PROPCAFE Review : Skyluxe @ Bukit Jalil By Skyworld

Skyluxe Bukit Jalil by Skyworld


Bukit Jalil Madness, BBB…

Have you been to Bukit Jalil lately, we bet you hate the traffic at Bukit Jalil especially the long Bukit Jalil Highway stretch. Endless constructions from LRT previously to now new constructions of interchange.  All these temporary inconveniences are to give way to the making of Bukit Jalil City, BJC.

skyluxe-on-the-park-access-alternate-2 skyluxe-on-the-park-access-5 skyluxe-on-the-park-access-alternate-4 skyluxe-on-the-park-bukit-jalil-highway-3 skyluxe-on-the-park-main-access-2 skyluxe-on-the-park-undercon-ramp

Bukit Jalil has started to evolve and the scale of rapid development will eventually transform Bukit Jalil to a peaceful suburb to a ‘city’, in fact we have actually covered masterplan of Bukit Jalil City extensively here. But if you fancy about living in a City next to a park, yet able to access to the city and park freely, read on to our review at Skyluxe Bukit Jalil By SkyWorld.


Skyluxe Bukit Jalil the project essentials

Skyluxe Bukit Jalil is located along Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1, Bukit Jalil, (Jalan Jalil Perkasa 4), confused? lets us explain. If you aware Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1 is a long stretch of road, SkyLuke is also on Jalan Jalil Perkasa 4. A left turn off if you coming from left inroad from Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1 heading toward Awan Besar LRT direction.

Skyluxe Bukit Jalil is developed by SkyLuxe Development Sdn Bhd. Localized project name will be SkyLuxe Residensi, it sat on 1.85acre freehold land under Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur. Skyluxe Bukit Jalil is made up of 2 residential blocks with 225 units in  (Blok A) and 252 units in Block B, total 477 units.

This translate to 258 units per acre, high dense, but it is hugely mitigated by the green as it is next to Bukit Jalil Park.

Facade of Skyluxe

skyluxe-on-the-park-block-a-b-side skyluxe-on-the-park-block-b skyluxe-on-the-park-multi-carpark

Block A

Type Size (sqft) Units Configuration Carpark Allocation
B 1011-2102 97 3 2
B1 1024-1081 29 2+1 2
C 905-1675 33 2+1 1-2
D 1140-1240 33 3 2
D1 1130-1223 33 3 2

Block B

Type Size (sqft) Units Configuration Carpark Allocation
A 661-727 65 1+1 1
A1 661-727 61 1+1 1
B 1011-2102 63 3 2-3
B1 1024-1624 30 2+1 2
D 1140-1204 33 3 2

This is the view driving along Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1.

skyluxe-on-the-park-access-2 skyluxe-on-the-park-main-access

Turn here left to Jalan Jalil Perkasa 4 to the show gallery and the site, this is the TNB substation you can’t miss, before the turn in.


The site along Jalan Jalil Perkasa 1.skyluxe-on-the-park-site-2 skyluxe-on-the-park-site-4 skyluxe-on-the-park-site-6 skyluxe-on-the-park-site-7 skyluxe-on-the-park-site-8When Skuluxe VP will this stretch at Jalan Jalil Perkasa 4 be the private outdoor carpark for the residents?


Location, Accessibility, Amenities


Approximate Direct Displacement (*by Car)

Pavilion Bukit Jalil City  ready in by 2018 (1km, by foot)** with terms and conditions

  1. KLCC : 12.5km (*19km)
  2. One Utama : 12.2km (*23km)
  3. Sunway Pyramid : 7.2km (*9km)
  4. Mid Valley : 7.3km (*10km)
  5. IOI Mall Puchong : 5.7km (*8.0km)
  6. The Mines : 6.0km (*8.5km)
  7. Cyberjaya : 15km (*25km)
  8. KLIA : 33.5km (*50km)

Major Highways – 6 Major Highways

  1. Lebuh raya Bukit Jalil
  2. KESAS Highway
  3. MRR2
  4. Sungai Besi Highway
  5. MEX Highway
  6. Lebuh Raya KL-Seremban

Train – LRT (*Approximate distance) 3 LRT stations

  1. Awan Besar – 1.5km
  2. Sri Petaling – 3km
  3. .Bukit Jalil – 4km

Skyluxe Bukit Jalil is ridding on Pavilion Bukit Jalil City?

skyluxu-pavilion-bukit-jalilOne of the biggest unique selling point of Skyluxe is its proximity to Pavilion Bukit Jalil City. BJC is the next big thing in Bukit Jalil, Puchong, even Selangor as a whole.

