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PropCafe editors decided to resume the fight among themselves to pick the best landed and highrise residential property of Year 2014. It was a tough battle. Similar to Year 2012, editors considered both ownstay, investment perspective and focus on (1) Location; (2) Pricing; (3) Development Concept; (4) Developer Reputation; (5) Accessibility; (6) Architectural Design; (7) Security; (8) Eco Friend/Green; (9) Landscape Masterplan; (10) Expected Quality. However, weightage was adjusted to skew a little bit more toward the pricing (worthiness) due to the theme of “Affordability” in Year 2014.

It was a close call, especially editors struggled to convince each other on the Best Landed Residential Property. There were simply not many choices and each of shortlisted projects only has few great points to score as most of it simply could not really meet most of the criteria above. However, the quantitative result made the call and here we get GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE of Landed Property of the Year.

Highrise category was an easy one. The top picks among the editors were fairly consistent. In year 2012, many claimed that most of our choices were skewed toward higher end. This year, two of three are “affordable” and editors believed the trend and theme will continue in year 2015. Most exciting affordable product in the range of RM400k to RM550k will be offered to the market in 2015, a BUYER MARKET!

Lastly, PropCafe editors would like to re-iterate that these choices are purely PropCafe’s view. Disagreement is expected among property enthusiasts out there. Let’s us agree to disagree. One thing for sure, there was no commercial element with developers in these choices. Hope you all enjoy this!

Best Landed Residential Property of Year 2014

GOLD: Lake Point Residence @ Cyberjaya By Yan Jian Group

“Propcafe’s choice of most favourite landed of 2014 probably is the biggest surprise of all. Opened for booking towards end of the year, LPR is outstanding example of value property. With G&G concept, good size (22X70) and practical 3 storeys layout and prime location within Cyberjaya itself, the project is almost fully booked with attractive absolute price and PSF that hard to be beaten by other launches in Cyberjaya or in other areas. Via the future Setia Eco Glades’s interchange, the MEX highway and Putrajaya Sentral (station for ERL and future MRT2) are just short driving distance. Provided Cyberjaya could get recognition as preferred destination for G&G enclave, LPR might prove to be dark horse the buy of 2014. That if the YanJian delivers as per the artist impression.” ~ Black Coffee

“Lowest psf in the entire Cyberjaya. Value for money investment if nothing else. No frills G&G, Small little landed to call your own patch.

Unknown overseas developer (in Malaysia at least), no fancy club house, large built up but small foot print homes.” ~ Flat White

“Very good absolute price point, no frills G&G, with generous built up, next to future Chinese School, lakeside living is no longer a dream.

Developer can do better with the specs, lack of developer track record, quality of finishing is questionable.” ~ Café Latte

“Cyberjaya = Controversial, at least, among property enthusiasts. Near to 3ksf built-up with 5 rooms, good location within Cyberjaya, basic Gated and Guarded set-up means affordable maintenance fees, opposite the lake of Lakefront project, practical layouts, and most importantly one of the rare landed projects in Cyberjaya that offer below RM1 million. Even at the lousy location, it is not easy to find a new landed property within RM1 million except so called “Sibeh Far Place”.

Too bad, boutique development means less price push factor to move up the price in phases. It will rely on the performance of the landed property in Cyberjaya to determine the future selling prices. But one claimed, at least, it is the cheapest now! How bad can it be? Unknown developer to me but pilling work is half way there. Progress billing will be super fast. Get your cash ready if you are buyer. Unlikely to abandon but quality wise hard to comment. See you in 2016/17.” ~ Caffe Correto

“We all know landed in KV is scarce. Strata title at premium address Cyberjaya even more rare. Even if there is one, it usually come with a premium price tag. So for this project, in term of concept, size, design, basic security non frills G&G, address, price and all in all is well balance for the year of 2014, except the name of the developer. But it still worth a grab! Well, there is no perfect one but it almost meets all the basics.” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“Cheapest priced G&G in Cyberjaya , with future Setia Eco Glades interchange to MEX , public lake & Chinese school nearby ensure this development’s prospect. Although it is priced cheaply, it benefits from having rich neighbors.” ~ Affogato

