it up~

  11. Great review n insight! Bravo

  12. Just don’t understand why the authority can approved 14 shopping malls, few universities but can’t even approve a small and most await srjkc?

    1. Avatar Student from SMK Cyberjaya says: Reply

      For your information, 90% student in SK CYBERJAYA and SMK CYBERJAYA are not from Cyberjaya. So, why would they open another schoool in Cyberjaya? Plus SMK Cyberjaya only has about 800++ student and 1200++ student in Cyberjaya. Not to mention other private school in Cyberjaya. And even in SMK Cyberjaya there only about 50+ chinese student.

  13. Thank propcafe, a very detailed article instead.

    I have been staying here for many years.
    The ERL actually don’t stop here and there’s currently no train service here.

    Public buses is great as it goes around this place for free.
    But going out from here is troublesome as you need to take a ride to Putrajaya for the ERL or buses to other places.

    Nice place for people from oversea just to stay, work and don’t need any entertainment.

    Food is definitely expensive for any locals or even students.
    It’s like living in city.
    Other than mamak stalls food, cheapest nasi goreng is around RM5.

    Chinese food is available in restaurant, but comes with a higher price.

    For now, there are too many development everywhere.
    Lorries driving pass everywhere too.

    I’m a bit sceptical about all these developments with all high rise buildings, with many small and expensive units.

    Where can a simple rakyat afford to stay at this out-of-town place?

  14. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Good feedback ray. From someone who r staying at ciber at the moment. Regarding the ERL stop, it is at the border between ciber n putrajaya. Some official portal claimed that the stop is at cyberjaya n other said it at putrajaya. It is not too far from garden residence. Definitely not ciber cbd. So i think perhaps we can say it is putrajaya/cyberjaya stop. Lol.

  15. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Guys, thanks for the kind words n supporting our propcafe blog! We ll try to share more valuable information in other interesting projects in future!

  16. Dear propcafe n readers, what do you think about Verdi?

  17. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Ownstay or investment? Why dont we discuss it in our forum? We can discuss under ciber thread there.

  18. For investment purpose. Thought to buy a 2 rooms apartment, but the price is not cheap (>500k for 958 sf).. Still thinking as there are so many condo launched n which one is a good buy

  19. Dear Propcafe,

    Excellent article! This does give a bigger picture of Cyberjaya and the developments. I’m hoping that the master developer and other players will look into creating a more feasible lifestyle to attract home buyers and investors. By the way, Shaftsbury SoHo is not developed by EMKAY but by Shaftsbury Capital Sdn Bhd.

  20. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Michelle. MBTL and Verdi so far are the nicest pure residential condo launched in Cyberjaya. Price wise is at the high side. So far, majority of the developments are more targeting for students or young executive. At least Verdi is a properly peaceful residential development unlike others. It is meant to cater more for family but 2bedder seems not adequate. 3 bedders will be more idea, however, price point is the key to consider.

    Hana, thanks for supporting us. I have amended the error on Shaftsbury developer name. I have put in the shaftsbury capital’s parent name as developer.

    I have updated Lakefront residence condo information in my list. It seems like i got the wrong information about lakefront previously (thought it is Pr1ma project). It seems like lakefront is not pigeon hole deve and size starts from 1.3ksft with estimated 410psf up.

  21. Good write up about Cyberjaya! Must admit there is a lot of development here….maybe the most highest development speed in any town/city in Malaysia yet but the prices of the homes are a concern especially when there are not many people living in Cyberjaya yet. Landed properties below RM800k cannot be found too as high rise units are already selling around RM500k mark per unit.

    I personally bought a unit there and hoping to see the town grow in a couple of years too and I don’t mind moving in too if the town is growing.

    The only question is how fast will we see people moving into this town? If everyone is like me who dislikes jams then I think Cyberjaya will be filled with people in no time haha.

  22. Thanks Corretto. Will probably survey other condos as well before making a decision..

    1. Hi Michelle. Have u survey on V’Residence, just 2km from LKW Uni. is a special condo design in single layout. Last year, i’ve bought 2 intermediate units (1373 sf) at ~560k. Aim for rent in future. Now already increased ~ 15%.
      I’m still considering to buy another unit at the higher floor for own-stay. As i work in Sultan Ismail, it takes me ~20mins journey. Can’t imagine it can happen in KL!

  23. Good analysis…but seriously not confidence on cyber

  24. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Guys, as a forgger (writing blog like writing comments in forum), i never proofread my blog (Sorry for my bad english). Just did a quick proofread (still not perfect but i have no time for it because i am writing another project! :P) and hopefully it gives a smoother reading experience for you all. TQVM.

  25. Very good read. verified a lot of my suspects with your graphics and statistic.

    i’ve been in cyber since 2004, from food, logistic and entertainment (sports) it has went through the french revolution. i personally foresee it will be something like mont kiara in future, maybe about another 10 yrs time.

    the ERL station is actually pretty near to Cyberjaya, its about 5-7mins drive from the DHL junction, and cost RM1 to reach from any bus stand in cyber (about 15min).

    One thing i would like to comment, is that cyberjaya sells pretty decent malay food.

    anyway, if you need help on doing some updated research or feedback in cyberjaya developments, drop me a mail. i go take some pictures and send it to u.

    1. Avatar coloredbrain says: Reply

      Hi. Where is this pretty decent malay food in cyber? Is it stall(gerai) type? Mind sharing? Perhaps with pic?

  26. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    The latest news which I believe many cyberjaya investors have been waiting for: Officially, Cyberjaya is going to have a Chinese Primary School which expected to open its door in the end of 2014 or 2015. Today (3/4/13), there was ground breaking ceremony conducted at the site by officials.SRJK(c) Union from Perak (霹靂聯合華小) will be relocated to Cyberjaya. The school (categorised under SMART School with capacity of 1500 students) will cost RM10mil which will be funded by Setia Haruman, SP Setia, MCT, and Mah Sing. Full information can be obtained via

    One by one, the issues that raised by pessimits are being tackled. From No Shopping Mall, No Non-Halal Foods to No Chinese Primary School. Cyberjaya is getting there to be a complete and self-sustainable township.

  27. Caffe Corretto, Paragon 3 please. 🙂

  28. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Jb, thanks for offering help! Sure, we ll email you soon! Look forward to work with you then.

    Propper, for time being no plan to review p3 yet. Limited resources here.

  29. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Wow, quick search online showed that so many forums and threads are quoting propcafe comment above regarding chinese primary school. Thanks.. propcafe readers (especially those quoted Propcafe link there) ! Even SP Setia official SEG facebook page used our comment above too in its FB publication on the news of chinese school! Hope the information can reach the audience as wide as possible! Pls remember to quote Propcafe which ll motivate us to write x3! TQVM.

