PROPCAFE Peek : Nusantara Series Phase 8E @ Setia Eco Park By SP Setia

Setia Eco Park, one of the few flagship projects that kicks start the nation’s number one developer, SP Setia to stardom and won numerous top awards in FIACBI has many times escaped the coverage of this propcafe reviews. Guess it’s never too late for such inclusive now that the super hype “BBB” phenomena has subsided to certain degree and the mad rush to the launches has died down, or hasn’t it?

We shall leave the introduction and development to date of Setia EcoPark (hereon named “SEP”) for another day and now just emphasizes on its latest launch.

Soft launch during the CNY’14 (we never know when will be the proper launch anywhere) is the brand new series of NUSANTARA Series with fresh and brand new façade borrowing key elements of Balinese inspired theme of SMD and bungalow homes code named Phase 8E. For reader’s knowledge and information, Nusatara series is more sit well with homes of Malaysian and Asean heritage inspired homes. Phase 8E is situated to the extreme north western corridor of Setia Ecopark and just next to the access to the 77acres of Forest Park, a signature green lung and designer’s forest park for the enjoyment of residents.

Common Garden Landscape
Common Garden Landscape


Type: 2-storey Semi-D Homes (A, A1) – NUSA DUA

Sit on land side of 46’x85’ (intermediate with 15’ gardening space), these homes come with BU of 2,794sq and featured 4+1 rooms. With its limited edition (16 units only) and priced at 1.8mil and above, they have been almost fully booked soon after the preview (last check after CNY, it left only ONE unit priced at 1.89mil). With no dibs and other investors inducement incentives, we think the response is very encouraging but it does seem like a slap in the face for earlier SEP investors that bought into their earlier launches and were hoping for a grand windfall. Bear in mind that when this was made known to the public, it doesn’t sit well with most investors perception of the façade of the design. Some said it looks like “ruman papan” and others think it’s just pure plain and lack imaginative. The smaller built up (under 3000sq) also back fired as these days home owners are looking for bigger build up homes with this sort of money.

The signature layout plan for this series is the U shape configuration providing better segmentation of space and gardening room. I believe at the end of day, most buyers will eventually sealed up the inward outdoor gardening space, strictly the writer’s opinion.

This will be the 1st launch since the departure of TanSri LKS.

Site Plan for SMDs


Ground Flr Layout Plan

1 Flr Layout Plan


Site Plan for SMDs

Exterior Facade for NUSA DUA

Ground Floor Layout Plan for NUSA DUA

1st FLoor Layout Plan for NUSA DUA

Type: 2-Storey Bungalow Homes – NUSANTARA SERIES

As in typical SEP’s style, these brand new bungalow homes come with 4 different facades (All follows typical balinese’s favourite hot spots namely Saneh, Ayana, Lovina and Sanur) and currently on offer only 10 units with further 15 units yet to be released to make up the completion of the entire western side of SEP.

Typical size of 59’x115’, each home comes with minimum 10’ gardening strip on both sides and boosts a 40’ rear garden to compliment the “Balinese” feel to the house. However despite of the land size, don’t expect the super large built up. Typical built up for these homes ranges from 3049sq to 3523sq only. Follows the DNA of U shape layout plan, they are just the Balinese interpretation of the earlier 1.5storey models but extended to full 2 storey building. Prices are from 2.7mil.

As of to date, selected units have been taken but there are units to be picked if you rush to the sales gallery soon. These are typically single or dual generation homes only suitable for small family setup, unlike some other development promised 3 full storey and with built up of 5,000sq or more.

Site Plan for SMDs

Saneh (59x115, 3049sq)













Site Plan for NUSANTARA Series

Exterior Facade for SANEH (59×115, 3049sq)

Exterior Facade for AYANA (59×115, 3523sq)

Exterior Facade for LOVINA (59×115, 3523sq)

Exterior Facade for SANUR (various, 6735sq and 8471sq, 3212sq BU)


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  1. Ground floor homes without the need for steps or lifts would appeal to older people who are thinking of spending their retirement years in Johore.

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