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SILVER: Merrydale @ Eco Majestic, Semenyih BY Eco World

“For those keep in track of property news, who doesn’t know Eco Majestic @ Semenyih by Ecoworld? Any development launched by Ecoworlds will receive wide coverage from media, their loyal followers, social media etc. Who can blame them? The unique offerings and concept, the sumptuous celebrations thrown is making the development at the lips of everyone who are seeking a sanctuary within Klang Valley. With LEKAS interchange at almost completion stage, KL City would be more accessible.” ~ Black Coffee

“Grand entrance, manicure lawn, fountains here, there and everywhere will do the trick for local home buyers. Fully strata, in fact biggest strata development in Malaysia. The concept of “istana themed” home is rather refreshing.

Unproven far away from city location, Semenyih with no so cheap prices of houses. Strata property for outside Klang Valley has yet to be tested.” – Flat White

“Dream like living environment, modern township planning, the former team behind SP Setia, great pre and post sales experience.

Distance, distance, distance, pricey, pricey, pricey” ~ Café Latte

“Signature township of Eco World, attract the old money from SP Setia supporters across the country. The developer trying to replicate the success of Setia Alam, or it is the purchasers are expecting it to turn up like the next Setia Alam in the south. All in all, good marketing strategy by Eco World.

Definitely not cheap for its location. Selling on expectations but not fact, purchasers more likely paying for brand name.” ~ Kopi O Peng

“Eco World is selling a dream house which may make you forget about the location, which is actually Semenyih. 1000+ acres, it can be a very long term project. Price push factor will be there and it is what we called “Township Play”. One need to have a very strong visionary view to go in there as an investor i.e. holding power is the key here. Foresee no immediate huge jump of price when VP because the replica of Setia Alam may not materialise as fast as you think. But, with the interchange (but one good highway accessibility is enough?), it will help a lot on the access. Ownstayers who see the location as the secondary factor will love it. You won’t get anything near to it with the concept and pricing there in other developments near to City Center. So, location or dream house. Choice is yours. At least, it is still affordable at the moment.” ~ Caffe Correto

“Despite the address carries the name tag of semenyih, the overall concept is rather interesting and refreshing. Put the address aside, this one can be considered a home more than a house! The name of ecoworld is considered as the best brand of 2014!” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“Merrydale, will benefit from future kesas interchange. Buyer must have the foresight and patience to enjoy the fruit.” ~ Affogato

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BRONZE: Periwinkle @ Bandar Rimbayu, Shah Alam By IJM Land

“The first phase of Rimbayu, launched in 2013, has received rave response. The public was outcry with limited units available during the ballot where most units “sapued” by internal staffs prior the public ballot. Rimbayu has received attention due to large well planned township by reputable developer, good accessibility to few highways, short driving distance from established Kota Kemuning. However, this is leasehold land and remain to be seen whether buyers willing to pay top money for a leasehold landed property. Furthermore, the land there is quite low and the flood (or perception of flood) may happen there if the developer didn’t pay good attention to it.” ~ Black Coffee

“Any new landed launch that aren’t in Semenyih, Kajang, Cyber and Rawang should bring a breath of fresh air to home hunters. A F&G development close to the largely popular Kota Kemuning area. The location sells by itself, enough said.

IJM is not known for township development and there isn’t any larger scale commercial development within this township either. Low lay land above sea level and controversial land acquisition in nearby landmass by Tropicana and EcoWorld from State of Selangor.” – Flat White

“Reputable developer with ability to deliver, refreshing green concept.

Leasehold and access to the township can be improved.” ~ Café Latte

“IJM’s signature township, affordable price, price push factors from future launch, early phases tends to make good money. Developer markets it as a development near to Kota Kemuning, which in fact it is not near enough to call it near.

