PROPCAFE Peek : Saville @ Kajang By MKH

PROPCAFE Peek : Saville @ Kajang By MKH

Kajang .. is at the south of KL  .. probably more reknown for it’s Kajang sate than anything else.  Kajang has also seen its burst of growth the last few years.



From Gamuda’s picturesque Jade Hills, to Nadayu 92, TTDI Grove ,  Tropicana Heights and of course the King of Kajang – Metro Kajang’s Kajang2 and the various Kajang Boulevard, etc

There’s also been a hodge podge of various other smaller developers with projects mushrooming around the area.

Latest being .. Saville Kajang.  Perhaps being overshadowed by its more glamorous Saville Cheras brother (located above the MRT at Taman Cuepacs), Saville Kajang was just recently opened for pre-launch pre-booking.  Are there such words ? Or should it be pre-launch booking.

IMG_20140408_124025 IMG_20140408_124039


Located along the busy Jalan Reko, Saville Kajang is closer to the SILK end of Jln Reko than the middle Kajang 2 location.  Jalan Reko itself, is a busy long road, starting form the workshops , passing by Kajang2’s location, then the KTM station of Alam Sari, before approaching a greener Bangi and eventually the border of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM – Bangi).  It’s an important artery connecting the 2 township of Bangi-Kajang, which is slowly blending melting into each other, like how PJ and Shah Alam has gradually merged through the years.  There’s even a Jaya Grocer nearby.  Kajang 2 which will include a new Rafflesia International school, will also see the building of a new KTM station.

IMG_20140408_132916 IMG_20140408_132913 IMG_20140408_132908


There are 2 blocks – A and B, total of 576 units. The units come in 3 different sizes, 709sf (2 bedrooms,1 car park), 855sf (3 bedrooms, 2 car parks) and 1004sf (3 bedrooms and 2 car parks).  Units are bare units, with no cabinets, kitchen fittings or plaster ceilings – but this is to be expected given the target market of such offerings.

IMG_20140408_132728 IMG_20140408_132710 IMG_20140408_132720


For Block A, the units come in North facing (faces Kajang town) and South facing (facing future Kajang 2 skyscrapers, as well as high tension cable).








Units are going fast, with the 855sf units 7 and 13 (north facing) all taken up; whilst similarly sized corner units on the same floors – units 9 and 11 – moving slower due to the more expensive pricing (about RM15k more) and also because these units open directly to the lift lobby.  But unit 11 is considered more ‘jialat” as there’s a possibility of the waste disposal door bring right in front of its front door!  And this is a premium priced unit, mind you.  For the 10xxsf unit, there were lower floor units still available, these are all pool facing units.  I don’t see much premium in higher floor units, as the pool is actually quite tiny – and higher pool view floors will not have much of a view! (charts and layout plan taken from Lowyat forum)




saleschart-1 IMG_20140408_141056 IMG_20140408_135502 IMG_20140408_135456 post-640132-1396789887 post-640132-1396789916 post-640132-1396789939


Current promotion for Saville Kajang :

+1% for Metro Kajang’s repeat buyers

Free legal fees on S&P and loan agreement



Seems a decent proposition for novice investors.  Although the 705sf can be viewed as cheap, sub-RM300k – bear in mind these 2-bedders come with only 1-car park each.  The 855sf unit seems more palatable for investors.

With Metro Kajang putting its reputation at stake in the development of Kajang 2 (building a brand new KTM station right at its door step), developments in this vicinity will augur well for Saville Kajang.  Investors are advised to do their own due diligence on the surrounding’s rental market on the rentability and affordability of such units by the local population.

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