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Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie

This is not a food blog and not trying to be one either, don’t get me wrong here  😉 but sometimes life itself is more than about property, it is all about the moment of life. I always believe in life all moments are connected to each other in some very unique way, be it property, home, family, friends, food, hobby, lifestyle, relationship and work; it is connected and related to each other. Strange but this is how I feel.

So how do I came across this restaurant “DEWAKAN” , well to cut the story short, it was discovered unintentionally during PROPCAFE doing the review for project PARAMOUNT UTROPOLIS @ GLENMARIE if you all still remember that we covered this project quite extensively back in October 2015 but that time unfortunately it was closed and we just managed to glimpse from outside.

Few of my friends who had visited the restaurant without hesitation highly recommended me to try this restaurant, not to mentioned their posting of those beautiful picture over their Facebook and Instagram and I just can’t help it, being a property lover as well I also like “makan” or “wai sek” (in Cantonese means like to eat) I had decided to put this one in my bucket list.

Aside of that Dewakan was also being shortlisted as one of the best new opening restaurant by Time Out KL Food Awards 2015 recently.

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According to Dewakan website,

“Dewakan is a name from two Malay words. “Dewa”, the Malay word for God and “Makan” which means to eat or just simply; food. To us Dewakan means food from God, and as a restaurant we want to honour the bounty and the blessing given to our land. We want to connect the ingredients from our seas, farms, mountains and jungles to a canvas that is our plate in the most interesting way we know how. We hope that you too will share this experience with us.”

For me it means “God Eat” or “seksan” 🙂 , Dewakan is located inside the KDU University College Campus itself at Utropolis Glenmarie and to locate this restaurant is a bit tricky, but thanks for the restaurant management team, the moment after I had done my reservation via phone booking, they actual sent me an email to explain everything including how to get there and I follow their instruction obediently and not to behave like the usual monkey me.

At the moment the building does not have any visible signage to the restaurant. To avoid confusion, you may follow these instructions. To find KDU University, use Waze (we find it works better) and search for KDU University, Jalan Kontraktor U1/14, Seksyen U1, 40150 Shah Alam.

  1. Once you have found parking, come to the Lower Ground floor which is closest to the outdoor parking lot above the ramp.
  2. You will see a corridor facing the outdoor parking lot, follow the corridor till you reach a terrace that overlooks a field.
  3. Continue along the corridor and you will see the restaurant at the end of the corridor.


The ambiance and environment of the restaurant is very nice, tranquil and calm since not many people around and located out of the hustle bustle city. Tables and chairs are well spaced apart for most comfort and privacy. Lighting and room temperature was also well-adjusted as I was worry it will be too cold because it was raining on that night itself.

Car park is never a problem for now where quite ample of space is provided. Personally I like the environment where I can just relax, have a good conversation with my friends without being distracted by other things like the “KLCC view”  😛 and enjoy my food at the same time. What a moment! But thanks to the creation of smartphone, some unavoidable #foodporn session interrupted the dinner, and one my friend said “how different would it be if the smart phone was not invented” This is something where most people tends to miss. The moment does not live within or captured in the picture but within your heart itself.

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The staff was very attentive and the service was good, and kept a good comfort distance away from us. As usual, each dish was being explained in details prior we putting that into our mouth, somehow I think they speak a bit fast and couldn’t catch them 100%.

As for the food, we chose the ten course dinner. The courses are carefully planned to complement each other gastronomically and personally I like it and happy with it.

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Pre-Starters (Not in the menu)

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 12 Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 11

The starters

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 13

Blue mackerel
Cured Mackerel, Ulam Raja, Pomelo, Local Flowers

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 14

Roast Mushrooms
King Oyster Mushrooms, Green Curry Paste, Yoghurt, Dried Mackerel Flakes

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 15

Braised aubergine
Aubergine braised in Mushroom Stock, Jackfruit Seeds, Black Bean Sauce and Garlic Emulsion

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 16

Home made noodles 
Steamed Ming Prawns, Brined Radish, Dried Vegetables, Cold Prawn Broth

Then the mains

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 17

Pike Conger
Smoked Pike Conger, Custard, Fermented Long Beans Relish, Roasted Okra, Clams Foam

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 18

Roast Duck Breast, Duck Leg Rillette, Beetroots, “Blood” Sauce

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 19

Lamb Breast
Confit of Lamb Breast, Spring Onions, Marsala and Onion Puree

And finally the desserts

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 20

Mulberry Jam, Cardamom Ganache, Cashew Brittles, Pucuk Gajus, Mulberry Snow

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 21

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 22

Gula Melaka
Gula Melaka Marquise, Sour Meringue, Pulut Ice Cream

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 23

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 24

Chocolate Tart (The chocolate tart is really nice!)
Warm Chocolate Tart, Caramelised Jackfruit and Gandum Ice Cream

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 26

The ice cream was the grand finale and marking the end of the course, when we saw Chef Darren Teoh himself came out from the his battle ground and standing beside us to explain the last finishing course to us personally. It is our pleasure being able to taste the gastronomic delights of Dewakan.

After the dinner, moving my heavy lazy arse and slowly stepping out from Dewakan entering the KDU University College Campus brought back some innocent memory when I was a student; skipping lectures, slept in the lecture hall, day dreaming, and not to forget my silly crush on my dream girl  🙂 but nothing about property!

Is amazing isn’t it, that one thing leads to another. If I weren’t doing the review for Paramount Utropolis Glenmarie, I won’t be where am I today. Sometimes the wrong thing that you had done made you landed at the right place.

If Dewakan does ring a bell to you, do check it out with your family, partner, SO, BAE, friends or even with your enemy.

Even the initial angry birds …

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 27

and what happened next? …..

Dewakan Utropolis Glenmarie 29

angry birds also become lovely birds at the end of course…. the wonder of food can do to love is truly magical. Under no circumstances, there ain’t any reason to let your partner be angry in hunger. The next time, when they are angry, just tell them even though you are angry also eat first la! 🙂

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Sorry for being such a strong “lamp post” :mrgreen:  I will try to get someone else for my next exploration 🙄 Who want to join me for next session? :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  :mrgreen:  💡


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Paramount Utropolis Glenmarie Phase 1

At the same time, for those who want to know more about Paramount Utropolis Glenmarie by PROPCAFE, we had a very extreme detail analysis for you as well but just don’t read it during your meal 😛

Signing off for now and have a good week ahead till next time.

This is JJ @ SoyCappucino – the Intern of PROPCAFE

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