PROPCAFE™ 360 Degree View : Utropolis Glenmarie by Paramount Property – A Walk-through of Utropolis Marketplace and Utropolis Suites

Utropolis Glenmarie

PROPCAFE Review : Utropolis Glenmarie by Paramount Property was written back then in Oct 2015 and I still remember at that point of writing Utropolis Glenmarie was still at the earlier stage of construction. In this post, I won’t repeat much about Utropolis Glenmarie but if you want to know more about Utropolis Glenmarie, you can always refer to our previous article PROPCAFE REVIEW : Paramount Utropolis Glenmarie.

Utropolis Glenmarie
Utropolis Glenmarie

PROPCAFE REVIEW : Utropolis Glenmarie was merely based on the information gathered from our research from internet, papers and words from various reliable parties. Everything was still on conceptual and our wild imagination except for the actual show units of phase 2. Nothing concrete and yet physical can be seen nor touched for the entire master plan of Utropolis Glenmarie. Yup as cruel as that for most of the new launch projects, most of us made our decision based on unlike buying a completed project where you can see the final product before you dig your pocket out and made the sum payment and signing on the final dot. This is one of the so called “disadvantage” on buying under construction properties but on the other hindsight you gain on a lower entry price on most of the occasion if not all.

Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie Location
Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie Location

Utropolis Glenmarie is the brainchild from Paramount Property and one of its kind project development concept where you live, learn, work and play at the same place. Taking one step behind from this Utropolis Glenmarie , looking with wide angle lense to understand the two main key elements injected like a steroid into the main body of Utropolis Glenmarie to really make it work as  “Utropolis” (a word derived from the combination of University and Metropolis) – The KDU University College Campus and Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie.

SOHO @ Utropolis Glenmarie
SOHO @ Utropolis Glenmarie

Not often that we hear Paramount Property involving themselves in commercial retails management, at least not that I am aware of because the first perception I had for Paramount Property– they build homes, more to “people’s developer” kind of builder, the first time I get to know about Paramount Property was their project at Shah Alam – Kemuning Utama where they built beautiful landed homes that come without compromising quality as per mentioned in the article  .

Below is the snippet from interview with Mr. Beh Chun Chong, CEO Paramount Property

The People’s Developer

For Paramount Property, Beh said the quality of the finished product was very important.This is why Paramount Property wants to go beyond the industry’s stringent quality standards, set by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB).

Beh said as “the people’s developer”, Paramount Property catered to all market segments, emphasising on practical designs, quality workmanship and environmental sustainability.

We focus on coming up with practical designs so that our properties can always meet the evolving needs of home and business owners.Our supervisors are highly trained and the workers have various certifications and qualifications,” he said, adding that this ensured the quality of the finish product.” – Source from

Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie
Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie

There are two main objectives of this PROPCAFE 360 DEGREE VIEW : Utropolis Glenmarie :-

  1. A Walk-Through of the completed Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie and the actual unit of phase 1 apartment – Utropolis Suites.
  2. As a “reference” for those who cannot imagine how *Utropolis Batu Kawan Penang is going to look like when it is completed.

*Utropolis Batu Kawan Penang launched on 15th Nov 2016 is the second Utropolis project series where Paramount Property replicating  the entire DNA of Utropolis Glenmarie into Utropolis Batu Kawan Penang.

Utropolis Batu Kawan Penang
Utropolis Batu Kawan Penang


Here is a short video clip by PROPCAFE to let you feel the actual Utropolis Glenmarie by Paramount Property and we hope you will like it. 🙂

Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie

Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie
Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie

Spanning across 120,000 sq ft (GLA 200,000 square feet, NLA 120,000 sq ft) , Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie consist of two levels (Ground Floor and Upper Ground Floor) located below Utropolis Glenmarie Phase 2 which consist of SOHO (Tower 1 and 2) and Serviced Apartment (Tower C and D)

Utropolis Glenmarie Masterplan
Utropolis Glenmarie Masterplan
Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie Layout Ground Floor
Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie  Ground Floor Layout
Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie Upper Ground Layout
Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie Upper Ground Layout

At the time of my visit during the end of November 2016, most of the retailers at Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie have started their business operation while left a few of other retail units are still undergoing renovation. Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie mainly consists of F&B outlets and the prominent main anchor tenant is Sam Groceria occupying 27,387 sq ft on the ground floor of Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie .

During the lunch hour, to my surprise that Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie can get rather quite busy for its location. From my observation, the lunch crowd consists of students and staff from KDU University Campus as well as working crowd from the surrounding light industrial area.

