PROPCAFE Peek : Plaza Arcadia @ Desa Parkcity (Part II) By Perdana ParkCity

This is the second part of review on Plaza Arcadia which is continue from the teaser that posted here earlier on. See



Plaza Arcadia is a 11.3 acres development from the new 55 acres Parkcity TownCenter in Desa Parkcity. The townCentre will include the commercial component of Shops, Offices, Condos, Hotels, Lakeside F&B and Sohos.

Plaza Arcadia key facts, masterplan and building layout
floor plan

Building design

It comes with 8 blocks (link with bridges) and 29 corner units. Well, from the layout you can guess which units are more expensive and attractive (of course those facing the “Square”. Impressively there are 13 escalators and 16 lifts for such a small development and 28foot wide frontage at Highstreet is a big plus.

The building layout clearly indicate the double volume design for ground floor retails shop and 1st floor courtyard shops. This will enable tenants to induce more lifestyle retails concept compares to conventional shoplot. We will talk about office and soho in the section below.

Entrance Statement and Highstreet

Entrance gateway


Ground Floor Retail Shop
DV retails

DV retails3

DV retails2

1st Floor Courtyard Shop
1st flr courtyard

1st flr courtyard shops

1st flr courtyard shops2

2nd Floor Offices which will be served by 16 lifts

3rd Floor Soho


Soho floor will be served by lifts with private access card. If you can see the layout clearly, each block has two entrance lobbies to serve offices and Sohos and there are total of 14 entrance lobbies available for Plaza Arcadia. However, no carpark lot (2 level basement) is given by developer. Bad!

Entrance lobby
Entrance Lobby and lifts

Here are the indicative pricing and additional information for this development

PPC intends to sell enblock (4storeys) therefore, there are 6% discount for those orang kaya. It will come with 4 different strata titles so the owner can sell it separately later. If all units are sapued then no more will be left for normal rakyat like us to buy the individual title. 🙁

One can opt to buy without DIBS which developer will rebate 5% to purchaser. Repeat buyer enjoys another 2% discount. It means those repeat buyer who buy 4 storey may get as high as 13% discount.

Corner unit comes with 3 sohos and intermediate has two Sohos on the  top. Intermediate unit size ranged from 6.6k sf to 8k sf which cost around RM6.5mil to RM9mil Iindicative). And corner unit size ranged from 9k to 10ksf with the price tag of RM8.5mil to RM12mil (indicative). This is the pricing for the whole 4 storey before discount.

The size of Soho itself which about 7XXsf to 1ksf with indicative price of average 750psf (should be around 700 to 850psf) means RM500k up

Personal View
Shoplot living? Well, if one looks at the plan properly, SOHOs are served by lobbies (of course don’t expect grand one :P), so it will be slightly different from the conventional shoplot. To pay more than 500k and on top of retails shop for living might not be everyone cup of tea. One needs more imagination to decide buy or not buy. Personally, it think it will be a perfect for those who use it for real SOHO not for sole residential purpose. Designer, Part time Archi, Photographer etc (DPC Lifestyle le). I am not the player of commercial and therefore i better let the expert to comment on the pricing of retail shops.

The  towncenter will be key commercial activities area in future DPC. To make it distinct from other commercial like Publika, Plaza Hartamas etc, this Arcadia needs to attract branded retails as tenants or at least higher end retailers. This can only be seen in 3 years time. And it will change the whole argument of the price tag and buy or not buy SOHOs verdict. Property investment sometimes need a bit of  imagination as well especially to this sort of unconventional concept. Here you go the risk taker (or i should say those ada class punya risk taker :P)!

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    1. Hi FIon! Thank you for your “Love” 🙂 . I believe we share the same passion. We love your site as well.

  3. No parking for SOHO? Where to park all those luxury car? LOL.

  4. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    You have to rent from developer which is at dedicated basement carpark.

  5. any company purchase need loan arrangement for plaza arcadia shopoffice can contact me at 016 220 9575 Chris.


  6. Propcafe, Now that the Plaza Arkadia has set foot for a year. Is it worth an invest for investor?

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