PROPCAFE Peek : Plaza Arcadia @ Parkcity Town Center By Perdana ParkCity

Plaza Arcadia – Next Generation Offices, Shops and Soho, is located at new commercial area of Desa Parkcity called Parkcity Town Center (see Masterplan below). Parkcity Towncenter is situated besides Breezeway/Safa.


DPC Towncenteraa

This is the 1st phase of towncenter and it consists of 107 units of 4 storey shops, offices and sohos which designed in an interesting European high street, open air and walkable environment based on the concept of historical town squares of old Italian and French cities. From my understanding, this Plaza Arcadia commercial property can be used for either retail shop or office or even SOHO. Let’s wait for the layout to assess how this property can accomodate these three different purposes.




The site of Plaza Arcadia



The pictures below are the another side of future Parkcity Town Center. You can see from the masterplan above, the lake is, in fact, as big as the current lake near the commercial desa parkcity waterfront. It will surely be a nice place to hang around especially the lake fronting area as i was told (previous when breezeway was launched) it will cater more lifestyle dinning and commercial activities like hotel, cinema, retails shoplots, office blocks, service apartment, soho, hospital (completed and commenced), international school (completed and commenced).



The masterplan of Parkcity Town Center is very exciting as it will make it a more complete township (ok, small township) as it will cover other elements that are not existed in this area. I think Soho will be well accepted in Desa Parkcity as it is a preferred lifestyle location for work, live, play and some people may say status too.

I will update more information in later stage once the layout and pricing is available for this Plaza Arcadia (gut feeling this 4 storey property will be priced more than RM 6mil).

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  1. Thanks for the info.. all for sale or DPC will manage some?

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  3. TB….all for sale.

  4. Is the office worth buying at rm700 Psf? Do u think easy to fetch good renal?

  5. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    There will be proper office blocks to be launched which is grade A office. So high risk to me. Of course you have another niche market which like more lifestyle courtyard style office. So how big is this market…to be honest no one know. Also it depends on the retails tenant profiles.

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