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Guest Review: Tengster

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This is an integrated mixed-use development project that comprises of 1089 acres freehold land located in Semenyih/Beranang. Some say Setia Alam/Setia Ecopark Part 2. But the developer calls it as modern classic master plan with tagline of “ECOMAJESTIC IS A WHOLESOME SYNTHESIS OF FORM AND FUNCTIONALITY, ENVIRONMENTALISM AND LUXURY, CAPTURING THE EASY CONTENTMENT OF HOME.”.


What have they planned for the 1089 acres?

The masterplan of the township (that has been approved by Majlis Perbandaran Kajang – MPKJ) will consist of both residential and commercial. It’s is planned for an estimated GDV of RM4 billion. Below are showing some of the components:

1.) 2468 units of 2 storey / 3 storey DSL houses.
2.) 475 units of SemiD houses.
3.) 667 units of cluster link houses.
4.) 332 units of 2 storey / 3 storey detached / bangalow.
5.) 4960 units of low-cost and medium cost apartments.

1.) 326 units of 3 storey / 4 storey terrace shops/offices
2.) 66 units of low cost shops
3.) 22 vacant commercial plot [EM Mall is at somewhere near Lekas interchange?]
4.) 2 units of petrol station site


As for their maiden launch in Eco Majestic, they are planning to launch all four (4) types of terrace houses i.e. The Straits Terrace Collection. This collection and also known as Cradleton Terrace House, is located at Precinct 1. Basically, Precinct 1 is located at the northern tip of the entire EM township. Typically, the directions of the houses are north and south orientation with some slightly tilted to east or west. Historically, north south orientation is more climatic responsive. Below is what have been allocated for Cradleton.

Type 1A: 20×70 – 2019 sqft ~ RM596K – 880K ~ RM292psf up [192 units]
Type 1B: 22×70 – 2259 sqft ~ RM670K – 960K ~ RM292psf up [152 units]
Type 1C: 22×75 – 2519 sqft ~ RM750K – 1040K ~ RM290psf up [182 units]
Type 1D: 24×75 – 2634 sqft ~ RM780K – 1100K~ RM300psf up [86 units]

As for Precinct 2, it is mainly for The Straits Villa Collection aka Tenderfields. Precinct 2 is located on the east side of Precinct 1. Below is the information:

Type 2A: Cluster SD 32 x 70 – starting from 850K [192 units]
Type 2B: Cluster SD 32 x 75 – starting from 880K [64 units]
Type 2C: Cluster SD 35 x 75 – starting from 950K [128 units]
Type 2D: Cluster SD 35 x 80 – starting from 1100K [72 units]
Type 2E/2F: Semi-D 40 x 80 / 40 x 90 – starting from 1430K [122 units]

No information on BU for Precinct 2 is provided as they are still enhancing the layout and possibly increasing the BU to reflect a much more practical usage.

Precinct 3 is generally bungalow land. This parcel is named as Gentlebre. There is a total of 182 bungalow lots in which 37-nos are 120×65 while others are 100×65. All the bungalow land was sold at time of this review. About a quarter of them was allocated to public in which it was sold within hours. Typically, they also have north south orientation. Based on the topo map on Google Map, it seems that the small lake located within Gentlebre is natural lake.

What does the precinct name mean?

Cradleton or cradle-ton in a way means an enclosure or a cosy place called home or residence that provides one the TLC i.e. tender loving care.
Tenderfields means that the surrounding landscape and greenery in the adjacent area that gives one a very refreshing feeling.
Gentlebre – Oh man. I always make fun of this name. In countless occassions, I name this precinct as gentle-brewed beers. After a search, it actually mean gentle slope [to the watering hole].


This project is located in Semenyih and Beranang. (see below map). Technically, it is under Selangor territory and MPKJ. The postcode should be 43500.


Source – Photo taken from a LYN member called Schowin (permission obtained)

What are located adjacent?

