PROPCAFE™ Review: Razak City Residences by Akisama

For regular users who commute Jalan Sungai Besi will notice few blocks of high rises just recently completed opposite of TUDM KL (where in near future will be developed as Bandar Malaysia). Some are wondering why no advertisement for sale until recently where Razak City billboards advertisement came out. However the Razak City advertisement is not for these apartments. These apartments are for settlement of residents of neighbouring cluster of 4 storeys walk up flats of currently we call Razak Mansion. Razak Mansion is the public housing launched by YAB Tun Abdul Razak in 1962 to house the lower income group. Once residents move out and to this redeveloped Razak Mansion, developer will take the vacant possession and develop the piece of land to be Razak City.

This blog entry is serving two purposes where first purpose is to preview what to be expected from Razak City and second is memory lane of the existing Razak Mansion before residents move out and the flats are demolished to make way for Razak City.

Razak City Masterplan

There are 4 phases where each phase sit on top of their own dedicated carpark block and facilities. Despite some of the carpark block is linked to allow free flow of car for example from phase A to B, the residents cannot access each other phase to maintain privacy and security. The information from SA that all the 4 phases will be developed and completed almost in the same time similarly to their previous project OUG Parklane. When the project completed, the commercial leasehold project will consist of 12 blocks of 48 storeys building with total close to 5,800 residential units.

Currently the phase A consists of 4 blocks A1-4 are opened for registration and indication of unit selection with RM5K booking cheque. The cheque will not be banked until the confirmation of unit and SPA signing somewhere in 2017.  The show unit will be available for viewing by then.

Block A1~3 will have 12units/floor where else block A4 due to L shape will have higher density 15units/floor. In total, there will approximately 1900units in this Phase A.

The first 2 storeys is the retail shops to serve the need of the residents. From 3rd to 8th would be carpark and facility deck is located on 9th floor. From 9th to 48th storeys will be residential units. All the 4 blocks will be sitting on the common podium.

In the future, Phase B and C consists of 2 blocks each and final phase D (with KLCC view) consists of 4 blocks will be launched. However it seems the façade of all the phases look similar and will be interesting to see whether developer decided to change the façade and unit layouts in subsequent phases. However based on Akisama’s previous project in puchong called OUG Parklane in order to leverage of construction speed, material with identical design, it is envisaged Razak City will follow similar footstep.

Scale Model of Razak City

Artist Impression (Source from

Location and Accessibility

Sandwiched between Besraya and Jalan Sungai Besi highway, Razak City will only accessible via Besraya and not direct access from Jalan Sungai Besi highway.

Location of Razak City

Interesting despite the massive units, there is no plan for access upgrade or a dedicated diamond interchange for the development. Basically developer will only widen the slip road in/out to Besraya highway.

How interesting thanks to Besraya highway, the link and connection to all part of Klang Valley seems seamless due to the 2 U-turn with close proximity to Razak City. If you are coming from KL City, just keep left after Razak City (on the right side) and make an U-turn. Similarly if you need to commute to southern part ie Seri Kembangan or Sungai Besi, head towards KL City and take the U-turn after the split road heading to Maluri/Pandan.  However, PROPCAFE feel for such a massive scale development, a dedicated interchange should be part of the development order. The concern was during the peak hour the vehicles queuing to enter Razak City and using the U-turn will spillover to Besraya and subsequently causing massive jam like what we can see now especially at Kuchai Lama interchange.

Accessibility of Razak City

Amenities and Facilities

This is an old neighbourhood and therefore developer has 2 storeys of retails to cater for the needs of residents upon redevelopment of Razak Mansion. However two most important point are close proximity of 1. Razak City to SRJK Tai Thung and SRJK Confucian and 2. “Walkable distance to Salak Selatan LRT Station.

SRJK Tai Thung just next door to Razak City

Salak Selatan LRT station is located across Besraya highway from Razak City however there is existing elevated pedestrian walkway where you can across the highway. However the walking path is less than ideal and there is no proper covered and dedicated walkway. PROPCAFE feels developer should note on this and as part of community service take initiative to upgrade the pathway and make it safe and convenience for residents who need to commute via public transport. The distance is “walkable” however it probably will take you about 10minute with a brisk walk.

