PROPCAFE™ Review : Temasya Legasi @ Temasya Glenmarie by SP Setia

Temasya Legasi

Temasya Legasi is a rare freehold double storey terrace house launch recently this month in Outside Central Region Klang Valley to PROPCAFE.

Before that let us define the following:

Descriptions Coverage
Downtown City Centre (DCC) Within 5km Radius from KLCC
Core Central Klang Valley (CCKV) Within 6-10km Radius from KLCC
Central Region Klang Valley (CRKV) Within 11-20km Radius from KLCC
Outside Central Region KV (OCKV) Within 21-30km Radius from KLCC
Non Central Klang Valley (NCKV) >30km from KLCC

Back to the review.

The Project Temasya Legasi

Temasya Legasi is a freehold individual title double storey landed property development located in township of Temasya Glenmarie Shah Alam, Selangor. Those who are familiar with this location would probably aware that, this is a PRIME landed development.

Temasya Legasi consists of 52 units freehold individual title double storey terrace home development located in Temasya Glenmarie, Selangor, the typical land size and built up of the project is shown below:

Land size (ft) Build up from (sqft) Price from RM (mil)
22×75 (Type B1) 2,260 1.36
22×80 (Type A1) 2,694 1.61

Township of Temasya Glenmarie

Here is the big picture. The developer of Temasya Glenmarie is SP Setia. Temasya Glenmarie is a 530-acre township development that is originally developed by I&P Group Sdn Bhd. In 2017, SP Setia acquired I&P Group at RM3.65bil, I&P Group is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of S P Setia. So if you look the overall township of Temasya Glenmarie, it carries the DNA of I&P, little of SP Setia. Temasya Legasi is one of the last few tail end phase of Temasya Glenmarie, from the product perspective it is typical I&P ‘style’ terrace home, we shall elaborate more later on.

Location of Temasya Legasi

Let’s start with this, location x 3 and prime x 3. We shall cluster the location of Temasya Legasi as Outside Central Region Klang Valley (OCRKV), outside central region but prime. Similar grade of location we would say Ara Damansara and Subang Jaya, well it is literary in between Ara Damansara and Subang Jaya. But, one may ask why OCRKV still consider as prime? Read further, this writer shall explain this later on.

Amenities at Temasya Legasi

There isn’t much information available if you click on to I&P website here.

But we can share more. Let’s talk about what Glenmarie has to offer. The world of cars showrooms and service center, Glenmarie houses the 3s or 4s service centres Beemers, Porche, Audi, Mercs, including local cars manufacturer and dealers.

This is the scale model,,oppsite sekolah is where the Temasya Legasi “Phase 11” site is, there is a LRT track, no seen being the high tensio cable.

Meanwhile for shopping needs, you can drive down to Giant Shah Alam, or tap on Subang Jaya SS15 shopping belt to Empire Subang, Subang Parade, Aeon Big Subang Jaya or Ara Damansara.

Temasya Glenmarie is sandwiched between Subang Jaya, Ara Damansara and Shah Alam, all these are mature locations therefore amenities wise, there is no short of it, within a short drive a way. That being said, there is nothing, literally NOTHING within 1km walk away. Something we said before so close to everywhere yet near to nowhere. Conclusion, you need to drive.

Infrastructures at Temasya Glenmarie

Temasya Glenmarie is connected to 2 major highways in Klang Valley– Federal highway and NKVE. Other highway connection to KL includes, NPE, KESAS (MEX) as well as it enjoys the close access to LDP.

Upcoming major infrastructure LRT 3 and existing CGC Glenmarie LRT Station (Kelana Jaya Line)

As many are aware, LRT3 is an upcoming light rail transit train infrastructure project connects from Bandar Utama to Shah Alam and Klang.

There was a planned Temasya Station next to Temasya 8 what is approximately 1km from Temasya Glenmarie was cancelled due to cost saving initiative by the government.

A bummer to Temasya Glenmarie residents, but residents at Temasya Glenmarie can easily access to CGC Glenmarie Lrt station, Kelana Jaya Line with just a short drive away.

