PROPCAFE Review : Jadite Suite @ Jade Hills Kajang By Gamuda

The Return of The Jedi…….Jadite Suite of Jade Hills @ Kajang


In term of pricing… 361k to 500+k… half a Mil for a high rise at Kajang? .. oppss i mean Jade Hills
Although this one is at Jade Hills but totally not much connected to the “Jade Hills” other than sharing the same access to Jade Hills before the Guard house..

Jade Hill Location

Jadite Suites Jade Hills Location Propcafe


Jade Hills Master Plan

Jade Hills Masterplan


Jadite Suites Concept & Development Plan

Jadite Suites Development Plan
Jadite Suites Development Plan



Jade Hills Jadite Suite Introduction_Page_01


Sitting on approximately on 5acres of freehold land and the total number of unit is 366 units which translate about 74 units/acres.

For me this considered low-medium densed.

Block A : 78 units (19 storeys)

Block B : 64 units (16 storeys)

Block C : 112 units (14 storeys)

Block D : 112 units (14 storeys)

Actual Site
Actual Site
Actual Site. Behind Block A can see facing Setia Impian SMDs
Actual Site.
Behind Block A can see facing Setia Impian SMDs

As Jadite Suite will have their own facilities… at estimated 0.28psf for maintenance …for density wise this one is quite low with total 4 blocks should be around 200+ over. Current launch is only Block A and B.

Where Block A is all the smaller unit and also duplex and Block B with the larger one.

The 17th Floor height Block A has total of 78 units ( 16 units are duplex of 1012sf from $420k+) where the rest are the smallest unit of Type A 2 bedded 947sf from $362k+ onwards  and Type B 1345sf from $520k+ onwards. It is a rather low densed building where each floor has 4 & 6 units alternately due to the Duplex units!

Block B is a  20th floor height building where the first 4 floors are carpark and 16 floors of units. Each floor there are ONLY 4 units and in total is only 64 units. Most units of Block B are big unit where consist of  32 units of Type D 1356sf from $540k+ and 32 units of Type E 1216sf from $482k+ onwards.

Car Park is located at Block B. Block A owner need to walk a bit linked via a skybridge! Block B, C and D is sharing the common podium while A is isolated from it.


The Model




Image Image

I believe block A has 2 level of retail units …

The commercial units 20+ shop lots nearby Jadite Suite (directly opposite).. already fully sold out.. and due to overwhelming demands for commercial ( not sure how they know “overwhelm response”) there will be another commercial phase nearby Jadite Suite.. some sort of townhall/ open air retails units like the concept of IOI boulevard or Sunway Giza.. for sales hearsay from $1.3m and above..and launching date still yet to be decided.

Notice the “Town Center” Tag


Okey dokie..the land opposite this Jadite Suite ..view from Block A, land on left will be a open air retail concept like IOI boulevard or Sunway Giza. View from Block A, land on right (in front of the word “Borderless” on above picture) is current shoplots underconstruction..
jade hills commercial
The 1st phase commercial shop lots
The 1st phase commercial shop lots
The 1st phase commercial shop lots
The 1st phase commercial shop lots
The 1st phase commercial shop lots
The 1st phase commercial shop lots
Not sure is true or not, but the Chilli Source , the international skool cannot wait.. so plan to rent the shoplots (not all shops) first to start operation till the skool is fully completed where will take approximately 2 years …
hearsay not only 1 internation skool….si boh… btw the intro fees 20k still on for Jadeian who introduce outsiders to buy one but not applicable to Jadite Suite..
so now u know who to look for incase you want to get one inside the real jade hills

Until now Jade Hills is around 50% developed and still have a long way to go..  and mostly the left over phase is the bungalow and only very minimum could be only 1 phase of SMDs. Having said that, this Jadite Suite is the one and only high rise at Jade Hills under Gamuda. It is a good thing because there won’t be anymore high rise increasing the density of Jade Hills or blocking any view  in the future.

The other thing one should take note that like I say earlier, the entrance of Jadite Suite is totally having a separate entrance thus still maintaining the exclusivity of current Jade Hills owners. When you are paying such an exclusive price for your home at Jade Hills, you would not want your enclave to be too “chap”  messy with the high rise residential unlike some other project where the developer build theie high rise “inside” the enclave itself.

One who reach Jade Hills to view the Jadite Suite show unit.. should take the opportunity for a ride to “inside” of the residential units…
it will bring you to another world where u will never expect it happening in Kajang. Most of the feedback was… like a resort or oversea feeling and very exclusive feeling…ask a free tour from the staff there.. and there more deligted to bring you for a tour

Actually this time Gamuda Land marketing and sales had improved a lot compared to last time..This time for Jadite Suite.. nice hard cover brochure is given and have show units to see .. surprised but I am disappointed that they did not build the showroom for the duplex. It does make sense because it is only 16 units so Gamuda is not much to worry about it being not sold out. As far as I know, Duplex design at this area is super rare species!

THis is the design of brochure cover page

Overview of what is on the deck

Layout For Blok A & B

Blok A Duplex
Blok A Type B
Blok A Type A
Blok B Type D
Blok B Type E

For the benefit of all the readers here…

This buidling is on Commercial Land so commercial title. There aint any retail units for this project. Below Blok A is management office, cafeteria, & laundry .

According to SA trolleys will be provided for the convenience of owners on Block A to move their grocery.

Facade wise… at first glance i thought it is a low cost apartment. Gamuda Land still lack in term of facade design. Nevertheless Gamuda Land still new in highrise I guess.

In term of layout, one thing I notice is this place not much meant for masak masak…it is more to western style looking at the kitchen size and seems like only dry kitchen.

I see no logic where Block A Tybe B 1345sf is from $0.52mil and Blok B type E 1216sf is from $482k…No brainer to select Blok B as car park is direct below and price is more or less the same and Blok B is all 4 units per floor.
That could be the reason why Blok A Type B ZERO sales :mrgreen:

One thing to take note as you can see the pool is 2-tier pool .. and come with sand beach… multifuntion hall …quite unusual if talking about a normal condominium and not to mention a putting green!

The Green on the deck if Gamuda able to realise it.. I would say Gamuda does plan quite a substantial area for green for a highrise. According to SA the cost for landscaping is around 4 mil . So let see how it will turn out.

If you see properly, you can feel that the design of Jadite Suite is more for exclusivity, comfort and spaciousness. As oppose to the normal design of typical high rise where trying to squeeze tiny bedrooms into the unit as many as possible. Spacious rooms, hall,dryer area, no wet kitchen and duplex is the sign of Gamuda emphazing exclusivity,comfort, class and freedom .

Overall, the key unique selling point of this project are Medium density , nice Green, Exclusivity and quite Affordable price (from $385psf onwards).

The scale model

IMAG5676 IMAG5679 IMAG5675 IMAG5674








The Duplex ( Dual Key Entrance Concept)

Block A Duplex
Block A Duplex
Block A Duplex
Block A Duplex

DSCN4452 DSCN4453 DSCN4450 DSCN4451 IMAG5457 IMAG5464 IMAG5463 IMAG5462 IMAG5461 IMAG5460 IMAG5459

Below are the few picture of the show unit ID. Enjoy


The Show Unit


Type A BR1

Type A MBR



Laundry outside Balcony


Developer Information
Developer Information

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Progress Updates

20th Dec 2014

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16th Aug 2015

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Jadite Suites @ Jade Hills – A truly a cut above the rest

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