Utropolis Marketpace Glenmarie is connected and can be conveniently accessed from KDU University with Covered Walkway
Utropolis Marketpace Glenmarie is connected and can be conveniently accessed from KDU University with Covered Walkway

At first glance, Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie is to cater the basic daily needs to the people who work, study and live nearby Utropolis Glenmarie. It is definitely not a shopping haven like One Utama or Sunway Pyramid. Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie is more like a place to hang out and chill over coffee, get your lunch fixed and your daily errands done. Nothing fancy but suffice and yet enough to complete Utropolis Glenmarie just like how Tom Cruise said to Renée Zellweger “You complete me” in the movie Jerry Maguire, enough said.

My brunch ( Coffee and Waffle ) at Vibes Café & Bistro Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie

From bread to newspaper from MyNews.Com, fresh sandwiches from Subway, vegetables and fruits from Sam Groceria, banking with Maybank and RHB, getting your stomach filled with the Japanese Sushi  or the fusion waffles , loading yourself with caffeine from Vibes Bistro Café, fulfilling the desire of your sweet tooth with the Ais Kacang with softserve from NALA’s Dessert House while waiting for your dirty laundry to be done, shedding off few kilos at the 24 hours Level Up Fitness Express gym after all the yummy food , getting your tooth fixed after too much sweet and dessert at Klinik Pergigian Ooi and Khor or feeling sick when the exams is near?  Need not to worry, there is Poliklinik Shaik inside Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie to keep you alive at least.

Sam’s Groceria at Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie
Sam’s Groceria at Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie

The two-storey Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie currently hosting 19 tenants, 1 Food Park ( 9 tenants) on the upper ground floor, Utropolis Caravan and 1 co-working space . Parking at Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie should not be any problem since they have ample of parking space with totals 797 parking bays available as of now.

Below is the current tenants list (as of November 2016) :

Food & Beverages :

  1. Caliburger
  2. Halia Restaurant
  3. Vine Café
  4. Aroi Thai
  5. Oiso
  6. Vibes Café & Bistro
  7. Subway
  8. Little Fat Duck
  9. Texas Chicken
  10. NALA’s Dessert House

Food Park :

  1. D’Kunyit
  2. Munchbox
  3. W’s Hainam Corner
  4. Ipoh Road Drinks and Beverages
  5. Sushi Q
  6. Savoury Kitchen
  7. Kebab Turki
  8. Waffle and Toast ( *I love Waffle)

Health & Fitness : Level Up Fitness Express

Services :

  1. RHB Bank
  2. Maybank
  3. com
  4. Delta Laundry and Dry Cleaning
  5. Ooi & Khor Dental Surgery
  6. Poliklinik Shaik
  7. Co-Lab

Supermarket : Sam’s Groceria

Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie Outside and Inside
Utropolis Caravan

Food Park @ Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie

Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie Food Park

One of the highlight of Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie that worth to mention here is the Food Park of Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie which is located on the Upper Ground Floor of Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie. Basically Food Park at Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie is a food court. At the beginning, I was clueless why Paramount Property named it as “Food Park” but from the ID and theme, my wild guess was that it could be a food court in the park. So I dug further and my guess was correct.

Entrance of Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie Food Park
Interior of Utropolis Marketplace Food Park. I am quite fascinated by their lighting and table stand made of the recyled drums

Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie Food Park was conceptualized and built by Paramount Property, redefining the food court setting with a cool and contemporary communal dining space that showcases a variety of food vendors and artisan foods – all under one roof.
As the name suggests, Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie Food Park has an outdoor park concept, complete with gardens and caravans, as well as stationary bicycles that are mobile charging stations where you can work out while eating perhaps. The creative team behind Marketplace Food Park has specially “planted” real plants* because of their ability to thrive indoors with limited sunlight, thereby enhancing the experience of outdoor dining.

Heteropanax Fragrans make tall trees which are nearly 12 meters tall, the trees are tolerant of all light conditions including shade. The plant in a black square pot is a very striking combination that looks like a bonsai with a fully developed trunk which is otherwise quite soft. A great looking planter that can enhance the aesthetics of any place.”

Heteropanax Fragrans the Real Plant inside Food Park
Stationary bicycles that are mobile charging stations

What is unique about Marketplace Food Park is the furniture, which is made from a mixture of Malaysian hardwoods – such as 200-year-old chengal, balau and meranti – upcycled from a 77-year-old factory that Paramount Property has bought over. Every piece has been ingeniously designed and crafted by the Paramount Property team.