1. Tesco Extra – At Jalan Semenyih
2. Kommuter/LRT/MRT Station – None. The nearest could be Kommuter Seremban or Kajang MRT station.
3. Tenby International Schools (located in EcoHill)
4. Schools are SMK Bandar Tasik Kesuma, SK Bandar Tasik Kesuma, SK Sin Ming, SMK Engku Hussain, etc.
5. Parks around Swan Lake – within the township
6. Broga Hill (for hiking) – about 10 min away
7. Nottingham University – about 10 min away
8. Kesuma Industrial Park – mostly warehouse and light industrial and vacant lot
9. Beranang & Lion Industrial Park – not much information obtained.


There are three (3) main accesses to this township.

1. A direct connection to the proposed new interchange at Silver Square to LEKAS (Lebuhraya Kajang Seremban)

2. Another direct connection to the new interchange (under construction) at Eco Hill via the red-pavement bridge.

3. A new and more direct road from Jalan Semenyih with a new traffic light (to be installed).

Accessibility to key destinations

Below information is picked up from the brochure. Klang Valley traffic is not a place that one can cruise control at the allowable maximum speed limit easily. Take the below estimate with a pinch of salt and put some tolerance in it.

12 min to Kajang
15 min to Bangi
15 min to Seremban
25 min to Cheras
27 min to Putrajaya
35 min to KLIA
35 min to Kuala Lumpur
*travelling time estimated based on maximum highway speed limit and no surprises.

Land Tenure – This plot of land is FREEHOLD LAND.


1. Fully gated and guarded (GnG) with strata-titles. Many a time, people want to find out what is the difference between stratified GnG and normal GnG with individual title. Theoretically, both are governed by house rules namely DMC but the execution part is a bit tricky. For stratified GnG, they are under the ambit of Strata Title Act 1985 and Building and Common Property Act 2007. Both acts similar but different. The former is for those properties that have obtained strata-title while the former is for those that have yet to get it. We shall know how long it takes to get the strata titles. Some say 10 years. Stratified GnG could utilize these Acts to execute their rights to collect maintenance fund, sinking fund, enforce house rules, take necessary actions on those who default payment, etc. These two Acts can only ensure that all the outstanding maintenance fees could be settled prior to completing execution of a SPA between purchaser and sub sale buyers.

2. Fully gated and guard with majestic look entrance at each precinct, coupled with proper security to give one piece of mind.

3. Sublimely beautiful natural surroundings with a royal welcome feel to Eco Majestic.

4. A fully landscaped roundabout that makes it a stunning centerpiece of respective precinct.

5. Alluring space with verandah collection incorporating timeless design.

6. Sustainable township that incorporates the four main elements i.e. Planet, People, Prosperity and Pleasure.





Facilities – Linear park and some small lakes/water features located inside certain precinct and outside for some. There will be Lifestyle Sports Club located at the commercial area (namely Silver Square). As per the architect, there are both indoor and outdoor facilities. Detail information is not available as the entire club is still on drawing board.

Maintenance cost – Expected to be 10 cent PSF of land size. To maintain the green and security will need certain minimum cost. At time, it is good and strategic to have the big lake, gazebo and bigger park located outside of respective precinct so that the maintenance cost can be made much affordable. As for Gentlebre purchasers, there is a small natural lake/pond located within the precinct. Be prepared for it!!!

Access & Security – There is a gated and guarded community for the residential. Access is pretty much separated according to respective precinct. For every precinct, there is a long driveway to the main entrance (with dual lanes on each side). As per architect, the long driveway is a proven and tested psychology barrier to those who want to gain illegal access to the precinct. I am referring to those visitors with bad intention i.e. robbers, house-break-in gangs, car thieves, etc.

Layout and Façade – There are four published layouts at the moment. They are all for terraces in which each and everyone has their own pros and cons. There is no one venom that suits everyone. Logically, larger built-up will naturally area enable a better layout. I am unable comment too much. Façade of each and every unit is based on timeless design. Some say with some Baba Nyonya influence like Peranakan design. I particularly like the extended verandah and also the colonial type of façade. One could hardly identify where the toilet location is as the typical toilet window (2×2 opening) will not appear easily on the external wall.

Backyard garden – Distance between building wall to wall is about 15 feet. Landscape and certain plants will be put in place at the backyard area. This will make the terrace backyard area different from typical terrace houses. Several benches will be placed there too, making the backyard look more like a linear park rather than backyard to keep idling stuff from each household or for cooking.

