PROPCAFE Peek : Duta Villa @ Setia Alam By SP Setia

Welcome to Duta Villa


just to share my review here…

personally the 3s Duta Villa … is normal and somehow the 3.5s DV does give me some wow….
looking at the ID … I have to say did a good job and the show unit should be able to push the sales further..

to be frank I am quite “sold” with the 3.5s (putting the lift and maintenance fees aside)

Duta Villa is the most premium and exclusive landmark of entire SA which I have to concur…
Sitting on the highest ground and overlooking SA… that really give you the feeling of Julius Caesar
It is totally different class and lifestyle separating on those SMD sitting on the valley not even sparing the almighty Rafflesia (will write more this on the other thread )

Other than class and status … somehow is also does reflect the personality of more to vibrant and young at heart side …. I would say it is either you love it or you hate it and it wont stay in between those type….

Inside Duta Villa it does give me somehow a very resort liking lifestyle and with the ID on the showunit it does give me more on the world class hotel alike feeling. But….
like all developers always do.. showunit is always a corner unit.. so buyers really has to be careful on it…. as the show unit is a corner unit…having or having not any natural sunlight entering through the side of your house does make a lot of different!
One thing i noticed is the back of the house is quite narrow and kinda near to your neighbour as compared to normal design …not sure is it all Duta Villa designed like that… so in term of density … Eco Park still wins hand down…

Lets move inside… one thing i like is the kitchen on the lower ground which make the ground floor living hall much spacious and compared to 3s where all living and kitchen together just like the conventional type. the 3.5s kitchen size on LG just nice.. not too big and not too small….
OK… the killer part of this DV is the master bedroom…. with the MBR toilet sitting at the front portion of the house…. the toilet is bloody majestic! by putting the bathtub at the front center entrance of the toilet and beside the window it does really give u santuary feeling.. i recommend you all to try your shower there in person with your partner… maybe your creativity will be enhanced  …just joking

The entire finishing of the house is not bad as in SP did not try to compromise on it…in term of material quality….

The clubhouse is quite disappointing albeit the name carrying the word “Duta”

Quite lazy to type more….

again all above just my personal views….and to share some teasers pics with you all…enjoy
Nice Guard House



I have more on the ID picture but not going to spoilt you all here
My verdict, I suggest you to pay a visit to the show unit (not bringing your cheque book ) as you wont be able to get this feeling by just looking at rhe pictures or model at the SAWC….

Nice work SP Setia!

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