PROPCAFE Peek : Vega Residensi @ Selangor Science Park 2 By PKNS

Let the writer gets this out of his chest…..Cyberjaya, you either love it or loathe it…unfortunately its the latter for the writer. Never like the location, the sparely new development of mixed township randomly and never a fan of its development thus far and its pricing. Of course this is strictly the view point of the writer and no where this is part of this portal’s idea.

However this development by PKNS called Vega Residensi caught the writer’s eyes because it’s an almost affortable housing and low density, and doesn’t come with all the wits and fancy of a larger and more luxurious offering (hence can afford to charge higher psf pricing), and whats new – its an almost BTS project and should be ready in 5 months time (awak boleh ambil kunci di Feb 15, said the SA) where buyers can actually view the actual units or almost your unit, if you be kind to the sales representative.


What can I say…Cyberjaya and the endless driving on lone highways and many traffic lights (blah). Its located actually on part of the Selangor Science Park 2 (SSP2) and sits just at the fringe of this industrial land and basically at the fringe or outside of actual Cyberjaya area.  SSP2 currently only has one company (Qcell) as their main and only “customer”. That said a lot about this industrial land. It said to be closed to MMU, terminal bus rapid and street mall (definitely not walking distance under the hot sun) and the up and coming Angry birds Theme Park (this is new!!).

Location Map
Location Map
Entrance of condo..looking over the closest skyline of Cyberjaya
Entrance of condo..looking over the closest skyline of Cyberjaya


(Entrance of condo overlooking SSP2 with lake in front and the lone Qcell building)


Developed by PKNS and its bordering an affortable range, this 18 storey L Shape building is dressing in a rather sexy and luxurious facade with top two storeys are duplex units and the whole development consist of smaller offering, ranging from studio 535sq to 2+1 bedders 921sq. They also have 3 bedders but with slightly smaller BU at 847sq. The building also comes with 4 storey of parking podium, some limited outdoor parking lots (both for owners and visitors) and a considerable comprehensive but small common facilities deck on 5th floor.

Scale ,model
Scale ,model
Actual Building...guestimated 80% completion
Actual Building…guestimated 80% completion
Actual building, another look. Nice color and acceptable facade.
Actual building, another look. Nice color and acceptable facade.


There are 3 main layouts for common units with some special duplex units at the top two floors of building:-

Type A (535sq) – 1 bedroom+study area, 1 bathroom

Type A2-A (921sq) – 2 bedrooms + study area, 2 bathrooms

Type B1 (882sq) – 2 bedrooms + study area, 2 bathrooms

Type B2 (847sq) – 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms

This development only officially opens to public on this coming friday, however public can now book if you can get hold of the sales representative. There wasn’t any sales rep at the sales offie at SSP2 when the writer was there on wednesday, 3/9/14. However a friend had made booking today via their Bangi office. Was told that most units have been booked as of today. He managed to get hold of one unit out of 2 left for 3 bedders and not many 2 bedders left either. However, there are plenty of 1 bedder left. Guess these will be gone once they opened to public sale this week, or will they?


Brochure printed from RM258k onwards, but the writer believe this is the cheapest bumi price as the sale chart in showroom indicated Rm277k as the lowest (518psf). At the glance, the most expensive units are priced at Rm5xxk. However, my friend managed to get a mid floor 3 bedders at 360k (425psf). I suggest interested party should go to their sales office and get proper pricing.


Was told that this is a leasehold project, thus makes the writer wonder if this condo is actually sitting on Cyber land or just adjourned to Sepang agricultural land or others as all Cyber land so far is freehold.

Maintenace fee at 20sen+2sen sinking fund. For 3bedders, you get a covered car park and a non cover car park. The writer believes you get one carpark for one bedder and 2 car parks for two bedder unit. Please do verify for accuracy.

Other ameninites include a swimming pool, playground, surau, BBQ terrace, gym, community hall, convenience store, landscaped gardens, sidewalk and podium cafes, 24hour security and guard house.

List of Amenities
List of Amenities


This is a no frill development best suites 1st time homeowners or as 1st investment vehicle for beginners. It does appeal to certain segments of the community. With Shaftbury Studio going for 7xxpsf and D’Pulze at 6xxpsf at subsale market, this PKNS development does provide a lifeline to buyers that wanting to own a brand new abode, as long as you can accept Cyber (or it is??) as the location.

Last but not least, this is called Vega Residensi 1. It makes the writer wonder if it will be 2 and 3 coming up later.

P/s – thank you YK taiko for the head up. Cheers.







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  1. your friend can get 366k for 3 bedders is cheap ( bumi or non bumi).
    As i know the 3 bedders price from 440K onwards before rebates. Unless Bumi additional 7% rebates

    1. Yes. He was bumi. Dont know how much discount he got. Maybe he work for government also get additional discount on top of bumi discount.

      By the way, units come with dry kitchen and wardrobe. Not sure about aircond.

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