Green and densities – Since this is a stratified property, they will generally have higher minimum requirement of allocated green areas as compared to individual title property or Fenced and Guarded (FNG). More green can indirectly translate to lower densities. Are they having lower densities compared to other similar projects? You can judge yourselves.

Cradleton Terrace – 12 units per acre
Tenderfields Cluster – 8 unit per acre
Gentlebre Bungalow land – 3.7 units per acre

Technical finishing specification – Comparatively the proposed finishing is pretty good and acceptable. One can expect to see 2×2 porcelain tiles in living room/dining room and also laminated veneer (with underlayment) in bedrooms (though I wish this could be timber plank). Other areas are proposed with 2×1 porcelain tiles. The garage is generously equipped with 2×1 homogenous tiles. The only cement rendered flooring will be possible at the AC ledge. For main door of terraces and clusters, a much better size main door is put in place (proposal). They are going to opt for 2400mm (8 feet) door as opposed to the typical size of 2100mm (7 feet). Semi detached will then have 27000mm (9 feet) main door. The doors are bigger size lead one to wonder ‘what about the clearance height for each precinct’. Terrace will have floor clearance of about 10.6 feet while cluster is about 11.1 feet. Details on toilet sanitary ware is not confirmed. Some will curse and ‘cowpeh 99’ if they see a much inferior brand there. Finger crossed, no run of the mill Mr. G is allowed but Grohe is welcomed.

SPAH – I saw this abbreviation in their IPAD slides. It slipped my mind to harass the SA to know what that abbreviation was about. I googled myself and lead me to think it is an ‘abbrevasi’ rather than abbreviation. SPAH means Sistem Penuaian Air Hujan (SPAH). There will be proposed rainwater harvesting system for clusters and semi-D. Basically rainwater will be channeled to the tank with filtration system and then supply to the garden tap. The setback is it will take up some space out of the masterbed room.

Price – Price for Cradleton is about RM290+ PSF for fully GnG, higher specification for finishing, higher percentage of green, lower density, bigger BU as compared to others. Is it pricey or fair? You can judge yourselves.

Current offering :
– 3% early bird special
– Additional 2% for EW repeated buyer or 1% referral fee
– Free legal fees on Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA) and loan agreement plus loan stamp duty
– Booking fee is RM10,000
– MOT is borne by purchaser (this may be needed to be paid upon VP)
– Zero furnish

Timelines or Milestone

Some may ask whether this so-called newbie developer can perform or not. Eco Botanic and EcoSky are launched simultaneously and then Eco Majestic and Eco Spring/Summer are done within the same day. Can they deliver or will it end up as “projek terbengkalai”? No one can predict exactly what will happen but they do have the DNA for such challenges. What are happening in EM? What are their timelines and milestone?

1. As of now – Many activities are happening at site. Firstly, landscape team had been mobilized to start planting the intended ‘green’ so that it will get matured by opening of EMSG. Some of the existing roads have been upgraded, beautified and widen. Earthwork at site has been on-going for the last few months from Cradleton all the way to Gentlebre and all other areas. The man-made lake has been dug up nicely. Piling work for the gazebo had been completed. Work on surface preparation for the buggy track was in progress too.

2. Early May 2014 – Opening of EMSO (Eco Majestic Satellite Office – This office will be here for a proposed period of two years to facilitate easy access since at site, the access is still in progress)

3. End May 2014 – Launching of Cradleton. Approximately 95% sold on launch day and subequenly almost all sold within a week.

4. 30th May – A quarter of the 182 bungalow lots have been launched and sold out within an hour or so.

5. End June 2014 – Possibly launching of Tenderfields and follow by SPA signing.

6. New access road to EMSG via Jalan Semenyih – They are building proper and more straightforward road to their site with additional traffic light. This new road should complete prior to completion of EMSG.

7. EMSG – This could be completed by end August 2014. EMSG is Eco Majestic Sales Gallery. By the time of EMSG opening, the Swan Lake should be in pretty good shape with the gazebo, little bridge and also maturing landscape.

8. Red pavement bridge connecting to Eco Hill – This could be completed by latest Q1 2015. In future, in order to go to EMSG, one can use Eco Hill and then the bridge to EMSG instead of having to go through Semenyih town.

