PROPCAFE Review : D’Island Residence @ Puchong By LBS Bina

LBS Bina, well known as developer that focus on building medium cost housing at Batu Pahat, Cameron Highlands and Klang Valley. Their Jewel of Crown is Bandar Saujana Putra, surrounded by established township such as Kota Kemuning and Putra Heights. Launched in 2003, their early DSH launches from 16X55 was priced less than RM100K. their subsequent launches such as Topaz 18X55 was priced from RM120K. However due to the collapse of Talam (which has lands called Saujana Permai adjacent to Bandar Saujana Putra), some of the shared infrastructure works such as water tank and interchange to ELITE has stalled. Bandar LBS has struggled to develop the township however has manage to overcame the issue. Currently, the landed in Bandar Saujana Putra is one of the most affordable in Klang Valley that you can buy. Due to switch of company strategy and scarcity of landbank, LBS has switched the portfolio by building high end landed in Puchong. This bring us to D’ Island.

Overview of D’ Island

Launched in September.2011, the 175acres of leasehold project is surrounded by tranquil 1000 acres of lake. From the masterplan, the development is linked with forest on an island.





Tranquil Lake

So far LBS has launched four phases in this project consists of

  1. Superlink Apicalia 3S 22X80 (3400sqft) and 22X100 (4000sqft) (VP soon) that fully sold from RM1.3million
  2. Semi D Balvia 3S 40X80 4900sqft (VP soon) that sold from RM2.38million
  3. Bungalow Lots
  4. Nautilus 3S 24X80 (3400sqft) and 24X100 (4250sqft) that sold from RM1.8m and RM1.9m. Similarly the phase 4 almost completed and VP will be handover soon.


Wikimapia: Location of D’ Island Residence @ Puchong

Accessibility and Surroundings

The distance of D’ Island from Pusat Bandar Puchong is approximately 13km and about 20minutes in normal traffic condition. From the LDP heading towards Puchong South, take an exit at Jalan Puchong heading towards Meranti Jaya. The drive feels long due to bad long condition where certain stretches are undergoing tarring now.  After seeing George Kent on your right, turn right at the traffic light. The main access of D’ Island is through Taman Tasik Puchong


Google Map: Bandar Puchong Jaya to D’ Island

Interesting, Jalan Puchong will bring you passby Laman and Bayu@SDB to Taman Putra Perdana where at the end of the road it will bring you to Nusaputra Interchange. You can access the MEX highway which would bring you to KL City Centre in 40 minutes (about 40km) or you can go to ELITE heading south.


Google Map: D’ Island to KLCC



Access through Fenced and Guarded Taman Tasik Puchong

In summary, despite the location is quite deep inside the Puchong, you can use the alternative route to KL City rather than joining the jam at LDP.

Site Plan, Façade and Layout

Unlike other project that claimed a pond as massive body of lake, one of the most unique selling points of this development is the site is unique and surrounded by 1000acre of tranquil water. The ex-mines is really massive and tranquil.


Site Plan


Scale Model of Master Plan


Site Plan for Apicalia


Site Plan for Nautilus

For D’Island, LBS has go for modern façade. Not too clean and just with nice design that pleasing to the eyes


Artist Impression for Apicalia

9 10

Façade for Apicalia


Artis Impression for Nautilus

11 12

Façade for Nautilus


Actual Site of Nautilus


Layout for Apicalia type B 22X80 3400sqft 5 bedrooms


Layout for Apicalia type A 22X100 4000sqft 5 bedrooms


Nautilus 3S type B 24X80 3400sqft 5 bedrooms


Nautilus 3S Type A 24X100 4250sqft 5 bedrooms

Concept and Security

D’ Island is strata concept with clubhouse, guardhouse on every phase, playground, garden and jogging path etc. According to the SA, each house will be equipped with home state of art security system.





Specification and Showhouse

Sample of the material used and showhouse below. Personally the material feel cheap and for the price, the developer should provide a better finishes

17 18 19

Sample material and actual unit of Nautilus

IMG_20150104_153739 IMG_20150104_153809 IMG_20150104_154659 IMG_20150104_154752 IMG_20150104_154851 IMG_20150104_154907 IMG_20150104_155009 IMG_20150104_155020 IMG_20150104_155051 IMG_20150104_155229 IMG_20150104_155355 IMG_20150104_155535 IMG_20150104_161322


Booking Status

The first phase Apacalia is fully sold. Currently developer is selling the balance units for Nautilus. Since it is almost completed, no financing package offered. Even SPA and Loan agreement legal fee etc need to be paid by buyers.


The stickered is the leftover units for Nautilus

Despite the different is only 2ft between Acapalia and Nautilus, the price is almost RM500k different. Whether the buyer could justify the premium paid, the developer argued that lift is provided for Nautilus.


Lift provided for Nautilus


The location is compensated by the location. Somehow if you want a quality home, you need to stay further away from the bustling commercial area. Also the price that hitting RM2million will make this project out of the reach of normal family. LBS being newcomer in high end development is a concern From outside you notice hairline cracks on the Acapalia with patches of repair. Being an ex-mines land, there is always a concern of sunk therefore hopefully developer has take this into consideration.

9 Replies to “PROPCAFE Review : D’Island Residence @ Puchong By LBS Bina”

  1. Is the developer planned to do anything on the lake? Such a waste on the big n serene lake.

    1. Hi Bluwater, yes one of the lake will be used to support lake activities, such as fishing, etc. LBS also will be building one lakeside Clubhouse (to be completed by 2017), and jetty for residence to park their boat there. Also there will be one walkway path around that main lake, for residences to enjoy lake view while jogging or walking along the main lake. I am Stephy, one of the specialist in D Island Township Development, call me at 010-2486649 if you need any extra information. Have a great day!

  2. The uniqueness of this development…. surrounded by 1000acres of water… Therefore the premium in price…..

    the lake might be public and therefore no plan for any reclaimation at the moment.. But you never know….

    1. Hi Black Coffee, the lake is a reserved lake by Government, it is guaranteed not being used for any future developments. I am Stephy, one of the specialist in D Island Township Development, call me at 010-2486649 if you need any extra information. Have a great day!

  3. Are you sure that is ex mind land? Developer SA claimed that the land they current developer is not a ex mind land. Their SA said it is too solid till the mining ship cannot mine the land, so it left one piece of land surrounded by big lake.

    1. Hi Nkhong, it is 95% solid land, 5% reclaimed land only for shaping of the Island. I am Stephy, one of the specialist in D Island Township Development, call me at 010-2486649 if you need any extra information. Have a great day!

  4. Nice review of D Island Township, LBS is launching 2 Storey Lakeside Semi D now, 4000sf, 5+1R, 6B, price at RM 1.55m, with nice package, low down payment, free SPA Legal Fees & MOT, 2 yrs maintenance. Call Stephy 010-2486649 for more info.

  5. Is the property are fully gated & guarded officially in S&P?

  6. Wondering, the developer will plant any mature trees before any new phrase develop. When to D’island couple of time, l ‘d like the concept but it it to think ahead like any other developer with resort island that full of mature trees and green. Appreciate for any changes for the good of future resident.

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