PROPCAFE Peek : Plaza Arcadia @ Desa Parkcity By Perdana ParkCity Part III

Plaza Arcadia sales continue with brisk pace this week. I am amazed by the purchasing power of Malaysian given its price tag. This Part III will cover the unit size (and specification given), floor plan for each block and some observation from the sales chart.

The preview (Perdana Parkcity is yet to obtain AP) of Arcadia (since last week) allowed interested parties to book the unit either whole four storeys or separate title (unit). The title of each four storey is separated by Ground Floor (Street Shop & Mezzaine Shop), First Floor (Courtyard Shop), Second Floor (Offices), and Third Floor (Office/SOHO). Except the early birds who entitled to purchase the whole 4storeys, the later batch was unable to get SOHO floor. So, SOHO fans/investors still have chance to grab a piece of Plaza Arcadia.

Out of 336 units (individual strata title) excluded third floor, there are only left with 20 units. 19 of them are ground floor (GF) units and 1 unit from first floor. Bellamy – 5 units GF, Eaton – 8 units GF, 1 unit First Flr, and Faraday – 6 units GF. The leftover units’ pricing started from RM4.xmil to RM6.xmil. It is not surprise that all units that facing Plaza or Highstreet are gone. All leftover units are facing external public road. (see the attachment below).

As for the SOHO, almost 100 units (out of 160+units) have taken by the early birds who booked the entire 4 Storeys. They have stopped purchase of whole block to ensure there is still something to sell in the official launch in May. SOHO units come with quite number of freebies – Kitchen Cabinet, Hood & Hob, Refrigerator, Combo Washer and Dryer. As mentioned in Part II, SOHO pricing will be around 500k+ up for smallest units (+-700sf). DIBS or 5% disc, 2% repeat buyer and 5% bumi discount.

I believe DPC will hold a ballot session for the remaining SOHO (60+ units) and it will be a SOLD OUT project!


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11 Replies to “PROPCAFE Peek : Plaza Arcadia @ Desa Parkcity By Perdana ParkCity Part III”

  1. There is not other site which can provide me info about Arcadia as detail as propcafe! Some more with sequel of part 1 , 2 and 3 ! How you do that? You guys are amazing! btw will there be part 4 LOL surprise me propcafe!

  2. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Part 4 mayb after the official launch the ballot of soho? lol. I m sure majority of us are more interested for its soho than the expensive commercial :6

  3. if I were the current existing resident of DPC, the last thing I want to see is to build SOHO.
    Too many highrises, too many condos increase the density of DPC.

  4. Avatar SoyCappuccino says: Reply

    and DPC will become more messy (chap) soon it will be like a downtown! Dislike!

  5. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Office blocks ll b there later on in town center. Cannot run away if you want it to self sustainable township.

  6. Great job and thanks for keeping us up to date with this benchmark setting project.

  7. I heard there are a total of 15 condo projects in DPC…Then you can imagine the place is going to be more crowded ever.

  8. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    The condos are more at the border of dpc like west 1 n 2. There are few behind southlake/zenia. Only limited new condos at the centre parks. It ll not change much the openness unlike mont kiara. The developer manages the whole township so it is not like mont kiara. Masterplan well planned! The towncentre ll b more commercial n office towers n hotel ll be centralised, thats different story.

  9. I have a client decided to sell his Arcadia SOHO, if anyone interested in it pls call me at 0162116116.

  10. Hi , it is a very good township and great business heritage Italy design cencept . Bring it on .

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Stay tuned, hopefully with the South Brooks development, PROPCAFE followers may get some update on Desa ParkCity. Yes, Arcadia is one of its kind commercial development in Klang Valley. Lucky DPCian.

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