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PropCafe.Net is glad to announce that the finalisation process of our Editors’ Choice of Year 2012 has been completed. Our editors (7 of us) have decided to have a closed nomination this year, with a total of 10 landed and 16 highrise property developments being included in the final round.

The nominated property developments were then rated independently by every editor. The 10 rating factors are as follow:
(1) Location
(2) Pricing
(3) Development Concept
(4) Developer Reputation
(5) Accessibility
(6) Architectural Design
(7) Security
(8) Eco Friend/Green
(9) Landscape Masterplan
(10) Expected Quality
Different weightages have been assigned for each factor together with the scale from 1 to 9 across the board.


PropCafe Editors’ Choice of Year 2012 in Klang Valley:


Best Landed Property Development –


Gold: Reed @ Lakefield by YTL (

TR1 TR2 TR3 TR4 TR5 TR6 TR7 TR_map SPYTL 0133 - REED Brochure (Master Plan)2

“The closest to the city one can get for landed…and with ytl’s elegant design n concept…a dream comes true.” ~ Flat White

“If you see YTL, you are seeing the right thing but able to get it or not is another chapter.
One of the rare landed masterpiece with true KV address. It is beyond words!” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“ Classy architecture, lush landscape, variety units with dual entrance features, full GNG with club house, proximity to town, priced to sell, one just cannot ignore that this is one of the best deal in 2012. Such sizzling hot properties are sold via transparent ballot exercise observed by auditors in a posh downtown 5 star, a new industry standard set by YTL.” ~ Café Latte

“ YTL had a clear winner at hand, gated guarded landed with direct access to Besraya and minutes away from north-south highway as well as SMART tunnel, KESAS & MR2. Ballot was the best of the year, at a posh 5-star hotel, with food provided – nothing else came close for the year.” ~ Affogato

“Superlink in true blue G&G setup, with zero traffic light to KLCC. A bargain 2012 landed from YTL.” ~ Black Coffee

“If you want a landed property and to be near to KL City Center…How could you miss this!”~ Caffe Corretto

“说到 REED, 我们不只当着它看着是一般的围篱式排屋,其实LAKEFIELD是一个独立的小区,TRILLIUM 店屋区提供餐厅,银行,超市, 修车,补习等设备。居民不需要开车就能应付生活所需。此外,LAKEFIELD 距离巴生谷的总车站不远,从这开车到 BKT BINTANG区只需11分钟,全程高速但无需付过路费。发展商的售卖程序透明度极高,在五星级酒店举办抽签方式售卖,全程由外聘核數師经营处理,成为城内发展商的典范.” ~ Kopi O Peng


Silver: Phase 1 (Nusantara/Lui Li Gardens/ Lepironia Gardens) @ Setia Eco Glades by SP Setia (

1 Birdview Development2 SEG_Master SEG_Garden garden hammock-club

“One and the only one in KV. Another breakthrough by SP Setia. Very creative indeed.
Well balance between price and location. Best stuff is always limited. And this is the KV Limited Edition of 2012.” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“SP Setia looking to repeat Setia Ecopark’s success here, in the ‘hottest’ (or some would say coldest at night) location of the Klang Valley. Concept and design is way above competitors’. Another benchmark set by SPS.” ~ Affogato

“One of a kind development concepts feature thematic island dwelling, how cool is that! Marketed by Malaysia’s No.1 (by theedge) SP Setia. With its proven track record delivery distinctive award winning products, make no mistake, SP Setia will able to deliver.” ~ Café Latte

“Where to find? Island, Lake, Bund, and Waterfront Living…..It is more than just a house, it is HOME.” ~ Caffe Corretto

PropCafe.Net Review :

Part 1.

Part 2.


Bronze: Temasya Citra @ Tesmaya Glenmarie by I&P (



“Hot ballot, perhaps due to locality of proximity to rich PJ/Subang crowd. During the ballot process, no where else in KV could you find the most number of millionaires in one acre. Unlike Reed, queue was in the hot sun, with limited food served in the sweltering heat. But you don’t go there for the food – do you?” ~ Affogato

“The freehold superlink houses developed by I&P located at the fringe of Subang, PJ, sell by its location itself, despite lack of initiatives to fence up the development.” ~ Café Latte

“Strategic locality with reasonable pricing..all but if only u can secure one unit for yourself……” ~ Soy Cappuccino


Best High-Rise Property Development –


Gold: Phase 1 @ Damansara Foresta by Land &General (

DF1 DF6 DF7 DF12 DF13 DF10 DF9 DF8 DF3 DF5 DF11 DF4


“Home within Nature…..Best way to rediscover the joy of green and life!” ~ Caffe Corretto

“Closer to nature, yet closest to the bursting of the city….Best of both world.” ~ Flat White

“Hottest launch in Q1 2012. One of the rare, pay RM10k to own a RM700k property. Another launch that needed balloting! Hillside development with luscious green park – let’s see if the HK-influenced developer is able to pull this off!” ~ Affogato