  30. I been living in Cyberjaya past 6 years and i see rapid development across this place. When i came here in year 2006, nothing much was here. There were only Hassan Cafe (mamak) and Rahim Bistro opened early 2007. These were the only 2 Mamak shops that were around. However, today it’s booming like nobody business. However, today we have plenty of them and fast food outlets. The prices are not cheap as well. To be honest, if you eat breakfast, lunch, Teh Tarik and dinner, the minimum you pay is RM 20 per day. Imagine if you visit those fast food outlets and you might easily fork out around Rm50 per day. I believe the purpose of having Cyberjaya is no longer valid for an intelligent city. It is being commercialized with high rise developments and residential units. Last time, you can’t rarely see any high rise buildings and condominiums. I am fine with having Universities, MNC companies, local companies or any other government offices around but the residential and high rise properties should have been kept in control. Those units should have been limited to a certain number that is sufficient to cater the people around. If you noticed, recently, CUCMS built a new apartment for their students and students cant afford to pay high price to stay even in future (thinking of upcoming inflation). MMU has their own hostel and most students stays in Cyberia. The Arc has 25 years of lease to MMU students as well. Lim Kok Wing has their own hostel as well. So, do you think you can still rent out a unit to a student in future? Today, if you see, not all of the workers are staying in Cyber. Most of them are coming from outskirts. The more you get Cyberjaya congested, the worsen it gets even in coming future. We might want to consider the following, whether the current road will have enough capacity to cater the future traffics, will there be any LRT/MRT extension, what is going to happen to the greeneries around, will you gain from investing in Cyberjaya. I would want to give a thumbs up and praise for such a detail research on Cyberjaya. I never found such a precise and detailed information in any other websites/articles. Whatever portrayed are true indeed. Keep up your good work!

  31. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Venom, thanks for your info especially It was coming from the cyberian. It is inevitable that cyber needs more residential accomodation or else it wont qualify as a township. It is positive sign in term of the development but like wat u rightly pointed out, it is way too many developments that aim for student play. Very unhealthy n oversupply is a definite. Investors must aware that.

    Control is a must like u said. In fact cyberview has stop selling land highrise development…most of the lands sold are for commercial use or office. But ot seems like developers tweak it to sell as sofo or soho etc….many of them technically is not proper soho but office title. Investors must do homework to understand its implication. For me to buy highrise in cyber, i ll only consider proper residential title service apartment or condo.

    I ll stary to write the part ll soon which ll focus more on the perpective of potential new immigrant n discuss the criteria n whether to move over ciber is wprthwhile. Is it really an upgrade? Hope u can revisit ahain to give ur view. Cheers!

  32. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Just updated the statistics of the highrise and landed properties in the list after visited the property fair last week. Also, Propcafe has added in the latest video of MCT Lakefront Residence project. With the additional 5k+ units from Lakefront Residence, the uncompleted highrise units surged to 20k+ (OMG).

  33. great review!

  34. Hi all,
    Great analysis and feedback!
    Cyberjaya lay down very good reason to success, but they need to find a way to increase the population or shall keep population to stay back in Cyberjaya to be self-sustain.

    Next important key to define future of Cyberjaya is commercial shopping mall.Students is very easy population to attract to stay at the town for few years during the course of study, but their spending power is not as high as working adult.

    I also think that one of the reason that stopping working adult to live in Cyberjaya is the price of the house is too high.

    Look the future development map in Cyberjaya, it is almost full, but would it be a ghost town? We could only see it in 3-4 years.

    What do you guys think about the scheme that currently THE ARC and SRI MUTIARA offer to investor that Guarantee rental income for 12 years, 30 years? Is that room to student only for 1st year? or whole course of study in that university?


  35. […] as it has already been discussed extensively in the previous blog: Cyberjaya @ Love It or Hate it. However, it is worth to highlight again that there are only limited landed property developments in […]

  36. Superb! Keep It Up!!!

    Why U buy Cyberjaya?

  37. please dont mind me asking, any editor invest in Cyber ? =p

  38. Guys, am buying symphony hills and will be travelling via mex to klcc daily. But the proposed seri kembangan-mex interchange is a disturbing news. Ittakes about one hour now during peak time but God knows how long it takes later with the completed interchange. Any thoughts? Should i proceed with SH?

  39. […] recently on Cyberjaya property coverage. The publisher had lifted one of our most popular articles PropCafe.Net – Cyberjaya @Love it or Hate it! and featured it in the property section called “ Get Real” in Malay Mail (Issue : 5th April […]

  40. Avatar Hutan Rimba says: Reply

    Why not as it is indeed a nice place to live with good community and neighbourhood. Anyway, jam is everywhere. 1 hour to reach KL during peak hour is reasonable. You cant avoid interchange here and there as we are growing nation. Important thing is it helps disperse the traffice faster

  41. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    JS,is the decision of editors important? Ha. We all love value buy, thats the closest answer we can hint you. Cyberjaya investment/ownstay choice is exactly the title of this thread!

  42. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    aygee, SH is a very niche and nice conceptual home. Good choice! The landscape i believe will be the best in Cyberjaya (don’t think SEG can beat it based on the current show houses of SH as of now).

    Connectivity is always important. No doubt that the linkage to Sri Kembangan will increase the traffic to MEX. But it also means the potential spillovers of Sri Kembangan population to Cyberjaya. It always good to have higher penetration and spillover rate to a relatively new area. Cyberjaya needs night population, that’s the key. Imagine, Puchong, Kajang, Sri Kembangan, Bkt Jalil, etc higher networth group to move over Cyberjaya because of MEX connectivity. Many peoples complained when LDP first started especially Sri Damansara, Manjalara/Kepong residents. Look at the current situation, Yes, traffic increase but so does the value of property. Connectivity is one of the key factors to property value.

    Travelling time to increase, surely. But i still believe the timing to head to KL is important. We simply can’t avoid the future development related to MEX. Just for your information, last heard the interchange of Sri Kembangan hits problem and the works will be delayed again. I bet it won’t come so soon, maybe 2020?? Haha.

  43. Avatar Hutan Rimba says: Reply

    The only thing about Symphony Hill terrace is it has 3 Levels and also have split levels, quite weird for me. I also feel that it is a bit too narrow to park 2 cars and the driveway is quite short. Concept wise, I feel SEG is better than SH but then again to each his own. SH master plan is rather unconventional.
    Not sure if the surau in SH has speakers during prayer time (no offense, just asking as light sleeper may want to take note of this).

  44. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Hutan Rimba, i fully agreed with u. In term of landscape with SH, SH ll be better than if sps seg still at setia ecopark standard. Masterplan concept i hav to give to seg. Floorplan wise is 50:50. Depend on what u want. SH splits level is not idea. Also it is narrower n shorter than seg link villa. But seg only 3rooms which also a problem. However some layout like youmei can be easily converting an extra room without affecting the spaceness as seg bu is big. Gd discussion!

  45. Avatar Hutan Rimba says: Reply

    I think the LV of 3 rooms in SEG is a let down. How can a 1.1 million property only has 3 rooms. Reno to have 4 rooms yes, but why need to spend another 3 months of precious time monitoring the contractors and probaly another 100k to create to 4 rooms? This is baffling. By the time, you spend that time and money to create 4 rooms (I believe the end layout will not be natural anymore), might as well go for the Semi Dee where the difference is although 500-600k but more worthwhile. I know 500-600k is a lot of money to some, what I mean is I am sure there are some that can still stretch and moreover it is DIBS. Nomrally the price of SD compared to link house is about close to double. So should go for SD if can stretch??

