PROPCAFE Review : M Residence 2 @ Rawang By Mah Sing – Part 2


Don’t let the hot dish getting cold…. that what my mum always says to me when I was a boy and in fact I am still one…

while that all readers still having the strong vivid memory of M Residence @ Rawang – Part 1 by Propcafe.Net..

Let’s continue this momentum and don’t let it stop 🙂

Recently, propcafe had received much enquiries and advice on this M-Residence 2 @ Rawang project and it has become a hot topic at some major property forums like LowYat.Net and not only to the extent of forum but even my relatives and friends has been talking about it. It can be quite understandable because landed is scarce moreover linked house is super rare nowadays not to mention with this kind of concept. I am not going to repeat what Part 1 had mentioned but to share more on this project.

For this, PropCafe.Net had come across a very informative article about M-Residence 2 @ Rawang by StarProperty.My. There is some information that we had missed out which you can find from this artice. Therefore, PropCafe.Net would like to share this article to all readers out there who has a very strong keen on this project.

PropCafe hope our readers will enjoy it. Again, full credit to StarProperty.MY. Execellent information! Thanks to StarProperty.MY team!

Mah Sing’s second Rawang township’s first phase of DSL houses to preview this weekend

Type A1 of the Alpine houses in M Residence 2 @ Rawang – StarProperty.My

87% of private preview units priced around RM440K snapped up last weekend

Barely after the dust has settled from the launches of Mah Sing’s M Residence township project in Rawang, the developer has now launched its second township there. It is located about 500m south of the first township along Jalan Batu Arang.

M Residence 2 is sited on approximately 150 acres and is planned as a self-sustained community with residential and commercial components.

Last weekend saw the private preview of its first phase, Alpine, which features 20’x65’ double-storey link homes with built-up areas of approximately 1,885 sq ft. According to the developer, it is a “gated and guarded enclave amidst a natural lotus lake”.

From this private preview, 87% were taken up, with many unsold lots being Bumiputra units, says a spokesperson for the developer. These houses were priced from RM438,800.

This weekend (Mar 30-31) will see the public preview for another release of the Alpine houses. Indicative price for this release is from RM458,800.

Type A2 of the Alpine houses at M Residence 2@Rawang
Type A2 of the Alpine houses at M Residence 2@Rawang -StarProperty.My

Besides the lotus lake, M Residence 2 offers a communal clubhouse “modeled on resort-style living”. The gated and guarded township also deploys 8-feet perimeter fencing throughout, CCTV system with motion detection sensors, guard house and boom gates to every precinct, so that movements at every ingress and egress point is secured.With an estimated gross development value (GDV) of RM650 million, the township will be developed over the next six to seven years through various phases.

“I believe the M Residence 2 presents the public with a rare glimpse into lakeside living at its finest with homes that overlook the lake,” said James Bruyns, COO for both M Residence and M Residence 2 in a release.


According to Bruyns, M Residence 2 is located 10 minutes from North-South Highway’s Rawang toll and AEON Rawang Anggun. “With a proposed direct link to the Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Selangor Expressway (LATAR), from Jalan Tasik Puteri, which straddles M Residence and M Residence 2, the potential for home prices here are bound to appreciate.”

The developer is offering an early bird special only during the preview period and a nest of financial benefits including free SPA and legal fees on loan agreement and a 1-year waiver on service charges.

The Alpine show house and M Residence sales gallery is open from 10am-6pm daily.

The crowd at last weekend’s preview – StarProperty.MY


 Full Credit to StarPorperty.MY 

Thank you!

Furthermore, from Tan & Tan’s website found a brief introduction of Kundang and in the article it also mentioned about Kundang Properties Sdn Bhd (KPSB), a joint venture between PKNS and IGB Corporation Bhd, had almost 1000 acres of rubber estate land in the area, procured in the 1980s. For detail can refer to here

From another article published in it mentioned that the Alpine linked homes are spread over 31.95 acres (12.9ha) . For details please refer to here

Based on this info, if my math is correct total number of Alpine is 456units and it translates that the density of  this Alpine excluding the SMD is approximately 15 units /acre.

To add on spice and chilli to M Residence 2 in Rawang as whole, Perodua has a plan to setup a new factory at Rawang.

Details can refer to here


Sales Chart as of 28 March 2013

Alpine A1 Sales Chart 28 March 2013
Alpine A1 Sales Chart 28 March 2013
Alpine A2
Alpine A2


For those who missed the M Residence 2 @ Rawang – part 1 can go to here


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  1. Nice preview! 🙂 hopefully the price will up up up…finger crossed

    1. U must have already sapu at least a unit, that is why wanna see it up up up….

    2. Sean. Don’t tell me you vested because of Propcafe.Net 😉 we are not liable to any sort of damamge! but all we can say Good Luck and May the force be with you!

  2. admin: Yeah, I have put my faith on you! 🙂 You are totally liable with it. LOL

    1. Avatar SoyCappuccino says: Reply

      Sean. This place is sibeh far and jam as far as I know. Why would people buy somewhere far and get into jam? Not to trying to be wet blanket. The question is can you accept the place and stay there in the future? Anyway good luck to you!

      1. Is good for future, don justify the location at this current stage. 3 years to go
        alot infrastructure will improve accordingly

  3. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Propcafe is under pressure. Ha lol.

  4. Just one comment .. i think the density calculation is not correct.. should be over 400 units (see the largest unit number of all blue+orange units) on 30 acres land.. so ard 15 units per acre i think

    1. Avatar SoyCappuccino says: Reply

      Hi Vector88 thanks for the correction. You are right! I counted is 456 units of Alpine and if the info from the edge is correct about the land size 31.95acre (Not sure include the linear park) it should be around 15 units/acre. Thanks for pointing out the errors! 🙂 But other info I got verbally is approx 37acres!

  5. Is m residence 2 still a good investment? Taking into account it’s leasehold property instead of freehold. I am contemplating to buy a corner unit,about 700k++. However it being leasehold and also uncertainty about the appreciation in value is confusing me.

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      No crystal ball. But investors went in this proj because of its low abs amount for landed prop. Start fron 408k after rebate was the phase 1 units. 700k i think is different budget range for subsales buyers in rawang due to its affordability. That is why there is still corner available unlike normal landed prop launches. My2cent

  6. i bought there. conclusion: nothing but regret. worst developer ever

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