Utropolis Suites @ Utropolis Glenmarie ( Apartment Phase 1 – Tower A & B) – Sold Out

I consider myself being lucky for given the chance to visit and see the actual product of Utropolis Suites @ Utropolis Glenmarie (Apartment Phase 1 – Tower A & B) which VP-ed in Dec 2015 (Just for your info that the final phase of Utropolis Glenmarie is expected to be laucnhed around in Q1 2017) . For that, I would like to thank my friend for spending time showing me around. I am blessed to have you as my friend, truly  I am  🙂 .

A short product briefing about Utropolis Suites @ Utropolis Glenmarie ( Apartment Phase 1 – Tower A & B) to refresh our mind before we are going in for a walk .

Master Plan of Phase 1 – Utropolis Suites @ Utropolis Glenmarie
Floor Layout Plan of Phase 1 – Utropolis Suites @ Utropolis Glenmarie
Floor Layout & Specification of Phase 1 – Utropolis Suites @ Utropolis Glenmarie
Product & Pricing Summary of Phase 1 – Utropolis Suites @ Utropolis Glenmarie

Room Rental Rate of Phase 1 – Utropolis Suites @ Utropolis Glenmarie

From the source : a single room rental rate ranges from RM650 onwardsFor those who are looking for a room at Phase 1 – Utropolis Suites @ Utropolis Glenmarie , perhaps can try out , a young local tech start up where helping students to find a hostel. How I wished there were such a tech- convenience available back when I was a college student so that I could had saved lot of hassles trying to find myself a decent room. Especially for people like me who liked to do things last minute , so that I wouldn’t had ended up bunking with a pet  😐 for a month.
Let’s the tour begin and follow me over here please. I will let the pictures do most of the talking.

Entrance and Lobby of Utropolis Suites @ Utropolis Glenmarie

Lobby and Lift Area of Utropolis Suites

Common Corridor Walkway of Utropolis Suites

The black strip vertical louver along the common walkway is to prevent people from outside easily peeping inside the unit thus enhancing privacy of the people living inside.

Inside of Utropolis Suites Unit Type A 1066 sq ft 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom

Sorry for the dark pictures, because the unit does not come with lighting. The unit I managed to get a peek was Type A 1066 sq ft 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom . PROPCAFE always very particular about ceiling height and without much hesitation, my first question was “What is the ceiling height?” And the answer for that is 3.4m (floor to floor height).  The unit is also partially furnished with kitchen cabinet with solid top, Electrolux electric cooking hob and hood, Electrolux refrigerator, Electrolux Washing Machine , Electrolux Dryer and Electrolux Water Heater. I have to say Paramount Property is quite generous by giving Electrolux brand appliances to the owners of Utropolis Suites . Although Electrolux is not on the same league as Gaggenau, Sub-Zero, Wolf, Miele, Viking, La Cornue and Thermador but Electrolux is not inferior either in term of brand or price as compared other brands in the market.

Main Entrance and Living Hall of Utropolis Suites

The living hall , dining hall and also the kitchen flooring is using 2 x 2 ft tiles.

Dining Hall Utropolis Suites
Living Hall Utropolis Suites

Sliding Glass Door and View from outside of the Balcony

Living Hall Sliding Glass Door

I personally think that the living hall sliding glass door is rather small. It would have a better and larger unobstructed view if the living hall sliding glass doors were to be full length sliding glass door from end to  end of the living hall instead of separating it into several panels with different sizes. Well it is just my personal preference; somehow I prefer a clean view than many lines obstructing my view. Most likely this is negligible when the curtain is up.

Kitchen & Bathroom

The bathroom does come with a half panel glass shower screen and mirror. This should save some of your shopping time for shower screen and mirror.

Yard Area of Utropolis Suites

Utropolis Suites Yard

We know well that our country Malaysia is blessed with tropical weather and most of us taking the advantage of it when come to drying our clothes. The common issue faced by most of the high rise residential building in Malaysia where the entire building eventually becomes the “flag bearers” eventually – flagging off their laundry at balcony 😛 .  Paramount is thoughtful when it comes to this by providing yard area which can come quite handy in this scenario.  In addition, Paramount Property provides the units with Electrolux Washing Machine and Dryer located in the yard just in case if you need further drying service knowing the yard area can be quite a shady area occasionally. Although it does not really guarantee that nobody will hang their laundry at the balcony but at least Paramount Property did tried their best in providing the solution so that owners wouldn’t have an excuses for it.