Leasehold, 1st few phases are all “sapued” by internal staffs, stakeholders, VVIP at lower price, so flippers unlikely to compete with the earlier buyers, unless holding it long term.” ~ Kopi O Peng

“Don’t underestimate the growth of Shah Alam. Even during weekend, the NKVE is jam pack! It could be time consuming and long journey to ownstayers. But investors love the traffic as it means more opportunities with more human are heading there! Always, there is a flip side of the coin to see every point of view. Township x3. If you like township play, you won’t mean miss this. IJM has a good masterplan, the elevated park seems very interesting! 32×70 SMD cluster home less than RM1mil seems like a good value buy, especially for ownstayers!” ~ Caffe Correto

“1879 acres of certified green township with emphasing on the green and world within a word concept. IJM hardly failed you from the past proven records. With a gross development value of RM11billion which spread over 4 precincts and its strategic location, is one of my favourite in the year of 2014. If there is one thing which can be improved, I reckon is the facade! Anyhow that’s lie on the eyes of the beholder.” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“Periwinkle able to ride on the new SKVE access, makes travelling faster, without having to get on the congested Kesas. Again, buyer will have to be patient , as EcoWorld also will be launching its property development nearby.” ~ Affogato


Best Highrise Residential Property of Year 2014

GOLD: Vortex @ KLCC by Monoland
vortex 2

“A clear winner among property aficionados here, one of the most under the radar on property investors even a shrewd one. The first phase was fully booked with SPA signed and buyers paid 10% downpayment without blinking eyes (and without loan secured). With price starts from below RM1k psf, iconic façade and the icing on the cake is the layout. Monoland has managed to squeeze in 2 bedrooms with ensuite bathroom, kitchen, living, dining and study area within 731-831sqft. And when 2nd phase is opened for sale, most of the units were sold as well. It will remain to be seen whether the demand is still hot where there are more small size units flood KLCC in next 3-4 years.” ~ Black Coffee

“Any project that the developer opted to sell to homebuyers instead of homebuyers buying from developer is a sure winner already. Monoland’s motto “sell it low, and sell it all” paid off once again. Did we mention that the artists impression of the building is rather stunning too?

Nothing to shut about on amenities and finishing. You just have to accept that its cheaper than the other branded offering in the city and move on with life. Oh….at least you have palm trees dotted around the swimming pool area, yet again.” ~ Flat White

“Unbeatable price, location x 3, you make when you buy one.

Consider yourself lucky you can smell it. It is a ‘classified’ project, just like OSA1972.” ~ Café Latte

“Monoland always deliver value for money investment opportunity for its followers, below market value offering price with practical layout in good location.

The sales is only opened for invited guests. No brochure, no catalogue, no website, no price list. Sign SPA on the spot and pay 10%, so u need to be sure u can get loan, the good things of this policy is, it filters out all the unqualified buyers.” ~ Kopi O Peng

“Love the location, façade, and of course the PRICE! Monoland has proven to deliver its projects in Klang Valley after the completion of Titiwangsa Sentral, Oval D’Sara, Vipod, Quodro, and SOHO KLCC last few years. All buyers were laughing to the bank because Monoland’s project site always GREAT! And developer like to save all marketing costs and time with lower price. It means leave the monies on the table for buyers. So, don’t expect anything fancy like nice brochure, great reception, lion dance, official launch with “makan-makan”, special rebates, scaled model, show units etc. Sales personnel will tell you no one can beat their price, sign it now and pay 10% immediately, without booking form required. They always provide good quality kitchen and its accessories/ electronic appliances. Quality of material is good but finishing may not. Season investors know the expectation and strategy to manage the property from Monoland. Monoland is not everyone cup of tea but it is certainly mine!” ~ Caffe Correto

“Facade, location, practicality of layout , product itself and most important the price! It wins all! Definitely the jewel crown of 2014! Only if you lay your hand to grab one! This one really making everyone sideline feeling jealous!” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“Vortex, cheapest psf in KLCC vicinity. Monoland again has pull rabbit out of its hat. Central location in downtown KL. Priced cheaper than all surrounding recently launched developments.” ~ Affogato

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SILVER: Midfields 2 @ Sungai Besi by YTL Land

“Mass market is the motto of property market in 2014. With price point of RM500-600k, family size and setup, good location with easy access to highway, and most importantly it is from YTL, Midfield 2 have received overwhelming demand from investors and own stayers. It was reported that some keen buyers started to queue one night before the launch in order to secure the choiced units. This is rarity in the slow market.” ~ Black Coffee

“YTL + Location + Reasonable Price = Sell out. Need we say more?