    1. Hutan Rimba,
      Honestly I tot about this concern exactly like u also in term of putting up a 4th bedroom and the price diff btw link villa and semi-D. If can afford, semi D of SEG is definitely a better value buy!

  46. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    500k a lot money like u said. Ha lol. Additional room ll cost less than 20k. Anyway it goes back to the preference of owner.Personally if die x2 gun point to head to choose, i ll pick seg. This is due to the fact that i prefer width…26ft make a lot of different compare to 22ft or 24ft after visited many show units over yrs. If one wan to feel it. Go to airie sd show unit to see its smd 26ft unit. Or visit Emerald garden @ rawang show units. But of coz, it is personal preference. Different buyers different requirements. Thats make property invesment interesting!

    1. Avatar Nik shahrizal says: Reply

      Great review. Detailed analysis. Well done!

  47. Tq guys…ya, i’ll proceed with SH 🙂

  48. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply u mind to share which type are u buying? Schubert or morzart? Personally i like the schubert double volume (living hall) type.

  49. Hi caffe, ya im buying that double volume schubert. But pls ignore the ID at the show house. Its damn lousy. I like the park link concept also. Unlike GR, u have two functional ends i.e front and back.

  50. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Dual frontage is nice. Schubert living also comes with space at the side which make living room unlike conventional link. Personally i ll make 1st floor as master bedroom by combining the room n family hall there. U hav another family hall at high flr right? I m too old to climb the staircase there. A lot split levels. Talked like i own a unit there. Haa..

  51. Hi Caffe, as an investor’s point of view, do you mind to share your comments about OSK’s projects- The Mirage by the lake and Solstice@Pangaea among other projects in Cyberjaya. If timing is the main concern, The Mirage is expected to be completed by the end of 2014, the project seems to be completed too early for this immature area, I am afraid of my holding power.
    Indeed, I am attracted by the fantastic lifestyle concept and the location view offered by The Mirage.
    Due to times constraint, I am not able to view other property projects. From the previous comments, it sounds like SH is selling like a hot cake?

  52. Avatar Hutan Rimba says: Reply

    Yes completion of 2014 is too soon because 2016 onwards only CBJ will flourish. What to do have to hold a bit and hopefully can rent out. SH is not really selling like hot cakes because a lot of people are still waiting for shopping complexes to come up and be a bit more lively first. By the time that happens, boom the price will shoot up. Those who wait and see will miss the boat. However if they enter now and completion is 2016 it will be quite a good timing…

  53. Pangaea is quite similar to other high rise project, so is quite competitive at the beginning, before CBJ flourish. Mirage condo is much more expensive but it is a niche and unique low density condo in CBJ, target tenant or buyer would be mat salleh expat (i assume those mat salleh expat and VIP dont like to stay together with students and happening place) , young couple or small family.

    Holding power is important. Agreed with Hutan Rimba, enter now or the price will become unaffordable like desa park city…

    my 2cent opinion 🙂

  54. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Kiki, firstly i have to advise you not to mix emotion with investment. Inv criteria is slightly different from ownstay as it always down to whether the numbers work no matter how nice is the proj. You may like the view and environment and has your own lifestyle in term of living but many may not be the same. At least not now as few readers rightly pointed out above on commercial elements. But Miragw is a niche proj n u dont get this fronting and view anymore in cyberjaya or should i say klang valley. Pure investment ll b challenging… on this proj. Firstly you are pretty late to enter as it is the last batch with highest entry price. U lose out the competitiveness on rental or buffer to flip. So you might need to hold longer than the rest. Cashflow wise you hav to do some math to see whether it is worthwhile. Unless u r sure that u can n dont mind to use it as ownstay if the short term fin target cannot achive. Then the decision is pretty easy, go n get it with with its current easy entry package n freebies. As i said no more such environment n view in klang valley! To enter now..u must at least or hold or stay till end of 2016 to see the realisation of the value n justify ur profit.

  55. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Hutan n js. Yes, pangea is different animal from Mirage. It is for different type of investor too. I would not encourage investor to plunge into small units now as surely this type of units ll be over supplied in few yr time. But, always there is but ha. If you r young n work8ng at cyber or dont mind to move to cyber bcoz of u trust the cyber ll b getting there with commercial elements coming in, then why not, especially the small unit which is affordable at the range of sub 200k. Cyberjaya ll b a very organised township with all infra n transport connectivity in place. To drive down klcity or take erl to sentral is not an issue at all. It is very convenient. And again, eventhough i m not cyberian, i have to say that you cant get similar township design n planning in klangvalley. You hav all knowledge workers with so many mncs company not to say lecturers n uni students around. Not those lower end community like other places. You can talk abt the foreign students issues. But tats happen everywhere in msia. At least they r still uni students.

    Imho, those projs tat ll complete in end of 2015 or 2016 ll b having advantage to ride on the maturity of this township when commercial kicks in. Of course ideally those complete in 2018 ll b the best but harlo thats not investment bcoz u dont want to take even calculated risks. Similar case like js mentioned earlier abt dpc. Ha.

    I always tell those interested on cyberjaya. If u think that u can live in current cyberjaya environment or anticipated environment in future (jus need to look this blog ll giv u enough info), then it is no brainer to go in now n get an ownstay cum investment prop especially the landed properties since it is still affordable with sub rm1mil big footprint freehold link villa.

    However if u are solely for investment n no intention to even move in if your decision is proven wrong or cap appreciate is not as gd in 3 yrs time or those dont believe in cyberjaya township design n future development then the decision is simple too…jus skip it ha… bcoz there is always alternative viable investment out there to search.

  56. Thanks Caffe Corretto, your reply is always enlightening 🙂

    Im totally agreed with what u said, the mixed or demographic of the area really can make the place looks different, just too bad landed in cyber is too expensive for me and even if i could travel back in time…I don’t think i have the guts to purchase landed in cyber during 2011, that time i working in cyber. Cheers

  57. Hi Caffee, what is your thought on Verdi being an investment product in circa 550-600 psf introduced by Sunrise/UEM. Feeling its on the high side and upon completion in 2017 do you think that this product will be able to differentiate itself frm the many high rises available later? Also whats your thought on the usp of this..


  58. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    JS, thanks. PropCafe always like to share since prop investment for us is a passion, not just to make money. Also, PropCafe is not here to sell project. Any value buy, we ll highlight, of course, lousy deal as well. :). It is good to hear from others and also we like to help investors to invest prop with a “sound” mind. Ha. Can’t just BBB or follow so called young or successful prop guru. It is important to give different dimension of prop inv criteria for readers to digest and apply in future. In the end of the day, one should have their own investment criteria not the criteria from others. Because you know yourself better.