“The initial launch of this highrise condo in Sri Damansara was touted as deal of the year for a development in ‘real’ Damansara address. The altitude and exclusive access to forest reserve, stand out from other condo developments.” ~ Café Latte

“There is concrete jungle but this one really make you to be with the nature! Basically you don’t need to camp in Taman Negara! There is one here in Klang Valley!” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“地点,价格,发展概念蓝图,发展商背景, 这是DF 的4大卖点。” ~ Kopi O Peng

PropCafe.Net Review : 1.English Version 2.Chinese Version


Silver: G Residence @ Desa Pandan by Tan & Tan (

TT1 TT2 TT3 TT4 1_7 TT6 TT5 G Res - Type B Living Dining2 G Res - Type A Living Dining2 G Res - Type A Foyer G Res - Type A Living Dining1 G Res - Type B Bedroom 2 Entrance G Res - Type A Family G Res - Type A Bedroom 2 G Res - Type A Master Bath G Res - Type A Yard G Res - Type B Kitchen G Res - Type B Living Dining1

“If you hit this one, you really hit the spot!” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“Launched at RM600psf. Seems cheap now, with location next to RSGC as well as the future behemoth – TRX. As long as RSGC remains, the density in this area will be low. With Tan & Tan’s name, one doesn’t have to think much about quality and end product.” ~ Affogato

“The name of Tan & Tan itself already sold! Tun Razak Exchange (TRX), Ampang Embassy Row, KL City Center……Where are you now? I will be there within minutes!” ~ Caffe Corretto

“Located at the fringe of CBD with various accesses, reasoanbly priced, a product of Tan & Tan, and near to the growth area of TRX. One could hardly go wrong with these USP (unique selling point).” ~ Café Latte


Bronze: Arnica Residence @ Tropicana Gardens by Dijaya (

TGa6 TGa7 TGa8 TGa9 TGa10 TGa1 TGa2 TGa3 TGa4 TGa5


“A new benchmark in the new PJ….what else can go wrong!” ~ Flat White

“This project will complete Kota Damansara! The bustling world is just right in front of your door step – The MRT!” ~ Soy Cappuccino

“Another launch with balloting! Balloting seems to be the key theme here. Launched at RM700psf, first phase buyers were ridiculed for lapping it up, but with second phase Bayberry launched at Rm1000psf – guess who’s having the last laugh now. One of the rare integrated commercial-residential-MRT at door step, development.” ~ Affogato

“An intergrated development at the heart of bustling Kota Damansara with direct access to KVMRT. TG is poised to do well with these 2 selling points, question is how much, and it did, the rest is history.” ~ Café Latte

“Impeccable concept and outstanding location in Kota Damansara, however with KLCC price.” ~ Black Coffee

“Definitely the best integrated mixed development next to MRT so far! Expensive?! Arnician: I am laughin’ to the bank like HA HA HA!” ~ Caffe Corretto

Propcafe.Net Review

1. Bayberry @ Tropicana Gardens


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12 Replies to “PROPCAFE Guide : PropCafe.Net Editors’ Choice of Year 2012 @ Best Klang Valley Property Developments”

  1. Hear that there has been unit transacted for Reed even b4 its vp, and the subsales price is very respectable. Reed in indeed deserved to be the best landed for 2012.

    1. Yeah, Army Camp facing intermediate unit transacted for RM1.3mil, lake front facing unit sold for RM1.6mil. Confirmed by the SPA lawyer.

  2. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

    Leasehold is now becomes a less concern nowadays especially for landed property. Reed is surely a good buy in 2012 undisputably.

  3. Nice choice Propcafe!

  4. all of these property need ballot….

  5. 一流分析 !!

  6. Avatar 黄伟安 wong wee onn says: Reply

    可以提供更多的中文房产评论吗 ,谢谢.

    1. Avatar Kopi O Peng says: Reply


  7. Avatar 黄伟安 wong wee onn says: Reply

    感恩 Kopi O Peng

  8. I don’t know la… just checkout this website and my comments are:
    – Only target buyer’s choice of who have $$$.
    – Look at the brochure… look can be deceiving. I am seasoned property buyers and many occasions you always got wrong impression of what indicated in advertisement is different from reality. Do not trust these greedy developers. They just want to make profits!
    – Klang Valley is a total combination of traffic congestion, pollution and metropolitan nightmarish. And you called it best place to stay topic? It is the worst place to ever put your money in!
    – Best place to stay is to be locate far from metropolitan or urbanised area… definitely in quiet and tranquil area…. like on Pulau Langkawi, Taiping or Port Dickson.

    1. 1) I believe the editors are choosing the best development within Klang Valley, not choosing the best place to stay in Malaysia.
      2) I also believe the editors did not review the project based on the brochures, but many hours of thorough research, they are like you, properties investors.

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