There is a lot to look forward to LRT3, because along the LRT3 alignment, there are 3 integrated stations are designed to provide a more convenient travel and better connectivity to travellers, offering easy interchange with the existing rail system. LRT3 Station 1 to be integrated with MRT Sg. Buloh Kajang Line at Bandar Utama Station. Station 7 (as mention above) to be integrated with LRT Kelana Jaya Line at CGC Glenmarie. Lastly LRT3 Station 20 to be integrated with KTM Komuter Port Klang Line at Klang Station.

Temasya Legasi Site Visit Review

First up is to check out the site hoarding, to see we are in the right site. Ok saw the SP Setia logo as well as the owner of the development, Temasya Development Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of I&P.

To go the site, you just have to look up for Temasya 8. You will definitely have to drive pass Temasya 8 to get to Temasya Legasi project site.

Let’s go around the site shall we. The good, the site of Temasya Legasi sat on an elevated land.

This view is north bound view, it is facing north and it is going downhill while the Temasya Legasi site is slightly higher than road level.

Meanwhile land terrain rise up toward southern side are higher as show below.

Meanwhile let’s talk about the negative parts of the site. We would say there are plenty of HTC around. See it with your own eyes. Guestimate the HTCs are perhaps 100m away from Temasya Legasi, whether it is hazardous we are not sure, eye sore, yes.

Meanwhile while Temasya 8 will visible from the Temasya Legasi. The land directly opposite Temasya Legasi will be school in future, we understand that the land has been handed to MOE. This school land is so much more ‘beautiful’ compare to Temasya Legasi.

Temasya Tropicale is located near to Temasya Legasi, well, it is also better located.

The Product at Temasya Legasi

Let’s talk about the standard units the land size ranges from

Type B1 22×75

Type A1 24×80

The key selling point freehold and individual title. Developer undertake the commitment to build perimeter fencing post vacant possession. On hiring of security guard will rest under the discretion of future Temasya Legasi resident association.

Orientation east and west only

From the site plan the Type A1 24x80s are located toward the west part, while the Type B1 22x75s are tucked inner into the east side.

The summary is type A 1 24×80 face east with HTC view, while type B west sun, with internal view. Internal road we understand will be 50ft wide. While there is no ‘Eco Lane’ planned for Temasya Legasi.

Façade and floor plan

The façade of Temasya Legasi carries the DNA of I&P. The look somewhat identical at a different township at Bandar Kinrara, Alam Damai, Alam Impian, nothing special. Take a look here. Ring a bell? Shared service architect? We hope now that I&P is under SP Setia, home architecture can move towards modern theme, after all we are heading towards 2020. What about slicker façade, green feature, natural light, water harvesting feature, people?

The floor plan for Temasya Legasi

Type A1 floor plan

Ground floor, we like the open plan layout, staircase tucked to the side, with ground floor bedroom with en-suite toilet for guest or for our senior family members who are with mobility concern. There is allocation of maid room and maid’s toilet.

First floor, all good with each bedroom comes with en-suite bathroom.

Type B1 floor plan

Basically this layout is identical to A1 except there is no maid’s room in ground floor.

What we dislike

Pillars on the porch, seriously!

Arghhhh, we Malaysians like cars a lot, we mean a lot.

Bad design and not maximizing the usable land area. Our take on car porch that it should be maximize to ease the parking maneuver. A pillar less porch 24ft frontage home can 3 cars concurrently. Let this not be an excuse for neighbors to park their case outside home gate.

The Specifications

We like the all timber flooring on the first floor, great! On the other hand, we have seen some other developers resort to cost cutting by providing only tiles for bedroom for landed homes.

Temasya Legasi Price

The price of 22×75 2 storey landed home is asking for RM1.36m while the 24×80 is asking for RM1.61m.

Price aside this is a rare landed home launch in OCRKV.

The freebies, 7% discount for bumi purchasers, 5% discount for all purchasers. Free MOT & Legal fees and 3% additional rebate if you sign the SPA before 31 Dec 2018 and a chance to win a rebate up to 31.8% of the purchase.

The Verdict

If you look at the sticker board, the overall take up rate is low. It is not easy to digest a million RM home at time like this, where there are plenty of supplies.

But what sort of suppliers are aplenty? Condos and apartments, not landed homes! 2 storey freehold landed homes in mature areas in Klang Valley will have its demands, purely based on its scarcity.

What about landed home with HTC view, how to to buy? Some would mind but some wouldn’t.

We foresee Temasya Legasi will be eventually sold out before VP.

Let's chill and chat here with a cuppa! :)

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