    Prop investment is a very personal decision. Different people has different investment behaviour (which include risk appetite, perception, favourite or hate list in term of location, developer, type of products, target ROI requirements etc). It is very difficult to change investor’s behaviour. Believe me, those who visited the parkcity perdana sales office and decided to skip DPC 5 or 7years ago will likely to skip cyberjaya lifestyle project like SEG/SH etc. Both products are holding similar risks during inception period. Many doubt about the location, premium price attached during that time, nothing much there, new developer execution etc, concept too gd to b true or hard to imagine. To be honest, to invest the product like DPC, one need to study, understand and buy-in the masterplan, product concept to have the environment imagination. All these are the foresight that one must have in their mind to buy lifestyle products. Lifestyle premium is hard to determine so whether it is expensive or not…or worth it or not will be very subjective (just like goodwill in accounting). And because of this, the potential of price upward movement will be higher (if it is really nice then buyers have to pay or will be willing to pay the premium for it). DPC is a classic example on this. So, cyberjaya landed expensive or not…no one know as at now. You can’t really find exactly similar products in other part of klang valley. Eventhough it is close, the price is likely to be at higher side. Just my 2cent. Hope it helps.

  59. Thank you so much Propcafe for your very detailed analysis of cyberjaya. Indeed, the topic of cyberjaya is so controversial. Some love it, others shun away from it. By the way, I am a singaporean with a large investment interest in Mirage By the Lake. Had bought and studied the masterplan, liked and trust OSK and like the uniqueness of Mirage by The Lake. Had bought it during the initial stage with good pricing. Had met with so many skeptics when I first bought into Cyberjaya. How I wished your blog was available then…. Your review has indeed provide a lot more direction and educational to a lot of investors like us. Thank you so much and keep up your good work.

  60. Hi Joval, U bought link villa or lake villa ? landed in cyber should be cheap for singaporean 🙂 I only afford to buy a condo. Cheers..

    1. Hi JS, I have bought 4 condos there.. very sorry for the late reply. Somehow, I missed your reply.. Buying it for investment, thus I think the condos are more suitable..

  61. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Jess, Verdi usp is its green allocation. With such generous allocation, if they can get landscape ddone nicely then it it ll be really nice. Also verdi can ride on symphony hills community profile which ll b gd for ownstay. Location wise, i still think mirage is better. Anyway, though 550 to 600psf seems reasonable in klangvalley especially for high end condo like verdi, investors need to b aware that they may hav to hold this property for awhile to wait for the maturity of cyber township. 2016 is abt right but there r a lot of highrise ll b vp during that period. Of course i foresee mirage n verdi ll b stand out from tje rest. The issue here is it ll take more time than premium landed prp in cyber to fill the vacant units because of the volume. Landed wise the new blood or migrants hav all reason to move ovee cyber bcoz of the space, environment and lack of quality gng ard klangvalley. Highrise wise, u need more ummp factors to attract non cyberian to “migrate” over compare to landed prop. Of coz one can hope the current mid manager in cyber IT mncs to change their mind n call cyber as their home but many of them especially those beloeve in cyber story would have bought it by now. So risk is there.

    Verdi, i like the green allocation n concept but let down by the facade n layout. I would prefer 3bedders with the size of 1k to 1.1ksf. Bcoz of the pricing of 550 to 600psf, 700sf is too big for one bedroom unit to survive in rental market. 9xxsf 2 bedder is the same. 9xxsf 3 bedders ll b nice. 13xxsf unit supposed to look big but the layput make me feels small for 3 bedders. 7xx to 800k for 13xxsf or 14xxsf is only gd for ownstay not for rental especially as an an investor, you shpuld avoid this type due to the reason i mentioned earlier. So jess, surely this verdi ll not b student play n must hav different game plan which is not easy. U need expat for rental game n need current IT employees or new ” immigrants ” for flipping game. If u bullish on these, then go ahead. If not, u mus make sure hav other exit plan or strong holding power.

  62. Great insight caffee. Verdi facade is nothing but ordinary. And 700sqft unit u mentioned is hard for rental. I guess even btw Verdi and Mirage is not a competition but complementing each other in the sense that the size offered is different.

  63. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Agreed. These two are so far the best highrise in Cyberjaya. I wish i have extra energy to do a write up for these two. Unfortunately, limited resources and times here.

  64. A write up for these two! How wonderful your thought…

  65. not so smart of me, only googled about cyberjaya after paying depo for a soho unit @ CBD3…
    target to complete in 2017, and the whole project @ cbd3 to complete in 2018…
    now im confuse whether to proceed or not .. 😐

    1. Hi, what confuse you about this project? Thinking of buying 1 soho there as well


  66. wow! it seems like here got free consultancy anything regarding about cyberjaya hehehe..
    good work propcafe.. people always says after sales service is important.. here propcafe give extra personal touch after review… 🙂

  67. CC, really insightful study you have done for CBJ. That’s how I called it and I’m of those IT employees working here for many years. For transformation, it would say the last 2 years with most being this year is the greatest I’ve ever seen in CBJ. Now, instead of travelling out for lunch, we are spoilt for choices inside the community. Major banks, clinics, restaurants and even those with pricing comparison to KL (or perhaps all food prices are comparable to KL) for a place I considered still pristine and out of town. Love working here as traffic is no where like KL. The time saved allowed me a more quality life. I’ve even considered making this place my home but as mentioned by yourself, nightlife is still a drag. Once all these new malls and entertainment outlet sprung out, lifestyle would definitely changed. I’ve been to DPC and observed that it is only a matter of time before CBJ reaches this status or better still more diserable. One thing I’m worried is whether Setia Haruman’s planning for this IT City is a balanced and not skewed planning. There’s just too many high rise of service apartment and condos that I felt they should stopped issuing such developments. Concentrate more on others. Honestly if u asked me, the amount available or going to be VP is more than enough if not surplus. Is there really that many students or expats as u called it that are available to in CBJ to serve as the demand. Remained to be seen. Nevertheless, landed property here have always been my sight and jewel. Land is a premium here. Could be why many are building condos or apartment. to secure yourself a landed property IMO is never wrong and you might thank yourself later on. But pricing of premium already calculated the appreciation in advance. 500psf to 600psf is normal to me here. SG and Mirage are best location being located at PLE followed by SH and SEG nearby MMU. I’m a little bias towards not choosing GR as the location is too close to SKV depot. But then, that’s my opinion. The biggest entry or planning should be SEG and should really transformed CBJ in the coming years and brings about public opinion towards CBJ as the next ideal location for lifestyle living. And I agree with CC, cautious towards high rise. Choose carefully. Your amount of Domain 1-4 or etc is more than enough for students community. My 2 cents 😉

  68. Great blog on cyberjaya. What do you think of Astaka in JB?

  69. I am a property agent who selling some of the project in Cyberjaya. I must say this is one of the greatest blog.
    Anyhow, would like to ask your opinion on Mansion Park, three storey Luxury Superlink. What do you think of the project since for its size is very big at (4085-5326sf) which is only RM460psf? I am selling this project, but don’t mind as I just wanna have a fair review/discussion on this property. Thanks in advance!

    And how about the concept of Tamarind?

    P/s: Anyway wanna do little advertisement. Anyone who interest in bulk purchase to get better deal on some of the future deal that I will arrange, feel free to drop me an email @ or the following website

  70. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Jon, Mansion Park….size too big for linkhouse. Hard to sell even psf look reasonable but absolute price is hard to absorb as a linkhouse.

    Tamarind square concept is interesting n refreshing but then it is an office block. Just like PJ Trade, it could a bit too artistic for offices. Not all companies will like it.

