PROPCAFE Peek : The Trilinq @ Clementi in Singapore By IOI Group

As most of our followers already aware that PropCafe is ‘made in’ Malaysia, therefore the bulk of our reviews are focusing on central Malaysia, specially KL, and greater KL region.

To give our readers a variety of taste, we will cover some developments down south, Singapore.

To more related, or rather to feel more relevant to ‘Malaysia’ we would prioritize our reviews on local Malaysian developers venturing out to the Lion City.

This is our maiden review for project development in Singapore; do hope you all like it.


The Trilinq ????

This is a private condominium project developed IOI Group, a well-known household name for many of us, especially those who are staying along LDP.

The project site is located at Jalan Lempeng (off Clementi Avenue 6). The site measures approximately 263,000 sq ft featuring 755 units of 1-4 bedders including Penthouses

It consists of 2 Towers of 36 storey high and 1 Tower of 33 storey with clubhouse and facilities.


Site history and information

IOI managed to beat other 7 developers with a winning bid of approximately $408million, with second closest competitor at $361million, yup out paying 10% more vs the second highest bidder, well, at least they are not as gungho as the other mall operator with starts with C.
With plot ratio of 2.8 for this piece of land, the cost for this 99 year leasehold land psf per plot ratio (‘PPR’) is approximately $550 PPR.

Typically, a fairly priced mass market condo will see $500-550 added onto the PPR.


Site plan

The Trilinq is like many modern condo in Singapore, is equipped full resort like facilities, surrounded by various water features. Something worth mentioning, this condo has 2 >40ft length swimming pool.



The façade

The Trilinq façade is clean and modern, but is not outstanding; it does look generic, especially when you compare the Trilinq with, 8 Riversuite, Nin Residences. .

This writer finds it disturbing that, why the developer can offer such good class condo in Singapore, while it is peddling 1990’s type of condo to our fellow Malaysians, are we short changed or what.

Or is it competition? Or……or it just the dollar sign…$$$$.

The Trilinq Face
The Trilinq Face


Floor plan

The Trilinq offers a variety of 1-4 bedders condo layout, from simplex to double volume units with duplex options.

Again, the writer is further disturbed by the type of layout IOI can churn for its condo development in Malaysia, say in Skypod, Puteri Hill, Hijauan Puteri, La Thea. Perhaps the grass in the Lion City is somehow greener!

Look at the variety!


Asking price

The price the Trilinq ranges from $12xxpsf to 15xxpsf. Approximately $1500 for the 1 bedder and $1200 for the 4 bedder

It is quite steep considering IOI bought this for $550PPR, and the developer priced in hefty premium, although IOI is not the first tier player in Singapore property scene. With asking price of average 1300-1400 for typical units, it is not hard to guess that the units aren’t going to fly off from the shelf.

Although, it is a mere 600m away from Clementi central/mall, the writer finds that walking to the MRT can be quite unpleasant. It has to do with 3 lane ‘big’ junction immediately coming off from The Trilinq’s gate.

However, the convenience of AYE exit, as well as proximity to Clementi central, access to amenities is pretty straight forward, notwithstanding the site is just next to Nan Hua Primary School.


Parents' favorite. School at next door.
Parents’ favorite. School at next door.


Bird eye view of the site, it is quite a sizeable land
Bird eye view of the site, it is quite a sizeable land
Trilinq's side gate view
Trilinq’s side gate view


photo 4 t24


Having seen this development compare with IOI projects in Malaysia, the writer feels that IOI customers in Malaysia deserve better!

Lastly a selection show flat pictures for our readers viewing pleasure.

photo 1 t5 photo 1 t10 photo 1 t16


mass market feel
mass market feel

photo 2 t11 photo 2 t17 photo 3 t7

photo 5 t9

photo 3 t18

photo 4 t8 photo 4 t14  photo 5 t15

Double volume living unit, available for 3-4 bedders
Double volume living unit, available for 3-4 bedders
Double volume living
Double volume living


photo 3 t3



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