Wikimapia: the walking route from Razak City to Salak Selatan LRT Station

The normal facilities such as gym, pool, playground, multipurpose hall etc are provided. It is no frills facilities and reflected in the affordable maintenance and sinking fund where after the 3rd year it is RM0.15psf. Upon VP the first 3 years of maintenance and sinking fund as part of the package is waived by developer. Therefore for type A, it will only cost RM120 per month. A very reasonable and affordable fee and bode well with the targeted mass market.

Amenities and Facilities of Razak City

Layout, Orientation and Freebies

There are only 2 layouts in phase A which is type A 2 bedrooms 2bathrooms 800sqft and type B2 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1045sqf. In general type A is facing inside ie the pool/inner view and type B2 will be facing outside and future phase B. The layout is squarish, practical fit within the mass market requirement.

Unit Layout of Razak City Phase A

Similar to Akisama’s previous projects, the unit will comes with galore of freebies such as fully fitted kitchen, wardrobe, air-conditioners in bedrooms and living, water heater, shower screen, ceiling fan and even TV in living! However if buyers decided to renovate and do not want the furnishing package, developer will give a credit note worth RM30K. Regardless whether buyers take or didn’t take up the furnishing package, the shower screen in bathrooms will be provided.

Furnishing package in Razak City Phase A

As mentioned earlier, developer will waive the first 3 years maintenance fee upon VP. Developer will also absorb the legal fee for SPA and Loan.


The price for type A starts from tentatively RM399K and type B2 RM499K. If you decided to opt out from furnishing package, deduct RM30K which will lower the starting price to RM369K and RM469K. PSF wise, the lowest is approximately RM450psf.

From level 9th to 18th, the price will be same across all level. From Level 19th onward, the premium for each level increase for type A will RM750 and type B2 is RM2K.

Other Matter

The construction is expected to get about 4-5 years for completion. Regardless the size, one complimentary carpark is provided for each unit. Hm… at current lifestyle where most household has at least 2 cars, PROPCAFE wonders where the cars will be parked…


The density seems obscene and scary with approximately 5,800 units are packed upon completion of the masterplan. However the close proximity and convenience to travel to KL City and other part of Klang Valley will attract buyers. The affordable prices is also one of the selling point.

There seems to be no shortage of affordable housing and apparently more and more coming. Buyers are spoilt with choices and there is no reason not to buy if need a roof over the family.

Razak Mansion

A short memory lane to document the Razak Mansion and infact some has recorded the clips in the link below.

Akisama has almost completed the new building Razak Mansion to house the relocated residents before they can take possession of the land to build Razak City

The new Razak Mansion

Enjoy some pictures below!

This is link houses and school that not part of the Razak Mansion.


6 Replies to “PROPCAFE™ Review: Razak City Residences by Akisama”

  1. Well written article.
    Makes me wanna jump in and grab a unit for ownstay just in case i got no money left towards retirement.

    1. you don’t have to wait until you no money lol. Go have a look and see their offer then you will know what I meant

  2. is too crowded with so many units – not a good investment
    feel like birds locked in cages

    1. Avatar Caffe Corretto says: Reply

      All purchasers need to know what they are buying. Good or bad properties is so subjective nowadays. Is non investable means bad property? Some says the property X is only for ownstay then not a good choice. Emmm…. Well, it is all depend on the need and use of the properties. Properties should not be speculative driven, by right. Too bad, we are in Asian, we cannot run away from that due to Asian’s love of owning more properties. It will not change. But for ownstayers, pick you right one to call home, of course it has to be within your mean. Don’t wear big hat that not fit. Ownstay’s factors….only the ownstayer knows, no one else. :).

  3. 5800 units on 24acres land including 2 acres land for the park. I was there at the show room. If you calculated based on units/acres, it would lower density compared to many other projects.

    This developer build at one go and not in phases like other developers. I am sure prop net staff aware of this.

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