  71. Jon, been to Mansion park. selling more than 1 mil if im not mistaken and to share the clubhouse (rundown!) with the existing condos. not a good idea considering other landed properties in CBJ are eqquipped with new clubshouse.

  72. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Aygee i think 1.6mil up if i m not wrong. well country heights can do more in its dev but they dont normally. A bit stingy on landscape, infra etc. how unfortunste. This proj also too small so no price push factor.

  73. Hi,
    I consider myself as a green and rookie investor. This analysis and review is excellent! Good Job for coming up with such a thorough analysis.

    I have been working in Cyberjaya as well and I could see massive developments to increase its ‘livability’ factor in the future. Having more malls can only be a positive thing in my opinion as so far there are none. Cyberjaya is slowly moving to its ‘Live.Work.Play.Study’ concept.

    I have recently booked a SOHO unit in Cyberjaya. After reading this, I do get a bit anxious of it being oversupplied. Now I might consider changing to a unit which has a minimum of 2 bedrooms at least.

    However I do strongly feel in 2 years time the landscape of Cyberjaya will change. Up to the developers to deliver good boosters and unique selling points to make it a positive one.

  74. kindle pls can advise on the Cybersquare project by Binastra? am planning to buy a 450 sqft SOHO unit. im understand there is risk for the office tittle. however, as young executive i only afford to purchase house range below RM300k. moreover, there are no other project that cost below the range in kl area. tqvm.

  75. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Skypig, is cybersquare SOHO or SOFO or SOVO? Soho has no risk to use for residential or office as the title of soho in snp ll allow u to use it for either one or both at the same time. However if the title is sofo sovo office suite etc, then officially legally it can only use for office. The safety requirement, design of building etc by right ll b different from soho or residential blocks. Risk is always on buyer side.

    Instead of giv u opinion on whether it is investable. You may do the following. Check out existing rental in this area. Understand your tenant demography. Disc the rental due to future new supplies n see whether the price make sense. To flip i ll say good luck to u as it simply too many in cyberjaya which u need a bit of luck n do more homeworks to compare many x2 dev to ensure urs has usp to “beat” others.

  76. HI CC, is Cristal Residence updated in the review ? RM420psf according to Lowyat forum….value buy for own stay !!

  77. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Included above but no full review yet. 420psf b4 disc? If yes then definite good for ownstay. It is pretty gd concept. We blasted the news in our facebook last weekend.

  78. Thanks CC for that such Great details:) 420psf is after discount at Level one facing west. So far I m planning to buy one unit for investment and ownstay in future. Is that any new launching condo complete after 2015 below 500k and above 900sf?

  79. Ya, I believe rm420 is after discount, but facing west is a big no no for me, got to suffer in the afternoon le….

  80. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Need more homework on this cristal res. Ownstay i ll pay slightly more to avoid west sun. Investment then u need to kira x2 sikit to see it fits ur bills.

  81. Many thanks for the in depth review about cyberjaya. I for one am heavily vested into Cyberia smarthomes ever since it launched when a unit cost me about 200k. Although the appreciation hasn’t moved much from day 1, I’ve been happily earning rental yields of 8% nett.
    It really bothers me when you described about rental yields in the future being lesser. What do you guys think about a place as matured as cyberia smarthomes? Will it suffer as well considering how cheap psf price compared to the new launches?

  82. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Santa, i m just cited the lower rental for future n existing properties merely based onspply n demand perspective. In fact min impact on ur smarthomes as u entered at super low level that two or three percent yield drop ll bother u much i guess. Ha.

  83. Very detailed report on Cyberjaya indeed. Couldn’t find anything about developement opposite Sejati Residences though. Seems like there is a big project coming up by the looks of the massive clearing of the land.

    1. Thank you for all the great analysis and very detailed information about cyber.i bought a unit in SH,i will decide to move in,because quite like the design and concept,but not really convenience for me because I work in klang…aiya….long driving everyday ..

  84. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Rick, RHS of Sejati Residence is Symphony Hills and LHS is Block20 lot (see above article) which belong to Pr1ma project. But what you meant was opposite Symphony Hills and Sejati Residence then I have no ideas. This land if I am not wrong still belong to Setia Haruman and last heard is for commercial development (can’t confirm that).

  85. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Lim, wow it is a big sacrifice to have a nice house but travel so far everyday. At least Good thing is there are multiple highways link to Cyberjaya so you just need to Payx3 the toll. Ha. Having said that, if your another half is convenience to stay at Cyberjaya then it is still ok, right? At least one of you is benefit on it and whole family has a better living environment. Job will be or can be changed. This variable is more flexible than changing house. Unless you change house more than job then my theory will not work for you. Ha…..

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Propcafe has included the map to show the location for each development (in last section of this article) after we understand that some readers could not identify the location of their interested project. We will update it from time to time. Hope it helps.

  86. CC, really fantastic job in your write up. My hats off to you.
    I thought i’d share my feedback about Cyberjaya. Have been staying here since 2002. Can literally see and feel the difference in growth here. To me, fantastic place to stay. No traffic (at least not like those in KL or even PJ), plenty of choice on the type of food (Western, Indian, Mamak, Malay, Chinese etc)..maybe a bit pricey but then, where in PJ is it REALLY cheaper?
    Don’t do so much shopping but Alamanda in Putrajaya is fine. Now with more malls coming up; even better. Chinese school; perfect.
    Going to PJ for a show can be regarded as a nice drive and outing.
    Net-net, i’d rather stay here than a whole lot of other place (note; have stayed in Subang, PJ and Rawang before).

    1. M,
      Just curious to find out a bit more…
      Do you work in Cyber or elsewhere? Is MEX really able to bring one to-fro Cyber-KLCC within 30-40 mins regardless time and day of the week?
      Are you with children, and do they enjoy living in Cyber? Not much shopping but what about groceries or wet markets?
      How’s the mix of people in your neighborhood – landed or high-rise, if you don’t mind me asking?
      What are negatives compared to Subang/PJ, since you only mentioned positives?
      Thanks – am sure lots of people would find this helpful since many are considering investing or even moving there…

  87. . With regards to the question posed to me; no, I don’t work in KL and therefore does not use the MEX highway though I did work in PJ for quite a bit of time. I work in Senawang and uses the Dengkil/ Nilai state road before joining in into the NKVE to Seremban (it cuts down the toll charges obviously. And if you want to do it completely toll free, one may use the LCCT road to link up to the Kg Labu (not sure of the name) and emerge out to Seremban).
    The times that I did use the MEX (normally weekends), I have timed it to be 18 minutes from Cyber toll till the Jalan Tun Razak(?) road; all within the speed limit.
    I use to stay beside MMU (townhouse) for the past 10 years and have enjoyed my stay. Except recently, when foreign students were a bit noisy (as in all other places) but recently, the JMC has instituted many guidelines which has brought back normalcy to the area. Security is a lot tighter even until the point of annoyance if I might add (but that’s a good thing).
    Currently, am staying at garden Residence ~ link units.
    My children studied at the primary and secondary school in Cyberjaya itself but i’m planning to enroll my youngest in a Chinese school in Dengkil. Then comes the announcement that there will be a Chinese school in Cyber itself. Fantastic.
    For wet markets, the best place (wide choices) is at the Sri kembangan Pasar Borong (Equine Park area) though you can do it at Putrajaya (precint 9 , besides the primary school~ cant really remember all these precint numbers!).
    To me, Subang Jaya is all name and nothing else. Yes, all convenience are located in around SJ but just to get to one location is hair splitting. Whats the point of close proximity when it takes you so long (and difficult) to get there? even trying to exit the township is a hassle. The place is just too crowded.
    Secondly, the neighborhood are all about yourself. No one really knows/care about anybody else. I guess everybody is too strung up after mediating the traffic to reach home. Crime is another issue. So-called gated (those that the housing committee puts up) is a farce. It still happens.
    PS- Garden residence is g&g but of course it comes with a price. Too me, RM200 odd a month is a small sum to pay for ease of mind especially when it comes to family. Compare this to the usual RM50 that they charge in SJ, we get landscaping, flower bed lightings and rubbish collection as well. So, I don’t think its too big a sum to pay. In short, i’m at ease when i’m at work with regards to the family’s well being.

