PROPCAFE News : PropCafe.Net is on facebook @

Greeting to all!

We are glad to announce that PropCafe.Net is officially on facebook now!

PropCafe.Net official facebook page address is @

Please do click the “Like” button on PropCafe.Net facebook page to follow us.

You can visit PropCafe.Net’s facebook page now by clicking here.


Just in case if you are not aware that PropCafe.Net also has a mini forum for discussion.

It is also a common platform for new project information sharing.

Please do visit PropCafe.Net’s forum at and join us as our “live” forum-er to share your views of any other projects that you reckon is interesting or perhaps any projects that we might have had missed out.

You too can be a keyboard hero!

Please visit the forum now by just clicking here.

Thank you Terima kasih ?? ????? merci ??????????? ?????

Let's chill and chat here with a cuppa! :)

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