9. Interchange at Eco Hill to Lekas – This may be completed by end of Q2 2015. By hook or crook, this got to be completed before VP of First Phase of Eco Hill.

10. Interchange at Eco Majestic to Lekas – This may be completed by VP of Cradleton. It should be at least half year or one year prior to actual VP date as such interchange requires more paperwork.

11. VP for Cradleton – Based on SPA for stratified properties, it should be sometimes June 2017.

View of the site (in early May).

Construction of the show houses.

Part of the Swan Lake

Piling work for the little bridge across the lake.

What the USPs for Eco Majestic?

1. A fully Gated and Guarded (GnG) township with strata title and adequate allocation for green area.

2. A self sustainable township with 1089 freehold land (with about 20% of the land allocated for commercial) incorporating the four main elements namely planet, people, prosperity and pleasure.

3. Three planned access (two to new Lekas interchanges and one at Jalan Semenyih). There is also a possible proposed connection from EM to North South Expressway (NSE) via Bandar Sri Putra interchange.

4. Proper road system with provision for landscape and also walking and cycling path. Their proposed 132’ and 100’ roads are with provision of proper landscape, walking path (about 1.2 m) and also walking cum cycling path (of about 3.0 m width).

5. Located at the rapidly growing area of this corridor (Kajang-Semenyih-Cheras South)

6. Synergized effect with Eco Hill. Red-pavement bridge is probably the start of the effect. Now both townships will have two interchanges to Lekas.

7. Tenby International School in Eco Hill. Apart from this, there are also existing Rafflesia Kajang Campus (Kajang) and Kolej Tunku Jaafar (at Mantin, NS).

8. There are two better schools in Semenyih namely SK Sin Ming and SMK Engku Hussain apart from the existing neighborhood schools.

9. There are three MRT stations that located within 10-15 minutes drive away (to somewhere in Kajang). Some may not even consider this as USP as they are still quite a distance apart. Is it possible for MRT to extend the route to Semenyih? As of now, there is no provision of land for MRT station in EM. But I cant say the same for Eco Hill 2.

What are the major concerns?

1. Minor soil settlement on filled land area where this could potentially cause uneven and minor to moderate soil settlement. They pretty much acknowledged lesson learnt from Setia Alam early phases that soil marine soil is no play-play item. Air tenang jangan disangka tiada buaya. Sekali dicengkam, nama baik suffer selama-lama-nya. By now, they should be on top of this issue, hopefully.

2. Lake overflowing – There was a point I was worry about the lake being used partly as retention pond. You see, basically in new township of this size, the developer has the obligation of knowing the infill rate and discharge rate of rainwater. After completing the development, they have to achieve the same. Lakes are being used to do the job i.e. to slow down the water flow due to excessive runoff (due to development). Will the lakes overflow? Will the walking or jogging path inundated with rainwater like what happened in part of Western Lake and Central Park in Setia Alam. Will there be any culverts that come without provision of ‘something’ to prevent blockage of the culverts. Well, I have no absolute answer what will happen in actual site when every precinct is UP and running. BUT they dug the lake deeper to prevent such occurrence in EM. In a way, the increase the volume of the lake. At site, the lake is forming well. I saw piling work done on the proposed little bridge and also the gazebo. They look serious in making it happen well.

3. KFC chicken farm – This is a broiler farm that is located about 2 km from Cradleton border. So far, there is no complain or feedback from anyone that there is any smell or excessively high number of fighter jets (aka flies or lalat). Is this a true concern?

4. The smell from the STP (sewerage treatment plant) – So far, in the forum, none actually cowpeh (complain) about smell or anything from the STP in Setia Alam. I did a measurement in Wikimap for Setia Alam Precinct 8. It is about 80 meter from house to the boundary. As for EM, the one and only sewerage treatment plant is sitting at northwest side of EM. The nearest precinct is Cradleton in which the distance is about 50-60 meter easily. In between the distance, there is plentiful of shrubs, trees, etc. Will it generate some unpleasant smell? The answer is yes IF (1) IWK fails to operate and maintain it accordingly, (2) under design STP or (3) sudden major catastrophic. There are several rows of 20×70 terraces that located closest to the STP with spatial separation of 50-60 meter, and these are all purchased by staff and business associates prior to launching.