    I hope that I have enlighten sufficiently. Do drop a line in case you still have a specific question. I am all for Cyberjaya.

    1. M, thanks, very useful. On the negatives, I actually meant what you would consider not good in Cyber from an unbiased perspective, if that is possible 🙂 – e.g. distance is probably one, but what else? Cheers.

  88. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    M, great to hear from you. Resident for more than 10yrs! How is the occupancy of Garden residence? Cyberjaya attracts different type of residents as of now. But those like full amentities but cannot afford gd gng landed property in matured township should really think abt cyberjaya summerglades or arden residence as it is still possible to get below rm1milat sub900k. (Or else one can never get one) Reason being in couple yrs time, the amentities ll be there. My2cents

  89. To ., the negative side of Cyberjaya (on my own personal account is), if we have a need to go to PJ. The current norm is to use the LDP, and at Puchong side, there will be a slight traffic jam; moving but slow. This will be from Puchong Perdana till about the Indian temple. Once from there, it will be regarded as acceptable. I have a personal need to go to PJ every weekend~ children’s tuition centre and hanging out centre. But I choose to go through the LDP to get there. If I want to push it, I can use the NKVE through the Putrajaya toll or even the inlet to USJ (after the NKVE/Elite highway). But this will incur a slightly more toll cost. There are other ways; through Sri Kembangan/ MEX etc etc. I guess there are many exits to use.
    I do not regard the distance from Cyber to PJ as far. Its about a 25 minute drive on weekends. (maybe i’m used to driving longer distance on weekdays?!).
    I don’t experience any issue with going to KL. Mex is fine, in fact quite good (weekends) as I am very sure that I will be there within 20 minutes. Thats even better and faster from say, Subang.
    Another point may be the lack of car mechanics. The nearest would be in Puchong. I havent really explored the Equine Park area, so i cant comment on that.
    Other than these, I really have no other grouse. So, its a bit hard fro me to come up with more. If I really need to add, I guess more Chinese type of restaurant might be good; those that serve the usual morning fare but then we have ‘Old Town’ here that serves about the same. Theres also the Hainanese Kopitiam. Price is a pinch more expensive than in PJ but so is the ambiance.
    I guess, for me, that sum’s up all the ‘negatives’ that I can think of.

    To CC- The occupancy rate seems to be low as of this moment. But we can see people moving-in quite regularly especially over the weekends. I guess there were too many who bought it for the purpose of flipping it.
    Nevertheless, in the street i’m staying, I would say that about 40% of the people have moved in. All nice professional people with a young family.
    I’ve seen the brochures for Setia. It does look very nice. I guess it goes with the price. For me, I am pretty contented with Garden Residence.
    As you’ve pointed out, when Cyberjaya gets to have some shopping malls, Chinese school and Cineplexes, it will complete the place. All other requirements are already here.

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      AutoVille proj ll hopefully solve ur car mechanics issues in 3 yrs time. The only light industry area in cyberjaya.

  90. Wow, the best review on Cyberjaya so far. Fully agree with the title of this blog, either you hate it or you love it. I was one of the earliest resident here since 1999 when we need to go through palm trees to get to the university. Those of us who are now staying here, like Cyberjaya for the way it is now, with its serenity, and yet not lacking any essential infrastructure. Previous concerns were mainly on food, which is pretty much solved somewhat, though the price is still at the high side, but cheap and nice food at Dengkil, Puchong, SK are not too far away and without heavy traffic. It takes less than 30 min to reach IOI Mall via the new road, Mid-valley via MEX, and other outlets for entertainment or shopping etc.

    Even Anwar Ibrahim commented that “For goodness sake, Cyberjaya’s got TWO Starbucks within walking distance to each other!,”, and that is true. We have two Subway, two Secret Recipe….the only thing that is not here, is McD, oh well, we will pass for that one.

    Your analysis in regards to chicken-and-egg is pretty accurate. it is a good investment for long term, one should know expect to make big gain in just a few years. I am pretty optimistic about Cyberjaya, though I think it could have been better with better planning.

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Yp, great hear from another ciber resident. Ciber till now still very controversial among investors. Lets wait another 3 to 5yrs to review again. But we ll keep track the ciber development with the help of ciber residents too. McD ya heard it ll b at d’pulze which supposed to open next yr. I guess ciberian mus b sick of kfc there ha.

  91. Hai nice review on cyberjaya….I’m johorean own 3 landed props and 1 commercial props in Iskandar Malaysia….thinking of buying serviced apartment as thinking of long term for my children ….studying in mmu/lkw….is it reasonable u think…or is it too early as my kids is only 14 & 12…tq

    1. Avatar travel365diary says: Reply

      Hi Faizal,
      My opinion is never say too early on purchase a property. U have the purpose. You can either bought it or rent it in the future. But if you thinking of buying it, why not buy first if really not suit your children sell later. Anyway property will appreciate. My friend (property agent) just told me he have something on VVIP prelaunching project nearby. Perhaps you can call him at Jonathan 012-3760864

    2. Faisal,
      i have just bought an unit of Garden Plaza from Mah SIng. the location is fantastic where it is only 5 mins drive from LimKokWing. Fully furnished apartment at RM300k++. thats before discount given by the developer. the staff that served me gave details explanation and good service. 017-2720500

  92. Avatar Fadhil Abu Dhabi says: Reply

    It is by far the best review I’ve read about Cyberjaya. It soothes my nerves after buying a property in there.

  93. Garden Residence Cyberjaya video

  94. Good review – thank you 🙂

  95. It seems like Garden Residence is the best location in Cyberjaya, it
    s the place easy to get in and drive out from Cyberjaya. Symphony Hills is nice but is too near to Sekolah, low cost flat, and MMU.

    1. GR is further from ciber’s centre compare to other. Also a bit far to go out mex. Many still cannot accept the petro depot which located beside the proj. But u r right in the sense of silk n ldp users.

