PROPCAFE™ 360 Degree View : Arnica Service Residences – Tropicana Gardens @ Kota Damansara by Tropicana Corporation

Time flies, PROPCAFE had a brief coverage on Tropicana Gardens four years ago (, the first block Arnica Service Residences is now vacant possessed! No way PROPCAFE will miss the 360 degree view on this “used to be price record breaking property” in Petaling Jaya when Arnica first launched at sub RM750psf then second block Bayberry near to RM1000psf. Everyone was screaming “crazy” (as usual) when all units of Arnica were snapped up in no time! After four years, HELLO what is sub RM750psf nowadays?

Tropicana Gardens located at the heart of Kota Damansara which opposite Sunway Giza mall and Nexis. It has all the amenities you need here. The nearby highways like LDP, NKVE, Sprint, and Penchala link will bring you to every part of Klang Valley. If you don’t drive, MRT is just right infront of you! PROPCAFE is not going to review more on the location and its accessibility as we believe all of you must know this place well (unless your are not Klang Valley folks)! We are more excited to do the 360 degree view of this newly vped building 🙂 .

There are total of four residential towers to be built in this 7 acres land. The developer is now delivering the keys of Arnica to the proud owners (those brave property kaki, salute!). The mall has no way near to completion but MRT station is now ready for residents which is a big plus.

Façade of Arnica and Bayberry are clean and neat!

Arnica and Bayberry Façade with MRT Surian Station

When PROPCAFE arrived at Arnica Tropicana Gardens, we were welcomed by its tastefully done lobby. Although the area of the lobby is not big, the high ceiling with its cool furnishing make it very comfortable and you won’t mind to stay here to chill-out for long time.

Lobby Guest Waiting Area
Lobby Guest Waiting Area
Entrance of Lobby

Next, PROPCAFE moved on to visit the facility floor. Before that, of course, to “investigate” its lift corridor and the quality of lift. Come on, residents need to spend some times on it everyday, so It has to be important! Well, Tropicana Corporation hardly disappoint you on this, am I right? See photo below.

Lift Corridor

The facilities are located at 5th floor. The  first thing to enjoy is the fantastic view of Tropicana Golf Course!

Tropicana Golf Course
Tropicana View

Facilities are well equipped with nice infinity pool, elevated viewing deck, basketball court, interactive playground, gym, sauna room, cozy resting area etc. Vertical Garden was also found here! So far, money well paid!

Pool Hammock with great view
Infinity Pool
Landscape surrounding the pool
Elevated Viewing Deck
Tropicana Golf Course View from the Elevated Viewing Deck
Beautiful Vertical Gardens
Interactive Playground
Basketball Court
Pocket of Garden
Decks and Landscape
Common Area
Sauna Room

Guests Resting Area

PROPCAFE continued the visit at level 38 – Sky Garden. We felt that the developer could have done more! The space is rather small, by right the developer should utilise the height of this floor to build a mezzanine floor so that it allows more residents to enjoy the spectacular view of Kota Damansara and Tropicana (see below).

Sky Garden View on Tropicana
Sky Garden View on Tropicana
Sky Garden View on Tropicana
View on Kota Damansara

Credit must be given to the developer to come out a very spacious lounge and game room for party and functions at this floor! Classy renovation! Surely residents will enjoy this luxury facility here! Who care about small tiny studio? There are always places to enjoy!

Seating Areas
Place for Gathering
Game room

Now PROPCAFE head to key task i.e. visit the unit!

First, PROPCAFE explored the studio unit. Out of surprise, the unit is more than enough for a standard studio, thanks to its horizontal layout! Yes, the layout that we always like to have as it comes with more natural sunlight. This layout also allows this studio to be converted easily as one bedroom apartment with just a simple partition wall. See layout below.

Studio living and kitchen
Studio Living and Large Window

Living cum Bedroom

Not sure it is the choice of the developer or the architect’s preference, similar to Tropicana Avenue, the bathroom again come with a see-through glass from bathroom. 🙂 After some debate among PROPCAFE founders, we like the idea of having it because it allows natural light go into the bathroom. Oh ya, one PROPCAFE founder always like to enjoy the scene inside the bathroom. Lol. So, it is really personal choice!

See-through from the shower area.
Dry Area and Bathroom

Good quality Grohe sanitary ware were given.

Signature Kitchen Cabinet, Electrolux oven, hob and hood are also provided.

Studio Kitchen Area

Let’s check out the twp bedrooms unit. Similar to studio, the layout is also horizontal designed whereby both rooms (left and right) and living area are bright with large windows. Apparently, the developer give more space to dining and living area and therefore, the rooms size are smaller than what we expected. . Having said that, this apartment is definitely more than sufficient for a small family to have a city living lifestyle.

Kitchen with large area for extra cabinets
Kitchen and door to dry area
Living Area
Dining Area
Room 1
Room 1 Wardrobe Area and Toilet. Ya…see-through again 🙂
Room 2
Room 2
Room 2 Bathroom

Other than minor defect like tiles, plaster ceiling and some paint works, overall quality of the department is in good condition. Well done, Tropicana Corporation.

Useful gift from the developer

Corridor outside the unit is windy with good ventilation. However, more IDs needed!

Corridor outside the unit

Other views from the buildings

Last part – Letter box and Car Park Zone. The car park traffic flow and design is ICHIBAN! Wide entrance and multiple lanes with adequate signage.

So, has PROPCAFE done the “Lawat Sambil Belajar”? Of course NO! The last part of experience is important! PROPCAFE tried out the “route to MRT”. It is crucial to Arnica as the direct link will not be completing soon. So, for all Arnica residents, the following scene will be your daily routine walk :). Lucky folks, it is not bad at all!

Right outside the lobby
Walk toward the side road of the building
Usual Walkway to MRT
Toward MRT
Scene –  daily routine

Need to watch out the cars from the upper level car park zone
Last part of journey to MRT Station
Last part of journey to MRT Station

Here we are at MRT Station. Feeling macam Singapore (one founder said). Please la, it is better than Singapore MRT laaaaaaaaa. Makan time at Giza mall! See ya! In short, it is one of the best MRT related properties we have visited so far! Congratulations to Arnica owners!


4 Replies to “PROPCAFE™ 360 Degree View : Arnica Service Residences – Tropicana Gardens @ Kota Damansara by Tropicana Corporation”

  1. is the current access from Arnica to MRT station only temporary until the mall is opened?
    wouldn’t it get wet if rain?

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      Unfortunately yes until the direct link is done.
      Also, the developer supposed to build the underground tunnel to let cars to go in directly from the opposite road…..believe it is wip.

  2. I believe the golf course is actually Seri Selangor course and not Tropicana course.

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