Like it or not, like many other new developments in Bukit Jalil, Skyluxe Bukit Jalil also rides on Malton’s Bukit Jalil City, the people behind Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. In nut shell, the master plan of BJC Pavilion Bukit Jalil by Malton as follow.

  • Regional Shopping Mall: 2 million Net Let-able Area (rival Mid Valley)
  • 50acre freehold land
  • Retail Shops
  • Signature Offices
  • Pedestrian cross from Bukit Jalil City to Bukit Jalil Recreational park
  • Luxury Park Residence: 2 and 3 Bedroom. Total 6 Blocks of Service Apartment
  • 4 blocks of Service Apartment launched with >1000 units, 95% sold, 2 more blocks coming soon
  • Proposed infrastructure work in progress overhead u-turn to Bukit Jalil City from Puchong/Technology Park highway

**See above we have highlighted nearest way to Pavilion Bukit Jalil will be via the Pedestrian cross from Bukit Jalil City to Bukit Jalil Recreational park, meaning Skyluxe residents are required to walk pass the park, then only can sampai the mall.

Now, where is the link bridge, cannot be seen here as it part of BJC masterplan. Safe after dark? When will it be built? Hmmmmm….so in the meanwhile as it can be so near yet so far to Pavilion Bukit Jalil.

Skyluxe on the Park, yes it really next to a park, and opposite golf course.

 Second biggest USP, as Skyluxe Bukit Jalil is just next to a park. The site of Skyluxe Bukit Jalil is bordering Bukit Jalil Recreation Park (“Bukit Jalil Park”), Bukit Jalil Park in a 80acre nature green lung conserved exclusively for the folks in Bukit Jalil and Skyluxe’s site is as if part of the park!



Looks who’s here: Kwek, gwek x3 …:::::You, PROPCAFE fellows shall not pass!!!!! LOL


Skyluxe on the golf course!

Opposite Skyluxe Bukit Jalil along Jalan Jalil Perkasa is the Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort, some units at Skyluxe Bukit Jalil will be able to get some nice unblocked golf view.

skyluxe-on-the-park-bukit-jalil-golf skyluxe-on-the-park-bukit-jalil-golf-3
Skyluxe also next to TNB substation

This one cannot run it is, pretty huge and visible, we wonder what kind of impact it is capable of? Can we look at other element of the projects, how about we explore the facilities.


360 View of Skyluxe Bukit Jalil

skyluxe-units-facingskyluxe-on-the-park-view-west-golf-course-view skyluxe-on-the-park-view-south-forest skyluxe-on-the-park-view-north skyluxe-on-the-park-view-east-pavilion

After looking at this, high floor view best…..

Condo Facilities at Skyluxe

Condo facilities at Skyluxe Bukit Jalil meets the benchmark of modern condo these day, as it boast 24 lifestyle facilities including a sky terrace at the rooftop of each block! Level 23A-25 Sky garden, level 9 Aquatics with infinity pool, ground floor, maze garden, and entrance water feature. Literally top to bottom pun ada facilities!

3 skyluxe-entrance skyluxe-gym skyluxe-infinity-pool skyluxe-infinity-pool-2 skyluxe-skypark skyluxe-sky-terrace

Rooftop facilities, potential purchaser may verify these illustration with developer as to they will remain as illustration or otherwise.