Separate car park podium block, a bit of wallk if your units are furthest away. Nothing to shut about on façade and design. In another words, pretty dull….” ~ Flat White

“Good location. Competitively priced, reputable developer.

Not easy to secure a unit, poor infrastructure upon VP for earlier phases, high density.” ~ Café Latte

“Someone called it best deal of the year, from reputable developer, nice layout, affordable price, and close vicinity to CBD.

Carpark in the separate building, leasehold, and below average workmanship judging from the phase 1 delivery.” ~ Kopi O Peng

“Probably the worst YTL product! Dull, plain, and lousy rental market in Phase 1. However, it is still a good buy for own stayers. Location, well, not too far away from KL city center. Not matter what, YTL still has its “CLASS” on landscape and common area or facilities. Too bad, it comes with high maintenance fees too. Great first home for own stay and surely it wouldn’t be too bad in couple of years time when you upgrade yourself to another development.” ~ Caffe Coretto

“Center of everywhere but middle of nowhere. Reasonable price plus Bread and butter product for the mass market. YTL product how wrong can it goes? Otherwise why people “die die” camped for their launch?” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“Easy access to KL/PJ via Connaught highway or Besraya. Attractively priced.” ~ Affogato


BRONZE: Saville @ Kajang By Metro Kajang Holding

“Another mantra is to follow the infrastructure and this is exactly what is Saville Kajang all about. Close proximity to KTM and upcoming MRT station with affordable pricing, the units are snapped like no tomorrow. It will be interesting to see people perception toward Jalan Reko in next 3 years where Saville Kajang starts the trend. And the winners would be the buyers that took the risk in 2014.” ~ Black Coffee

“CHEAP with good car park allocation. And was told MKH is a good developer too.

Who are we kidding? Its out of nowhere in Jln Reko. If this project was launched 10 years ago, people was struggling to find out where is Kajang. Oh! Did we say Kajang has annual flooding issue?” ~ Flat White

“Near to MRT and KTM interchange, Jalan Reko frontage with good access to highways

Not sexy location. Where is Jalan Reko?” ~ Café Latte

“1km away from future MRT/KTM. How can you complain given its very affordable price. You see all developers jack up its pricing whenever the word MRT in its advertisement. This is sure not one of it but don’t expect great façade from MKH and this is a typical mid-cost apartment design. You need a change of demographic in this area to boost the price in future. With the MRT in the picture, the hope is there.” ~ Caffe Correto

“Surprise surprise surprise… this one really caught everyone off guard. The name of “Saville” is a legend from MKH. Despite Kajang, this one located at the right place and the right time of 2014 and most importantly with the right price! With MRT and KTM nearby, it really add extra shine on the bronze plate of the Saville Kajang.” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“Saville Kajang , on busy Jalan Reko, which eventually leads to Kajang MRT station. At sub RM400k, hard to find similar propositions.” ~ Affogato

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Note: Featured Photo credit to Mr. Khong

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  1. Scp seasons garden did not make the cut?
    Same for elmina or ecomajestic also did not make the cut for landed?

  2. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Kochin boss. EcoMajestic is silver in landed! Season Garden was in bronze position which has same score with Saville Kajang. Unfortunately, it was eliminated in the end. Close call. Elmina, too bad…not in the top 5. Lol. Some projects still have to give way. No right or wrong. 🙂

  3. Great write up!
    Same thought came to my mind when I first read the title, season garden and also Elmina 🙂

  4. ooops… oversight.
    that’s the problem for reading on mobile. kekeke.

  5. There are below RM1mil landed property in Puchong (Taman Putra Prima, Phase 6A & 3E).. Perhaps you can write a review on it..

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