I noticed that the compressors of the air conditioners are located in the yard and partially hidden by the louver. There are some developers will provide ledge area for the outdoor compressor located outside of the unit instead of the yard. I can see the amount of effort that Paramount Property putting in to make building looks more neat and clean from outside.  No doubt, at first glance most of you would have thought that this will cause the yard a bit warm when the outdoor units are located in the yard but when looking from another perspective, in term of practicality and Eco friendly and also from actual true experience shared by others, there are people who will use this to their advantage as an alternative source of drying their laundry. It could be for various reasons for example to save the electricity bill (to save the Earth) by reducing the usage of electrical dryer or worrying that the direct sunlight or extensive drying time in dryer will cause damage to their clothes. I am pretty sure some of you have come across situation where drying clothes or shoes in the kitchen especially nearby the refrigerator. Other than that, the outdoor compressors at the yard are hanging high on top of the wall instead of sitting on the floor thus creating more usable area.

Bedroom of Utropolis Suites

Type A comes with 3 bedrooms and all rooms come with windows as well as laminated flooring.

A quick glance (less than 1 hour of inspection), in general I think the Paramount Property had done quite a fairly good job in term of quality and finishing. There were no obvious major defects can be found during the visit. I think we had looked enough inside the unit and now it is about time to visit Utropolis Suites common facilities area and let see what the actual facilities are offered by Paramount Property

Facilities Floor ( Level 2)

Facilities at Level 2 ( Just for Reference .This is outdated and does not reflect the actual latest condition)

Swimming Pool at Utropolis Suites

Utropolis Suites Façade Viewing From the Pool

Landscape at Common Area of Utropolis

Utropolis Suites Reading Area and Playground

Utropolis Suites Indoor Gymnasium

Panaroma View from Roof Top of Utropolis Suites

It  is almost coming to the end of the write up, I have to say that Paramount Property did deliver their promises in their execution of Utropolis Glenmarie concept as per their masterplan; integrating their  infamous education hub together with a chic place to live and play where convenience is just at an arm throw away.  After seeing the actual completed Utropolis Glenmarie, Utropolis Glenmarie is indeed a seamless self-content University Metropolis  where the KDU University Campus, Utropolis Marketplace Glenmarie and the living space of their apartments complementing on each other to make the entire concept sustainable in long run.

KDU University Campus Library

Honestly, I can already starts to feel that Utropolis Glenmarie makes learning and studying so much fun this day. I hope this write up able to give you an insight of what Utropolis Glenmarie is all about  and as a yardstick for those who are still wondering how Utropolis Batu Kawan is going to look like when it is completed.

Thank you for reading until here and I think you are awesome today and every day :mrgreen:

-The End-

Dewakan – And because you are awesome, I would highly recommend you Dewakan , one of my favorite restaurant hidden within inside of KDU University campus at Utropolis Glenamarie, prior that I advise you to make your reservation.

Dewakan Restaurant @ Utropolis Glenmarie



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  1. thanks for the review write up!
    Dear Propcafe so will you write a review for batu kawan developement like aspen vision city or utropolis batu kawan in near future?

    1. Hi Fish, thanks for your comment!
      Yes, why not? PROPCAFE cover South and North Malaysia too. For Batu Kawan Development like Aspen and Utropolis , it depends on the schedule and developers on how much they willing to assist.
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  2. Having been to Utropolis a few times for F&B and groceries, this place is rather secluded, and lack of public transport and understandably so as its within an industrial area. I live in glenmarie and the traffic along the persiaran kerjaya around the industrial area is pretty horrendous, and you don’t have second option either. It’s dark, eerily quiet once its past 8pm means that you really need to rely on own transport or uber/grab to access Utropolis safely. Having said that, once you are in the vicinity of Utropolis, its pretty lively in there especially when the sem starts.

    – BigBalls-

    1. Hi -BigBalls-
      Thanks for your sharing of info, really appreciate the sharing of your actual experience. Am surprised that you went to Utropolis for F&B and groceries few times despite as you said rather secluded ,horrendous traffic, dark and eerily quiet in the evening.
      It means that the Utropolis Marketplace really serves its purpose when in much needed and come very handy to people live around there.

      1. No prob. Nothing surprising as I visit Utropolis only on weekends.

        – BigBalls –

  3. very nice ^^ make me want live here ~~~

    1. Yes. indeed a nice place

  4. It is nice project and very space saving furnishing are included. very well thought by the developer.
    If you do want to visit the sales gallery for some GRR unit do contact me at 018-3229488

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  6. i heard there is problem demand vs supply. any respond from 1st phase owner?

    1. Hi Adi. Thanks for your comment. So far we did not hear anything. It would be best to check with the real estate agent who very familiar with the location there to check out the market or maybe drop by the KDU Utropolis University for some quick head up on the available unit.
      But one thing for sure the take up rate of last phase Urbano Suite was quite positive despite current market.

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