5. Increasing maintaining fee – Most of the big ticket items such as the lake, gazebo, parks, etc. are located outside of respective precinct. These will be eventually hand over to local council i.e. MPKJ. But as ‘pemaju yang prihatin’, I hope and think they will continue to upkeep this place to be at top notch condition. I was informed that SPS team is still maintaining the handed over parks in Setia Alam. Will the maintenance fee at each precinct increase over time? Seriously, I am very sure it will happen. What could you do? Be part of the Joint Management Board (JMB) to have a say in the expenditure.

6. Cemetery land (Nirvana Memorial Park, Nirvana Memorial Garden & Semenyih Memorial Hill) – Are these your concerns too? I did a distance check on Wikimap. It is about 11.6km straight-line distance. I personally think these places are too far to be a concern. Some say during ChengMeng (All Souls Day), the entire Semenyih town will be very congested. Then, this is a true concern it will it could alleviated with the two accesses via Lekas Highway.

7. Beranang territory – The fact shown that part or majority of the EM land is situated in Beranang with partly located in Semenyih. This development is submitted under MPKJ with an approved Semenyih postcode. What is wrong with Beranang that some highlight it as a concern or taboo? Kota Damansara is part of Sungai Buloh, and this place was known as ‘Leprosy Centre’ [Mah-Foong-Yuen in Cantonese] in olden days.

8. Where are the kebangsaan schools and Chinese school? – A time of writing this review, there is no verified news about Chinese school. Is this a potential concern to certain buyers or potential buyers? Are they working on it? Of course YES. Three precincts are only about 160 acres. There are 170+ acres for Silver Square. There is more land to be developed. To be precise, there is 700+ acres land for future precincts. By looking at the masterplan, there are three pieces of land allocated for Sekolah Rendah and another three pieces of land for Sekolah Bersepadu. Continuous wave of ‘motivating developments’ are required to sell future precincts. What are they?

9. Where are the ugly look HTC? – Afaik, the high tension cable will be running along the interchange going through the side of Silver Square heading towards south side of EM. All the three precincts are located on the far north side. In short, they are pretty much out of sight from residential precincts.

Can Eco Majestic match up or even out-pace the success of Setia Alam/EcoPark?

My answer is a firm YES. I am going to compare them with some facts and also educated guesses. Below are the whys? Perhaps some can agree and some can disagree:

a. Size – The combined acreage of Ecohill 1 (673 acres), Eco Majestic (1089 acres that formerly known as Connemara estate) and Eco Hill 2 (1050 acres) that could pretty much matches the size of the former Northern Hammock estate (now known as Setia Alam and Ecopark). The size could allow EM and Ecohill 1&2 to emerge as self sustainable township.

b. Credential – SP Setia (despite the massive exodus) have proven time after time that they could deliver. Perhaps, the speed of growth could be distorted due to several pockets of vacuum. EcoWorld the new kids on the blocks have the entire DNA to achieve the desired results.

c. Financial Capability –Theoretically, zero issue for SP Setia. As for EcoWorld, they are gearing up here and there to acquire more land bank. I supposed they would have done their own study before going all out. Land acquisition has been pretty fast and furious. Income is also generated in a very rapid manner. For instance, those 182-nos bungalow low can generate cash flow of about 16 million within like a month or so. And pretty much another RM32 million by end of the year. Thus, both should have the dough to soldier on.

d. Concept – Eco Majestic is putting up the entire township to be fully stratified GnG township. Some could argue such concept may backfire due to high maintenance fee per month. I supposed by now, purchasers or homestayers would have overcame such mental barrier considering the maintenance fee in condo/apartment or other GnG properties (as compared to the mindset of ten years ago). Only Stratified GnG will have the stamina to last long in managing the township or respective precinct in a much organized manner. The two Acts that I have mentioned earlier are the most effective solutions in dealing with maintenance fee collection, failure to adhere to rules and regulation, car park issue, renovation on external/façade, etc. If one doesn’t believe, try asking around at those GnG township with individual title and also those FnG (Fenced and Guarded).

e. Location – Eco Majestic location is definitely much further from the epicenter (let say Golden Triangle) as compared to Setia Alam/Ecopark and also the access is much straightforward for the later. But then, on the other hand, we could view Semenyih-Kajang-Cheras Selatan as a growing corridor, like an unpolished gem.

