PROPCAFE Review : Park Manor vs. Garden Manor @ Sierramas By Tan & Tan 中英评论

说到大马首个围篱式有地房产,大家都会联想到双溪毛濡的 SIERRAMAS 或 VALENCIA.

TAN & TAN 与 GAMUDA 是 这个高尚住宅区的两大发展商,不同的是前者的发展地都是永久地契,而后者的发展地九成是99年地契。单是SIERRAMAS 的面积,就有175 亩, 而 GAMUDA则有225亩地,两者合共400亩地。



Above : The green view roads which leading towards Sierramas West/ Garden Manor

Sierramas is the 1st guarded and gated landed property community in the country. The developer Tan & Tan has very tight control on its security, to the extent that he Malaysian chapter of the International Federation nominated Sierramas as the best residential project of year 2002. This is the area that is inviting for the urbanites of today with their concerns about not just where to live, but how to live. The 2 new additions to Sierramas are Garden Manor (which was launched in end of 2009, and VPed now) and Park Manor, just launched.


Top: Garden Manor is sharing the same access road to valencia


Location map of Garden Manor and Park Manor



Above: Entrance of Garden manor


IMG_2354 IMG_2353 IMG_2351

Above: Club House and Swimming pool (only shared by 41 units owners)

Let’s start with Garden Manor. It was launched in one of the sunny Friday of Dec 2009. It is a small and low density development with only 41 units available for sales. All non bumi units (70%) were finished sold out within the first 45 minutes of the sales. The 30% of bumi quota were also sold out on the following day. Most of the purchasers were Tan & Tan’s internal stakeholders and supporters from Sierramas West and Sierramas East.

IMG_2341 IMG_2337

Above: Fenceless Concept

GM销售价从1.48mil起跳,领导层本想每卖十间就起价10万,即1.58Mil,1,68mil. 其实发展商的领导层万万没想到GM的销售额会如此惊人,  销售活动从早上九点开始售卖,怎知在短短的45分钟售完, 当领导层在十点钟从总公司致电询问销售情况的当儿,才知道所有非土族单位已经被一扫而空,而且只按1.48mil 价格售卖,发展商领导层只好饮恨兴叹。

There are 3 types of units namely Type A, B, C. The Type A are corner units, where Type B is the intermediate unit (BU 3500 Sqft). Type C is the biggest unit, 4 storey and comes with lift. It is a stratafied development with security (parameter fencing with CCTV, 24 hours security patrol), club house and swimming pool.  All units are fenceless.


IMG_2348 IMG_2338IMG_2340 282132_10151257734943615_1970749201_n

Above: Interior Pics of Garden Manor


From the above Gaden Manor Siteplan, Row Unit No. 33-41, and Row Unit No. 32-27, are backing each others, thus less privacy, Row 14-21 are backing the NKVE, thus can get some noice and dust from the street. Thus the best row would be Row 22-25, and Row 1-13, with the unlock view from the living room.

Park Manor on the other hand is a replicate of Garden Manor, both are 41 units in total. The only different is Park Manor are zero lot with bigger BU of around 5500 sqft to 6500 sqft, the price is from RM4.2mil and above. This is perhaps the most expensive launch of Sierramas thus far.

The following are the major comparison of Park Manor and Garden Manor


Garden Manor Park Manor
Launch date Dec 2009 Dec 2012
Land Size (Intermediate) 32 x 48” 45 x 85”
BU (intermediate) 3500 sqft From 5400 sqft
No. of storey 3 storey 3 storey + Mezzanine floor
House Type Link Villa Zero Lot Bungalow
Price From RM1.48mil (launching price)From RM2.2mil (current asking price) RM4.2mil (launching price)
VP/Sales status VPed in Feb 2013 Sold 16 units,  25 units availableAs at 28 Feb 2013
DIBS nil nil
Land Tenure Freehold Freehold
Location Next to Sierramas West, and at the entrance   of Valencia Next to Sierramas East entrance, facing the KTM   rail road

pm_g10 pm_g07 pm_g06 pm_g05 pm_g04 pm_g03 pm_g02 pm_g01 pm_f01

Above: Artist Impression of Park Manor

Conclusion: There is no good or bad of both developments, it is depends on one‘s budget.

But with the price tag of RM4.2mil, Garden Manor which is half the price of Park Manor, seems a good bargain. If u want to have Sierramas in your mailing address, garden manor seems a good buy and it is the brand new addition to this highend enclave.

Sierramas is going to have another International School, currently in the making and commercial will be up soon. It is also closed to the MRT Sungai Buluh Station, a stone throw distance from the Sungai Buluh toll, linked by NKVE to others part of KLV, and also closed to the RRIM Redevelopment land, Kwasa Damansara.

8 Replies to “PROPCAFE Review : Park Manor vs. Garden Manor @ Sierramas By Tan & Tan 中英评论”

  1. Getting to like Propcafe. Another outstanding review! How about doing one on Four Seasons Place?

    1. Zonefinder, unfortunately u need to be invited to purchase 4s.
      We didnt received such invitation…hence no review.

  2. Wow! Very nice place! If you never posted this, I wont know there is such an exclusive area at this part of Klang Valley. Very nice environment and unique design. Like townhouse concept in overseas but too many staircase for me. I also start getting to like Propcafe more! Well done!

  3. Thanks for both your replies, we will try to review more landed properties as we hv received some feedbacks request us to do so.

  4. Great review 🙂 Keep it up.

  5. I am a property agent and has few units garden manor on hand. Welcome to PM me for viewing =D

  6. Avatar says: Reply

    Garden Manor
    I am one of resident here, I like house design but facility quality is very poor that my Impressions.
    Especially water heater problem which fixed by developer.
    Electricity bill is more always RM600 – RM1000 per month by alone resident.
    Complain to land load, property agent, and Garden Manor developer about this issue.
    However, everyone said that it is normal in Malaysia such an expensive electricity bill.
    Therefore residence should paid that only their advice.
    Continue to complain about it few month then finally check up properly then found out water heater system faulty.
    Bill is now bellow than RM300 now.
    Before this properly investigation, house owner, property agent, and developer arranged few technician to investigation, but all the party did very poor investigation and poor repaired.
    Then issue is continew more than 7 month until fully settle and every one agree heater system faulty that always I mentioned to all.

    Also there are some other issue.. Currently residence is very few. I think such a poor developer work is the cause. If you stay here, you will face same my issue.
    Better reconsider before you decide to stay here that my advice for future resident.
    Lookis butiful but building quality is very poor,,,

    1. I used to own a unit in Garden Manor, but I have sold the unit, as it is become not livable. Besides the points that you have highlighted, I have summarised the external and internal factors why I need to sell and let go my investment:-

      1) feedback from my property viewers, they dislike the kitchen in the 1st floor and the bedrooms are on the top floor.Maid room is on the ground floor. This is the most unusual layout that I have ever seen.
      2) low density translates into high maintenance fee, luckily u r a tenant and your landlord cover the maintenance fee for you.
      3) Surau/ Mosque under construction, and the current dust pollution and the future noise pollution. Not to mention the future Friday prayer traffic.
      4) IGB., ELS traffic jam up the tiny and only access to Sungai Buloh toll
      5) the up coming under construction of 1000 units (some launched some pending launching), will add salt to the wound, the traffic will getting worst, There is no traffic planning in place for now.
      6) the master developer, Tan & Tan sold all their land on hand to 3rd party for development, most likely they want to clean and wash their hand and leave the township. So there is no single developer who is the main driver that protect the interest of residents.

      I hope i am wrong though

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