PROPCAFE™ Diary: Progress of M101 Bukit Bintang @ Kuala Lumpur City Centre. Monopoly Hotel?

Unlike PROPCAFE Review, PROPCAFE Diary is the new series from PROPCAFE to have a quick sharing that comes with a short write-up to update our followers on the latest property info in town!

After the disappointment of not managed to get the best roast pork at Wong Mee Kee (it was closed!), we stumbled with this development in Pudu called M101 Bukit Bintang. This property launched in 2015 as SOFO units but now the usage has changed and rebranded as the first Monopoly Hotel in the world with 225 rooms available.


M101 Bukit Bintang Facade – Monopoly Hotel. Sleek but Flimsy?

Developer’s Artist Illustration
M101 Bukit Bintang Facade

The location of Jalan Baba is very near to city centre with Berjaya Time Square at the back and Furama Hotel and future BBCC at the side. There is no question on accessibility as there are plenty of infrastructure upgrade in this area due to TRX and Imbi/Bukit Bintang redevelopment.

Location and Surrounding of M101 Bukit Bintang


Berjaya Time Square – Within Walking Distance?

The good point is that this location has Monorail, LRT and MRT station all within 1km. Quick check, it is more than 500m, so choice is yours! 😄

However, the negative part is the building is surrounded by all the old and rundown shoplots. It seems near to the Berjaya Time Square and future BBCC, not sure many will really walk there. To be honest, not many people will appreciate the location (even though near to everything), it may not feel safe at night and  the environment definitely not for Gen Y or X’s taste.   The developer eventually strikes it right to make  it as hotel rather than for SOFO/Residential use. 

Surrounding of M101 Bukit Bintang

For foodie, one will for sure love it. Lol. The best roast pork (Wong Mei Kee) is just 20m away!

Best Roast Pork in Kuala Lumpur. Opps should be the best in Malaysia!

The building looks flimsy. However, the workmanship is hard to comment now. If solely based on the existing facade and exterior, it is a bit emm….

M101 Bukit Bintang – Monopoly Hotel

Since this small plot of land now turns to be hotel, the pricing is hard to measure. Having said that, not sure the buyers’ exit plan as investment in hotel usage will probably take sometimes to harvest!

M101 so far has developed the M101 Dang Wangi (See Below) and its SkyWheel near Kampung Baru is still on-going.  That’s all for now, happy hunting! Ciao….

M101 – Dang Wangi

M101 Sky Wheel

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