f. Connectivity – Apart from the connection to Jalan Semenyih and also Lekas, there is also possibility of connecting to Bandar Sri Putra via new proposed road. This could be farfetched at the moment. Information is still scanty. However, by looking at Ecohill 2 landbank of 1050 acre and also Ecohill 1 of 673 acre, the local conglomerate (PNB in this context) has every incentive to push for this new proposed road (east West Link). This could be something that they know and we don’t know. Will this happen?

g. Amenities – Ecohill 1 has put up the commercial area fronting the busy Jalan Semenyih. This busy road does in a way reminds me of Eramas shop building that face Jalan Meru. This shoplot take-up rate should be pretty good. Tesco Hypermarket is located at the somewhere near Eco Hill entrance area. Meanwhile, Eco Majestic has allocated 170 acres commercial area (Silver Square) at the southwest side of the township, near the interchange, partly fronting Lekas. Setia City Mall (SCM) came into the picture after Setia Alam was maturing. I think it was about 2008 or 2009 when they looked at SCM seriously with their partner LLB (Land Lease Bovis). As for EM, based on the Fast and Furious pace they are embarking, preliminary planning or some form of conceptual planning would have been put in place by now.

h. Schools – Similar to Setia Alam/Ecopark, Tenby International School is the first international school to pledge their commitment to operate in Eco Hill 1. Besides that, there are several established kebangsaan and Chinese schools located near Jalan Semenyih. Will they manage to get a Pin Hwa equivalent in EM or Eco Hill?

Bottom line

This integrated development heavily count on the anticipated growth of this corridor Semenyih-Kajang-Cheras. At such launching prices, they are nowhere near cheap neither it is too blatantly expensive considering adjacent projects price their products at 270+-PSF range in a non stratified GnG concept. Will EM booms rapidly and start to attract more local Semenyih people and outsiders want to stay in Eco Majestic?

Who is Eco World?

EcoWorld’s vision is far from being a builder. Our vision is to create world class eco living in all our developments. The best way to predict the future is by creating them, which is why we hold true to our dictum of “Creating Tomorrow & Beyond”.

At EcoWorld, we are driven by the mission of feeling for humanity and nature, where our developments progress towards a World Class Eco Living standard. We are inspired by people and only deliver the best quality for our customers and our environment. Our developments will be known as an inspiration of innovative eco product positioned to take global centre-stage as a true icon.

Advancing ahead, we are spreading our wings from Kuala Lumpur to the whole of Malaysia, venturing into many more developments including townships, integrated commercial developments, high-rise residential and business parks. With ever growing presence in Klang Valley, Iskandar Malaysia and Penang, EcoWorld is set to become a benchmark property developer in Eco development. (source – EcoWorld website)

Where is the place I can get more information?

EcoMajestic @ EcoWorld Gallery
EcoMajestic Sdn Bhd (1002247-X)
(formerly known as Riverside Hills Sdn Bhd)
No. 13A & 15, Jalan Kiara 1
Kawasan Perniagaan Kiara
43500 Semenyih, Selangor DE, Malaysia
T +603 8723 2255
F +603 8723 2225
GPS Coordinates: N 2° 57’ 44.1” E 101° 50’15.1
Mondays to Fridays – 9am – 6pm
Weekends and Public Holidays – 10am – 6pm
(note – We call this place as EMSO)

What about the guy behind success of SP Setia?

Liew appointed Eco World director
PETALING JAYA: Property developer extraordinaire Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin has been appointed non-independent and non-executive director in Eco World Development Group Bhd, according to a Bursa Malaysia announcement.
The 55-year-old, who built S P Setia Bhd into one of the largest Malaysian property companies by market capitalisation, resigned from his position as president and chief executive officer of S P Setia on April 30, 2014.
However, he remains chairman of Battersea Project Holding Co Ltd and managing director of Qinzhou Development (M) Consortium Sdn Bhd.

Liew is the father of Liew Tian Xiong, director and substantial shareholder of the company. Eco World is controlled by former executives of S P Setia. (source –
Additional information, please click below links:
reviewed by tengster 2014.
(Contactable via for any queries)

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