      1. GR is not further from ciber’s centre, in fact it’s the opposite. It’s just 5 minutes drive from GR to Shaftsbury square and more importantly its location is just a stone throw away from the future Cyberjaya City Centre, that is to say GR is just next to Cyberjaya City Centre and future landmark of Cyberjaya – Skypark. And not forgetting to mention is also that, GR is the nearest residential area to next MRT stopover in Putrajaya Sentral and IOI Resort CIty Mall. Driving to Putrajaya Sentral and IOI Resort City Mall is just within 8 minutes. I agree with Julian, that GR is the most strategic location for residential area in Cyberjaya, this explains the reasons why both SP Setia and Mah Sing were competing with each other in buying this piece of land 4 years ago.

        1. For correction

          driving to Putrajaya Sentral ERL is within 3 minutes
          driving to IOI Resort City is within 6 minutes ( to be opened next year )

          Dont’ think other residential areas in Cyberjaya have that kind of short distance and short travelling time to these 2 places mentioned

  96. Hi,

    Please advise on the 500sf unit Mutiara Ville, Cyberjaya, selling at RM588/sf before
    10% discount. (new launching)

    1. MV is for student play. How many rooms for this 500sf unit? Student play is always on room quantity n rental receivable per unit. Students ll be spoiled of choices in 3 yrs time. Make sure ur price or rental is competitive enough or else stay away from this crowded mkt.

  97. Hi. Im interested to invest on centrus @ cbd3. What do you think about this project? Should I go for soho or duplex? Tq

  98. Any comments on LakeFront project by MCT ? 1st mass Condo project in Cyberjaya

    1. Hi et quah, you may find some comment by propcafe on the other review, it is good for own stay as the design is very practical, for those who interested to invest you need to think properly.

  99. any comments about Eclipse Residence for Pangaea ? i js book the 650sq and the selling price is cost about 500k+……is worth to invest or not ? Kindly advise

  100. Avatar Zhang kongwah says: Reply

    I be in MSC cyberjaya 1997 asist bulid MSC & MMU ,concept is 7 flagships
    2.Semart card
    3Smart school
    5Highttech R & D Inovetion
    Now did not see like IT city – cyberjaya it isbig city house area.

  101. my newbie opinion is if you have high holding power just buy one of the apartment that surrounding with facilities, i get 212k 1 studio unit at domain 5 that i think it’s very good. 1 year before only 2 arabian restaurant, now it’s have more than 5 arab restaurant, 2 bar, 10 foreigner restaurant….imagine in 2-3 years.At least you buy one..

  102. Liew, why did you commented that good for own stay an not investment? What is the rational ?

  103. Avatar Hutan Rimba says: Reply

    Garden Residence is not the best of location in CBJ. Perhaps it is close to Putrajaya for whatever purpose and Putrajaya Station. Well, most of GR residence are landed property and these group of people don’t rely on public transport too often. Note sure if it is close to the upcoming Cyberjaya City Centre. However, it is at the odd and hidden end of CBJ and surely does not have the ambience of CBJ and will miss out on the feel and vibrancy of CBJ.

  104. Nice review. I’m planning to buy a landed property for own stay at Jacaranda. Haven’t visited the place so I wonder what is your opinion on this particular property, in terms of location, values, access to amenities, leisure and security.

  105. Hi, I was wondering what is the potential in Dengkil?
    The property there is cheaper and seems like many big developers are betting their money there too…

  106. Avatar HutanRimba says: Reply

    Jacaranda is at Garden Residence right? This is not the best part if CBJ as it is very isolated and u will miss out on the vibrancy and landscape of CBJ. That’s why it is reflected in the price I.e. the most affordable SMD, bungalow in CBJ. Personally I like Setia Eco Glades as it has Desa Park City feel or Symphony Hill. CBJ as a location is great due to the white collar neighborhood and excellent town planning.

  107. Avatar Eclipse - Pangaea holder says: Reply

    Hi all,

    How about Eclipse – Pangaea? I have just bought one bed room with 450sf for my own staying in future (4 years to complete, around early 2018). Am I invested correctly?
    Please share you knowledge regarding the features as follows:

    1. Wet Market – to buy fresh vege, meat and sea food. Is there available in CBJ in current stage?

    2. Petrol station – heard that CBJ still lack of it?

    3. Rental in 2018. Is my area competitive regarding the rental?

    4 Low cost flat – Is this near to my area?

    5. Railway station – Is there any railway station will be building soon at my area?

    As to what i observed, my area is quite near to MMU. Would it be too noisy? >.< LOL..


    1. Pangea price is based on commercial land I think . Due to mix development

  108. y everyone target at new condo with smaller unit and higher price? Y not consider existing condo with 1st class location and much bigger size but selling at much cheaper price per sqft? May be u can’t find this type of condo anymore as it is a low rise resort condo with big empty land bank planted with so many trees and flowers around the compound area…which condo is that? Cyber Heights Villa…average price selling 350-450 per sqft…just beside the cyberjaya/putrajaya lakeside..super nice view..where to find?

    1. I think you still an find new Condo at around RM450 per sqft at Cyberjaya. New one maybe have better landscaping and design

  109. Avatar pandorama_avocado says: Reply

    i find garden residence is slightly further away from cbj… however easily accessible via major highways and 5-10 mins to cbj. i would prefer some where there is some distance away from cbj. CBJ itself has multiple traffic lights and can forseen heavy tracffic and noisy in future

  110. Avatar Pangaea - Solstice Duplex owner says: Reply

    Hi, I recently bought a duplex unit in Pangaea Solstice for own stay (2+1 980sf) at around rm680 per sqft (now that I stumble onto your article), it seems that the price for Pangaea seems abit too steep. What do you think of this and the Pangaea project as a whole in Cyberjaya? Was surveying some other places too and thought of getting a unit which I like before hitting on the GST next year and decided to go for this one. Is it worth it?

    I am currently a working adult in Jln Sultan Ismail, and will definitely be using Mex highway to travel there by then. Do not mind the long distance as long as there are highways that let me reach places faster and I kinda prefer getting into Cyberjaya for the serenity in my home outside of the hustle and bustle of KL/ PJ/ Puchong area etc

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Hi there. To be honest, if it is use for ownstay, it is more toward whether you like the concept and layout etc. A lot projects priced higher but it gives more spec or quality material so ownstayers will appreciate it (surely not investors). 2+1 is a good size for ownstay. Given Pangea is a mixed development, it will add more value to your property. We can compare the price directly if there is no apple to apple comparison surround. The concept and integrated component is different from other high rise development there. Ok, why Tropics price at Tropicana City Mall flies while the Ken Damansara etc which is right besides are not. There must be reason why behind it. Especially for ownstay, u buy what u like for ownstay. Investment value is important but don’t mix it up too much. If you do, then it comes an investment decision and the property you buy will definitely different. There are other highrises available for sell there like Cristal, Mirage of the lake etc…but that’s different from pangea as pangea is more mixed dev with mall and commercially driven activities there.

  111. Pangaea is on Commercial land. So land cost is higher

  112. Hi, few days ago I went to Tee Land sales gallery to check out a new project named “Third Avenue @ Cyberjaya”. The project location is between wisma shell & CUCMS, opposite of Ericsson. The staff offered me a unit of SOHO (size around 484sf) at the price of RM377k (after discount is around RM332k). My purpose of buying is solely for investment. Good choice for a first-time buyer?

