PROPCAFE 360 Degree View : Tropicana Avenue @ Tropicana by Dijaya Corporation

Tropicana_avenue_poolTropicana Avenue is a mix residential and commercial project developed by Tropicana Corporation Berhad (“Tropicana”).

Tropicana Avenue components consist of one office tower, ground to second floor the retails and shops, and one tower of residential service apartments. Tropicana Avenue is nestled along Persiaran Tropicana and located right opposite Casa Tropicana.

Tropicana Avenue was launched in early 2012 and recently VPed and once again PROPCAFE TEAM is very pleased to receive invitation for lawatan Sambil Belajar at Tropicana Avenue, we couldn’t wait to show our field work to you in our Tropicana Avenue 360 Degree View.

Here’s our take on Tropicana Avenue.


  1. Location, mature, PJ address.
  2. Nearby up and coming new international school
  3. Commercials will come in handy to serve the Tropicana folks in PJ, residents at Tropicana Avenue can practically walk down to run groceries errand, coffee, drinks, makan.
  4. Good workmanship  with quality fittings and minor defects noted, fibre ready upon VP, water and electric connected at VP.
  5. Good value for 650-700psf launch price project, the end product is aesthetically pleasing and fit well with Tropicana neighborhood, generous gym & equipment, good landscape features, what else, scroll down and see what we meant.


  1. Traffic during school hours (start & end) can be a nightmare.
  2. Units at Tropicana Avenue near or facing NKVE can be noisy.
  3. Access at Tropicana in general, now with presence of Tropicana Avenue and other similar future residential development, access has hardly have any improvement over the years. We very like to imagine when it rains heavily and when water level raise at the famous tunnel, go figure.Tropicana_avenue_retailTropicana_Avenue

The artist illustration & actual for Tropicana Avenue is relatively near, unlike other development, total 360 degree change after VP.

Tropicana_avenue_main Tropicana_avenue_pool3 Tropicana_avenue_pool2 Tropicana_avenue_pool2 (2) Tropicana_avenue_pool4Tropicana_avenue_walkway Tropicana_avenue_tennis

This is the tennis court.Tropicana_avenue_playground2 Tropicana_avenue_playground Tropicana_avenue_deck3 Tropicana_avenue_deck Tropicana_avenue_deck2 Tropicana_avenue_bbqpit1 Tropicana_avenue_bbqpit Tropicana_avenue_basketball

Tropicana Avenue has an half basketball court, no bad right, time to practice 3 pointers….

Looks at this, cantik kan?Tropicana_avenue_walkway2

Let’s check out the gym shall we?Tropicana_avenue_gym8 Tropicana_avenue_gym7 Tropicana_avenue_gym6 Tropicana_avenue_gym5 Tropicana_avenue_gym4 Tropicana_avenue_gym3 Tropicana_avenue_gym1

Concluded the gym is spacious, and pretty well equipped. (Unlike some other gym here). Let’s look at the surrounding views.


Tropicana landed view, best!

NKVE view and noise, CMI! Avoid it if you can .
Tropicana_avenue_nkve_view Tropicana_avenue_casa

Casa Tropicana just right opposite, wave and say hi to neighbors.

Tropican Grande View. Let’s peek into the multipurpose hall.Tropicana_avenue_multilpurpose_hallTropicana_avenue_fibre_ready

Tropicana Avenue is fibre ready. Let’s look inside the unit.

Tropicana_avenue_studio3 Tropicana_avenue_studio2 Tropicana_avenue_studio4 Tropicana_avenue_studio1

Check out the retails and commercials, more to come, more to come.Tropicana_avenue_shop2 Tropicana_avenue_shop1 Tropicana_avenue_coffee Tropicana_avenue_grocer

Let's chill and chat here with a cuppa! :)

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