Unit built up type at Skyluxe Bukit Jalil

There are 6 types to choose from. We particularly like type D!

skyluxe-on-the-park-typea_03 skyluxe-on-the-park-typeb_03 skyluxe-on-the-park-typeb1_03 skyluxe-on-the-park-typec_04 skyluxe-on-the-park-typed_03 skyluxe-on-the-park-typed1_03

Type D & D1 first comes with expansive living, expansive masterbed room, a good size balconies, and unobstructed park view. However each unit only has 2 bathrooms and bedroom 2 looks too small.

Skyluxe on the park price.

Average price 700-800psf. Pricey, this is the market rate at Bukit Jalil now for new condos.

Some sample price for your kind consideration price herein before rebate, and we are told rebate ranges about 10%.

B-26-3 RM625,000

B-33-3 RM649,000

B-26-1 RM655,000

B-36-1 RM700,000



A-29-1 RM880,000

A-38-1 RM1,000,000

A-41-5 RM1,027,000

A-25-1 RM778,000

A-13A-1 RM746,000

Never mind the price, let’s look at the sticker board.


Skyluxe Show Room Review

We notice the ceiling for the show unit is on the high side >11ft. The sales personnel are kind enough to inform that the actual unit will be approximately 10ft. Maintenance is RM0.35 psf, most unit comes with 2 car parks. Unit is partially furnish with kitchen cabinet and aircond.

We thought spec wise at the price, developer should give timber flooring for all bedrooms.

Type B1 of the show unit

0014_fa_skyluxe_website_interior-15-2-1600x10210014_fa_skyluxe_website_interior-04-2-1600x1021 0014_fa_skyluxe_website_interior-16-2-1600x1021skyluxe-on-the-park-toilet skyluxe-on-the-park-type-b-shoe-cab skyluxe-on-the-park-type-b-balcony-2 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-b-kitchen skyluxe-on-the-park-type-b-kitchen-3 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-b-kitchen-4

Now the Type D1 Show unit, Like x 3

0014_fa_skyluxe_website_interior-09-2-1600x1021 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-entrance skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-entrance-2 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-bed-1 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-kitchen-6 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-kitchen-7 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-living skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-living-3 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-master-4 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-master-5 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-room2 skyluxe-on-the-park-type-d-toilet

About Skyworld

The developer, Skyworld is a new comer in the property development scene, so we would advise purchase to exercise caution on the developer track record. In this development as a whole, this is residential land, so purchaser will be contracted with statutory confined Schedule H.

It is worth to note that Skyluxe Bukit Jalil will be in compliance with Singapore CONQUAS, it is good commitment by the developer to showcase their confidence in marketing the product.

We also like the setup of the show gallery, quite tastefully done.

skyluxe-on-the-park-show-gallery-external-4skyluxe-on-the-park-show-gallery-internal skyluxe-on-the-park-show-gallery-1skyluxe-on-the-park-show-gallery-internal-2

The Verdict

As is it, the project is >80% booked, BBB in present day standard.

 We can understand why.

 Good location, KL address

Pavilion Megamall is coming

The park


A good residential development

Feel intrigued and want to visit the show gallery. Here go you.

SkyWorld Property Gallery @ Bukit Jalil

Jalan Jalil Perkasa 4, Bukit Jalil, 57000, Kuala Lumpur

(03) 4031-2999
(016) 211-9831
(016) 211-9892

You may waze there too, look out for Skyworld Gallery Bukit Jalil

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  1. Thanks for the reviews. Good effort and Great job.

  2. Hi propcafe! Very good review! I am interested to buy one for own stay. For the price mentioned above, may I know it belong to which type A, B, C or D?
    Secondly, do you think there is over supply with such kind of layout and size at bukit Jalil?
    Third, this developer is rather new compared to those old brand ioi, Gamuda, ytl etc. Until today there is no history of proven record on their delivery, service, quality, finishing and in fact nothing at all. Do you have any of their previous completed projects? The things is Skyworld seems like building a lot simultaneously but yet none had been delivered, do you have the company financial status or management health level? Appreciate your reply. This write up is far most the best I have read about skyluxe-bukit-jalil. Keep it up.

  3. Hi I am the sales consultant for Skyluxe.
    If you would like visit the sales gallery and the park pls feel free to contact me at 018-3229488 (call/sms/whatsapp)

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