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Huge studio supplies in near future. Make sure rental wise you would be able to compete give ur late entry and higher price compares to others. Unless u think 3rd avenue is unique and command higher rental or get first preference from tenants.

    2. It seems located near the new mosque (under construction)

  113. To be honest i think 3rd ave is quite unique with its bridge design and its jogging track within the building onto the bridge at the top floor.

  114. Hi all, allow me to share some information over here, for buyers of Pangaea, do you aware OSK have amended the master plan without notify the buyers? you may visit their official website to check it, the hotel and office tower have changed to residential unit and shopping mall become “future development”, after numerous complaints were lodged to OSK, OSK have call for a discussion, Pangaea buyers are urge to attend the discussion held on 4.10.2014 at cyberjaya sales village at 3.30pm.

    1. Have you visited the Eclipse’s 450sqf studio show unit ? It looked way bigger than others studio units with same built-up area such as centrus1 and even looked bigger than Kanvas that is 484sqf.

      Would like to know anyone of you all have the same feeling ?

      1. Please beware those “showroom actual size” hyped as its wall may thinner than actual unit.

  115. Sear all buyers for Pangaea, pls take note the venue for the discussion has changed to Lotus 3, Leve 2, Swiss Garden Hotel, 117 Jalan Pudu 55100 KL at 3pm.

  116. Hi propcafe expert, appreciate your professional sharing, as routine task, I would like to advertise my listing here:

    Semi D @ Cyberjaya
    * Free Hold 2 & 3 storey
    * Gated & Guarded
    * Clubhouse facilities
    * Complete soon
    * fr RM 1.8 million
    Call Carolyn 012 – 9393 486

    Thx again

  117. Mirage By The Lake @Cyberjaya
    2+1BR, Full Furnish
    RM3,400 per month
    Call Ramon 0196690372

  118. Hurray, after 12years staying in Cyberjaya things are more positive now. We have Jaya Grocer at D’Pulze or 10mins toll-free drive to Tesco at IOI City Mall. Able to get non-halal stuff at both outlets is the best news all these years.

  119. Avatar radiax.xradiaz says: Reply

    Lake View Residences Cyberjaya
    2+1 Bedroom/ 1145sq ft
    For Subsale or Rental
    Partially Funish
    Rental : RM 3000/month

    email :

  120. Hi, what do you think about Mutiara ville?? Good location for investment?? Thanks..

  121. […] If you want to know more about Cyberjaya, you may see the previous article from PropCafe below: […]

  122. If you are looking for Guard & Gated freehold landed house, there is one development which which provide huge bonus & convenience. It’s Garden Residence Cyberjaya. Its concept and landscape are similar to Desa Park City. What’ more, its 3 – 5 minutes drive to future MRT 1 and 2 line, HighSpeed Singapore line and ERL ( Putrajaya Sentral ) helps the resident to reduce paying the potential high price oil in the future. Also opposite of it will have the biggest Cyberjaya landmark in the future – Cyberjaya City Centre. It’s really a good environment to raise your kids.

  123. How is Mutiara Ville? for own stay. Kindly advise. Thanks!

  124. Great review! Would be great to have a review on Putrajaya as well!

  125. Hi all, kudos to propcafe who has given us such a detail and thorough review about cyberjaya. I would like to have such a honest advise from any of you. Ok start with, basically im so call a potential buyer for SEG Western Heritage LV (3129sq.ft, island unit) with a low density of 50+ units at the island cost at RM 1.25 mil.

    Reason of buying is that im looking for a better place to stay with all the concept offers from SPSETIA & Cyberjaya. Im someone who love to stay at home with family and love to get my parent and in-law stay with me.

    FYI I just secured my loan at a good rate and suddenly there is things come into my mind said: ” why don’t you just buy the Liu Li (You Mei) at the same SEG projects with lower price at RM 1mil but still got a place there, the different is only that it is (my personal view) 1. a bit higher density 2. Regular design (western heritage is better for me) 3. need to share the CH with more people and 4. it is not island concept as western heritage unit.

    Could anyone throw some advise for me. It would be really appreciated.

    Thanks once again.

    1. hi.. are you sure the island unit is priced at only 1.25M? The leftover unit in Liu Li is already selling at 1.2M, and Island unit is nothing less than 1.4M. Please confirm your pricing so that our comment will be more valid

      1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

        I am sure. That was the earliest phase. The price that u saw on lui li already increased.

  126. THH

    Hi Jeremy ,Mutiara Ville will be a student market in the future .If you dont mind putting up with the students .looking at the price ,i would think it is quite ok to go ahead .After all this is for own stay. Just my humble opinion .

  127. anyone know about Paradise Living in Cyber 6?

  128. When is the property list going to be updated?

    1. Hi Linda. Sorry about that. it has has been dated sometime and cyber been dynamically moving .
      Which particular projects would you like to suggest to be updated?

      1. What about Ceria Residences or Tamarind Suites? You guys should have more info on other projects though right?

        1. Yes. In fact we have tonnes of info and sometimes overloaded.
          We will see what can we do to make everyone happy here.
          Thanks for your suggestion. By the way, which is your favorite project in CyberJaya?
          Mind to share your view on why CyberJaya? 🙂

  129. […] Cyberjaya @ Love It or Hate It! Malaysia Property Review … – Highrise Property Development. Recent trend shows Cyberjaya’s developers are crazily launching all high-rise developments to capture the current BBB (buy buy buy … […]

  130. Mind to update the latest development / upcoming of Cyberjaya for more info pls?

    1. You got it. Cyberjaya Liu Li Gardens review is up

  131. Hi, anyone got any info or review about sejati Residence? It is just located beside of SH but I wondering those empty lot opposite the road. What projects are coming on there? Any idea?
    Also, those who bought SEG and SH or GR or other landed properties in CBJ, how much do u pay for the maintenance fees?

  132. Hi, how about aspire residence apartment that will be completed by 2019.

  133. Anyone has heard of the new project Lake Point Residence by China International developer Yanjian group ? Low density 2 blocks condo with 76 units of superlinked terrace house ..Can anyone contribute some review for this project ?

    1. Hi Jennifer, we covered its landed property before which is at the same site. See below
      Unfortunately, we have yet to cover its latest condo launches.

    2. Can check in Lowyat forum.. I read before, it seemed they provide a good workmanship.

  134. @to all

    So what’s the outcome? Its almost the end of 2017… Any investors here been doing good in Cyber? With the surplus, in the coming years. Is it still feasible?

  135. Avatar Property Truth says: Reply

    sooo many projects, sooo many promising, but all din’t end up good in the end, majority of the developer just want to earn good money only, never do good marketing to study what cyberjaya really need to get development, instead make tons n tons of expensive “high standard / high end” SOHO & Condos just to get Maximum profit, after sold out, the promising shopping mall n commercial never appear at all, like The Arc, Like Paragon Mall By OSK ,our malaysia developer are really bunch of brainless dude who only thinks of money, they get rich but the people don’t. this only ends in bad cycle and cause our economic drop instead of growth, when over supply in an area, owner who doesn’t have holding power will have to force to sell in low price in order not to get auction by bank to pay off debts, promising unit end up disaster.

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