PROPCAFE 360 Degree View : Capers @ Sentul by YTL

If there is one building that must visit during early vacant possession period, it has to be this YTL Capers. Superbly designed in term of its façade and landscape, no one will deny that it is probably the most iconic building in KL City Center at the moment. Only if it is not in Sentul (but KLCC), it surely be the most sought after condominium in Kuala Lumpur.

YTL would never disappoint you on its landscape. Most of the time, Seksan is the one behind the scene and Capers always take pride on this aspect. On the facilities and common areas, YTL always execute it with details and hardly disappoint its buyers. Finishing and quality often very subjective as it depends on the main contractor, so we are not here to comment. This post is aim to get reader to feel and see the completed building, common area and the beautiful landscape from this most anticipated vacant possession project in town. ENJOY!


Sexy Architectural Building Design

IMG-20150110-WA0025 IMG-20150110-WA0013 IMG-20150110-WA0024 IMG-20150110-WA0017 IMG-20150110-WA0011 IMG-20150110-WA0015 IMG-20150110-WA0048 (1) IMG-20150110-WA0050 IMG-20150110-WA0056 IMG-20150110-WA0054 IMG-20150110-WA0053 IMG-20150110-WA0055 IMG-20150110-WA0052 IMG-20150110-WA0027 IMG-20150102-WA0017

Night View on Capers

IMG-20150110-WA0034 IMG-20150110-WA0028

Classy Corridor

IMG-20150102-WA0050 IMG-20150102-WA0049 IMG-20150102-WA0048

Emergency Staircase



Access Entrance/Lobby of Building



Beautiful Common Area and Landscape … … Very Seksan Feel.


IMG-20150102-WA0040 IMG-20150102-WA0046 IMG-20150102-WA0044 IMG-20150102-WA0043 IMG-20150102-WA0042 IMG-20150110-WA0008 IMG-20150110-WA0038 IMG-20150110-WA0039 IMG-20150110-WA0040 IMG-20150110-WA0041 IMG-20150110-WA0045 IMG-20150110-WA0046 IMG-20150110-WA0044 IMG-20150110-WA0049 IMG-20150110-WA0042




IMG-20150102-WA0028 IMG-20150102-WA0030 IMG-20150102-WA0029 IMG-20150102-WA0023

Night View on Landscape

IMG-20150110-WA0033 IMG-20150110-WA0029 IMG-20150110-WA0030



Swimming Pools and Play Ground

IMG-20150110-WA0047 IMG-20150110-WA0051

IMG-20150110-WA0026 IMG-20150110-WA0036IMG-20150110-WA0035IMG-20150110-WA0031IMG-20150110-WA0032IMG-20150110-WA0022


IMG-20150110-WA0020 IMG-20150110-WA0023


Fantastic KLCC View from the “Premium” Unit

IMG-20150102-WA0016 IMG-20150102-WA0035 IMG-20150102-WA0047 IMG-20150110-WA0019


What Can I Say?

Simply Stunning!

Our PropCafe founder will visit the site again to collect his key soon. We will share more photos in our Facebook later! Maybe the photos with RENO and Complete Fully Furnished Unit? Stay tuned.

Source – Photo: Big Thank you to our PropCafe Buddy – Mr BB



7 Replies to “PROPCAFE 360 Degree View : Capers @ Sentul by YTL”

  1. Apart from the unique facade outlook and neat landscaping finishing, the entrance lobby is very cramp & simple while the lift waiting area quite small. Not sure about the corridor and if YTL incorporate any of the Green Building elements which could better benefit the residents. Facilities-wise also seems very basic and not comparable to other mid to high-end condo. Just my 2cents~

  2. About the Corridor, not sure the corridor area belong to the floor Unit entrance or the main lobby Lift area. If for the Unit entrance corridor, it is a bit way too dark in my taste. I wish this area can be brighter.

  3. It looks nice as you walk past it, sure, but completely impractical and terrible to live in. Moving into this place was a huge mistake for so many reasons.
    The apartment is riddled with defects which management are very casual in their attitude towards. It’s very frustrating to pay so much for a place and get an apartment that doesn’t function in a number of basic ways.
    Also, there are practicality issues with the very design which seems to be the building’s entire selling point.
    A case in point is the entrances to the two tower blocks, which have a nice looking gap just above them, meaning that you get soaked coming in and out of the otherwise covered entrance whenever it’s raining. Also, the weird decorative flourishes on the outside may look nice from outside, but actually serve to obscure views from the windows (some of which don’t open properly, incidentally). The Capers takes style over substance to a somewhat worrying level.
    Add to this the fact there is no lobby and you have to enter through a carpark which fills with water whenever it rains and management and security who are both insane and incompetent, constantly trying to enforce bizarre rules (such as those governing drying laundry or curtains) which make it feel closer to a prison in some ways than the luxury living it purports to be (I know this sounds like hyperbole, but no more than the use of the word luxury is to describe this place) while showing no concern for the people who live there.

    1. Hi Mr.H . Thanks for dropping your comment here. I think all the readers here including myself appreciate the opinion and info sharing from those who actually staying there, and this is what’s the blog is all about 🙂 The sharing of your views and experience as some one who actually living there is very valuable. Thanks again.

  4. Living in Capers more than 1 year now with of course so many complaints on common area & unit defect as well as poor workmanship & unbearable practicality issue with the iconic design building. But now, think again, it wasn’t bad at all; first it is not a luxury condo that cost >=RM900 per sf and second of all we lived with our choice & therefore we gonna suck it all up! I mean I suck it up all the bad reviews which coming from myself & others point of view. We can propose/suggest when it comes to AGM. Isn’t that what AGM for? Make sure attend & voice out, let the Mgt/Dev/JMB hear it.

    Mr.H, point-finger at Mgt & guards are insane & that they show no concern for the people who live there is absolutely ridiculous. How about resident to resident? Don’t they have the responsibility to make the place a better place to live in & show concern for others? It is not 1-way but 2-way responsibility (unless I live in a banglo in Damansara Height, then 1-way will do, I don’t care). I have so much to complain too, I accept that because that is what I signed up for. It’s like someone sell you the orange by saying its from Japan that you & salesman will definitely agree its great one; but the possibility of 50% that that orange might be a spoilt one. But luckily in property case, you can either sell the unit OR you can be part of something big to make it a better place. Spoilt fruit, you can only throw away.

    First 2 years is always a hard beginning for anyone (tenants, owners, mgt, jmb, guards, all contractors etc). Everyone is point-finger at anyone. I wish I purchased property in KLCC area cos it doesn’t have such issues because I would already paid so much for it; Capers is merely a design iconic building, so nothing to compare with but it was that design made me to purchase, don’t you all agree? And it was only ~RM500 per sf during launching back in 2011.

    In my point of view, what’s done is done. Take it from there & make it better. Or sell it & make a fortune for self (by now with bad market, it still fetch >=RM 800 per sf). The choice is always ours. Isn’t it? Of course, we have right to complain/say; it will be heard, by right channel.

  5. Avatar Noor adila hanim azahari Azahari says: Reply

    Why i cant get any homestay or apartment here for shortvacay in or airbnb? I would love to be here..

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